Thursday, December 20th, 2007

NEW YOU WITH NEW BEAUTY, FINALE! Win everything pictured above!

TEMPTALIA has put together a stocked-to-the-brim makeup soft case with so many products, it’ll blow you away! We are so stoked to be able to announce this finally, as this prize is worth $500!  That’s right–$500 smackaroos–and it’s all yours for the taking (and it weighs over 10 pounds)! We want to be able to give one deserving reader the chance of a lifetime:  a do-it-yourself makeover.  We’re going to supply all of the goods so you can truly embrace your “New You” for 2008 with this jam-packed case of “New Beauty.”

Winner will receive…

  • Almay Eye Makeup Remover Pads
  • Clinique Long Pretty Mascara
  • Clinique Pink Bamboo Lipstick
  • DuWop Lip Venom Trio
  • Eminence Herbal Eye Makeup Remover
  • Garnier Nutritioniste Ultra-Lift Lotion
  • Hamadi Hair Mask
  • John Masters Organics Linden Blossom Face Creme Cleanser
  • Lancome Color Ideal Fond de Tente Perfecteur
  • Lola Laptop To Go in Joy
  • MAC Curiositease Cool Lip Set
  • MAC Holiday 2007 Silver Brush Clutch
  • MAC Holiday 2007 Silver Mini Clutch
  • MAC Royal Assets Tan Lip Palette
  • Maybelline Intense XXL Mascara
  • Maybelline Last Stylist
  • Maybelline Pure Makeup
  • Pacifica Spanish Amber Natural Soap
  • Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Perfume
  • Roxy Shower Gel
  • Sephora Blockbuster Palette
  • Too Faced New Romantic Palette (Unicorn)
  • VO5 Extreme Style Ultimate Hold Power Gel
  • Large Silver Metallic Makeup Soft-Case

Now, read the instructions on how to enter to win this huge prize from Temptalia, plus a few rules.

How to enter: In at least 250 words, tell me how you have changed in the past yearTell me why you would want to make yourself over and how you would do it with the prizes.  Some questions that might help you answer:  What has 2007 done for you, where have you gone during the year? Are you still discovering yourself, or have you discovered who you are already? If you want to show us a “before” (2006) and an “after” (2007) picture comparison, you will be entered twice.

Leave your entry in the comments OR send your response to [email protected].

Rules: This contest is open to all Temptalia readers.  Contest prize will be shipped no later than January 30th, 2008 via priority or international priority mail with insurance and tracking.  One entry per person will be allowed. All entries must be received by January 10th, 2008, midnight PST. A winner be randomly selected from the pool of entrants.

Discussion and debate are highly encouraged, and we expect community members to participate respectfully. When asking a question, please check the FAQ section (above) for information about purchasing, price, dupes, and the like. If you have general feedback or need technical support, please contact us.

Comments that include advertisements, self-promotion, insults, etc. may be in violation of our comment policy and subject to deletion. Please see our comment policy for more information.

188 thoughts on “Contest – December 2007 – New You with New Beauty – Part 3

  1. Brooke

    entered in your email!!! thank you! :)

  2. I’m 21 now, which means I’m not far away from the time when I was in puberty, which wasn’t a nice time for me.

    I was a bit depressed, shy, insecure and fatty girl who hated shopping and thought nothing looked good on her, despite mother’s tries and convincing. She was the one who taught the me basics of make-up: first mascara, first concealer, first eyeshadow, making a line on the lid…She said woman must look good for herself not others and enjoy in making herself even more pretty. And as much as I was always liked colors, playing with make-up, I didn’t use it through puberty as much as I wanted to, or could. I would buy something and put it in the locker and use it once-twice.

    But after finishing school and pausing one year before fnally going to uni, some things started to change.

    In this past year, I lost some weight, I could buy better clothes for me, my tan became better, hair grew even longer and healthier, and I generally started feeling better. I got the urge to experiment and play with colors and looks, exploring possibilities with make-up. What colors, shapes and accents suit me the best and reflect my personality.

    I don’t think my process of finding myself is over yet. I just started. I like so many things and want to try them all! And maybe my Moon in Gemini just needs to be satisfied and looks for changes every now and then, you never know. 😀

    • Thanks for sharing your story! I can definitely relate — I lost a bunch of weight myself in 2004, and it really did wonders for my confidence as well. It’s amazing what a little weight loss can do!

  3. Lucy

    I started this year a bit weary from all the therapy, questioning, exploring, and learning in 2006. I thought this year might be a bit quieter, what with all my I’m-28-turning-29-and-this-is-Saturn-Returns changes the year before. But no.

    I’m a little speechless from how much I’ve changed this year, and this is after so many changes the year before. But wow, the difference a year makes.

    One of the things I discovered this year had to do with my femininity. I came out as a lesbian three years ago and never could quite resolve being feminine and being THE GAY. But I had an opportunity to attend a conference with a gaggle of other feminine dykes (who identify as “femme”). And walking into a hotel ballroom where at least 50 people oohed and ahhed and photographed my shoes–fabulous shoes, by the way: 7″ red wood platforms with black glitter, black satin, and zebra print uppers–was so validating and exhilarating I can’t even tell you! I’ve always been rediculously feminine, something my mother, who didn’t wear makeup until she was 30 and just bought her first strapless bra this year, couldn’t comprehend.

    My great aunt Mary died this year, and she was like my femme saint. She made it to 90, with old men chasing her after her til the end. She could rock a taffeta dress at 85 and had the most amazing collection of costume jewelry you could imagine. She is my model of femininity, at least the brand that fits me best.

    I’ll be 30 in January, and this year seems like preparation for my 30s. I’ll be going into them with more confidence than I’ve ever had. My sense of self is beautifully strong, and I love the unshakable-unchangable me that I am.

    I hope that this confidence and joy in being myself somehow rubs off on my son–both for himself and in his appreciation for women and femininity in the future.

    • Hi Lucy! I’m so happy to hear that you’ve found people you can relate to so you can embrace your “femme” :) Your great aunt sounds amazing! It is always so good to have someone like that in your family so you know you’re not alone.

