Sunday, November 8th, 2009

Dior Boudoir Look Collection for Spring 2010

Spring Preview: Dior Boudoir Look Collection for Spring 2010

Coming in mid-January of 2010, Dior’s spring collection is all about the lace. More information as it becomes available!

Lace Poudrier Dentelle Illuminating Lace-Effect Powder For Face

  • Pink Lace #001
  • Peach Lace #002

Eyeshadow Quint

  • Coquette #743
  • Pearl Glow #059 (Iridescent)

Lace Eyeshadow Duo

  • Boudoir Look #945

Lace Blush

  • Rose Vintage

Dior Addict Lip Polish

  • Rose Petale #004

Dior Addict High Color

  • Rose Guipure #419
  • Rose Broderie #663
  • Rose Bustier #863

Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect

  • Beige Voilette #427
  • Rose Corset #857

Lip Balm

  • Creme de Rose #001

Skinflash Primer

  • Revelateur d”Eclat #001

Crayon Eyeliner

  • Graphite #073

Le Vernis

  • Rose Ballet #184
  • Gris Perle #604

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Dior Boudoir Look Collection for Spring 2010

Dior Boudoir Look Collection for Spring 2010

Dior Boudoir Look Collection for Spring 2010

Dior Boudoir Look Collection for Spring 2010

Dior Boudoir Look Collection for Spring 2010

Dior Boudoir Look Collection for Spring 2010

Dior Boudoir Look Collection for Spring 2010

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52 thoughts on “Dior Boudoir Look Collection for Spring 2010

  1. AnGeLwInGz

    Dior never disappoints. Still paying off the bills from the Holiday ’09 splurge… Those shadows look stunning!

  2. Kristina

    Christine you are killing me with all the Spring promos! These are some beautiful collections, it’s been a long time since I have wanted so many new products.

    Have you noticed most quints have purple in them? I don’t mind purple mind you, but just an observation.

  3. I love the packaging, but not in love with the colors. Perhaps the blush for me.

  4. Wow, those are amazing colours! That nail polish is a must get for sure. Is that a cuticle cream? I just bought the original one, but I think I’ll go return it and wait for this one to come out. Pink is better than orange!

  5. Anitacska

    Ah, so pretty. :) I’ll definitely get the quints and the duo, and both powders.

  6. LuvJ

    Hi Christine.. These are gorgeous! Any info on the product in the pot? I heard they’re dicontinuing Pro Cheeks blush which I love.. wondering if this is the replacement??

    • Allie

      I have the pot. It Says “Creme de Rose Smoothing Plumping Lip Balm Spf 10″ Nice for smoothing, I haven’t noticed any plumping.

  7. claudia

    OMG the packaging is so pretty.

  8. Lorna

    this may have just beaten guerlain’s offering. i am undecided as to which two e/s palettes i would go for. they both offer colors i would use.

    is that creme de rose a cream blush or lip product or something else entirely?

    • AbbyL

      i was wondering that same thing… it looks like the creme de apricot cuticle cream that’s in the permanent collection…

  9. amy

    These are pretty, I am loving Dior lately, especially since this Fall and Winter. I will be on the look out for this.

  10. Jenny

    They e/s palette’s look lovely but I was wondering on the…blush I think, with the lace design. I wonder if, like the Chanel Tweed blushes, that the effect is only on the surface. I’d be disappointed if that was the case.

  11. Sarah M

    Thanks for the info Christine. The lip and nail products are really standing out to me, from this collection. They look fab. :-)

  12. Dior is definitely THE BEST!And that collection is like a fairytale!It`s awesome!It`s stunning!

  13. jenn

    I get so sucked in to pretty patterns, but have to remind myself once they are used its gone & only the colors remain. and those aren’t my colors LOL

  14. tenderheart003

    I am in DEEP lust with this whole collection!!!

  15. amy

    My favourite is the Coquette quint #743. I think it is the first picture, is it not?

