Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

Dior Jazz Club Collection for Fall 2009 Sneak Peek – Part 3

Dior’s Jazz Club will also include some single eyeshadows — Argentic and Trendy Taupe ($27.50 each). Argentic is pictured above, and it is a smoldering, gray-silver shade with flecks of black and just a touch of shimmer and lots of sheen. I also checked out Gold Touch, because I didn’t see Trendy Taupe around anywhere… and after seeing Gold Touch, it was like, “Trendy Taupe who?” Gold Touch is a rich, coppery gold with gold sheen and flecks of copper and bronze in it. It’s richly pigmented, as is Argentic, and both glide on smoothly.

Check out the swatches…

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40 thoughts on “Dior Jazz Club Collection – Argentic & Gold Touch Eyeshadows Swatches, Reviews, Photos

  1. victoria

    wow they look buttery and pigmented, just wish they weren’t so expensive.

  2. hi

    GOLD TOUCH! Oooooh.. Call the paramedics! I’m comin down with lemmingitis!! OMG! Arcentic is SO great for a smokey eye.. My wallet will not allow either, though :( Christine, do you know of any place to find discount Dior?

    • Nicole15

      Lemmingitis??? – HAHAHA, LMAO :)

      • hi

        Lol, thanks :) Feel free to treat my tragic case of lemmingitis – excuse me, *cough cough those shadows are GORGEOUS cough!* with some Dior Jazz Club 😉 Just to clarify my lemmings for these so as not to contradict my other comments about their ridiculous price: The only way I can justify getting these is if I find them at a serious discount or better yet: Free! And you have to admit that these shadows ARE gorgeous, it’s just that a) I don’t have a sugar daddy to pay for these and don’t plan on lookin’ for one, and b) It’s a recession. $27.50 a shadow – really, Dior? I’m not going to contribute to a cosmetic line that expects people to buy these in tough economic times.

    • Haha!! I don’t know where you can get discount Dior, sorry :(

  3. LoveCelebGossip

    VERY PRETTY! I love them both!

  4. Nicole15

    Wow! These are ridiculously gorgeous. Amazing pigmentation!

  5. Mikki

    Helloooooooooooooooooooooo pretty

  6. they look nice but i am more interested in the 5 colour palette.

  7. Those are both gorgeous, I especially love the silver!

  8. hi

    MY GOD, just saw the price.. 27.50 for ONE eyeshadow?! Those shadows must be giant and HG times infinity to fit that price!! Why would anyone pay for any of those when you can dupe them with MAC’s Amber Lights, Silver Ring and Satin Taupe — for half the price?!

    • Anne

      I soooo agree with you on this one.

      • hi

        I know, right?! I don’t know WHAT those bigwigs at Dior are thinking when they put these shadows out for 30 bucks a pop, expecting customers (in a recession, no less!) to just cave and buy these. Dior seriously needs to check out the dupe-equpped competitors, like MAC and the Body Shop, before they put these on display.

        • High-end brands like Chanel, Dior, YSL, etc. aren’t positioning themselves in such a way as to have bargain prices. Part of the appeal of a luxury brand is that not everyone can afford it. Whether you pay the price or don’t is all up to you (duh, lol!), but I would never expect them to lower prices in a recession. These brands aren’t trying to make themselves affordable for everyone, that’s kind of the bottom line and theory behind high-end/luxury.

          MAC, by the way, increases prices every year, and this year is no different, despite a recession. Some products are experiencing only a $0.50 increase while others are seeing more like $2 or $3 increases.

    • They’re pretty large eyeshadows, and they’re really nice and smooth (and these two are also pigmented). Dior is always going to be more expensive than MAC – they’re not really trying to compete with MAC since they’re definitely priced significantly higher.

  9. Wow, they are gorgeous, especially Argentic.

  10. These shadows are amazing! I feel like they would really make a bold statement and compliment any kind of style! I am not that good at applying eyeshadow, my hand is not the steadiest, but this shadow doesn’t look flaky at all from the pictures– I may just have to try this product out! Thanks for the post.

  11. Lmao, Dior is a joke. I seriously hope no one buys this set… it’s so overpriced! A fancy label isn’t going to buy me. Next.

  12. Mary Ann

    I like argentic…it looks like a good color for a smokey eye

  13. Taj

    The colours are so intense. Love them both!

  14. oooooo definitely gonna get these 😉

  15. sana

    Christine i am falling in love with argentic , any idea if urban decay gunmetal and argentic are alike in any way . please if u cud let me know . thanks !!

  16. sana

    What would u say is different abt them , argentic has more shimmer ?

  17. sana

    Thanks alot for yr help christine , would love to see a fotd with argentic pretty please !!!

  18. Nanci

    Sorry to say it’s a bit late but Sephora had their friends and family weekend this week. Everything was (is until the end of today) 20% off including Dior. I wasn’t able to find the Jazz Club there though.

    If you read this before the end of the day today (11/1/09),go to Sephora.com and type in FF2009 in the coupon code and get 20% off sitewide.

  19. beck

    Ok GOLD TOUCH is beautiful! I paired this tonight with NARS larger than life black eyeliner pencil Vie Veneto I believe it is called. And wow can you say sultry autumn/winter eyes? Truly beautiful and this shadow is fab quality.Highly recommended!