      May your 30s be better than your 20s! :)

      Thank you for entering!

  4. Wow, what an amazing prize! I’m going to enter via email. :)

  5. Ashlee

    Thats a great prize! Your awesome for doing this. I cant wait to see who wins, I wont be entering though..Im too shy to share everything thats happened. The past 4 years have been aweful.

  6. i’ll join! i’ll join! :-)

  7. I am a girl just shy of 21. I’m in the middle of figuring out who I am, and what I want. I’ve been through a lot, but it’s brought me to where I am today.

    In high school I was a very pretty, thin, happy, social butterfly. Today I’m the complete opposite. I took a vow to make 2008 the year I become myself again. I enrolled in Paul Mitchell the School, because I love cosmetology, and know it’s what I want to do with my life. I’ve began a lifestyle change to include healthy eating and daily exercise to become more confident and happy. I work two jobs to pay for bills and things from my past. I’ve become a wonderful person with a big heart. I’m happy with who I am on the inside.. I just want to be happy with who I am on the outside. The prize will help me do that among other things. I want to make myself over.. new looks, fresh colors, healthy skin and hair, and a happy body! I changed in two ways from 2007 to 2008. Now I just need to change back one of those ways. I’m a beautiful woman, I just don’t feel it anymore. I want to feel beautiful and pretty and sexy. I want to make people stop and stare. I want to inspire other women to be happy with who they are, and how beautiful they are! This will help me be who I want to be.. and go on to help other women!


    & Now!


    Is it possible to enter if you’re Canadian??!

  9. Amanda

    2007 has been a big year for me. I had struggled with my weight since I was in high school, I’m in my thirties now. I’m 130lbs over weight and I had always hid under baggy clothes, stringy long bleached blonde hair and no make-up. How could someone my size even begin to look attractive especially since my youth is gone?

    On top of all my seemingly shallow issues, I was fighting a spiritual battle up until June of this year. My husband and his family practices Christianity and I was being forced into their world, I was really *letting* myself be forced. They made me ashamed of my Vedic heritage, they made me hide even more. The more I pushed it all away, the more I dug my own grave.

    I stopped caring about everything until I was cleaning in the attic and came across a picture of my grandmother who was a large woman, in full dress. She looked so happy and healthy, all made up and adorned with jewels, smiling, and beautiful.

    I decided to change my life before it was too late. I lost 75lbs, enough to be healthy, dyed my hair back black and donated my clothes, and started over. I let my husband know, this was with, or without him. I even got my first tattoo, a trishula to proclaim my found again heritage. I wear full make-up everday, and wear bright colors and fitting clothes.

    In 2007, I got my life back.

    • Hey Amanda! Thank you for your entry! I’m really thrilled to hear that you’ve gotten your life back–I personally understand how much losing weight can change your life! So congratulations!

  10. Jess I.

    I sent an e-mail entry. I think this contest is a fantastic idea. :)

  11. ellie

    im ellie,i joined livejournal 6 years ago because i spend quite a lot of time ill as i have a blood disorder and also asthma,i figured it would be a good way to meet new people and have some fun when i was confined indoors!lol!anyway this year it has become invaluable to me as in november 06 i suffered a bleed in my head,due to my blood condition which meant ive been poorly most of this year on and off,ive been back and forth to the hospital for scans,tests,medication and im now on such strong medication that a lot of my hair has fallen out.i feel my looks have altered this year and somedays i get so fustrated ive actually punched walls!i laugh about this now but at the time ive felt very alone and ugly :( my weight has been up and down,due to the medication and my skin has really suffered,worst my partial hair loss.anyway,i dont want this to be a feel sorry for ellie post,lol!i want you all to know that ive discovered i really love doing my eyes recently and ive really started to experiment,i have just been bought my first set of mac brushes for christmas and a couple of shadows as they are so expensive,i love to experiment and the joy i get from someone telling me my eyes look good is priceless.i dont have much in my collection at the moment but i hope to add to it in 2008 :) even if i dont win this competition its helped me to type this out as i often just laugh it off to people i see in everyday life because its hard to face :) i know people say “beauty is skin deep” and “looks dont matter” but i think every girl likes to feel they look their best and now i hope i can do the same,more importantly i really enjoy experimenting and sometimes actually achieving a look that i have watched a tutorial on!lol!
    anyway,thats the my story of my looks for 2007 :) i didnt want it to be a “pity entry” lol! but that really is my year :) and im thouroughly enjoying discovering the beauty of mac and the inspirational girls in this community :)

    • Hi Ellie! It’s good to meet you — thanks for stopping by!

      Absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to look and feel your best :) I know I always feel a bit more upbeat when I feel I’m looking good and happy and healthy.

      Congrats on your first set of brushes!

  12. Kelli

    In High School I was an immature tomboy. I never wore makeup. It was a miracle if I brushed my hair :/. My body developed early and I think I tried hide it by wearing baggy clothes and no make-up (wouldn’t want draw more attention to myself) I only wanted to blend in.

    I turned 21 in 2007. I feel like a grown up now. I know some people consider 18 to be an adult but I was just way too immature. I feel comfortable in my skin, comfortable with my body, and overall comfortable being a woman that can pursue anything. I did a lot of growing in 2007 and I hope 2008 is only better. Through 2007 I re-discovered make-up. I love it…it’s one of my outlets. It allows me to be creative and stand out from the crowd while still staying sophisticated and classy. It’s not just to make you look pretty or cover blemishes it truly is an artform to me. It can be feminine, flirty, outrageous or just natural.

    If I won the contest I would be able to put my best face forward :) into the new year. While I have a good idea of who I am…growing up is a constant work in progress and there is always room for improvement.

    • Hey Kelli! It is so important–and so amazing–to feel comfortable in your own skin. It’s not as easy as people think sometimes, so I’m glad you’ve been able to start coming into your own this year!

