Sunday, January 25th, 2009

As promised, here are swatches for Coastal Scents 88 Makeup Palette! :)

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101 thoughts on “Coastal Scents 88 Makeup Palette Swatches & Photos

  1. Deidra

    I don’t like this palette for my dark skin. The mattes are too chalky and the shimmers just fade away minutes after applying them. Admittedly, it is useful when I find myself needing that color that I just don’t have in any other brand. I just pack on a few layers and blend blend blend. Lots of fallout because of it, though. I use it to try different looks out on my family.

    • I didn’t find the majority of the mattes chalky at all! I’m really surprised you don’t like the palette. Even on my hand, the shimmers glided on and didn’t fall out, and that’s without a base!

    • Ceci

      Maybe it just has to do with your skin type. Like with skincare, what works makeup-wise (meaning that it goes on and shows up well on the face) for someone with normal/combination skin may not work so well with someone with oilier or drier skin. Lord knows that happens with me all the time.

      Or it could just be that that particular palette was defective for whatever reason. It looks like the one Christine got was pretty decent though.

      • They swatch as well as other high-end shadows do, so it surprises me that they didn’t work out as well for others. There really was not an unimpressed bone in my body!

    • Amber

      Reply to Deidra

      They fade even with a primer like MAC or Urban Decay? They seem really pigmented so I wouldn’t think they would fade quickly.

  2. Hmm, looks good for if you want to experiment with colors. :)

  3. Glosslizard

    OMG! I’m so torn! If I got this, I would have access to colors I would never otherwise buy and could play with many a new color… but then I’d have so many colors, I’d have trouble justifying new shadow purchases! 😛

  4. aradhana

    the green shades look really nice…and unusual too!

  5. Anitacska

    This looks great. :) Don’t think it’s available in the UK though. :(

    • aradhana

      try their website, bcuz it looks like they post world-wide. am also in uk and was wondering the same thing!

      • heavenleiblu

        They do in fact, post worldwide and the cost is pretty affordable, since they offer several post choices.

  6. Shiny

    Do you think these shades would look good on a warm medium toned skin? I’m Indian, but pasty. I hope so, these sets are such good value!

  7. OMG all brights and the black is gorgeous!!!

  8. Julia

    I put that in my cart a couple weeks ago (impulsively) and went to check out. And there I found that shipping was something like $11, bringing the total to $32 or something. Now, I KNOW that $32 is still a great price, and I will, in fact, spend that much on two eyeshadows from MAC (well, I really only buy pans now, but in the past, when I bought pots…). But something about shipping being HALF the cost of the product bothered me.

    • No, I completely understand where you’re coming from, Julia.

      I got LOTS of issues with paying overpriced shipping. (Cough, Victoria’s Secret!)

      • tricia c

        christine always check before u make any purchase online from any retailer, they always ahve great codes u can use, there are great codes for victorias secret also and many other stores. i never checkout without checking

        • Hi Tricia, I already do :)

          Many of the codes for VS make it free shipping or $ off, but then they end up the same. SO, I usually don’t check out, LOL.

    • I will say that the palettes are heavy enough, and I know many etailers ship USPS. With the way USPS changed their rates on packaging (anything over like… 13 or 16 oz has to be shipped priority if you want it there faster than 3 weeks), it costs so much more to ship things. I know! I just paid $245 at USPS the other day, LOL.

    • LC

      You have to change your shipping option. The default choice is like 2 day FedEx. I always change mine to USPS Priority and pay less than $10 even for orders over $100.

    • Asta

      Wait until they have a sale with free shipping. That’s what I did.

  9. kristie

    Christine, how often do you find yourself using this palette as opposed to the MAC shadows?

    • I just got these, so I couldn’t tell you. I will most likely use my MAC shadows much more, because these are not named, which makes it really difficult to write about later on. People also care more about seeing MAC products used :) MAC (and other high end brands) do have eyeshadows with more tones and difference in shimmers (you know, like a gold flecked black or green shimmered blue), too.

  10. cloudburst

    I will definitely be ordering some of CS’s palettes when the Canadian dollar starts to come back up – I SHOULD have ordered them about 1 yr ago when the dollar was on par…oh well, I can wait – there’s always a ton of other stuff to buy, lol.