  16. joolz2u

    I think Dior’s palettes are gorgeous! However, I’ve only had the shimmery ones and they were just too shimmery for me. Are these shimmery as well? If not, then I think I’m looking at my next Dior palette!

  17. Eden Landers


  18. Roxy

    Wow! Yet another beautiful collection from Dior. Can’t wait till Janurary! I’ll be saving up for this collection!

  19. kat

    Absolutely stunning packaging! It’s beautiful! Thanks for the heads up, I will be looking forward for this one!

  20. jennifer

    they do not appeal to me :( the lacey thingy

  21. Bridgette

    The packaging is to die for!

  22. Nicci

    The lip polish looks interesting!

  23. those lace patterns, especially on the face powder are beautiful, and the colors in that second eye palette are the lasting kind of pretty. too bad they will be expensive as usual

  24. Wauw soo beautiful! I really like it.

  25. Wow these are gorgeous! I love the lace pattern.

    Love the eyeshadow palettes & the nail polish. 😀

  26. that blush !!!!! oh my gosh

  27. Jonathan

    FYI the “pot” is actually a lip treatment. It was developed after Christina Aguilera said she used the creme abricot on her lips! You can use the cuticle treatment on your lips but this creme de rose is supposed to be more nourishing for your lips and not to mention less stick 😉

  28. Rosanna

    OMG! Those eyeshadow palettes are do die for…

    Funny how MAC is coming with “love lace” collection – similar theme to this collection. Dior, however, sounds and looks much more amazing. Truth be told, the love lace collection by MAC is a little blah to me, guess I can skip that for Dior’s! 😀

  29. Sydney

    OMG, Dior is amazing!!!
    I love the 5 color way eye shadows, amazing!
    Also the blush is very nice.
    And what is that creme de rose stuff, that looks very nice as well.

    • hightea_xx

      Creme de rose is a new lip balm product that has rose oil, as well as shea butter to hydrate, botanical extracts and vitamin a and e to smooth and add volume, and a light spf 10! i’ve been using for about a week now and i loooove it.

  30. Tracey

    Picked up some of this today..that’s not a blush, it’s an Illuminizer, a lovely shimmery finishing powder. The case is super heavy and gorgeous! Also picked up one of the quads…the 2nd one down.

    • Rachel

      Please tell us, where did you go to purchase the products? I went to my local Macy’s today and they didn’t have anything from this new collection, though Chanel had their Spring line in.

      And how do you like the quad? I know it’s the matte one; have you played with the colors yet?

  31. Judy

    Are there 4 eyeshadow quards? Which name belongs to each photo? Thanks!

  32. 53

    The model’s nose, upper lip looks heavily edited. haha.

  33. Judy

    The limited edition of Love Dior palette is now available at Holt Renfrew in Canada, it is being released at the same time with the Spring collection. Each paletter has its own a serial number, along with a nail polish, everything is packed inside a gift box. 90$ CND

  34. ak

    Hi Christine did you ever do a swatch of Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss Reflect in Beige Veil?

  35. Toukie

    I’ve got 3 Dior Addict Ultra Gloss Reflect as a gift from my BF, and i’ve notice that it plumps my lips quite a bit. Is it normal or am I having a allergic reaction? I’ve never own a lil plumper so I have no clue what it would do to my lips, so I can’t even compare products….

    • I don’t think they have plumping in them, but they might have just a little. Does it hurt your lips? Do they seem swollen? Plumping glosses usually don’t have a long-lasting effect (just an hour or two).

      • Toukie

        Yes they swell up and are more sensitive. And it last like 12 hours! My lip glosses might have gotten infected! What do you think?

        • Oh no! Wow, that’s so crazy… I don’t know about infected, but you might be allergic to one of the ingredients. I’d probably stop using them!

          • Toukie

            Well, that’s what I did. Suck’s tho cause I love the colors and it’s none sticky! Thanks you! :)

  36. Mariana

    I really like the make up. The blush and the lip gloss are incredible. Nice collection, really like it. :)

  37. inuchan

    I have the 059 pearl glow palette, it is gorgeous!

    Am now craving for the blush !!!!