Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Colorful Look with MAC Peacocky

Here is a more colorful look with the new Mega Metal Eyeshadows!

You will need the following…

For eyes, start by applying Smudgeproof as your eyeshadow base all over the eye area with the 249. Using the 239, apply Dalliance eyeshadow all over the lid. Lightly blend Odalisque eyeshadow into the crease and blend into the outer corner with the 222. Next, apply Noir Plum eyeshadow into the lower crease with the 239 (horizontally), lightly blending with Odalisque. Blend Trench eyeshadow with the crease shade and highlight the brow bone. Bring everything together by applying #12L eyeliner on the lower lash line and pat Noir Plum eyeshadow on lower lower lash line with a dampened 219 to brighten. Finish by sweeping lashes with Inimitable Intense mascara.

For cheeks, apply Sur blush on the apples of the cheeks and sweep upwards towards the temple with the 116, then highlight with Gana blush using the 165.

For lips, apply So Vain lipcolour for a complementing lip.

Check out more photos!

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307 thoughts on “Colorful Look with MAC Peacocky

  1. Christine

    I like this look on you subtle cheeks but bright eyes very nice :)

  2. I love the color combo you did!

  3. Laia

    Reminds me of the Icecream look you made a while ago. Anyway, this combo looks gorgeous on you, Christine! :)

  4. androgynes

    the collection reminds of the song peacock by katy perry haha

  5. Hannah

    EEEP A COLOURFUL LOOK! Not seen one of these from you for a while…
    As always your eyeshadow is perfect and I cannot wait foe peacoky
    loving the look once again x

  6. dana

    Wow! Very pretty Christine. You are so creative! I’m gonna try this with shades I already own.

  7. Kaoyee

    So pretttttyyy!!!!! I think I’m gonna get the Dalliance e/s…not much of a colorful eyemakeup gal here. Maybe in 2011, i need to bust out of that rut, ey??

  8. Noga

    Love it 😀

  9. baby in a corner

    fab, I’m going to try this out with similar coloured eyeshadows that I already own!

  10. looks great on you! These colors were all over fashion week in sept and I cannot WAIT to grab some. I haven’t hauled any MAC for a long time.
    I thought I had read that the launch wasn’t until the 6th. The collection is up on now, with my PRO login.

  11. Cassy

    So pretty! You’re making it hard to limit myself to one or two colors. I hope these shadows will be indicative of the ones MAC plans to make into the future as the formula looks so smooth and amazing.

  12. Dawn

    Gorgeous colours!

  13. pearlyn

    i wanna get all 3 shadows you use in this look love them
    it looks nice and fresh on you christine! (:

  14. Hana

    I love this look on you! Super gorgeous :)

  15. Pam

    Very beautiful!! i now want to get So Vain!

  16. really really pretty look….i used to do a similar look in high school like everyday, brought a smile to me!

  17. Omgosh love those colors!!!

  18. TheLaniGold

    this looks gorgeous!! and I think that the color of your shirt is totally flattering on you :) really great ^^

  19. Lulee

    Christine I can’t tell you how happy I am that you’re doing looks again!!!! I get so much makeup inspiration from them!

  20. Pamela

    Love this look! Subtle yet striking at the same time!

  21. that is just gorgeous! i love the laying of colours :)

  22. Ana G.

    Wow…linda!! I wish I could pull off a makeup like that!!

  23. megan

    Such a pretty, springy look! Love it:)

  24. Wonderfull make up. I think Odalisque is the one I’ll bye.

  25. Tiffany S

    I love it! I want this whole collection!

  26. Dini

    Such a pretty look. So very “peacocky”. Can’t wait to experiment with the new colors!

  27. Polly

    ZOMG! So wonderful! I love it!

    Always love yellow-green-teal-blue-violet variation! So peacocky <3

  28. morena123

    Very pretty!! I wasn’t going to buy anything from this collection but i may reconsider now after seeing this look. And i notice hat you use Nars smudeproof base a lot lately, is this base the best one out right now??? Or why do you choose that one over, lets say too faced or UDPP? (despite its packaging prob.)?

  29. Jennifer

    Gorgeous, Christine! A nice pop of colour during my cold, Canadian winter:) Of course, now I have to add these colours to my Mega Metal order because they look so amazing on you…bye bye wallet…

  30. Jae

    love, love, love the look, christine!! gorgeous!! =)

  31. francesca

    Oh my God, Christine! These colours are perfect for you! Your brown eyes really pop! And I love the coral lip.

  32. kuheli

    awesome! fantastic! i love these kinda looks. u look great. and your sweater is very pretty also.

  33. Germa Brokschmidt

    Verry nice!

  34. somehow the shirt’s color is really complementing this look hahaha 😀
    I love the lip color, the eye look also but I’m not sure I could do it myself for now 😛

  35. lissa

    Wow Christine– love those colors! UD just went live with the new stuff and this look works perfectly!

  36. This definitely makes me want Noir Plum, this is a lovely look Christine! It’s colorful but still soft!

  37. Kelly

    The eyes look stunning, Christine! The shadows look like they blend like a dream. “Yes, I said blend like a dream.” Keep the inspiration coming!

  38. this is beautiful. I’m so inspired and now I’m convinced I need all Peacocky eyeshadows even more.

  39. Brittany Power

    Very pretty… Does Dalliance compare in any way to Gana?

  40. Heather

    I love it! Colorful yet wearable!! Brilliant makeup

  41. Heather

    Do you put the eyeshadow base on your lower lid too?

  42. ChynnaBlue

    This is absolutely gorgeous! Lovely colors and they look great on you. Lots of color without looking cartoon-ish.

  43. Marie

    Very nice look. it reminds me of this look:

    I prefer this one actually but I can’t quite figure out why. Maybe because it looks more “mature”, I don’t know. ^^

  44. Federica

    Gorgeous !!!!! =) and now I’m even more in love with noir plum!!!

  45. Colorful and fun but classy at the same time! :)

  46. Beautiful! I love all the colors you used.

  47. Brian McD

    The colors on your eyes are pretty but I have to admit, Sur, Gana, and So Vain look absolutely amazing on you. Like you just got back from a tropical spa vacation. Very natural. The shimmer of Gana seems to perfectly match the shimmer your skin naturally has in flash photography. I am def gonna pick that one up!!

  48. Malia

    Love this look Christine! You look goregous! So happy to see another great look!

  49. Nadine

    love it *-*
    but i would never wear that… tooo colorful :3

  50. clemence

    So beautiful!
    You really have the skills of a professional make up artist!
    I would love being able to do the same! ^^

    Love that collection! The mega metal eyeshadows are so wonderful! Hope they won’t be too expensive in France…

    Thank you for that look!

  51. egon

    ok Christine you have always been an amazing artist but lately you have been creating some awesome looks that are DEAD GORGEOUS <3 <3 <3 will dupe this soon =D

  52. I love this look, christine!! You’re so talented!

  53. Amanda Dubs

    This is simply gorgeous, and I’m loving Dalliance

  54. Liesbeth

    This is gorgeous!

  55. Steph

    Love this look! Colourful and fresh.

  56. Sarah

    Noir Plum and especially Odalisque were my two must-haves specifically so I could do a purple/teal/gold look. This look is soooo pretty! You’re making me want Dalliance now, haha!

  57. Alexandra

    you are beautiful!

  58. krissy

    I love how you make colorful looks so wearable (even for daytime)!

  59. Roxanne

    The teal & the purple are so gorgeous together! Must try this!!! *hoping you did a video tutorial on this look*

  60. Laetitia

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this is so pretty

  61. Soo

    Christine, this is such a gorgeous look! omg

  62. Sharon

    that is STUNNING. You’ve outdone yourself here, Christine!

  63. Bonnie

    WOW! Really pretty! Love it!

  64. cristalle

    Beautiful look! Would die to try these out. But im afraid i cant affort mac eyeshadows ):

  65. Rae

    Okay, I am officially IN LOVE with Noir Plum. It looks like the perfect tone of violet in this FOTD!

  66. Leah

    Very beautiful. Reminds me of a mermaid!

  67. Alexandra Rivera

    I love this <3 I'm gonna try to recreate it with my UD bos3….?

  68. I love colorful make up! Your looks is really cute, simple but bright!

  69. Melody

    Wow!! Love this look :) You look stunning Christine!

  70. amy

    gorgeous! when you mentioned an “eyeshadow base” is this the same thing as a primer?

  71. LU

    Love it, my third fave look on you! Looks a lot like your birthday cake makeup look, which is my second favorite!

  72. shalex

    What a gorgeous look,
    You are so beautyful.
    Can you also do a look with the cham pale quad?? This would be great.
    Thank you for you’re bolgging, this blog is sooooo great.

  73. Naomi

    Is there going to be a tutorial? It is beautiful!

  74. Madison

    Gorgeous!! How did you receive the peacocky collection early? I love the colors.

  75. Vrushali

    OMG! I love it. Though, how did you apply the eyeshadow on the lower lash line? It looks beautiful! Everytime I try to do it, I mess it up :-(

  76. amy

    The colours look very pretty together. I think this is one of my favourite FOTDs you have put together in awhile.

  77. cat

    christine, you havent done a colorful eye in awhile. this is pretty

  78. Via

    Stunning! This is one of my favorite looks of yours.

  79. Rikki

    This is incredible!!! Gorgeous!

  80. kcrystal

    yer lips look deliciously kissable. will def check out the lip colours more than anything

  81. Susan

    that’s beautiful Christine but oh my, isn’t there a lot of glittery fall out? that would drive me insane !

  82. shontay

    This is gorgeous, Christine. You make me want to buy everything!

  83. divinem (Melissa)

    You make it awfully hard not to want to run out and get all these colors! That is as gorgeous look on you!

    Question: Are the metal shadows larger in size than a regular MAC shadow? I’m curious to know why the price is so high?

  84. Martina

    I love love love this look!!beautyful..

  85. divinem (Melissa)

    Also curious to know if there’s a lot of fallout with these shadows? Soooooo pretty!

  86. love this look! soft and pretty but still colorful!

  87. Absolutely gorgeous look! I love those colors! I really want dalliance, such a gorgeous shade!

  88. Hannah


  89. Andrea

    Love this look!!!!

  90. Diane

    Every time you do a new look from this collection, I add more colors to my list to buy. There really are beautiful colors in this collection.

  91. Kiwi.Cozy

    Love this look! So glad to see you’re doing make-up looks again. :)

  92. CeeBee

    So pretty!

    Looks like a purple and light gold eye and then you get that pop of teal blue… I’m going to have to try this!
    Love how you did your lower lashline too.