  13. Cassy

    I’ll start out honestly, my 2007 basically blew, even compared to my awful 2006. I had spent all of 2006 trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle and was upset to find in early 2007, that all the weight I lost in adopting that lifestyle was creeping back. At first it was slow. I incorporated more exercise in my routine thinking it would help and it only got worse. To try and make myself feel better, I spent my tax return in June to enroll at the Brio Academy (a local beauty school) for their make up artistry program. I learned nothing new in 6 weeks and that made me even more upset because I was hoping it would help get my foot in the door in the MUA profession and instead left me $700 poorer. Giving up on that, I went back to my regular job and progressed with life. The problem is I started gaining weight at an alarming rate. At almost 40lbs heavier at the end of this year then last, I went to the doctor and found out I have a thyroid problem which not only has caused my weight gain, but also my intolerance to cold, my dry skin, my panic attacks… so many things. I guess it’s a blessing in disguise. For 2008 my plan is to get a specialist to help me treat my thyroid problem so that I can be back on my way to making me be who I want to be. I’m hoping that once I have more confidence in myself, I will be able to continue pursuing my dream job. If I won the contest I would actually use the products to make over other people and help build my portfolio. Well, maybe I’ll make myself over too. A girl can’t resist…

    • Hi Cassy! I am sorry to hear that you have a thyroid problem, but at least you know that that is the source of so many of your problems, right? I hope that the specialist can help you tackle and overcome it!

  14. I am soon to be 27, I am still young but I feel that I have aged a lot in the last year. My birthday is right after the new year, so it really is a time of reflection for me.

    I was a bit of a tomboy growing up, but once I had my son I finally became interested in makeup and taking care of my appearance. In fact, 2006 was the year my interest in makeup really took off.

    I am a stay at home mom. My son is 3 years old and in the last 6 months he has been diagnosed with both Autism and Type 1 Diabetes. Both things are very tough to deal with and have really put my patience, sanity, and courage to the test this year. I have grown so much in these areas. But this growth has also come with stress and depression. I definitely have a lot more grey hair. 😉

    I have several therapists coming into my home every day for my son. He has no concept of danger, so I have to keep constant watch over him. I also have a back injury that prevents me from getting out and about much. Because of these things, I feel that experimenting with cosmetics and pampering myself is the only true “me time” that I get. It’s the one time where I can actually focus on myself. As it is, just getting a shower to myself each day is a luxury.

    I have a thyroid condition that has caused me to struggle with my weight and lose a lot of hair. It effects my skin and basically every part of my system. When I look in the mirror I don’t see the me that I was used to. I have lost a lot of confidence in myself, thanks to this and anxiety problems. I want to make myself over because I want to feel good about my appearance again. Using beauty products such as the ones in the prize would give me a much needed boost. Feeling that I look good would do a lot for putting that bounce back into my step that I seem to have lost this year. Knowing I had the luck of winning such a prize would help, too!



    When u say “randomly selected”, wat exactly do you mean? Are u just gonna “randomly” pick an entry (it’s not really based on content)?

  16. keereeves

    I don’t have a long story….PLEASE PICK ME!!!!

  17. Hey Christine,

    I entered through email!


    p.s. u finally get to see who you’ve been communicating with!!!

  18. Through out the course of this past year I have changed in so many ways. I’m young, 15 to be exact, but I’ve always like to think that I was wise for my years, and this year has turned out to be the most maturing year I’ve ever had.

    At the start of this year I was involved in an emotionally abusive relationship that left me so completely insecure, which is saying a lot. I’ve been to therapy before for my insecurities, my issues with men because of my lack of male dependance growing up, the emotional trauma of being the sibling of a severely autistic girl, and the eating disorders that bred of a result of these many stresses. And this guy definitely didn’t make me feel very positive about myself.

    But I was attached you see, I saw him as the one man who had stuck around for me, who had been there for me. Though he was near me physically he was only hurting me, and it took me so long to realize this.

    This year, I left him. And though this may seem to be juvinile and so high school, this was a very adult like relationship to me that should not be looked upon as immature and naive. It was so difficult for me, and he was awful to me in response, telling me disgusting, hurtful things, but finally I knew it was for the best.

    In place of him, I found the people who define me, my three best friends, the girls who helped me though this mess. They’re the reason I was able to cope through all of this while still eating, they’re the reason I was able to cope with this at all. They’re my sisters, my companions. He was never the love of my life, but these three girls, I know they are. In 2008 I know I’ll have the best year, simply for the fact that I’ll spend it with the three girls who saved me. <3

    thank you so much for allowing me to write this.
    it really helps me to put things in perspective. :]

    • wow. that was my story at 15. hopefully yours doesnt continue as long as mine did. i appreciate your maturity and i know youll have an awesome 2008!


    • I applaud you for being able to extricate yourself out of a very bad situation – I know it must be hard for people to leave someone they have grown to be with, even if they are hurtful.

      Congratulations on finding such amazing friends — we should all be so lucky!

      May 2008 bring you lots of good cheer!

  19. and here are my before and after pictures :]

    ha pink hair :]




  20. Cristina

    is this only for US residents?

  21. Violet

    I’ll submit my entry asap! Thank you Christine!

  22. Amazing contest. I entered via email :)

  23. 2007 has been the biggest year ever. I have become an entirely new person. At the end of last year I lived in a motel room with my husband. I didn’t work. I was an active alcoholic. I drank all day, every day. It had ceased to be a choice for me; it was something I had to do. I was in a physically and emotionally abusive relationship. I wasn’t any good at applying makeup and certainly didn’t have the money for it, but I’ve always had a passion for it. In this last year, I have gotten into recovery and haven’t taken a drink in a little more than a year. I am currently divorcing the man I once thought I’d never have the strength to leave. I just got a great job with the County where I live. I still live with my family, but I’m working on that next. I’m learning to live life. And my passion for makeup has only intensified in this last year. I’ve learned a WHOLE lot about technique and products from this website and LJ. I’m getting pretty good and I’m so excited. I want to go to school in the next few years to become a professional.

    winning this prize would be fantastic(!!!!!!!) but i was even more intrigued by your topic. Thank you for asking :)

    • Hey Erika! CONGRATULATIONS on being sober for a year!! That is so amazing and what an accomplishment. I admire your strength and courage to seek help and stick with it.

