Friday, August 15th, 2014

Temptalia Asks You

If you could create your own eyeliner right now, what would you create? What color? Finish? Type? Share!

Temptalia's AnswerA bright, pearly pewter–kind of like bareMinerals 5AM but more brightening–and pencil.

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80 thoughts on “If you could create your own eyeliner right now, what would you create?

  1. A liquid eyeliner that applies a perfect wing itself! lol
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  2. Hmmm, a slightly pinky off white for inner rims or a pewter-taupe-purple!
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  3. katie

    A green pencil. Like UD’s Graffiti but without any glitter. I love Graffiti, but I rarely use it because I only have like 4 inches of one left and I’ll be heartbroken when it’s gone entirely. Plus, I feel like I’m getting too old for crazy eye looks. I know, I’m not really.. but sadly I feel like it. I see people much older than me with QoB type eye looks and I get so jealous and I never think they’re too old.

  4. Daniel

    Pencil holographic black liner, think Color Club “Beyond” for eyes. Being more realistic: glossy black liner with duochrome violet and green, like a mix of “Undercurrent” and “Designer’s Purple”, but base color black.

    • Hi! Beautiful idea! You can make it yourself! 😀 While gel eyeliner is wet and sticky, tap transformer/opalescent/iridescent violet and green shadows or pigments onto it, and then deepen the black and lastly, up the gold effect by gently tapping a flash of shine like from Chanel’s illusion de ombré in new moon or utopia, whatever you’d like! :) I’d love a black holographic glossy peacock duochrome liner! You rock. <3 Lotus

    • DANIEL! Hi!!!!! I have another option! Use whatever form of black base you’d like and then tap this “Eddie Funkhouser Chromagraphic Eye gloss over it! Iridescent in twilight looks just right.. Twilight… Here’s the link: This is so great: EDDIE FUNKHOUSER Chromographic Eye Gloss Sassy! 😛 or mix black pigment into it and apply a whatchamacallit.. Like a sealer!! Ya! So I hope this is groovy news!

  5. I’d love to do something close to the texture of Urban Decay’s 24/7 velvet eyeliner. I’d do it in a royal purple color. Something in between MAC’s Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner in Designer Purple and MAC’s Chromagraphic Pencil in Rich Purple. I think it would be a great pop of color, but dark enough that it doesn’t look to extreme.

  6. Yours sounds really nice! I would create a perfectly smooth, creamy, matte, bright purple pencil that’s neither too warm nor too cool.

  7. Heidi

    Royal blue liquid liner. Like Tardis blue with a formula similar to the WnW mega liner blue. No shimmer either. Just straight blue.

  8. Christine, how about Urban Decay Ether?

  9. The perfect matte warm grey in a liquid pen form. Not too light but not dark either. I don’t think there’s even such a thing, unfortunately.

    • Daniel

      Maybe you could try Palladio liquid pen linel, they have a gray color that sounds like the one you’re looking for.

  10. Miss J

    I really only ever use black, so…I wouldn’t, I guess. I find buying colored liners a waste of money for me. I tend to just use a shadow or pigment when I want a colored liner.

  11. Kat

    Dark, dark charcoal with bright lime green shimmer.

    More wild? Some combo of red violet and hot orange, in honor of my most recent favorite combo: Jilted and Slowburn from the Electric palette.

  12. A Name

    Jade green – can’t decide whether I’d rather have it in pencil or liquid form, but liquid sounds harder to dupe. Also, I don’t know how it would work in eyeliner form, but a muted green with copper microgltter like Butter London Two Fingered Salute would be interesting to see.

  13. For me, it would also be like a Bare Minerals pencil but it was 5 A.M. – part of a set that was LE and which I never even saw, let alone bought (though all I wanted was that one pencil) – a silvery/gold shade that looked just stunning.

  14. Jaimee

    A waterproof true brown black that goes on the waterline and doesn’t smudge. It should also be soft and stay put.

  15. Leslie

    I’d love a pencil liner, self-sharpening that has staying power but also something that won’t dry too fast before you have a chance to blend it or blurr the line to make a smokey eye. I haven’t found one like this yet.

  16. Priscilla

    I’d make something that doesn’t smug with contacts. I live in a place that can have extreme temperatures in both winter(-20F to -45F) and summer (90F-100F). In either extreme your makeup suffers in one way or the other. I would make something that will at least make me not look like Tammy Faye Baker after she had finished crying.

