Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

Dior Nude Pink Designer Quint ($58.00) is designed to be an “all in one” palette. I tried out the Nude Pink Designer Quint, and while it looks stunning, it’s not my favorite Dior quint.

The two light pink shades (bottom left corner and top right corner) are extremely sheer, and the one on the top right corner is almost a bit glittery in texture (think lustres). The middle shade is stunning, as a gorgeous peachy-pink shimmer shade. The top left shade is a plummy pink with multicolored shimmer that goes on almost pinky/plummy brown. The bottom right shade is a creamy shadow/liner in a rich burgundy-wine shade. With this quint, I just don’t see a ton of looks popping out from it. They definitely could have varied the two light pinks up more–going light and medium, for instance.

I haven’t been able to swatch or see any of the other ones in person, but from photos, I’d have to say that the other Designer Quints look fantastic. The Nude Pink one is the only one that seems to fall short of the mark. Amber Design has a stunning combination of burgundies and peach and golds, while Navy Design has rich, smoldering blues and lighter blues. Green Design (Asia Exclusive) also looks gorgeous with mint greens and golden-toned forest greens. I’ll be sure to get swatches of the other ones once they’re out at my local Dior counter!

See swatches!

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46 thoughts on “Dior Nude Pink Designer Quint Swatches & Review

  1. Nicole15

    yeah, what a bummer. this quint looks totally weak!

  2. cloudburst

    Dior needs to stop putting too many sheer/light colours that look similiar to each other in their palettes. I bought Parisian Lights & ended up returning it because 3 out of the 5 colours looked the same on my eye. It’s too bad they did make the colours more distinct in this paleete because the last 3 colours are really nice.

  3. cloudburst

    I wish I could get my hands on the green quint!

  4. Tekoa

    This quint fails at life. *lol*

    Eh, it really isn’t terrible but some colors do look very similar.

  5. Kathleen

    Dior needs to make some daring, matte quints.

  6. That middle shade looks stunning, but I don’t think I’ll buy the whole set for that!

    Anyone know a similar color (that is a single shadow, any brand) to that middle shade?

    Thanks in advance! :)


  7. Macaddict

    Hey Christine!
    I’ve been bugging my CD beauty counter ppls about the launch date of the designer quints. They said not until June!
    I just bought Electric Lights (regular quint) but have been salivating over the Navy designer quint and the Smoky one. Have you, perchance, been able to see the Smoky one? If so, is it worth to shell out for? I really don’t like it when Dior’s e/s colors are too sheer..

  8. Anitacska

    I actually really like it. Not sure if I’ll get it though, currently saving up for the two quints and the Pop diamond powder, but if I can find a good deal, I might. I love pinks and glitter. :)

  9. Glosslizard

    Nooooooooo! Green Design is Asia exclusive? Say it ain’t so!

  10. IZzySA

    all the colors look the same, except for the dark one.. lolol — how much is this?

  11. Michelle

    The green design isn’t available in the netherlands also, unfortunately that was the design I was going for. But now I got the navy! Very pretty…I have to practice somehow with the darkest shade (not the liner, but the shadow) because it is very creamy…but the results are pretty…

  12. Sara

    Any word on when these will be released? (especially the Amber one…that sounds lovely!) And are they exclusive to any specific store? Thanks!

  13. Brooke

    crap the green one is an asia exclusive?! :( figures!!!

  14. Rachael

    That’s a shame, because this quint looks stunning from the pic. Hopefully the other ones will deliver because I want to pick one up!

  15. victoria

    are these available in the u.s.? why do i only see the ones that are all powder e/s, i’ve never seen the one with the liner.

  16. Bona

    i love dior shadows!!!!1

  17. Natalie

    Isn’t the ‘cream shadow’ meant to be a liner?

  18. inuchan

    I am a fan of Dior quints, but I’ll pass on those..

    The only one that might grab my attention was the green quint, but it is an Asia-exclusive so… :c

    I’ve seen the 3 others quints available at my place (Belgium), but I don’t like them much. I’ll save up for any new upcoming iridescent ones, if any.

  19. Vivian

    The only Dior quint I’ve bought is Petal shine and I’ve only swatched once, that’s it. I found out it can be duped by my current collection for way less. (Dior’s texture has more shimmies) I don’t think it’s worth my 60 bucks (I’m in Canada..eh) their quality can vary, but I don’t think I’ll shell out 50+ USD for a dior quad no matter how their textures are dreamy..

  20. Emily

    I bought the amber quint – its stunning!

  21. Gisselle

    which dior counter do you go to? The one in stonestown SF has them out already and are almost sold out!

  22. Meredith

    Bought the navy quint today, luv it. Good color pay off… pretty colors.

  23. Valerie

    Hello I just purchased Amber and Nude Pink designer quint and I LOVE both of them …. I think Nude Pink might even take the lead on the long run! They do not look like much on the picture but once you put them on I love the glow they give, it is subtle but makeup was designed to highlight and\or downplay your features not masked your face and that’s why I think those quints are stunning!