      I was really hoping that the contest would inspire people to really reflect back on the past year, so I’m glad it has been working so far :)

  24. Hi again and Merry Christmas to you and all your readers!
    WOW,Some great sharing going on above!Hats off to all of you on your accomplishments…
    My change is not just about this year,it is a work in progress i guess.Over the last 5 years (i’m 44 now) i have mostly raised my grandkids,age 2 and 5 now,from my daughter,She has some issues that keep her from being a very good mom,she loves them but not in a way to full time care for them.So that has been up to me .This past yearhas been full time raising the baby and part time the 5 year old.I also have a stepson now 15 i have raised with my hubby since he was 4 with my kids age 25 and 27 now.
    I never pictured 44 like this.I thought by this time i would have me time.(selfish huh) that is not the way life fell.At times it has been very hard,mentally and physically,but i have come to the point now that i am happy & content with the way it is and have come to the conclusion that this is the best for my grandson’s and me.This has been done by many tears and prayers to my father above.He strenghtened me in ways i did not think possible.The toll over the past few years on my appearance bothers me though.Stress will rip you apart and honey it shows!I at times honestly do not recognize the lady i see.Gray hairs(lots) and wrinkles (bad) that i had not looked for so early on in life.But i will continue to earn them as gracefully as i can for this is not short term i
    I do not want to win this for myself,i want to win this my daughter in law julie..She is a godsend.She loves children and loves my son.She helps me with kolby all she can as well as housekeeping when needed.She moved here to alabama from arizona to begin her life with my son darrell.She is now 6 months pregnant and so very happy.She has renewed my hope for loving young moms& wives again that put their family first. She gave up all her family and life in arizona to come and make a new one here ,even though that hurt her badly.Her spirit and smile lights up a room and i see her one day with a house full smiling kids.She is so giving and you will find no vanity or selfishness on her.This would be for julie…
    thanks for a wonderful contest and you are all inspiring…
    merry christmas and god bless you all…

    • Hi Betty!

      Thank you so much for entering the contest! It shows how strong and how important family is for you to step in take on the role of mother once again. It is so great to see that! I wish Julie and Darrell the very best ni their marriage and her pregnancy!

      Happy holidays!

  25. n.fiona

    I’m afraid I cannot say how I changed in the past year.

    I came to Canada very fearful. I was twelve and scared of this new world. I was born and raised in Saudi Arabia and the worlds are completely different especially coming from a country so traditional and so different. I certainly do not think my process of finding myself is over, because life is all about the journey and not the destination. I was very shy and aloof when I started grade school. Everyone taunted me because I was the ‘new kid’ and I had weird clothes. Nonetheless I worked hard to be a valedictorian.

    For high school, we moved to a different borough and it allowed me to get to know different people. I participated more in school activities and be more social. I think meeting people, being open, sociable, and open-minded about everything else opens your eyes to a whole new perspective. I started getting into fashion, accessories and makeup and I think it builds one’s character. I have been experimenting with MAC since January 2007 and I have been loving every step.

    If I had to describe how I changed in the past year, I would have to say I have become more loving, patient and understanding towards my loved ones. I have always been fighting with my parents, being rebellious. I have been in relationships but it would not last for more than 6 months. I am proud to say that all this changed in a year. My parents and I have a wonderful relationship and I am with my boyfriend for more than a year now, serious and contemplating over our future endeavours.

    There are no ways I can tell you how valuable it is to me to win this prize. I have not win any prizes as grand as this. I am very new in the cosmetics world. I have been slowly collecting MAC items in my traincase (which is slowly growing at a snail’s pace). I would be honoured to receive this prize as it would truly represent my serious interest to learn more about makeup and how to apply it myself.

    Thank you Christine and Happy Holidays!

    • Hi N.Fiona! Thank you for sharing your story! It can always be hard to make such a large and challenging move like yours, and I’m glad that you’ve been able to work on a great relationship with your parents and congratulations on being with your boyfriend for a year! How exciting :)

      Happy holidays!

  26. Dodo O

    This year was my first year at a new school. At my old school, where I worked last year, I didn’t get along with anyone and I didn’t know how to make them like me. I wasn’t very happy. At my new school, I actually met someone within the first two weeks and now we’re best friends! I also met a lot of other nice people! I feel happier and am much more social than I was last year. I am working hard, but also making time for other things, like friends and hobbies. If I had these products, I would use them to reward myself for all the things I’ve accomplished and give them to people who have befriended me this year as a way of saying thanks!

  27. leslie

    I love the prize… this is why I want to win it..
    Last year I suffered from many health issues like my pernicious anemia( I have learned this year, how to perform self injections into my muscle tissue..which is good)body movement disorder(which I am still seeing the neurologist for, but it is better now) I had a hysterectomy 2 months ago as well.. I had really bad luck in the health department. My health situation really depressed me in the beggining, but as time went on.. I discovered it only was an obstacle that I needed to overcome. All through my health issues, my family stood behind me as a united front against these health problems..I changed personally last year because I realized the importance of family and the importance of self strength. Overcoming my fear of the unknown or my health issues has made me a much stronger person. I am not 100% healthy currently, but I am starting school again this year and majoring in Interior Design/Decorating.. My health was so bad before I had to quit school which really saddened me.. Since I am returning to school I would use these prizes everyday for my personal beauty/makeover..My wishes are to madeover into the healthy smart girl,instead of the sick, smart girl.

    If I don’t win, I wish the winner good luck

  28. kahea

    i entered via email

  29. It’s worth a shot.

    My name is Cathleen and I can’t say I have changed for the good. I’m about 5’2 and not exactly what you’d call skinny. I’ve changed my way in thought due to a guy. One i have been in love with for about two years. we pulled that rediculous “best friends with benefit/ tell eachother we love eachother” card. I was pretty haggard looking but extremely happy and loving. I had three bestfriends besides him, that were always by my side and always spent time with me, and made me extremely happy. Now it’s all changed. Last year I decided to ruin something due to not “feeling” good enough for him.. because I begged him for me to be with him, and he shot me down because “he didn’t wanna ruin the friendship” I decided to become bulimic. I lost sixty pounds, but It messed with my head completely. I recovered from being bulimic and now i’m weighing about 120. But i still feel so terrible about myself. I even cut everyone out of my life because I wanted to be alone. I’m doing a lot to change. I’m in the process of a makeover, I cut my hair, dyed it, changed my style of clothing, and I’m trying to change my personality. Not really because of him, but because I messed myself up so mentally that I feel like i’m just a screw up. I lost all of my three bestfriends because of it and i’m lonely. So now i’m surrounding myself around new people, trying to make the best of everyday and trying to present the real me to everyone I meet. Granted, I shouldn’t really rely on make up to help me actually make myself over. But it’s a good way to help :p Plus, if i could actually get myself to think I’m pretty I’ll be the happiest I have been in years.

