Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Dior Spring 2012: Garden Party Collection

“After women, flowers are the most heavenly creation.” — Christian Dior

Christian Dior grew up in Granville, on the cliffs of Normandy, in a house buffeted by strong winds, and seemingly unsuited to the creation of a garden. However, the young man’s creative strength and relentless hard work defied nature, and today one can still admire the garden in bloom and in particular, the fantastic rose garden planted with his own hands.

Christian Dior also loved the excitement of parties, and often hosted the aptly named “Grand Balls of the Century” with enchanted beauties from the Normandy coast and Paris alike. The theme of the festive garden is still alive today throughout many Dior creations. The Dior spring color collection is inspired by Dior’s fantastic garden.

Garden Clutch ($75.00) (Limited Edition)

The clutch is reinvented in with the Garden Party spirit in mind. Featuring a glossy light pink leather-like shell, adorned with a woven pattern & sealed by a “Rosebud” clasp and makeup must-haves for eyes and lips. Inside is a trio of delicate rose-embossed eye shadows, one shade of Dior Ultra-Gloss and one Lip Maximizer. Available in two color harmonies: Milly Garden #001 (Nordstrom and Dior.com Exclusive), Granville Garden #002 (everywhere except Nordstrom).

5-Couleurs Garden Edition ($59.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Garden Pastels Pale pink, buttercup yellow and luminous greens
  • Garden Roses Soft pinks, Parma violet, silver and purple.

Vernis Garden Party Scented Lacquers ($23.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Waterlily (#504) Soft green
  • Forget-Me-Not (#694) Light mauve

3-Couleurs Eyeshadow ($48.00)

  • Smoky Garden (#461) (Dior.com exclusive)

Rouge Dior Lipcolor ($32.00)

  • Corolle Pink (#363) (everywhere but Sephora)
  • Tulip Pink (#448) (all locations)

Ultra-Gloss ($28.00)

  • Socialite Pink (#152) (Dior.com exclusive)
  • Party Lilac (#396)
  • Pretty Rose (#452)

availability: January 2012 at Dior counters nationwide, dior.com

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51 thoughts on “Dior Spring 2012: Garden Party Collection

  1. Sarah M

    Those palettes are sooo so so pretty! I’ve never owned a Dior eye shadow palette but these may be hard to resist! :)

  2. K

    Ohh so luscious and pretty! This is a perfect representation of why so many of us buy something for the packaging alone! I love how the little historical blurb was written. I do wish that last palette looked like the artistic photograph version, though!

  3. Julie M

    Wow, those eyeshadows are soooo pretty. I wouldn’t want to ruin those pretty roses by using it!

  4. Ahhh! Sooo pretty! I’m a sucker for roses. I just hope the quality of the palettes are there.

  5. Ana G.

    New Rouge Dior Lipcolors, yay!! Can’t wait to see these.

  6. Susan G

    Those quints are absolutely gorgeous!

  7. Celine

    You have left out the rosy glow blusher! Thats my most anticipated item!! X

    • I didn’t – it’s not listed in the U.S. press release!

      • Celine

        Oh no!!! Is it a uk only item then??

        • I don’t know – UK PR does not generally talk to me, so I unfortunately don’t have that information for you! :(

          • Celine

            well im from the uk and theres a store here called boots which is kind of like cvs/walgreens but sells all the high end makeup brands too like chanel, ysl, dior etc… and on the beauty blog on their website they had a sneak preview about the collection so listed the item…maybe its only going to be released throughout europe..so strange that they are not going to release it in the U.S, i wonder why :S

            • divinem (Melissa)

              Thanks for that heads up. I have bookmarked their site. :)

            • divinem (Melissa)

              The Rosy Glow blusher is also available at Sephora.com along with Granville Garden Clutch, both eyeshadow quints and the green polish.

  8. …this collection is lovely!!!
    …this space is wonderful…rich in news…interesting and precious reviews!!!
    …I’m sorry for my english!!!

  9. K.B.

    The Smoky Garden trio shall be mine!

  10. shusheshe

    Too much pastel pink, green and purple for me. I’m curious about the smokey eye trio though~

  11. these are gorgeous they should just keep this rose theme on all of their permanent eyeshadows!

  12. anna_a

    Scented lacquers?!?! OMG!!!! Christine, do you have any additiional info about these? What do they smell like?

    I remember the scented Revlon nail polishes, I had loved them and I really hope Dior has created something just as fun, and, well, more chic at the same time. Who knows, after crackles and metallics, scented polishes may become the new trend in nails :-)

  13. nitnot

    I hate spring ;__; I love the colours but not in a million years can I get away with it.