  11. Rio

    I am very tempted to get this. 21 dollars for all that?That’s as much as one eyeshadow pot in other brands… If you say they are good, I’ll trust you. 😉

  12. Natasha

    The thing is…each shadow is the size of a dime, compared to MAC shadows. I don’t know, I would find this palette too overwhelming. I love collecting different shadows and this palette might just ruin that excitment for me because I’m gonna keep saying to myself “don’t I have this in that 88 palette of mine?” lol. Thanks for the swatches Christine!

    • Hey Natasha! I’ve never finished a MAC eyeshadow, and the closest I’ve gotten is the shadow I use to fill in my brows–and it’s taken 2-3 years of everyday usage to get that way! I’m not too worried about dime-sized shadows (any brand, lol). I agree it is a lot of colors all at once :) Owning this doesn’t make me any less inclined to buy other stuff, but that’s just me, LOL.

  13. Julia

    Honestly, I’m only really drawn to the greens. They should sell mini ones devoted to a single color family hehe

  14. Kelly

    Thanks for the swatches, I think I’m adding this to my list. I’m usually a neutrals-only kinda gal but colours are fun for going out. Plus i like the looks of a lot of the browns in here!

  15. DaniMae

    I bought the palette in the middle of last year, and I haven’t really used it. I don’t like the color by themselves, but they are GREAT for adding color or depth in combination with my other brands of shadows.

  16. Ashley

    I really like the colors. The only thing that’s keeping me from purchasing them is that I don’t know what company made them and I really cannot trust cheap Asian companies and put their products on my eyes. :(

    • As far as I know, the ingredients’ list is listed on the back of the palette. Coastal Scents is owned by K-Plex LLC, which is located in Naples, FL. I know nothing about where they get their products, but they are a U.S. based company from the information I have.

  17. I’m glad I’m not the only one who took on this ridiculous task! haha I did the swatches for Leesha’s site, it was fun though because I got to see what colors are really stand-out, some are amazing huh?

    • LOL! It is a boat load of shadows for sureee. But yes, some of them are outstanding for sure — and there are a few shades I don’t have (like a bright, hot matte pink!).

  18. tc

    the second and third images have really pretty colors!

  19. You know what would be great? Figuring out which colors are dupes for Mac colors! That way people can do some of your looks for way less!

    LOL, I know that would take a lot of work.

    But, seriously, I would love to see you do a look out of these, since I know a bunch of us own it!

  20. AmyLou

    Man, I wish you’d reviewed this a few weeks ago, before I wasted 2x this amount on Lorac Full-Face Croc palette. . . the swatches on this are 100x better than Lorac’s!!! I’m going to be checking out Coastal Scents now!

  21. hmmm, I think I’ll have to try these out for sure now!

  22. heavenleiblu

    I’m dark, ( NW 45 ) and I admit that some of the colors are chalky on me, but I’d say only 10-20% of the shadows are. The amount of smooth, vibrant colors make the palette worth it.

  23. Candice

    Omg, I just bought both. A birthday present to myself 😉

    • Yay! Happy birthday, Candice!

      • Candice

        Thanks! Just got both of my palettes yesterday (eeeeeeeeeee) !!!!!!
        I’m on my out to by some liquid glycerin, but I was wondering…
        Were these swatches wet or dry?
        Thanks, you rock.

        • How are you liking them, Candice?

          I used them dry :)

          • Candice

            Awesome. It would’ve been pretty hard for me to just get one of them. ALL of these eye shadows for ~$50 is an amazing deal. It’s hard to imagine why there are some unhappy reviews, these colors are great and they go on smoothly.

            • Phew! I always get a little nervous when someone buys what I’ve recommended — I fear they’ll hate it!

              But I am so pleased that you are liking them! Even if they were just OK quality, for $50? It’s still a steal. It’s even better that the majority are highly pigmented!

  24. Chloe

    I had the same problem as Deidra. The mattes were too chalky and the shimmers had tons of fall out. I’m not oily at all, in fact, I have dry skin so I’m not sure if it’s my skin. I’m sure they’re great and work well on others but I’m not using my palette at all. Oh, how I wish they worked as well on me as they do on you, Christine! =(

  25. sreyne

    Have wanted one for awhile since they have been used in so many tuts . Sigh to bad l dont have a credit card will have to get the bf to buy it, would make a great valentines day gift lol.