    Thank you for reading my somewhat complaint on my screw ups, haha.

    • Hi Cathleen! I’m sad to hear that you turned to an eating disorder to lose weight, but I am happy to hear that you’ev since recovered from it, and I hope you’re able to continue on healthily! I wish you the best of luck in rediscovering yourself and finding people who love you and learning about yourself so you can love you, too.

  30. Camilla

    My story didn’t start really original – I just fell in love… Not for the first time in my life though i think twice before I let myself do it but now it was like I met a man straight from my dreams, absolutely perfect and I knew I’ll do anything to have him.
    I have always been hanging out with guys so that used to be my style – very boyish, boyish clothes, walk, way of talkin. And now I was to become a lady to make him notice me. It was few years ago but I think last year I finally reached the looks I wanted. So I guess (I hope) I can share this.
    My boys were surprised when I first came dressed in skirt, then dress, heels (I’m 5’2″ and last year I discovered that heels make me look amazing :-P), my friend who is a model taught to how to walk in them and now i don’t even leave home without 6 inch heels lol. I changed my hairstyle, colored them from red to even more red which – my boys say – looks hot 😉
    I found out that he don’t like much make up so I’m trying to do naturally looking one for every day and some more color when I go out or something, and learned how to always perfect match it with clothes I wear – not only color but the style also. Cause I became kinda style dynamite – one day I can wear tracksuit and the next day sexy girly dress. I also found out that he likes female shapes so I gained some body and I must say I love it now I mean I don’t know how could I ever be on diet!!! I got that body type that I’m only getting fat in breasts and hips so I really did got a female looks.
    The most important one is that I started to care about my skin, my hair and everything meaning using more special creams, conditioners, masks, oil for eyelashes etc to be naturally beautiful just as he likes it. He deserves at least miss world, but I’m not one and I’m far away from it but what can I do is trying to look good, to be kind of woman he wants and keep hopin that maybe one day I’ll get a little bit of love from him cause I still didn’t… He is my good friend though and I must say I’m drunk with happiness everytime when I hear good word from him.
    And how would the prize help me in it? Well 80% of brands that are in it are not available in this place where I live now and I know they are great quality so they could help me a lot in becoming a lady… I do have weird beauty type and I’m different a lot from all the girls in here and I wanna keep it, being OTHER but good looking.

    Here is pic from 2006 (was already tryin to be girly):

    And pic from 2007 late fall:

    • Hey Camilla!

      Ahh, the things guys can do to us, right? Especially when we’re crushin’.

      I hope 2008 brings you a little love and happiness from the guy of your dreams :)

      • Camilla

        thats why it says “love is like a water on the brain” … i got a lot of water on the brain for him but if not guys who would we be tryin to look good for? 😉 thanks for your wishes hope they will come truth i dont dream of anything else but him

  31. Camilla

    I was tryin to post my story in comment but it didnt work i dont know why so i sent it via email I hope you got it !! :)

  32. Allison

    Wondered if this was open to an avid lurker;) I Love your site but I never post..2007 has been an interesting year for me..I’m a 35 yr old mother of 2 kids(13&7)My oldest is special needs so I’ve been home with him for the last 13yrs. I decided this year that I was going back to school after almost 16yrs.Boy was that scary..LOL Seems I’m alot older then I thought though as I seem to be getting “Ma’amed” alot.I know it’s a sign of respect but I always reserved that for the elder set that I didn’t think I was part of yet**ouch** LMAO.Think it might be the grey hairs poking threw.Spring semester starts in January so I think a makeover is in order.A Dye job is first and foremost but a make over may possibly make me look just a few years younger:P

  33. Lina

    I hope you got my entry! :)

  34. Patricia Schraier

    I was widowed and am now re-making my life.

  35. JackA

    Sent mine via email.

  36. Rita B

    A great prize of quality products.

  37. Kristie Noguera

    In the past year, my husband lost his job, found a new one and we moved three hours away form our old home. I was still nursing my little girl last year and having a difficult time losing the baby weight. Since the move, which has been a very positive experience for me, I have lost the weight and have become active in the community. The town we moved into has many great opportunities for me such as a YMCA, nice playgrounds, playgroups and story times. I am out with the children more than ever. A makeover would be great for me because I am finally feeling good about myself and it would give me that extra bounce in my step. I also stay home with the children and don’t work, so winning this makeover would be awesome, because as much as I want to, with the expenses of the recent move, I just can’t spend money on makeup when money is so tight.

  38. patricia winiecki

    oh please let me win this!

  39. susan King

    This is something I surely would love to win !when you get to be my age you can use all the help you can get. tee hee

  40. jo anne apostol

    This year I have finally come full cirlce in merging my once single, carefree persona with that of the new, happy mom (to a loveable 2 yr. old). It took me at least 2 years to finally find a look that is both easy and still glam because life these days require me to be on the move, ever ready and still upt to my best. No more dowdy sweats and shirts for motherhood chores. I have lost the post-pregnancy weight, exercise often and eat healthier. A touch of blush, lipstick and bold mascara on an even skin peps me the whole day.

    The prize would allow me to be more experimental with my looks. The products are probably things that might be hard to buy with a family budget to stick to but this contest can be the blessing that I have been waiting for.

  41. Rhonda

    In this past year I decided to remake myself and have lost almost 125 pounds. I completely changed my lifestyle, got a new job, moved to a new town and Started Over. The year before I was divorced and spent the better part of the year depressed. So I decided to regroup and renew my life. This coming year I plan to continue developing the new me and the cosmetice would sure help with the development.

