Saturday, June 25th, 2011

Clinique Black Honey Collection for Fall 2011

Black Honey, a colour collection inspired by a cult classic. What began in 1971 as simply a new Clinique lip gloss shade, the Black Honey colour instantly became a success. In 1989 when Black Honey – originally packaged in a pot – was later launched as an Almost Lipstick, no one realised the incredible impact it would have. During the decades that followed, Black Honey has changed formulas but the iconic berry shade remains. Legions of devoted women have turned it into a serious cult favorite and it has quickly evolved into a modern classic.

Today, a single lip colour has inspired an entire collection featuring violet and berry hues for the eyes, lips and cheeks; The New Black is flattering on all skin tones and ultra- wearable for a completely feminine look.

Color Surge Eyeshadow Quad ($25.50) (Limited Edition)

Four coordinating shades of velvety color in a limited-edition Black Honey-inspired palette. Create the look you want, from natural to dramatic. Creamy, intense shadows build quickly, blend easily for lasting color. Available in Black Honey.

Gradient Powder Blusher ($29.50) (Limited Edition)

This ultra-wearable limited edition palette leaves a soft, perfected finish. Blending flawlessly with the skin, this perfect palette compliments a wide range of skin tones.

Dual-Ended Almost Lipstick & Long Last Glosswear SPF 15 ($21.00) (Limited Edition)

A dual-ended lip component that delivers two doses of the flattering shade – Almost Lipstick for a more classic Black Honey look with a soft dewy finish or, Long Last Glosswear SPF 15 for a sensational look with a high shine finish.

Almost Lipstick ($14.50)

  • Black Honey

Brush-On Cream Liner ($15.00)

  • Black Honey

availability: Now @ Nordstrom

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52 thoughts on “Clinique Black Honey Collection for Fall 2011

  1. Eibhlin

    I’ve loved this for decades – will be picking up the almost lipstick with the double end.

  2. Debora

    Beautiful! Especially the eyeshadows

  3. listenlikethieves

    Ooh, yes! Am I the only one who can’t believe it’s taken Clinique this long to release a Black Honey collection?

    • Jenny

      I don’t think this is the first time. I think they did it over the holidays a few years back. Back they did a pot gloss and some other things I don’t remember maybe lip and eye pencils. I know that Clinique already has two other items in the Black Honey family aside from the original lipstick. They’ve had the cream liner for a while. Sephora sells a Black Honey Superbalm.

  4. AnGeLwInGz

    Black Honey is a nice color and all but Clinique creates a “new” collection out of it all the time. Lazy.

  5. tbone

    Is this limited to Nordstrom only?

  6. The first lipstick I stole from my mother. :) So Almost Lipstick is now LE?

    • Alyson

      Almost Lipstick only comes in Black Honey, but it’s definitely not LE. This double-sided version, yes! I am hoping that Clinique will put out a LL Glosswear of Black Honey–we’ve had several teasers!!

  7. Kimberly

    I love Clinique…especially the Skin Care. But most of their powder products have Bismuth in them…and that makes me really itchy!! I guess it’s fairly common. Not sure why they don’t substitute that one ingredient. It turns my skin into a red, rashy mess. BUT, I do love their lippies, toner & DDML !! Also, ya can’t beat the customer service (online/call center) anyway.

    • BiancaCA

      I’m also allergic to bismuth! It seems like a lot of blushes have this ingredient. I can’t use any of my MAC blushes b/c of bismuth… I get cystic acne! Does anyone know of a brand that doesn’t contain bismuth in their blushes? I appreciate anyone’s help!

      • Marcy

        I have the same problem! The only ones without bismuth I’ve been able to find are drugstore…(E.L.F., NYX, etc.)

  8. Elizabeth

    Loving it! I don’t usually buy limited editions but I’m definitely getting this! Black Honey is my favorite. I have at least 4 or 5 tubes laying around. I’m especially excited about the eyeshadow.

  9. yes I remember this color back in the early 80’s when I was in high school. Clinique used to put this colored pot gloss in the gift with purchase

  10. Kat

    Black Honey Almost Lipstick is the only Clinique item that I own, but my mom swears by the brand. I will most definitely get the double-ended l/g, but may end up getting more after playing with them at the counter. Wish you had swatches!