  14. Those prints on the eyshadows are so lovely. Now they look almost too pretty to use.

  15. softy

    aahhhh .. I fall in love with these palates .. T.T

  16. Christina

    Hah! I must have these! I’ve been saving up! Thanks for the updated post!

  17. These clutches are a dream!

  18. Elysia

    looooove this!!!

  19. Courtney

    Ooh, I like the purple/silver palate…but the price is a bit painful for me. Then again, $60/5 colors = $12 per color. So maybe if it’s a decent size…and I remember.

    • Roo

      If you like all the colours then Dior palettes are great value. The shadows are big and the quality is usually great.

      This collection looks beautiful to me. Very well-edited.

    • divinem (Melissa)

      The price for the Milly Clutch is high, but Ooooh is it worth it (to me)!

  20. The Garden Pastels palette looks really pretty. I can hear it calling my name!

  21. Lisa S.

    Is it just me, or are the collections coming for spring particularly gorgeous this year? These colors are just to die for!

  22. MORENA

    Great!! more cool toned colors *rolls eyes*

  23. AnGeLwInGz

    Garden Pastels and Waterlily… woo-hoo!!

  24. blueskyfrog

    Roarrr the green polish is mine!

  25. alex

    I need the garden pastels palette! The greens look beautiful and wearable.

  26. So beautiful!!!<3 I don't have any Dior palettes but I just might cave and get one of these… too beautiful to pass on

  27. Shahla

    Do you know exactly when the Garden Clutch is to be sold at Sephora??

  28. Mariella

    What is the first 5-shadow palette shown in the photos? It doesn’t seem to be either of the ones described as the center is a rich purple and all the shades around it are shades of green, from softer to more vibrant but it’s not at all like the one pictured later. Is the first one just a “mock up” for the promo materials? THAT is the one I’d want (assuming it’s available)

  29. Madelynn

    The last palette looks amazingly divine

  30. Lumi

    Gorgeous rose designs! ^^
    It’d be hard for me to ruin those rose imprints tho. >.<

  31. Lucifin

    OMG… they are so beautiful…. how am I going to use them?

  32. Katrina King

    The designs are so gorgeous! I am not tempted by the actual makeup this time, just the way it’s presented.

  33. Those are so pretty, it would almost be a shame to actually use them!

  34. Iris

    Gorgeous!!! Can’t wait for the jade green nail polish.

  35. Both the 5-Colour eyeshadow palettes are so pretty! I haven’t been smitten by any Dior palettes since the Lace Dentelle one. At first, I thought I want to get the green one only, but the pinky/purply girl in me got smitten by the other palette too.

  36. Hila

    Hi Christine,
    Do you know when the dior 2012 spring collection will launch internationally?
    Thank you,

  37. divinem (Melissa)

    I got the Milly Garden Clutch — an exquisite piece. So beautifully (and practically crafted).

  38. divinem (Melissa)

    The Granville Garden Clutch is available at Sephora.com, but not the Milly. Sephora also has the quints and green (but not lilac) polish. A good way to rack up VIB points!

  39. divinem (Melissa)

    Here is my review of the Garden Clutch:

    I literally gasped when I saw the promo pics of this palette in December, 2011. I knew it would be mine! Thus, we are finally joined.

    The Clutch
    Exquisite is the only word that aptly describes this beautifully constructed clutch. It is a weighty piece — reminds me of my great-aunt’s cosmetic pieces of the early-mid 1900s.
    The rose petals are a faux clasp. The clutch opens/closes via magnetics so the roses will remain unscathed with each use.

    The exterior finish is a blush pink with a weave pattern. A metal Dior plate is tastefully centered on the face, which is visible to the world when in use.

    Kudos to Dior for designing a mixed palette with a metal door to protect the lip products from powder particles created when using the eyeshadow. If only other brands would take note of this important component.

    The Shadows/Lip Glosses
    Spring 2012 is blooming with subtle hues of green and pastel corals, as this palette clearly demonstrates.
    The shadows are subtly pigmented, creating an elegant highlight to the lids. If you prefer a bold eye, this palette may not be for you unless you are purchasing for collection purposes.

    The lip glosses follow suit with the shadows — barely there but complement your natural beauty. One is a lip plumper (not to be confused with the lip stingers like DuWop). Again, think subtle, natural, beautiful.
    I highly recommend welcoming spring 2012 with this elegant, statement-making palette/clutch.