Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

Color Club Backstage Pass Nail Lacquer
Color Club Backstage Pass Nail Lacquer

Color Club Backstage Pass Nail Lacquer

Color Club Backstage Pass Nail Lacquer ($6.67 for 0.50 fl. oz.) is described as a “silver and purple hex glitter.” The description is really dead-on; it’s silver and magenta purple hexagonal glitter pieces. Both have a fairly metallic/mirror-like finish. The glitter is then suspended in a thick, clear base.  I couldn’t think of anything similar for comparison.

On one hand, I think this looks pretty spectacular, if only because it’s 3D and unlike other polishes I own, but on the other hand, it wears terribly (the glitter flakes off, even if you layer two top coats on top), because the hexagonal glitter particles are curved right around the edges. They just don’t stay put. Application requires significant patience and effort; this is not a quickie polish at all. You have to apply a blob of polish (the consistency is quite thick) and then use the brush to pull out the polish and push and pull the glitters into place. I showed three coats, just so you could see how “opaque” it could get.

The Glossover


Backstage Pass

This is just one of those products where you have to decide whether the effect/shade is worth all the trouble it takes to overcome the drawbacks from the application and consistency.











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See more photos & swatches!

Color Club Backstage Pass Nail Lacquer
Color Club Backstage Pass Nail Lacquer

Color Club Backstage Pass Nail Lacquer
Color Club Backstage Pass Nail Lacquer

Color Club Backstage Pass Nail Lacquer
Color Club Backstage Pass Nail Lacquer

Color Club Backstage Pass Nail Lacquer
Color Club Backstage Pass Nail Lacquer

Color Club Backstage Pass Nail Lacquer
Color Club Backstage Pass Nail Lacquer

Color Club Backstage Pass Nail Lacquer
Color Club Backstage Pass Nail Lacquer

Color Club Backstage Pass Nail Lacquer
Color Club Backstage Pass Nail Lacquer

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Amazon, $6.67.

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I couldn't think of any!

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108 thoughts on “Color Club Backstage Pass Nail Lacquer Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Kirsty

    Eugh. Somebody get me a Lippmann polish before I pass out.

  2. Leah

    I actually love it in a bizarre, runway kind of look but I don’t think it would translate at all for most people.

  3. Evelyn

    I very rarely react so strongly to a polish (at least not negatively), but I think this is truly awful. If I ever wanted to look like my nails were magnets and a bunch of shrapnel was attracted to them, this is the polish that I would use. That’s just my opinion, though. Also, I imagine I would go nuts picking at the edges of the hex glitter!

  4. Ada

    Not quite feeling it. It looks like the glitter chunks peel/bend really easily?

  5. Claire

    Oh WOW…If CC was available in the UK I would totally get that. I’m a sucker for glitter polishes atm (they’re so much better than what I remember from a few years back!) and I don’t mind taking the time to work with them. That polish is GORGEOUS

  6. Jo

    I bet it would be great for editorial, just not for anyone who has to actually use their hands…!

    • I didn’t find it problematic to wear so much – like it didn’t interfere with my daily life, but pieces would flake off!

      • Jo

        Oh, it looks kind of stickey out in the swatches but if it doesn’t actually interfere with things then that makes it a lot better! I can’t wear anything with chunky glitter on my thumbs though because I wear contacts. I doubt my eyes would love the shrapnel look!! Maybe if it didn’t curve so much :(

  7. Laura R

    WOW. i can see why this polish would be a pain in the backside, but holy cow, it’s pretty spectacular!

  8. luv it…i have this in silver,gold n multi colours in VOV.

  9. Venice Claire

    Sorry but it looks tacky!

  10. That looks like a pain to apply, but the end result is SO festive. I like it in pictures but probably will never have the patience to wear it. ^^;

  11. I like the nail polish… but if they chip that easily, I’d be really pissed. lol

  12. That looks terrible! I usually love Color Club, but how disappointing.

  13. I think this looks so pretty, but I wouldn’t have the patience for this! But it might end up looking pretty over another polish.

  14. Rosie

    In the bottle this looked so beautiful seems like its not worth the pain and actually looks a bit odd on the nail vs. the just in the bottle. Maybe it might look good with a solid color topped with this?!