  17. Nicole

    I think I would create a dark navibluegrey to go with my eyecolor.

  18. Amber C.

    A dark brown-grey, like OPI How Great Is Your Dane nail polishw with the Jordan 24 hour liquid pencil formula, which is amazing.

  19. MAC Cranberry in shimmery pencil form.. or anything in the burgandy/red range.. This area is slim pickings.

    • Anne

      Try MUFE pencil 18L alone or smudge w/Mac Cranberry. Two others to consider with slightly different results: YSL Black Cherry gel liner and Armani Eyes to Kill e/s #2 wet. I have them all. And, love them all.

  20. Probably a really interesting shimmery plum/bordeaux! Or something olive, khaki-ish.

  21. I have been trying to track down 5AM ever since it’s release and have yet to find it! Your swatches of it made me fall in love! I’m still hopeful I can come across it somewhere like All Cosmetics Wholesale or Glambot! Great choice! 😀

  22. Emma

    A muted matte navy blue base with gold and silver microglitter (ala Urban Decay).

    • Veronica

      I actually created this look with Estée Lauder’s Blackened Sapphire and e.l.f.’s liquid glitter liner. It would be a great shade!

  23. Veronica

    A cool toned, grey leaning taupe like UD’s Stray Dog. (WHY IS THIS NOT PERMANENT??) I’d also like a formula made that could survive my waterline,

  24. A bright pink pencil that doesn’t make you look like you have some sort of eye disease going on.

  25. Cathy

    One that lasts in the waterline and doesn’t smudge!

  26. Dana

    I would make a medium toned olive-brown with gold and violet flecks.

  27. Patrick

    I’d make a medium warm toned MATTE brown: gel or pencil liner. I could only find LIP liners similar the that kind of colour I have in mind. It’s hard to find a real chocolately like colour for eye pencils.

    I’d also make a line of pale coloured liners like: pale yellow, lavender, and green. Those types of colours are hard to find. A Lot has been discontinued or were Limited Edition. :(

  28. An eyeliner that makes a perfect line, transforming into the perfect line, shape, and color for the eye.. Magic, it can tell what you need. It’s also quite beneficial to the eye area and cures the rest of the face. It’s magic. 😉 :)

  29. Lisa

    Pewter eyeliner liquid! Pewter is my signature color.

  30. Rachel R.

    A waterproof eyeliner pencil the same color as OCC’s Technopagen lip tar.

  31. Chelsea

    A gel or liquid version of Chanel Khaki Precieux! I’ve been trying other liquid and gel khaki colored liners, but nothing is quite right.

  32. Stephanie H.

    As hard and frustrating as it is to find a good liner in the shade you want and to only have it become discontinued or unfortunately be available for a limited time is what inspired me to imagine a line such as this. If I honestly could come out with a line of eyeliners I would create a line of affordable hard to find shades that is completely customizable.. There would be approximately four/five separate lines. Off of the top of my head they would be Electro/Neon, Pastel, Metal, Basics, etc. and they would all come in the choice of either being matte, shiny, glitter, or metallic and you would have the choice to put the liner in the form of a gel/cream, pencil, or liquid. And those would have their own subcategories as well.

  33. I kind of want either:

    An eyeliner version of Chanel Taboo nail polish – totally opaque in one pass, and slightly glossy too. It’d probably need to be a gel liner..

    The perfect lavender periwinkle blue with gold duochrome or shimmer. *sigh* <3
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  34. Andrea Sherman

    I wouldn’t need to! Because of Urban Decay 24/7 pencil liners. I’m sooooo hooked! I have so many!

  35. Anne

    I love your suggestion!

  36. I’ve been trying to find a grey that isn’t metallic. It’s impossible – every one I see is so sparkly or metallic it’s actually silver! I just want a flat, matte grey. And maybe a light grey too. I’ll just have to make my own with the MUFE Flash Palette. But I’m so lazy…

  37. CeeBee

    A cool toned metallic greyish green, deep but not too dark with a very fine golden shimmer. Pencil format, long lasting formula, etc.

  38. A matte, aubergine liquid eye liner would be my dream “invention”. A lot like Illamasqua’s Precision Ink in Havoc but less glossy.

