Monday, December 28th, 2009

Dark Neutrals: Smoky Brown Eyes

This is probably my last look dedicated to MAC’s Warm & Cozy Collection. I’m pretty sure my next look is going to use some *color* as the past few have all been fairly neutral, given the theme of Warm & Cozy. I’ve never been a huge fan of using super dark bases overall, just because I’ve always found they have a tendency to eat color and not enhance it as much as lighter bases can do. Relaxed seemed to work best when layered with shimmery eyeshadows, rather than softer, more satiny shades.

You will need the following…

Directions: Start by applying Relaxed shadestick as your eyeshadow base all over the lid with the 249. Using the 239, apply Modelette eyeshadow on the inner third of the eyelid. Next, apply Mulled Cider eyeshadow on the middle third of the eyelid and lightly blend with the inner corner. Darken the outer third of the lid with Coppering eyeshadow with the 239, gently brushing it into the lower crease. Next, define the crease by applying Antiqued eyeshadow with the 226. To add more depth, tap and lightly blend in Embark eyeshadow in the crease with the 219. Lightly tap and brush Modelette eyeshadow directly above the crease to soften. To finish the eyeshadow look, sweep Chamomile eyeshadow as a highlighter on the brow bone. Bring everything together by applying Feline kohl power on the lower waterline and Goldmine eyeshadow on the lower lash line, and then sweeping lashes with DiorShow Extase mascara.

For cheeks, apply Imprevu blush to the apples of the cheeks and sweep upwards towards the temple with the 116. To highlight, apply Empreinte de Chanel lightly over the cheekbones with the 165.

For lips, apply Warm Me Up lipstick first, and then layer Feelin’ Dreamy lipglass for a lighter lip.

Check out more photos!

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117 thoughts on “Dark Neutrals: Smoky Brown Eyes

  1. K

    I like how it’s a lot more natural-looking than most smoky eyes. It’s definitely a good look for your beautiful brown eyes!

  2. phuong k

    i quite like this look on you. really brings out the different colors in your eyes. kudos for making a great look out of some very neutral colors!

  3. These chocolate browns are gorgeous =) You make me want to get Relaxed shadestick now~!

  4. gorgeous look. I hadn’t thought to get warm & cozy looking so dark. Plus I’ve been looking for a way to use Coppering more often. Maybe it’s just the lighting, but the blush comes off as very shimmery…

  5. shontay

    Very pretty, Christine. I am DYING for that Chanel blush. This week, baby.

  6. Tehreem

    Looking Good! Such neutral shades!!!!!! It looks great!!!
    I was just wondering did you announce the winners for last weeks Clarisonic contest?

    • Thanks a lot, Tehreem!

      No, not yet — the contest just ended on the 23rd, and I spent the holidays busy with my family and not so much on blogging. I’ll be randomly choosing this week or next (since New Year’s is just around the corner, not sure if I will get it done).

  7. Andrea

    Love love!!!

  8. Brittany

    Love it Christine! You look lovely!

    It’s like a soft but sultry browns look-
    definitely going to try this asap :)

  9. triciac

    i have the new chanel palette so what should i get from the warm and cozy collection.

  10. Rachel

    How do you like the Extase??

  11. Rachael

    This look is lovely Christine! It really makes your brown eyes pop!

  12. Nancy Le

    Hi, I love this look so much!
    I’ve been browsing your website and have noticed that you don’t line your upper lash line at all, is there is reason for this?

    • Hi Nancy!

      I don’t usually line my upper lash line, because when I do, my eyes/lids swell up and I pretty much can’t wear makeup for 24-48 hours. :/ So if you *do* see me with it, I usually remove it immediately after I take photos!

  13. This is gorgeous! I love the lippie <3

  14. Tiffany

    Great look I used mulled cider, chamomile, and feline today. Not much interested me from any of those new collections.

  15. Roxanne

    I really like it :) I love the coppery shades! They enhance the brown in your eyes. I have to say I like Plushlash better on you though.
    Hmm, lusting after Antiqued and Copppering now…

  16. K

    Soft and beautiful! These are my favourite everyday colours to wear, and even for occasions as well. I bought a surprising amount from this collection (and I’ve been really good at NOT buying MAC lately!)

    • K

      Btw, awesome bedroom eyes in that first picture. 😉

    • Thanks so much, K! :) What’d you end up getting?

      • K

        Relaxed Shadestick (currently using Urban Decay’s 24/7 Liner in Bourbon as a base – seems wasteful!), Warm Me Up lipstick, Light That Fire! Lipglass, Feelin’ Good and Close for Comfort TLCs! At least I know I will use everything that I bought because when it comes to MAC LE collections, I know that’s not always the case. Compulsive collector in me always rears its greedy head!

  17. Melissa

    This is gorgeous, Christine! Easily my favorite W&C collection look you’ve done. :)

  18. Sarah M

    Another beautiful, beautiful, beautiful look! Also, I must say the Dior mascara you’ve been using lately looks fantastic, even more so than Plushlash by MAC, which in my opinion is another lovely mascara.

