Thursday, July 11th, 2013

Discover an enchantingly elegant collection inspired by Dior’s ultimate lucky charm: the Star. Vibrant, brilliant shades capture the mystery and magic of the Dior Star, a Parisian street ornament that guided Dior to his destiny as worldwide fashion icon.

5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette ($61.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Bonne Etoile (384) Blue, green, khaki, bronze, taupe
  • Constellation (864) Purple, plum, taupe, gold, pink (Nordstrom Exclusive)

Addict Extreme Lipstick ($31.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Bonne Ave (986) Plum
  • Gri-Gri (546) Beige

Addict Gloss ($29.50) (Limited Edition)

  • Ensorcelante (981) Plum
  • Charm (364) Mauve

Vernis Nail Enamel ($24.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Destin Taupe
  • Galaxie (992) Plum

Magnetic Vernis ($26.00) (Limited Edition)

Dior’s transforming nail enamel reveals a metallic wave pattern on the nails through the use of a magnet.How to use: Simply apply a coat of the specially formulated enamel to each nail then hold a magnet over each finger to reveal a mystical design.

Availability: Now @ Nordstrom, July 2013 at counters and stores

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35 thoughts on “Dior Mystic Metallics Collection for Fall 2013

  1. Kris

    Is it bad that I want to buy the eyeshadow so bad because of the really adorable star patterns??

    • Codename Duchess

      I do too! It doesn’t help that he colors in the first palette are right up my alley. I don’t need to spend $60 on a single 5 color palette though.

  2. Virginia

    Received my Bonne Etoile palette yesterday, and it is so much more beautiful in person! There are a couple additional items for this collection which you listed in the Nordstrom exclusives but not here such as Fortune (lipgloss or lipstick, I can’t remember).

    • Hey Virginia,

      I’m going off of what Nordstrom listed on their site – I’ve tried to get the info from Dior for the past week and a half but no luck so I’m going off of what’s been available online for the past week. There are a few products Nordstrom has for their Anniversary sale but didn’t include in their page for the fall collection!

      • Virginia

        That must be frustrating!

        If you receive the Nordstrom anniversary catalog, there is a pic of the exclusives (including Constellation and Fortune).

  3. Bonne Ave, Bonne Etoile, and Destin are calling my name. 😀

  4. Those shadow palettes… the stars… That’s too cute & too tempting!

  5. Saw swatches from the blue green palette and it is really truly lovely. Not quite my thing, but I can appreciate nonetheless. Loving the model’s nail in the plum shade. They look fab!

  6. Dominique

    Huge Haul next month ! :) Great collection !

  7. Malinda Jane

    Constellation is SO CUTE but I already have the Urban Decay Glinda palette which has a peachy, pink, taupe, gold and purple eyeshadows so I am trying to convince myself that I just don’t need this one. BUT THE STARS!

  8. Very drawn to both palettes and Destin… Find I’ve really liked what I’ve seen from Dior this year.

  9. Alice

    They look pretty, especially the eyeshadows. Dior eyeshadows always look so beautiful, but the performance in the last few years has varied. I’ve been disappointed more than once, so I’ll wait for your testing, Christine.

  10. OBSESSED with Galaxie. Just what I need… another polish :)

  11. Liz

    I like the teal color in the Bonne Etoile palette. I feel like I already have the shadows similar to the other four colors.

  12. Mariella

    Loving some, “meh” about other items. Especially love the first eye shadow palette and the plummier lip products.

  13. Rad

    Hmm the coral lipstick looks nice but the whole collection is a miss for me. Nothing exciting!

  14. TygerKitty

    OMG the stars are so pretty!!

  15. I am so getting those quints. Mmm.

    Seems weird that they didn’t use more of the eyeshadows in the promo image though, right? I mean, she’s basically only got one color on. Love the nail, though.

  16. the two palettes are really pretty, but at $61 they are way out of my price point. :(

  17. Sara

    Every single thing in this collection is pretty… oh, only if I had the money 😀

  18. ZG

    The stars pressed into the eye shadow palette are so cute.. Nordstroms here I come.

  19. The pattern on the palettes is gorgeous! I like the shot of the model in the ad, it looks very late 70’s high fashion with the head wrap and the way the shadow is winged.

  20. Valeria

    Gorgeous collection!!! I feel that Dior is really knocking it out of the park lately, and the visuals are just stunning.

  21. Wow, Dior is going to do a magnetic polish? I’m intrigued, especially because the magnet appears to be curved, which is excellent, I have a problem with my China Glaze magnets not being quite strong enough to get the sides of my nails because of the curvature.

  22. VickyM

    Thankfully I´m not terribly impressed with any of this, which is good because I already have too many things I want from Chanel, Guerlain and Lancôme fall, I´m actually liking quite a few things even though I will probably just end up with four or five items overall. I do think Galaxie and Destin nail polishes are nice though…

  23. Jan

    This one may be a bit irresistible. If only my financial planner knew the “Other” expense category is primarily makeup.

  24. Brenda

    I like the truly autumnal feel.

    I also wonder how many collections are going to be following this trend of greys/khakis and warm peachy lips, as it immediately made me think of Chanel’s promo pics and name – Superstition. I like it, I just always like seeing the patterns and trends the companies fall into each season. Partly why I like the idea of MAC’s Temperature Rising (although I haven’t purchased anything), because it isn’t the typical corals and aquas, etc, you usually see for summer collections. Just my two cents worth LOL!

  25. Toni

    Do we know if these will be released to other stores, not just Nordstrom in the coming months? My local Nordstrom has already sold out of the eyeshadow!

  26. Rachel

    I like this collection but probably will pass. All the campaign pictures of this collection are kinda unappealing, no sexy vibe, no couture vibe, just so boring. Every single campaign Karlie Kloss did for Dior was so pretty, and now, without John G, Dior is into boring face model….sighhhhh

  27. Jennifer Lewis

    Hi Christine have you been able to get any further information on the eyeshadow? Nordstroms is out of the Bonne Etoile pallet and I cannot find it on sale at any other store. (I have searched everywhere including Dior’s site.) Any help would be appreciated.

    • Hi Jennifer,

      Any information I have would be posted or else this post would be updated – if it’s not here, I don’t have it! So sorry! :( Your best bet would be to call a Dior counter and speak with a rep from the brand, as they would have official info if they’re willing to release it!

    • rahil

      Hi Jennifer, i work @ the Dior counter belk notrhlake mall charlotte nc if you still want it you can call me on the store phone # 704 598 2771 ex 272 ask Rahil and $50.00 or more free shipping.

  28. Is it just me or does the Dior model look EXACTLY like Uma Thurman..IS that Uma Thurman??? I think I’ll pass on this one because metallic shadows are not the most flattering thing for me. The lippies don’t really look like anything spectacular either to justify my spending more.Maybe if I see some good reviews on them, I’ll reassess then.