  39. Mitzy

    I want an eyeliner pencil, like UD 24/7 that is black on one end and brown on the other. Please!

  40. I would create the perfect matte blackest black gel eyeliner pen with a thin tip that gives you a lot of control. It would have to be waterproof, smudge proof, and waterline safe.
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  41. Michelle

    I’d like a completely opaque liquid liner, first in a bronze shimmer infused maroon. The shimmer is ultra-fine and diffused, not a few dots in a stroke. The color’s between MAC cranberry, and a mix of MUFE aqua liners 10 & 11: something like this ( ).
    It has a long thin felt tip, dries w/in 30 sec., is swimproof, and has a eye-safe eraser on the top (the applicator’s the bottom). When halfway out of product, it averages the mg lost each day you used it and shows when you’re down to 5 applications worth of product, via a strip in the package changing color. It makes more sense in my head.

  42. I want a topcoat kind of liquid eyeliner. When applied alone it is sheer, but if you put it on top of a black liner it will create a duochrome sheen, hope that makes sense

  43. [email protected]

    It would be a mix of burgundy, red,copper and brown color. I am yet to find a color as unique as that

  44. A smokey blackened green gel eyeliner. I’d love one that’s looks almost black. I would kick my plain black gel liners to the side lol.
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    • Alison

      Ditto that! I’d love a bunch of eyeliners that read black but are actually blackened green, blackened teal, blackened burgundy.

  45. kellly

    something that was transparent and just added shine the same color as whatever shadow I had on. Shine really brightens up my eyes so that would be my idea of the perfect liner!

  46. doroffee

    A combo brow marker and liquid eyeliner, which is not too opaque for the brows and really opaque for the lid (maybe with some science stuff going on) that would be amazing.
    I would also like an opaque stark white liquid liner without any sheen or shimmer… and by opaque, I mean, like paint opaque.

  47. Karen

    I’m right there with you with the pewter but I would make it liquid Instead of pencil. Better yet I would put out a pencil with your pewte on one end and a gold like UD Honey or Milani Bella Gold on the other.

  48. Sienna

    I’ve been looking for a matte, greyish taupe pencil that’s not too dark. I have Rimmel Scandaleyes in Taupe, which is the right color, but the formula sucks – it doesn’t set, and while I can (and do) set it with shadow, I’d like something that’ll last on its own. I’d also create a dupe for Prescriptives Moonbeam Reflecting Eyeliner in Beaming Plum. I bought this on All Cosmetics Wholesale after it had already been discontinued and fell in love. It’s a gorgeous, shimmery, plummy taupe pencil with a great formula. I’ve found some eyeliners that are similar in color, but no exact dupes yet. (I should buy a backup or two on eBay.)

  49. Budge and smudge proof for my lower lash line. Why does this product not exist?


  50. A rich wine color with plum sparkle (or copper sparkle)!
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  51. Emmm

    A black pencil that will stay on my waterline for more than 2hrs. Also one like this in a shimmery nude/flesh toned one.

  52. Alison

    I just want something I can wear running, to the pool or to the beach that doesn’t smudge or run, but removes nicely with my oil cleanser!

    Or if you’re talking about shade, I’m really craving something that looks like NARS Giove applied wet as liner, except in a buttery, budgeproof pencil format instead of an eyeshadow. Or a rich burgundy or teal-green version with the same finish!

  53. Sara

    I still kick myself for not buying the Bare Minerals set that 5am came in. I cannot find a dupe! And it was such a fabulous color… I keep hoping it’ll be re-released at some point in some set or as a stand alone item. Got any inside connections with Bare Minerals? Hehe…

  54. My eyeliner would be cruelty-free and vegan, hypo-allergenic, reasonably priced, and readily available in stores and online.
    It would be a VERY pigmented cream-to-powder product that would apply [with the brush of your choice] opaque in a single swipe, take a second to set to allow for smudging, and once set, STAY ON, even without a primer. It would be available in at least 10 shades, both matte and shimmery. It wouldn’t be budged by water, oil, or tears, but would come off easily with makeup remover.
    And it would NOT be limited edition!
    Yeah, I’m a dreamer. :)

  55. eva

    Yes old school chanel cake liner the quad style with the red, blue, brown and black liner. It was best liner ever why they stopped making it is beyond me. There new cake liner is garbage.