  26. DuncerBlur

    I was wondering if anyone has done a MAC dupe chart of the colours on the 88 original palette? Heh, I got that last week and have been playing. Am now waiting for the shimmer palette & may be also getting either the contouring palette or the 10 blush palette … decisions, decisions …

    • The blush palette is nice (reviewing it later), but it’s not as OMG IMPRESSIVE as the shadows. They’re very normal blushes? I guess, so the colors just don’t stand out like the shadows did.

  27. Hana

    Is this the matte palette or shimmer palette?

    • There is no matte palette, it is the makeup palette or the shimmer palette. This one is a mixture of mattes, semi-mattes, and lightly shimmered colors.

  28. Liz

    I really love this palette. I use my primer first on the eyes, then use a NYX jumbo eye crayon in milk (the white one) so the shadows stick to the lid, then put the shadows on. They work just great when I do this. This palette is a fantastic deal!

  29. melissa

    Which one do you prefer more the 88 Ultra Shimmer Palette or the normal 88 Palette?

  30. moopiechan

    Ladies…. I’m currently confused, I want to buy either this one or the shimmer version one. Could you help me which one is worth for me to buy? because both of them have the same colours right?
    Or is it worthed to have both this one and the shimmer one?


    • I think it is worth having both, to be honest. The colors are very similar, but one has very little or no shimmer… the others are LOTS of shimmer. If you don’t like shimmer shadows, I’d pass on the shimmer palette, though.

  31. moopiechan

    I heard that the matte one are quite hard to blend…. is that true? or just slightly harder? *which’s I can live with that*

  32. Lin

    Thanks for posting these swatches, Christine! I was wondering, do you think this palette would be better to start off with (compared to the Ultra Shimmer Palette) because it has more finishes to experiment with? Or not? Haha, thanks again!

    • Hey Lin!

      I think it would be, because the Ultra Shimmer Palette is kind of frost overload in a sense, especially if you don’t have less intense shadows already!

  33. sophien

    is this the shimmer palette or the matte?

  34. Nisha

    I’m thinking about buying this palette but i have dark skin (not very dark but dark medium). Should i buy or no and if i should, should i get matte or shimmer?

  35. Kimberley

    Hi, i’d like to enquire about the versatility of these colours- whether the mattes blend well with other colours of the palette including those with slight shimmer.

  36. rochness

    there’s a 120-color pallet, half shimmery and half matte. says the pallet will measure about 9″X6.5″ (when closed). might be worth looking at :)

  37. Holland

    Is this the original makeup palette or the shimmery one?

  38. is this the matte palette or the ultra shimmery??

  39. Trisha Mae!

    Hey Christine! I know this post is pretty old but, I seriously need some help!

    So the 4th picture up from the very last pic is filled with purples (it’s the pic in between the pic with the pink swatches & the orange & reds). I’m desperate to know what a good DUPE for that deep slightly reddened plum eyeshadow that’s the 2nd one (from the left) on the 2nd row. It’s ah-mazing. I have this palette, but I’d LOVE to find a dupe for that single eyeshadow! Please help! Thanks in advanced.♥

    • Hey Trisha,

      I don’t have this palette any more, so I’m not sure what color you’re talking about!

      • Trisha Mae!

        Oh sorry! Let me clarify. In this post, the fourth picture up with all the purple swatches. The swatch of the second eyeshadow from the left, on the second row in that picture. Does it look like any other eyeshadow from any other brand you’ve seen before, Christine? [:

        Lol, that still sounds complicated but I tried. If you still don’t know, it’s fiiine. Haha♥

  40. Heidi

    Hey, I hope you still read the comments!
    I’m about to buy the 88 palette but I can’t decide which one, the original or the ultra shimmer. The swatches on this post seem just perfect: slightly shimmery, definitely not completely matte.
    But maybe it’s just the flash light? I do want some shimmer but no glitter. Which palette would you recommend? Are the shadows on the original palette as shimmery on the lids as it seems in these pics? Thank you so much for your help!

  41. I just purchased this item. I am look forward to receiving it and creating some great looks. Thanks for the review

  42. Analia

    3rd picture, 1-3 swatch, are there similar single shadows with that colour? I love them but I don’t want to get another coastal scent palette just for those colours.