  19. sureyya

    you look really beautiful! I cannot wait until this collection is out in england, I swear i’m checking the website so many times everyday! i know it’ll come out in january, but i keep hoping it’ll be earlier! I love the lips especially! x

  20. jessica

    you look so pretty! this has got to be my favorite look…the lip combo is stunning! :)

  21. Keke

    Absolutely beautiful, but I bet you are so ready for color after showing us Warm and Cozy! I’m hoping you do a purple or green look :)

  22. KC

    I love Antiqued for a crease colour. However I think the cheeks are competing with the eyes because coppering and the orange tone of the blush are kinda clashing, like a pinker blush would have been better. But looking at it again it could just be my computer screen, idk.

  23. aradhana

    funny i was wondering the same thing as reader nancy le actually!

    it’s a really pretty look! can’t wait to try it out…i might switch the dark liner to my upper lash line (i tend to do the opposite: always line the top, rarely the bottom). the goldmine along the lower lashline is really pretty!

    did you feel like the relaxed shadestick ate colour then? it looks very nice anyway…i tend to really like the dark brown bases…i suppose they make things look more smokey…

    • I’ve pretty much learned to love myself sans liner, but when I do, I always pay for it with itchy, red, swollen eyelids/lash lines. It’s pretty much not worth it, but I know everybody else seems to want to see it, so I try to do it from time to time and just grin and bear it (or else wash it off immediately).

      When I layered shimmery shades over it, it didn’t eat color so much, but if it was a more satin/matte shade, oh yeah, it wasn’t changing it up much.

      • aradhana

        that’s really too bad…i wonder whether there are any liners out there suitable for sensitive eyes? i’m not very good with the gel liners like fluidline, but it’s usually just the lower lashline that is problematic for me.

        i was pretty happy today to see that warm and cozy is out in the uk! i ended up skipping on relaxed…i’ll just use my paint pots of paints instead…but i did get a lot of items anyway!

  24. Jenny H

    so .. I LOVE the way warm me up looks on you..

  25. Arianna

    truly gorgeous! this is one look I really loved on you!!

  26. Angie

    Christine, this is just STUNNING on you! Perfect in every way!

  27. Oooh, I really like this smokier look on you! It’s really pretty but understated and elegant at the same time!

  28. natalie

    you really do look gorgeous here.

  29. i must get that lipstick! lemming it badly!

  30. Kimmie T

    I love the look. It is definitely something I am going to have to try.

  31. Leah

    Omg… I want this look? You’re beautiful!!!

  32. amy

    The colours are all so warm and beautiful. I am skipping the shadows from warm and cozy though because I have lots or similar ones from the permanent collection. The chanel blushes look gorgeous.

  33. This is a very pretty look….its so wearable….i will try to create this look, but wth the dupes you have mentioned.

  34. DW

    One of your best looks yet! This suites you very well, you should wear it again and again! :)

  35. Mel

    Wow, Christine! I am loving this look! It’s going in the top 10 for sure! It could work for day or night and look flattering on any skin tone! Beautiful work! :)

  36. francesca

    I think this is the most flattering look I’ve seen on you, Christine! You’re so beautiful!
    P.S.: do you think Relaxed is worth buying? Or do you like Constructivist best?

  37. Anitacska

    Very pretty, sophisticated look. :) Still haven’t tempted to get any of the eyeshadows though (I am considering the Chanel quad though).

  38. Antonia

    wooow i like the combination of different brown tones!

  39. Petra

    This look compliments you so well, and your hair is starting to get really long! (I know it’s hell of a wait to grow it out. :) )

  40. I’m not a big fan of neutral looks unless its for a conservative type function, but I am actually liking this one. I think its that copper shimmer at the end. Like just a hint or pop of color to make it not so boring. I will definitely be trying this.

  41. santra2

    Very nice! This is a pretty neutral look I can rock anyday. :)

  42. Shweta

    You look Absolutely stunning Christine. I was looking at you pictures and my BF walked in, even he did a double take!! :)

    Hope you have a Happy New Year!!

  43. Beautiful look :) I love how you look with brown makeup :)

  44. Sexy Sadie

    I prefer a dark brown smokey (muddy) eye at daytime.

  45. this is very beautiful!

  46. Nice look ! you have very pretty eye colour. thanx christine, your website has always been the best site for product reviews and tutorials. hope you dont mind if I link your website to my blog .. many thanx :)

  47. Nola-sue

    I love the look but could you please make sure that in the description you write the number of ALL the brushes you use. I couldn’t find what you used 266, 214 & 129 for. Beautiful look though!

    • If I list the brush, but it’s not in the description, it means I didn’t use it (I just have a pre-written list of brushes I usually use, and I always forget to remove them).


  48. I love your hair cut/style…any specific name?? I mean what do u ask your hair dresser to do?

  49. Kendall

    you look so gorgeous in the last picture… the makeup compliments you very nicely

  50. Sara

    ah, you look so beautiful!
    how do you think this could work for very pale, coolish skin?

  51. Theresa

    your eye has a leopard print!
    that is so pretty and awesom!