  42. Cynthia Shern

    I have done the impossible this year. I have gone from Homeless to Home Owner!! But my Look could use an update! I would like to start looking like a productive member of society. This would be a great start.

  43. vickie Couturier

    Wow,could I use this! I have a teenage foster daughter who uses all my stuff then im left without!

  44. rosalie lavertue

    I have gained so much weight i don’t like myself the thing i would like to do for myself is to lose the weight and be healthy

  45. Amy Leach

    I emailed my entry. Thanks.

  46. Suzette

    I am 22 and have a beautiful almost 2 year old and I think now I need to start pampering myself again. Im finally losing my baby weight and starting my own MAC collection. I would love this to start the new year and help motivate me so I could lose the last 20 pounds that i need to. :)

  47. mindy

    i was very sick over the summer and almost died, i lost 40 pounds (i could use another 40) and really could use a pick me up to feel better about myself

  48. joann

    2007 has been a year of changing and adjusting for me as each year since 2003 has been In December of 2003 I was diagnosed with CML leukemia.What A shock! My husband had been ill and I thought I was so tired from the long days at his hospital bedside plus having two teenagers at home.I’ve had to adjust to a changing body as the chemo actually makes you gain weight.My hair became thinner and came in dark brown,almost black and my natural color is blonde.It seems we always say things like “I’m grateful for what I have” or “I don’t take things for granted” That was a real eye opener I didn’t realize just how entitled I felt rather than really appreciating my health,home ,family, a good nights sleep.Now I know that there is no promise for a tomorrow,grab today and enjoy.I’ve learned so muh, I feel so proud of myself for doing my best to remain attractive and sexual for my loving husband. I’m grateful to have seen my son graduate with two assoc. degrees,my daughter finishes high school in May.I was even strong enough to provide hospice care for my dear Father in law last year. I’m keeping up with being the best woman I can be.There might not be extra cash for salon visits but I taught mtself how to co.lor my hair,my daughter trims my hair for me.There are always ways to keep your female self going.Looking good really helps you feel good.

    • Hey Joann!

      I’m so sad to hear about your Leukemia! I am so inspired to hear your story about how you’re a survivor, and that you are finding ways to enjoy life to the fullest each and every day. Best wishes for good health in 2008!

  49. What a great selection of fine quality products..Skin care items are an essential as we age and their continual use enhances and protects our skin.

  50. cathy

    i would love to win this

  51. Dee

    What wonderfully inspiring stories from you all. More importantly than winning, is the reflection of our lives and how much better life gets, every moment. Life has obstacles for us all, some more than others. I cannot write down how much I have overcome, but happy to say that life is getting better and I have Faith, will continue to. Health and Family AND Friends are so important. No matter how much pain we have, to know your not alone, just makes it all better. This is the only life we have….so lets all strive to improve it, every day. Good luck to you all. May health and happiness be with you, always. D

  52. Sharon J.

    I’m 57 years old and last year my son got married and I look at the pics and I feel I looked good. A month after he got married my mom got dementia and it’s been very stressful and it shows on my face and body. Stress did a job on me from head to, face etc. It’s been downhill and won’t get better, as dementia is a cruel disease, but I’d use the products as a ‘pick me up’ on days I cry or am depressed with the situation with my mom (as I’m the only child so it’s all on me). I need a makeover. I look in the mirror and wonder who is that woman!

    • I’m sorry to hear about your mother! How terrible for her, as well as you. My grandfather has Alzheimer’s, and it has taken an incredible toll on my grandmother. It hurts me to see her look so run down and stressed out.

      I wish you the best of luck!

  53. jane sayers

    I just entered by email with before and after pics attached. Thanks for this great contest.

  54. Eva

    Just when I thought I could not change – I am getting older, had lost 15 lbs in 2 years, my kids in college, getting settled into my life, just when I thought I’d learned the hardest of life’s lessons, I’ve been thrust into a different kind of shaping and bending – the kind where someone I love and have loved from the moment of her birth, my little sister, is going through the desperately horrid path of watching her husband ebb away to a wretched disease called ALS. I watched, and realized watching wasn’t enough. Needing more strength, I began a workout schedule to build my strength, lost another 15 lbs this year, and began pitching in to help my sister in a myriad of ways. I know we haven’t reached the finish line, and there could be a long way to go, but I will be crossing the line with her. I’ve changed because I’ve learned that there is always more of me to give when I take the best care of myself.

    • Hi Eva! I am so sorry to hear about your sister’s husband’s ALS. I do not know much about it, to be honest, but I wish you all the best of luck in dealing with it… To better health in 2008!

  55. Rachael

    I graduated from college this year and I am now working in my first big time job. I also moved out of my house this year and I am now living on my own. This year has been big for me. I am a real adult now living on my own, paying my own bills, working for my money. I am learning what it is like to pay bills and not have money for clothes or make up. I also lost all the dreaded weight that I gained while I was in college. That last 10 pounds was not fun. This year has been a big change for me and now that I am out of college working and moving on with my life I am looking into going back to school this year for my master’s degree.

    • Congrats on graduating, Rachael! I also graduated this past June. I have to tell you… paying your own bills, not NEARLY so fun! (My first time paying 100% everything.)

      Good luck in your newly found adulthood 😀

  56. Peggy Rydzewski

    i made inner improvements….I now volenteer at the Detroit soup kitchen and donate blood every 8 weeks…I believe in giving back…

  57. Sarah

    About 1 year ago, I was really sick, bed-ridden for months and thought I’d never walk again. It has been a really tough year but now I look different in that the joy and light has come back to my face because I’m healing slowly and I can now walk again. I went through months and months without getting out of bed, forget wearing makeup. So what I’d do with this would be really enjoy the luxury of all the products. Put them on and feel beautiful and confident! I’d probably cry if I won :)

    • Congratulations, Sarah, on being able to walk again! That is such a great accomplishment, and I’m so happy that you’ve started to overcome the obstacles in your way!

