Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

Dior Diva Diorific Vernis
Dior Diva Diorific Vernis

She’s a True Diva!

Dior Diva Diorific Vernis ($26.00 for 0.40 fl. oz.) is a deep, dark black with just a hint of brown and multi-colored flecks of shimmer in fuchsia, gold, and bronze. China Glaze Midtown Magic is browner and has more shimmer. Dior Czarina Gold is also browner and has a lot more shimmer–also has a few bits of green sparkle. Chanel Strong almost similar in natural light, but it has a berry tone to it.

Now this shade is one that just might be worth picking up to get your hands on the packaging and feel good about doing so.  I think the way it looks in the bottle is gorgeous–all dark and foreboding with lots and lots of shimmer catching the light.  More importantly, it performs beautifully.  The consistency is just right, so it’s not so thick that it pools or bubbles, but it’s not so thin that you have to sacrifice pigmentation. It’s fully opaque after two coats, and it dries down a bit faster than average and finishes with a natural shine.  (For really glossy nails, I would still use a top coat.)  I typically get a full week of wear out of Dior’s polishes with no chipping and just minor tip wear.  It’s not a cinch to apply with the little cap of a handle, but at least what’s inside the bottle is quite nice.

P.S. — I know a few readers asked for brush photos, and I’m working on it, but this is what (usually) happens: I take too long and the review doesn’t go up. So, hoping to snap one next photo/swatch session, but until then, the ever-lovely Musings of a Muse has some! :)

The Glossover



I think this is an unexpected color and combination for the holidays that's still festive and delightful. The formula was nice to work with, and it had opaque coverage in two coats.











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Dior Diva Diorific Vernis
Dior Diva Diorific Vernis

Dior Diva Diorific Vernis
Dior Diva Diorific Vernis

Dior Diva Diorific Vernis
Dior Diva Diorific Vernis

Dior Diva Diorific Vernis
Dior Diva Diorific Vernis

Dior Diva Diorific Vernis
Dior Diva Diorific Vernis

Dior Diva Diorific Vernis
Dior Diva Diorific Vernis

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Where can I purchase it? How much is it?

Dior, $26.00 in October 2012.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

China Glaze Midtown Magic is browner and has more shimmer. Dior Czarina Gold is also browner and has a lot more shimmer--also has a few bits of green sparkle. Chanel Strong almost similar in natural light, but it has a berry tone to it.

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46 thoughts on “Dior Diva Diorific Vernis Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. JuvyRoxas

    Love it Christine!

  2. blueraccoon

    This is *gorgeous*. It’s like a night sky but with gold stars. I love it.

  3. Aleksandra

    OMG it’s so so pretty !

  4. shontay

    This is beautiful. I usually stay away from dark polish because I think it makes my hands look old. However, I think I have to have this one. It’s so different and the shimmer makes me think it’ll work for me.

  5. Laura

    I’m content with Midtown Magic, but this is gorgeous!

  6. Dominique

    It’s very pretty. Grand Bal, waouh deserve it, this collection is classy on the whole !

  7. I think this is the only must-have for me from the collection. Of course, I’m saying that only because you haven’t posted swatches of the quints yet. 😛

  8. Jenny

    The bottle looks like a door knob.

  9. I’m doing a little dance! Yay! I’m so happy it’s the black with the positive review because I just loooooved this colour, particularly in the beyoootiful bottle. This is a must have pour moi!

  10. Hurray! This is the one I absolutely wanted, so thrilled to find that it’s awesome :)

  11. Lovely, dark and vampy and the packaging is just stunning!

  12. Love the shimmer in it! And the bottle is GORG!

  13. GUSnail

    This is beautiful. I would never where a full-on black polish, but this? This I would wear. And you’re right Christine, the packaging is beautiful.

  14. Yellowlantern

    It looks just blackened brown in normal lighting conditions with a couple stray sparkles. Glad the quality has been upgraded from the last polish, but this color. :/

  15. Katherine

    FYI– I think you accidentally kept the “subject line” from the prior Dior Vernis entry here. Same with the previous MAC post (which still has the same subject line from your review of the pigments).

  16. Sasha

    Thanks for reviewing! This is the product I was/am most looking forward to from the collection. I like the delicate shimmer in comparison to the others you listed.

  17. This is probably the one I’ll buy from this collection. It looks really pretty, and the bottle is so beautiful!

  18. This is a really gorgeous black shade–and the bottle is super pretty…but I don’t know if I NEED this

  19. Bre

    I usually stay away from the dark nail polishes because I’m so fair skinned, but I really think this would look good with just about any skin tone. The bronze/purple would pick up on any skin color and play down the black. I think I kind of need this! (My wallet is hiding from me!)

  20. Cait

    I never thought I’d say it but I am going to spend 26 on that. That is just jaw dropping mesmerising.

  21. Eileen

    This looks a little like my China Glaze Midtown Magic!

  22. Eileen

    LOL scratch that I def did NOT read your dupe list! Haha.

  23. Katherine

    Thank you Christine! I’ll definitely be picking this one up. The packaging is gorgeous but I needed a unique polish also and this fits the bill. I had purchased Estee Lauder’s tempstuous (I think that might have been a Nordstrom’s exclusive color) and it is a much more cool color with a base that leans very dark gray. This looks like it leans much warmer. Love it!

  24. This is my favourite of all 4! Can’t wait to get it

  25. Lilly

    Wonderful, wonderful!!!. Just brilliant!!. I was hoping for this shade not to be such a deception as Diorling, but as soon as you said it does perform beautifully, then I assumed IT WILL BE MINE!!!!!. Just another wonderful review from Christine to keep in mind. Thanks so much for your lovely, hard work!!!

  26. love itt!!! the subtle rustic shimmer is absolutely divalicious!!

  27. I have several polishes of this shade w/ glitter that are similar, but I just adore the bottle. Love this.

  28. Oh my goodness that is to die for!

  29. Abbi P.

    WOW, I am LOVING this so much, it’s freaking gorgeous, kinda mysterious and dark! The last thing in the world I (thought) I needed was another polish especially a dark or sparkly one but OMG I just must have this, I’m dying!!!

  30. Mary

    Ulta’s Black Diamond looks pretty similar too. Only not in that awesome bottle. ;). I’d buy it just for that

  31. Ashley

    Not really loving the color, but holy cow do I love that packaging! Is it sad that I want it just because the bottle is pretty? :s

  32. lulu

    oh christine!!! this is AMAZING!!! do you know if and when they’ll be released in australia and how much they’ll be? (im assuming the same amount as a chanel polish, which is $39/40) thank you!!!

  33. Rebecca

    Twilight Rays by Maybelline Color Show is an exact dupe! and it’s only like $4

  34. Thanks Christine for giving reviews for this one. I would want to try this out even though I am more on reddish colors. I have never tried this kind of shade but I will give it a try.

  35. Rox

    hey! do you know any dupe to this one? i can’t find it anymore…