Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Dior Holiday 2013 Collection
Dior Holiday 2013 Collection

The Dior Golden Winter Holiday Color Collection is inspired by Versailles at the heart of winter. The collection is based around shades of pink and gold, which have been among the most emblematic codes of the House of Dior since the first couture collection in 1947. Today, the tradition continues with Raf Simons, whose current creations feature gorgeous combinations of pink and gold.

5-Couleurs Eyeshadow ($60.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Golden Snow (634)
  • Golden Flower (644)

Diorific Lipstick ($36.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Diva (038)
  • Winter (042)
  • Royale (045)
  • Minuit (046)

Dior Addict Gloss ($29.50) (Limited Edition)

  • Enchanted Rose (451)
  • Pink Fantasy (776)

Diorific Vernis ($26.00) (Limited Edition)

  • Winter (128)
  • Frimas (318)
  • Marilyn (751)
  • Minuit (995)

Diorific Jewel Manicure Duo ($39.00) (Limited Edition)

Inspired by the magnificent adornments of Versailles, the Diorific Jewel Manicure Duo combines two versions of Diorific Vernis: a sumptuous gold lacquer to apply as a base and luminous crystal micro-pearls to sprinkle on top for a three-dimensional result.

Availability:┬áNovember 2013 at retailers like Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s; Sephora has a sneak peek of select items now!

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Dior Holiday 2013 Collection
Dior Holiday 2013 Collection

Dior Holiday 2013 Collection
Dior Holiday 2013 Collection

Dior Holiday 2013 Collection
Dior Holiday 2013 Collection

Dior Holiday 2013 Collection
Dior Holiday 2013 Collection

Dior Holiday 2013 Collection
Dior Holiday 2013 Collection

Dior Holiday 2013 Collection
Dior Holiday 2013 Collection

Dior Holiday 2013 Collection
Dior Holiday 2013 Collection

Dior Holiday 2013 Collection
Dior Holiday 2013 Collection

Dior Holiday 2013 Collection
Dior Holiday 2013 Collection

Dior Holiday 2013 Collection
Dior Holiday 2013 Collection

Dior Holiday 2013 Collection
Dior Holiday 2013 Collection

Dior Holiday 2013 Collection
Dior Holiday 2013 Collection

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47 thoughts on “Dior Golden Winter Collection for Holiday 2013

  1. OMG, I fell in love already! Can’t wait to see how these swatch!

  2. Ilaria

    that plummy nail polish looks reeeeeaaaally interesting *_*

  3. FKS

    The peculiar lighting angle makes the model’s unattractively exaggerates the model’s lower lip. The lip color is nice, though.

  4. Victoria

    Amazing collection! The best holiday collection!

  5. Chels

    Pretty colors, but I’m really not a fan of the bulky packaging.

  6. Hey Christine, I have been wanting to try the eye shadows, but I keep going back and fourth between Chanel and Dior. When it comes to the eye shadow palettes, what brand would you recommend over the other?

  7. So excited for the holiday eyeshadow palettes! I will need to test them, but I’m 90% sure those babies are coming home with me!

  8. LOVE the cooler of the two palettes and the darker shimmery nail polish. YUM!

  9. The packaging looks attractive but it’s funny that I never had a though of buying any Dior product

  10. rachael

    Oh no!! I like it all! UGH! Its the first time in a very long time I’ve liked the entire collection by Dior.

  11. Emme

    I feel like I’m seeing last year’s collection all over again! I think I’ll pass!

  12. These photos are really gorgeous!

  13. Oh my God! How gorgeous those nail polishes are! I missed last year, this year I am not going to miss those!

  14. I love Dior products. I have tons of the quints. Question for the Dior addicts: how do you organize them so that you can easily grab the one you want? I was thinking of putting nail polish dots on the sides of the cases, but I just don’t know. I am always grabbing and reading several before I hit the one I’m looking for, it’s kind of a drag.