  58. Zipporah Sandler

    I’ve hit the wall and am starting to feel my age (or at least LOOK my age) at 53 years old. I need a makeover PRONTO as the way I look should reflect the way I feel and who I am. I’m not sure if it’s the fact that I’ve moved to a different region of the country (from the cold north to sunny Florida) and the effect that the constant sun has on my skin. I just know that I’ve got to do something and I need to do it quickly.

    It’s weird how you perceive yourself different than you actually are. I still feel as though I’m in my 20’s (maybe younger). I do things that make me happy, etc. I’m actually tempted to hit the “needle) (Restalayne maybe) to fill in some of these wrinkles that have crept up on my face lately. BUT…I think that before that I really need to try a cosmetic makeover. That would be the safest and probably most fun solution.

    Anyway, I’d love to win this prize as it seems to have everything that I could possibly need to create the “new me.” Or at least the IMPROVED me.

    • Hi Zipporah! Thank you for entering! It’s also great to hear from one of my older readers – it’s nice to know that you find a reason to come to my blog!

      It is definitely a great idea to try cosmetics and over-the-counter type products than head into a more intensive procedure, at least at first!

  59. Charlene

    Also entered with me email. ;]

  60. I’m Claudia,I’m 17.I’m a shy girl,and 2006 wasn’t a very good year for me.I was depressed,I wondered that nothing in the world is better because of me,I consider myself as a failure,and I thinked about the difference that my life made to anyone,none unfortunately. Afterwards I was in love with a guy,but unfortunately he didn’t love me back,it was unreturned love,and even today I still think about him,unluckly I still love him.In 2006 I was careless about my appearance,I didn’t care about anything,but towards March of the same year,little by little,I started to consider that I wasn’t so ugly ,and so I begin to take care of myself,I started to reconsider my appearence and to put some make up on too.But at the beginning I didn’t have a clue about what an eyeshadow,powder,foundation is,so I begin to watch some videos on internet.And now I’m a totally fond of make-up,I can’t live without it :),consequently I loose some weight too,and i also acquire some self-confidence,even if I don’t have much self-esteem,and I will never have it :(.Anyway by now I’m pretty happy,but still a little bit depressed,I really hope to be better as soon as possible :) .

    In the link there are 4 pics of me the first one is me in 2006 ,the 2nd one me in the end of 2006 the last two me in 2007 :),hope the link works

    Myself through the years

  61. Denise

    2007 was the worst year of my life! I gave birth to my fifth and last child at Christmastime last year which was a great thing, of course. Then three months later my hair started falling out and it hasn’t stopped yet. I’ve heard of postpartum hair loss, but this is ridiculous! I used to have extremely thick hair. When big hair was in, I was made fun of for having hair that was too big. Now its very thin, by my standards anyway, and if I stand under a bathroom light I can see my scalp. Hair that I always vowed would be long has been chopped short. This has caused a lot of depression and I’m almost too embarrassed to go out in public. I know strangers on the street wouldn’t look at me and see anything strange, but losing at least 50% of my hair makes me feel like a freak and after four different doctor visits I’ve given up on finding an explanation.
    I’ve been having babies since I was 20 and now at 38, my husband says, no more! Most people think I’m a nut for having five kids, but its been depressing trying to accept that I will never experience all that again. I’m in a midlife crisis!
    After the baby I went on a vegan diet and lost all the baby weight and 20 pounds more in three months, but have since gained most of it back. I want to get back on the diet, but its hard to keep from my old eating habits. I love sugar too darn much!
    I haven’t worn make-up in 20 years and never really knew how to use it correctly when I did. I could sure use a new makeover to boost my confidence in the new year. I would use these prizes for that and to finally learn how to use make-up. I’ve vowed that after such a depressing year in 2007, that I will work one day at a time to make 2008 my best ever and a makeover would be a great part of that.

    • Hi Denise! I’m sorry to hear how bad 2007 was for you! I hope you will be able to recover soon. Dieting is always a tough nut to crack, and it’s just something so many ofu s struggle with. I wish you the best for 2008!

  62. Marcela

    i entered via e-mail…
    good luck everyone!

  63. Laura

    I’ve weighed the same amount 80% of my life. This year I have gained weight and have not been able to take it off. After two kids, it’s bound to catch up with me. However, 2007 was a great year as my oldest child started Kindergarten. However, turning 31 this year has made me realize that I need to put myself first a little more often. Kids want a mom who cares for herself and has confidence in how she locks. I vow in 2008 to become that woman. Please help!

  64. Mary Flynn

    Hi everyone!
    I have changed my life around radically in 2007 after I observed that there were big differences in the health of my parents and my in-laws who took care of themselves very differently. One of them failed to eat right and didn’t exercise, and at the age of 67, he/she is very overweight, has Parkinson’s disease, and can barely walk. On the otherhand, one of them is the same age, takes great care of him/herself, in great shape, and waterskiis. I know that the decisions that I make now will catch up with me later on in life.

    I wanted to take better care of myself but found it difficult, so I joined a support group of women who were determined to change their lives through diet and exercise. My diet had changed dramatically. I began to eat wholesome servings of whole grain, fruits, vegatables, and lower fat meats everyday. I became educated on nutrition and educated my husband as well. Due to the change in diet, we feel much better and have lost weight in the process. This is a lifestyle change we have made and we are happy that we did it.

    • Hey Mary! It’s great that you’ve been able to learn from other people’s mistakes/examples and are going to implement them into your own. Having a support system is such an awesome way to make your goal a reality, too. Good luck!

