Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

Dior Timeless Gold Nail Lacquer
Dior Timeless Gold Nail Lacquer

Dior Holiday: Timeless Gold

Dior Timeless Gold Nail Lacquer ($21.00 for 0.33 fl. oz.) is a light, tarnished gold with a glittery-shimmery finish.  It reminded me of China Glaze’s Midnight Kiss, but it’s nowhere near as gold.  It does, however, have a similar finish–it’s almost a foil but not quite, and brush strokes are nearly invisible despite the slight metallic sheen.  The drying time is faster than average, but it does dry to more of a semi-matte finish so you may want to use a shiny top coat for more oomph (swatches are shown without a top coat).

It took two coats to get opaque coverage, and it was actually incredibly easy to apply and to achieve no pesky brush strokes because of Dior’s brush.  This is the first Dior polish I’ve owned that has a wide, tapered brush.  I haven’t seen a brush like this before, and I thought it would be too wide to be practical, but it worked really well for me.  I do think if you have smaller nail beds, though, it may be more difficult (I know I have longer fingers than proportional to my body–thanks piano!).

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  • Product: 29/30
  • Value: 7/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

RECOMMENDATION: I love the color, but it’s definitely a personal preference.  The formula is very easy to work with and surprisingly opaque–I thought it would end up being rather sheer, but two coats worked beautifully.


See more photos & swatches!

Dior Timeless Gold Nail Lacquer
Dior Timeless Gold Nail Lacquer

Dior Timeless Gold Nail Lacquer
Dior Timeless Gold Nail Lacquer

Dior Timeless Gold Nail Lacquer
Dior Timeless Gold Nail Lacquer

Dior Timeless Gold Nail Lacquer
Dior Timeless Gold Nail Lacquer (Natural Light)

Dior Timeless Gold Nail Lacquer
Dior Timeless Gold Nail Lacquer (Natural Light)

Dior Timeless Gold Nail Lacquer
Dior Timeless Gold Nail Lacquer (Natural Light)

Dior Timeless Gold Nail Lacquer
Dior Timeless Gold Nail Lacquer (Natural Light)

Dior Timeless Gold Nail Lacquer
Dior Timeless Gold Nail Lacquer (Flash)

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Where can I purchase Timeless Gold? How much is it?

Nordstrom, $21.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

I don't have anything in my stash that seems to compare. The finish/look is similar to China Glaze's Midnight Kiss, though.

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53 thoughts on “Dior Timeless Gold Nail Lacquer Review, Photos, Swatches (Holiday 2010)

  1. Sharron

    I wants it! My precioussss…

  2. Anya

    I’m in love with this color.

  3. maia

    this is SOOO pretty :) thanks for showing us :) but, do you think it would be possible to show how the color looks on your nails from further away to get a better effect? x

  4. Wilcoa

    Wow that’s gorgeous! I have so much trouble justifying that amount of money for a polish though, but I may have to this time. Thanks for the swatches!

  5. Sexy Sadie

    Gold Cosmetics have a gold polish that looks just likes it.

  6. Shannon

    GORGEOUS!!! I want it so bad!

  7. Tina

    Wow! $21 for one nailpolish is really expensive. But, that is a gorgeous color!

  8. AnGeLwInGz

    Got this one with my first Sephora haul. I LOVE this color!

  9. This seems really similar to “already famous” by the sephora to opi collection. I own that one and it seems like it would be a very similar dupe :) maybe a little more silver than gold but still close!

  10. Paula

    That looks like the perfect color for the holidays!

  11. Jay

    who would pay that much for nail polish?!?! pretty silly in my opinion.

    • Different strokes for different folks, but no need to criticize someone for doing so :)

    • Kay

      People like to spend their money on different things, whether it be gambling, alcohol, or makeup! no need to criticize what makes people happy :)

    • Sami

      If it was a beautiful color, like this one, I would!

    • Az

      Pretty silly?
      – if they love it and they think it’s worthy, why not? We all have our own interest/hobby to splurge that others don’t understand.
      – $21 to many people = $2.1 to you 😉 (not me LOL)

    • i would!
      that color is just perfect! exactly what i was looking for a long time.

    • I would. I have 12 bottles of Dior nail polish in my collection and I LOVE it and will continue to collect! I don’t know if I will get this one though, I don’t wear gold well, it tends to make my skin look more yellow than it already is XD

  12. Eileen

    What a beautiful gold. There are golds-a-plenty to be found at lower prices, but this tarnished, old gold seems unique. It’s that combination of a unusual color, beautiful finish, and high quality lacquer that makes this polish by Dior worth the price–in my opinion :-)

  13. Nicole

    I am absolutely crazy about shades like this! Love it!

    • Nicole

      I just looked for this on Sephora.com and they have it named ‘Gold Revolution.’ But it looks like they’re the same shade, and it is labeled as number 226 like in your photo. Interesting.

  14. liz

    looks better in the bottle but still a cool color

  15. I also just picked this up. I was worried I would not like the new Dior brushes, I am happy to say I did not have any trouble either! And I thought the dry times was fantastic!

  16. Christi

    I ordered both from Nordies two weeks ago, & you just reminded me to pick em up! Lol thanks!
    I ordered all four if the Dior from sephora and just got em. I love em all!

  17. Rebecca

    Beautiful color! It looks very similar to Orly’s polish called Luxe

  18. Maya

    Beautiful but I’ve had bad experiences with Dior nail polishes…they chip so easily!

  19. Tess B

    That’s a really gorgeous gold, I’ll have to pick up the China Glaze one though. I have a lot of silvers, need a balance.

  20. Dani

    I heart this color. That is my kind of gold.

  21. Dawn

    Totally perfect for the holidays. Just enough sparkle!

  22. Athena

    I love Dior polishes :) this color is beautiful :)

  23. Debbie

    I have this and love it! Most of my other golds are more yellow in color, this is a softer gold. But comparing it to Chanel’s Kaleidescope, it’s very close but without the greenish overcast.

  24. I really like the brush but the color is not my type. I’m thinking more like a sparkling green for the holidays. :)

  25. Eleonora

    Wow the brush looks positively big and easy to use!

  26. Michi

    it look like chanel kaleidoscopic 😉

  27. Ashley

    Love the color.

  28. Vibrant170

    I absolutely love this colour but just got China Glazes gold nail polish from their holiday collection :) i LOVE IT!!

    • I’m iffy and now I regret dearly because Sephora FF is officially done :-( What do you think of the Chanel Gold Lame versus this? Thank you for the wonderful review. I’m crazy about polish but still a newbie when come to Dior nail polish :-( I just got the Purple Revolution but haven’t got around to try yet.

  29. One that is even closer than the China Glaze, which as mentioned, is more golden, is Orly Luxe, a good balance of gold and some silver with a foil finish. Orly Luxe to me is the closest dupe available- almost identical when swatched side by side, maybe the Dior Timeless gold dries the slightest bit more matte. I love this type of gold polish and I’m collecting all I can find! Another close one I believe is OPI Switzerland, which I haven’t bought yet but I will soon. I think that has particles of glitter mixed in though.

  30. Very James Bond Gold Finger(ish).
    Makes me think of space movies! :)

  31. Lyn

    I need this in my collection. Do you know if it’ll be available in Canada?

  32. Cyra

    looks a lot like my wet’n’wild nailpolish in shield. :)

  33. Jean

    This looks a lot like OPI’s Glitzerland, in my opinion! They’re both beautiful colours, but I think Glitzerland is a little more champagne than just gold (: