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Dior Ready-to-Wear Palette

Nordstrom Beauty Exclusives: Dior Ready-to-Wear Palette

Dior Ready-to-Wear Palette ($54.00) is just one of Nordstrom’s many Beauty Exclusives for their Anniversary Sale (which officially kicks off on the 16th–so close yet so far!). It looks like it’s sold out online, but you may be able to check your local Nordstrom to see if they still have any available for pre-order/sale. This palette contains a blush, bronzer, four eyeshadows, and two lip glosses along with three miniature brushes.

I could really get down with the palette’s theme if they just didn’t put those lip glosses in there–you’re going to experience some cross-contamination of the powder products into your lip glosses. It’s a little annoying and a bit gross. I’m also not entirely sure just how value-packed this palette is, but it seems to be–at the very least–what I’d expect to pay for a Dior palette such as this one. (Mine doesn’t have a label nor a box, so I don’t have specifics on sizes for each interior product.)

The blush is a dirty pink-red that’s rather on the sheer side, and the bronzer is a soft, sheer medium bronze-tan with subtle sheen. The eyeshadows include a frosted warm white, peachy-pink (think NARS Orgasm), shimmering spun gold, and cool-toned subtle bronze. These aren’t Dior’s best eyeshadows–they’re a little on the sheer side and the texture isn’t nearly as creamy as their quints typically are. The two lipglosses are a dirty caramel with multicolored shimmer and a sheer beige champagne.

You can definitely build some looks with this palette, though everything is a smidgen on the warm side (I guess that compensates for their rather cool-toned plummy palette for fall, eh?).  I think everything pairs well together, and it’s a nice color palette that’ll work for the summer, too.   However, I feel the quality isn’t as good as Dior products usually are–just feels a little below.

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  • Product: 24/30
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 3/5

RECOMMENDATION: For warmer skin tones, this may make a great travel palette–if you don’t mind shades on the sheerer side. Overall, though, it doesn’t meet the expectations I have based on my past experience with Dior.


See more photos & swatches!

Dior Ready-to-Wear Palette

Dior Ready-to-Wear Palette

Dior Ready-to-Wear Palette

Dior Ready-to-Wear Palette

Dior Ready-to-Wear Palette

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35 thoughts on “Dior Ready-to-Wear Palette (Nordstrom Exclusive) Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Sarah

    Completely unrelated but are we allowed to request reviews? A review of the new Stila One Step Correct Primer would be amazing and much appreciated! http://www.stilacosmetics.com/product_detail.asp?PMID=783

    If you do it thank you, if not thank you for everything you do anyway :)

  2. baby in a corner

    i don’t like these palettes you see them a lot as ‘airport exclusives’ as well but they are never great quality.

    • Chau

      totally agree!! @ Asian airports, there are tons of Dior products like this. Being a huge fan of Dior, I’m disappointed. I always love Dior colors, very wearable and chic. I love their elegant style too. But this palette is just boring. Dior seemed not to even try to create something special for anniversary.

    • Val

      Totally agree with you! I bought a Dior palette few years back (pink hard case with a large “D” on the cover”), the palette looks beautiful but the quality sucks! The eyeshadows are very light and powdery…

  3. Jen

    Thanks for the swatches. I like this palette but with the eyeshadows so close to the lip glosses is gonna get gross after a while…

  4. This set looks to be a great investment for anyone,as the shades are sure to suit any skin tone. I personally would use the lip glosses as creme blush; hence reducing the risk of cross-contamination via contact with the mouth. Remember also that powders do not specifically have to be used as eyeshadows or blush – they can be used for both!

  5. Debora


  6. Kim L

    I’m am going to have to try to find this is store- it is so beautiful!

  7. I am a huge fan of Dior so I too was a bit surprised that the shadows were a bit too sheer. I’d still like to check out the palette since the colors are so beautiful.

  8. Jennifer

    not so sure i like this too much

  9. Kalex

    Thanks for the review! I saw this when it first showed up on Nordstrom and I’ve been debating about it ever since. I always buy their exclusive palettes but I’m glad I passed on this one.

  10. Scientific Housewife

    Beautiful palette! I love when it’s everything you need in one :)

  11. Hilana

    It’s quite pricey, but I must admit, I really like this. It’s awfully pretty. And I love sheer make-up.

  12. Melissa (divinem)


  13. Lisa

    What do you think about the Bobbi Brown palette that is being released in the Nordstrom exclusive? Will you be a doing a review on that one?

  14. daphne

    Oh no…what a disappointment :( I was hoping to pick this one up, because the eyeshadows look right up my alley and I don’t mind palette glosses so much. But if they really swatch that poorly, I probably won’t want it. Sigh! I guess I will check it out in person, but I’ll prepare to be disappointed.

  15. Inaya

    hey christine! I’m trying to turn a green leaf; do you know which companies don’t do animal testing? I hear L’oreal does but MAC and Nars is vegan. Mainly most drugstore make-up (except E.L.F) is. Can you please contribute to this matter?

  16. Amy

    I have to wonder if some of these Nordstrom Exclusives are also already-made travel palettes for the duty free lines. I’m almost sure I’ve seen this one in a duty free store.

    • IIRC, this one probably is! I, too, swear I remember seeing it before…

      • Irene

        Yes, it is. I just bought this at the LAX duty free shop and I love it. I think they are worth it since it makes packing easier, and I don’t have to worry about getting through security, leaks, baggies etc. I used it on my vacation and found that the colors were very pretty and wore well. But your recommendation is pretty much dead on since I am warm toned, NC 30-35 and I like a natural, glowing make up look.

  17. penelope

    Hi Christine, mine came in with a label and a box and yes this pallet is not what I have hoped for esp. since it from Dior. I am kind of bump out of the quality and pigmentation of the products.

    Here is the product size:
    -Dior Bronze Essential Bronzing Powder 0.09 oz.
    -Dior Blush Glowing Color Powder Blush 0.09 oz.
    -Eye shadows 4x 0.02 oz. each
    -Gloss Hydratant/Moisturizing lip gloss 0.03 oz. each

    I do like the compact, it is very beautiful and the mirror is very big which is good for touch up when traveling.

    • Thank you SO much for providing the details, Penelope! I went to check mine and there’s no label at all, LOL!

      Decent deal, at least in terms of quantity of products, but not stellar quality.

      • penelope

        U r welcome Christine :) I agree the products are way too sheer but yes the price is decent at least for the products we get. Glad I can be of help today :)

  18. Tracy

    I’ve seen the palette in Nordstrom; it’s beautiful…however I’m looking for the blush and the darker lipgloss – I’d love them full-size! Do you know if they’re available individiually from Dior? Or any dupes from other lines? (Chanel, maybe?) Thanks :)

  19. I just bought this at the SFO Duty Free shop and it is beautiful! (P.S. in airports it was like $6 cheaper and I flew domestic) It def shows up better for warm olive toned skin. For me, personally, this has everything I want since I am huge bronzer fan and a neutral fanatic.

  20. AnGeLwInGz

    It’s true they don’t use the same formulas in these little kits. I have one that I got as a Dior Diva reward and both the shadows and glosses were of dollar store quality. They don’t use the regular shadow formula in the Designer palettes either. It’s a shame because the Pink Design from the fall collection has such pretty colors in it.

  21. Mira

    It is a surprise they are only selling this now in the US. I bought mine more than a year ago at a duty free shop in south america. I do like it though, like the colors and they work well with my skin tone (NW20).

  22. Kat

    I like the eye shadows but I could do without the rest of the palette.

  23. Ashley

    Never really liked these palettes every time I open them it always gets messy.