  65. Timothy Selig

    Thanks……really need this 4 my girl

  66. Valeen N

    I’ve struggled with my weight all my life. I’ve let it hold me back. I figured people were judging me solely from my appearance. Silly, I know… Well, one of my wise friends talked me into trying out for our community theater. As I walked into auditions I seemed to be surrounded by cute, thin, young women. “What am I doing here?” I asked myself. Just then they called my name to audition next, which meant I didn’t have time to turn around and walk back out! So I gathered up my courage and marched into the audition. Imagine my surprise when I was cast in one of the lead parts! I’d never done any acting in my life! They wanted me! What an exhilarating feeling! I realized that the only thing holding me back was my perception of myself. It was been wonderfully freeing to come out of this self-imposed shell. I truly feel like a new woman. My size hasn’t changed, but I have. I feel beautiful, size doesn’t matter. I have gone on to other lead parts, have become the President of the Community Theater Committee, and have just been asked to direct our next production! Wow! I want a new look to go with the new me. I’d love to win this make-over kit so I can play with new looks for the new me! I want to try all the colors and techniques. I’d feel like a kid in a candy store! I want to look as good as I feel. Oh yes, let’s not forget how much fun all the make-over stuff would be as I start to create my next character on stage. Oh, the possibilities….

    • Thanks for sharing your story, Valeen! It’s so great that you’re not letting your perception hold you back and you’ve found such great success since!

  67. June Stevens

    I’ve learned that spending time with a 4 year old is much more important than anything my boss wants me to do!

  68. Melissa D

    Hi, I entered via email. Thank you!

  69. Veronica Jarvis

    I entered through email!

  70. Pamela White

    My life changed forever in 2007 when I lost my 18 year old son to epilepsy. He went into a coma after a fall. My husband and I had to make the difficult choice to let him go off life support and give life to others through organ donation. Losing him made me want to live for him. My eyes opened to how my life had been sliding into mediocrity. My looks also became mediocre. I took my looks for granted and I am middle aged. The make up in the prize will help me to make a fresh start with a fresh look. I have changed this year by reaching out to others in my neighborhood, the lonely women in my town and the teens struggling just growing up. I have started to lose weight and have decided to put regrets and hurts behind me. I have renewed my relationship with my husband and am finding new things to do together. I have helped my surviving son get on with life by teaching him to drive, finances and mentoring him with school choices. I want to show my family that I can live through the tragedy of death and continue to live and thrive. Temptalia is a great site and this prize of Almay, Clinique, and MAC products can help me create a great look. My eyes are my best feature and the romantic palate will enliven them. Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Perfume will make me smell wonderful .Garnier Nutritioniste Ultra-Lift Lotion will keep my aging skin smooth.

    • Hi Pamela! Thank you for sharing your story! I’m sorry to hear that you’ve lost one of your sons so early in both yours and his lives. I am glad to hear that you are doing much better and are reaching out to others and moving on. Best of luck and wishes in 2008!

  71. mrs.bright.side

    entered per mail. :)

  72. Arthur Begly

    great site

  73. Samantha freeman

    well this year my husbans and i both took the biggest leaps of faith in our entire lives, and are int he process of moving our family across the country, my husband went ahead to get settled, and i have been a single mom for 3 months now, although it is hard, i am learning that life is an adventure, and being on the adventure train can lead to great things, and i would use the prize to make me feel and look like a million bucks when i finally get to see my husband again.. thanks

  74. Teresa Hoyt

    I never win anything, but this would be a good place to start!

  75. Stacy

    2007 was definitly a growing year for me. It was the first full year my son was alive. Watching him grow and change. Looking back I have changed also.
    Through a tough chain of events I learned that everything ( family, friends, work, ect) I have to deal with myself. See I was diagnosed with postpartum depression. That is a hard thing for someone you love to inform you you have. I was very aggravated at first. I was the only one taking care of our son and he said that to me. I finally contacted the doctor and the first thing they said are are you alone and do you feel like killing your son? That thought never crossed my mind. I thought this was about what was going on with me not my son. It did have to do only with myself. I felt as though I was not a women any more. I felt as though I was doing everything I had to and it was not enough. One thing I needed to realize was that I was not in this alone. My husband was doing whatever he could to make me feel as though I was an excellent mom. It was not until December I discovered that I was more than a mother I was a women. What made me discover this was not what you would expect. My husband bought me a blow dryer for Christmas. I guess taking care of myself made me rediscover the woman inside.
    NOw my husband says I should start doing my makeup. Sometimes I wonder the reasoning behind that, but I am coming to realize that if I take care of myself I feel better about myself.

  76. Crystal Watkins

    I hope I win this!!!

  77. Dominique W

    I also entered via email. I did like reading the entries there were posted here.

  78. katherine noel

    Just over a year ago, I was lucky enough to start working at a fantastic restaurant as just a cook. Things have progressed to the point where I am meeting and greeting guests as well as being a chef. To put my best face forward, and represent the restaurant, a good, useable make up kit would be great.

    Thank you for your time.

  79. She’s 18 now! My one and only child turned 18, leaving me to the infamous question “who am I”. Life begins at forty or so I am told and I am questioining (and answering) life’s questions.
    I have been stuck in the 80’s and need to relearn hair and makeup- the right way… and that is what I would do with this win- become ME again.

  80. Michelle D

    In the past year, I have been on a lost and found journey. I lost 47 ½ pounds and found out all kinds of things about myself, things I didn’t anticipate. I had hoped to lose weight to look better and have more energy. I didn’t expect that at 43, I would feel so young, energetic and hopeful again. I feel like a new person, and if I were to win this contest, I would use these beauty products to make myself look as good on the outside as I feel on the inside.

    In losing weight, I changed the way I eat and I started exercising consistently. In doing so, I’ve had to spend a lot of money on new clothes, so my budget has been tight when it comes to other luxuries, such as cosmetics and bath items.

    Men used to ignore me as if I were invisible. They notice me now. At first it was startling. Who me? You’re holding the door open for me? You’re smiling at me? You’re flirting with me? I’m still getting used to it, and I know that if I put the frosting on the cake, I would have more confidence to try and start dating again. I would love to get a hair and face makeover to go along with my new shape so that I look really put together, and this wonderful prize package would help me to continue my life makeover.

  81. karla

    i changed my point of view,i will focus on the people who loves me and not the ones who does not

  82. Sally ngo

    I hope you got my email =D
    I think I might have tagged it wrong.

  83. Bev

    I think we all feel better, when we look our best. And this would be a nice assortment to win, to keep us looking good. Thanks for having the contest!

  84. Angela

    After raising six children and seldom spending time on myself, I would love to get in a pampering mode and “play” with all the make up that I am long overdo in using.