  15. Angie

    Ooooh. It’s so pretty and unusual! But I’m a bit sad to hear it’s hard to work with.

  16. Not really pretty. I think it would have been better if the glitters were smaller.

  17. Coco

    Yeah maybe not…have you tried any OPI nail polishes?

  18. Lulee

    i think there was a manufacturing defect in these polishes…. glitter just isnt supposed to stick out like that…. i think they look really cool in their bottles but i could tell they were going to be a trainwreck.

  19. Tabitha

    Ooh it reminds me of those elaborate nails that people do, covered in jewels and cute little tiny items. Too bad the wear on it isn’t better, because I actually really like the effect this n/p creates.

  20. Debi

    I think the colours are pretty and fun, but the chunks are a bit too big and it looks messy. What a pity, because it would be nice to put over a soft pink or lilac polish for Easter!

  21. darkforest

    I think I would wear this with a few glitter particles on a corner of a nail, like a decorative accent rather than as a polish across the whole nail because the chunks seem quite large.. would look amazing over black!

  22. Victoria

    I LOVE LOVE the look!!!!!! Seems like it would be a pain to take off though. But for a party or special event, I’m all over it!!!

  23. Nadia

    The look of this freaks me the hell out! It looks alive or something! Not for me.

  24. Marisa

    I think this would go really spectacular on top of some dark purple polish! Sort of reminds me of a galaxy :)

  25. Kadie

    Well, I’m a total glitter junkie so I love this. I think it’s uniqueness is totally worth it! I get terrible wear on almost any glitter polish I put on my nails so the wear is unsurprising to me. Thanks for the swatches! I will definitely be trying this!

  26. I knew this polish would be a pain in the butt because the glitter pieces are too big! I passed on this whole collection! Thanks for the post!

  27. Ashley

    I absolutely LOVE the way it looks. Every review I’ve read though has mentioned how difficult it is to put on and wear. Disappointing!

  28. Rebecca

    I like it but I don’t love it, I feel like if there was more glitter and less clear polish I would love it more! If I put glitter polish on it has to be either over another polish or evenly and opaque over my entire nail or it bugs me lol I just don’t like seeing my nail through the glitter, weird I know. The colors are beautiful though! It reminds me of the consistency of Wet n Wild Party of Five Glitters where the glitter was in a thick clear base and you had to try and brush away the extra polish but keep the glitters on your nails.

  29. Yazmin

    OMG christine, this looks soo fab on you that i had to buy it lol i just finished my order. Im meant to be saving my money! Your a very bad (but in a good way) influence christine 😉

  30. I prefer more uniform/even polishes so this wouldnt work for me at all! Plus there seems to be too much effort in application!

  31. Chrissy

    I have a polish similar to this and I ended with tiny scrapes and scratch marks all over my body because of the edges of the glitter =(

  32. cherry jones

    question, did you put a clear top coat on afterwards? i had glitter nail polish that felt really gritty because the flecks actually stuck out but putting a clear top coat on smoothed it out and sealed it in really well

  33. Laura

    I guess this is going to be a love it or hate it look. Personally, I think it’s hideous, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

  34. Arianna

    oh god thats thw MOST WRONG side of tackyness O_O

  35. Chantal

    I have this whole collection (as well as the scented Sugar Plum Yum, which has similar glitter – you can find pictures of my swatching experiment by searching the nail board on Makeup Alley). Backstage Pass is my favorite from the collection, so I thought I might provide a contrasting opinion.

    I don’t wear it like this (multiple coats trying to achieve opacity); I wear one sparse coat as a layering glitter. I last wore this over a deep dusty navy (CND Sapphire, from the winter set with the gold flakey), along with a thick coat of Gelous and another of Seche. Worn that way, I think it’s beautiful – like a smattering of gemstones on your nail. I couldn’t stop staring at it! The topcoat completely smoothed out the glitter, so the overall surface was glossy. I now feel compelled to make this my next manicure; I’ll have to post swatch pics.

    Anyway, different strokes for different folks, I guess. I just thought I’d throw in my 2 cents. :)

  36. Fiona Sinclair

    I can’t help but think someone put crazy glue on their nails and stuck their hands in the craft glitter looking at this. I think I’ll pass…..

  37. Christina

    I really like this! The effect is SO unique and right up my alley (I’m a bit obsessed with glitter polishes)! I would probably buy it anyway. I LOVE your reviews and value each one, don’t get me wrong, but I always find myself buying products that you don’t necessarily love because I’m so willing to work with everything! It’s like a fun challenge for me!

    • LOL! Usually the color is not pretty enough for me to work with it – though I like this one personally, and at this price point, I’d be willing to suffer through application issues–the wear is my deal-breaker, personally!

  38. Audrey

    I have a feeling that this reads way better in person or from a distance. I’ll probably pick some up just to play around. :)

  39. fun but sort of wonky looking!!

  40. Natalie

    This must be a bitch to take off!! But it’s pretty amazing. I love weird polishes, the stranger the better.

    Sidenote: does anyone know where to buy this?

  41. Natalie

    Nevermind on the last part, didn’t see where it said amazon!

  42. Am I crazy to think it is beautiful?
    I am sure the wear sucked like you said, but I only like glitter polishes from afar, preferably on other people’s nails.

  43. I saw this and I think I actually shuddered. Just uughhhh! I don’t think I like anything about it! Not the colour, not the 3D effect not the idea. Just no.

  44. Grace

    It looks so fun, but I’ve used polishes like this where the glitter just flakes off after not even a day of wear. Such a bummer.

  45. Angela

    Looks like a fun polish to wear on New Years!

  46. I would only use this as a topcoat over another polish. Not on it’s own, it’s a nightmare

  47. lilly nguyen

    This polish needs a side shot, so we see how everything sticks up.

  48. Lumi

    Dang, it looks really pretty in the bottle, but not that great on your nails. ]:

    Maybe if the glitter edges weren’t curved, the polish would be better.

  49. I’m actually really liking this! I think it would look really cool layered over another color. I’ve worked with thick Color Club glitters before, and it really just takes patience to get the placement of the glitters right =]

  50. dom

    all i could think of was ‘oy!’ – it looks pretty messy and the glitters are too big. however this layered over another base color could work.

  51. omg this looks so ridiculous!!!

  52. Shelley

    If you have a Ross Dress for Less close, then go ahead and purchase Cosmetic Arts nail polish. The company who makes Color Club also makes Cosmetic Arts. I picked up a dupe for CC Covered in Diamonds for $1.99 and I’m pretty sure I saw a dupe for the Backstage Pass there as well. I’m thinking about going back to grab it.

    More info on Cosmetic Arts nail polish:

  53. Olive

    Oooh I love the look, it’s georgous! Don’t think I’d have the patience to put it on though. I bought the NYX glitter and ice after your review, absolutely love that! That actually goes on pretty quick, so I wish this one would be easier to work with. I’m such a sucker for purple…

  54. Emily

    I think this looks neat! I’d like to see a different color though; I’m not a fan of magenta. I would definitely put this over a dark color. I wish it looked a little more smooth, though.

  55. Bren

    I am really liking this nailpolish. Purchased it a couple of weeks ago and did have a hard time applying. I found that adding two layers of a good top coat help with the glitter flaking. Got the holiday polish and they smell incrediable. I got tons of great comments on this polish and would repurchase. I’m just saying if you work with it you can pull it off.

  56. Liz

    OMG I need this!! It’s so unique and I change or put a new effect on my polish nearly every day so one day of really neat nails would be fine for me.

  57. I love the way it looks in the bottle, and I love the idea behind it, but in all the pictures I’ve seen the glitter rolls up a bit. If they used a stronger glitter, this would be AWESOME to layer on top of dark purples, blues, and blacks!

  58. bettynova

    I love nailpolish but this one is horrible. Ewwww!!!

  59. C

    It looks beautiful in the bottle, but utterly hideous on the nails! How dissapointing!

    Def stick to Deborah Lippmann for polishes like that, or opi.

  60. karen

    Urgh.. this is a hot mess!

  61. Nadia

    I have this polish and am trying to find cool ways to wear it, base coats, etc…. I like how you’ve got it in these photos. Did you do this over your nails normally or is there something underneath? I love this polish, it’s a total pain but it’s only a few dollars and it looks very nail art esque, I feel like I got them done professionally but without the price tag!

  62. busted

    LOL! it looks like you scraped the floor at a drag show before your clear-coat dried. Don’t do “snow angels” at the club, girl — who knows what’s down there!