  15. furandlace

    In the polish bottle pictures, the top left colour…does that look to you like it’s a re-promote of last year’s Dior Diorling polish?

  16. Tori

    The lipsticks look promising but I’m still sore over last year’s holiday collection. For some reason, my country didn’t get the lovely reds but awfully outdated and ugly beige lipsticks. To add insult to injury, they had the same names as their red counterparts. Huh? Here’s to hoping that we get the same makeup that everyone else in the world gets this time round.

  17. Hannah

    Wow, the first quint with the warm goldy tones really has caught my eye! I can’t wait to see ti!

  18. Alex

    The quints are looking pretty interesting, I missed last year’s Grand Bal collection, so I might give these a try! Not sure which one I like better, though, I feel like Golden Flower is more wearable and would suit me better, but Golden Snow is more of a unique color combination (at least in my make-up stash), so…no idea what to do! Plus I’ve already got my eyes set on some limited edition Givenchy and a Tom Ford quad. Not good. My wallet is about to cry…maybe I shouldn’t be looking at what Chanel comes up with…I wish my holiday make-up purchases could just choose themselves for me.

  19. L

    The plum and caramel coloured nail polishes look very nice.

  20. I wasn’t impressed with the fall collection but I LOVE this collection! I will definitely go check it out. :)

  21. Linda

    I like all of this! The nail and lip packaging are sooo beautiful I could weep with joy. I’m dying to see the swatches, especially the new nail colors and the Jewel Manicure Duo.

  22. AngieButterfly

    So pretty! I think Dior’s is my favorite so far. I don’t own anything from them, so perhaps this collection will be what finally entices me.

  23. I have seen parts of this collection in store and here are my thoughts: the eye palettes are uneventful, not to say boring. Nothing like the fall collection! I find them very disappointing.
    The Diorific Vernis are the most exciting part of the collection, with Minuit and Frimas being my favourites, 2 very beautiful shades (but I already own nail lacquers similar to Minuit, a plum with golden shimmer, so I’ll probably limit myself to Frimas).

  24. Clio

    Oh my god, my heart started pounding faster when I saw these. I have never had that reaction to makeup before! LOL!

  25. Beth

    Hey Christine, great post. I’m totally drooling over everything but I noticed you didnt include the dioriffic hilighter/blush powders the I have seen in other promo images. Are we not getting those in the U.S.? I really hope not b/c I was wanting that beautiful RoseD’oro powder more than anything in the collection.

  26. I’ve never been impressed by Dior, it’s just not my brand… But this time, wow!! I want almost all of it. Well done, dior.

  27. For a second, I thought the model in the photo was Gwen Stefani…wishful thinking! :-)

  28. Ann

    The lipsticks and glosses look nice ­čśÇ

  29. The packaging is just GORGEOUS! Dior has really outdone themselves with this collection. I have to have a lipstick and polish!!

  30. T

    Can’t wait to see the jewel manicure duo swatch!

  31. Safyre

    I may have to pick up that red gloss, Dior has one of the loveliest gloss textures I’ve ever encountered – completely non-sticky and silky

  32. Mitzi

    I never really purchased Dior products beside one of their addict lipgloss. I did received a Dior eye shadows and the were very silky and satin but when I apply it seems to very light so I never really purchased anything for Dior. But this holiday collection looks amazing. I want all of their lipsticks. and the packaging are so beautiful…

  33. Dua

    Hey Chirstine,

    I was wondering if you are going to review the lipsticks / nail polish swatches of this collection?
    I really do depend on your reviews prior to buying anything !

  34. Hi Christine. I am in love with the lipstick the model is wearing on the ad. Do you have an idea of what it is?


  35. IA

    Hi Chirstine, if you didn’t have any Dior 5 color palette which one would you get? Thank you

  36. Paula

    Hey Christine, I was wondering if you know if they are selling the Winter 128 nail polish in the US?
    I went to Nordstrom and Macys and they only have the other three.
    Thank you!!!!