  11. Awwww, yay! I kinda want all of it!

  12. Maureen

    The eyeshadows look exactly like 3-shadow sets Clinique already has. The gel liner is new, though.

  13. LC

    Hey ladies! Is there a drugstore dupe for Clinique’s Black Honey lipstick? I’m on a budget but the color looks so nice!!

    • Maureen

      If there is, I’m sure Nyx makes it. (they. have. EVERYTHING.)

    • MissJames

      Sally Hansen Moisture Plump Lip Balm in Sweet Plum is pretty close! I grabbed two at Dollar Tree a few months ago for $1 each because I knew it was a dupe! It has a really nice smooth, light, glossy formula and a sort of grapefruity scent. Think it might be discontinued but I’m not sure.

  14. Jen K

    Those eyeshadow shades are my perfect colors. I want so bad. But I just bought two new eyeshadow trios. And $25 is a little steep for me…but WANTSSSSS!

  15. Emeline

    The quad looks lovely and non-shimmery (a rarity!) I probably will check it out if i pass by a Nordstrom. All these comments about the lipstick have made me curious tough..

  16. I usually don’t care for Clinique because of their less than stellar packaging…but this looks promising!

  17. KittenMittons

    <3 Black Honey. I got a sample from sephora and thought it was going to be too dark but it really is just prefect!

  18. Constanze

    I ♥ the Black Honey Collection. The colours are beautiful!

  19. Mariella

    Not sure how many of the new products I’ll want but I’m glad they’ve build this collection around Black Honey because, like most women, I love this and it’s been a standard for me probably since Clinique came to Canada (I was in high school!). Clinique has discontinued every other gloss from that line but they’ve kept Black Honey and I always worry that its days are numbered. This seems to indicate it will be around for a good many years to come!

  20. Devi

    That quad looks extremely interesting.. I hope to find swatches of it somewhere, if not here…

  21. Jenny

    I have tried the Black Honey lipstick a few times over the years and have never been wowed by it, to me the shimmer feels grainy and the color just doesn’t look that great on me, even though it supposedly looks good on everyone. I keep trying it because of the universal love. I keep thinking I will give it another shot and I always end up not using it. I bought the cream eye liner from Sephora and it doesn’t hardly show up on my lids. I will probably get that quad though. I’ve had great luck with other Colour Surge quads in the past, but their browns are kind of dull. These look much richer in color.

    On a side note: If they were going to come out with more Black Honey products I wish they would re-release the pot gloss. That blurb says Black Honey originally was a pot gloss. I did not know that. I know they did a pot gloss version for the holidays a few years back, and I wanted to get it at the time, but never got it and have never been able to find it.

  22. Serena

    Would love to see swatches-please if you can ! ( Thanks for all the hard work you do! I have been lurking your site for awhile Miss Christine -but haven’t commented before-but I felt like I just had to give you a BIG thanks- your info and photos and swatches are amazing! Also- congrats on the MAC bloggers obsessions thing- your color was VERY lovely. 😉

  23. Maribeth

    I love Clinique. It was my first “high end” brand in high school and college. I love their color surge lipsticks- the formula is so creamy. I think I’ll get the gel eyeliner I’ve never tried that. Also the eyeshadows look pretty and the gradient blush too. Clinque’s price range is perfect too.

  24. Wendy M.

    Anybody think the liner might be a dupe for MAC’s Dark Diversion (it came out this past December)?

  25. caroline

    Yah!! I will definitely get the dual end lippy and the gradient blush. I have one of their quad eye shadows that very close to the limited edition.

  26. Swimsalot

    Wow. This takes me way back. One of my first makeup purchases ever was a pot of Black Honey Lipgloss. Sticky but gooood

  27. TG

    I love the color but it doesn’t last on my lips for long. I preferred Carmindy’s Sally Hansen balm that was a close dupe for it, but it was discontinued long ago.

  28. Krista

    LOVE the eyeshadow palette!

  29. Denise

    I used to be a clinique manager years ago….oh, 15 yrs or so, and this collection has been done and redone over and over again…very boring colors to me that can easily be duped. Just my opinion.

  30. Leticia

    I’m a huge Clinique fan but I haven’t tried Black Honey LS yet…guess it’s about time! The gel liner and shadows look great too, so I hope to be able to get my hands on them!

  31. Mae

    This is making me hungry.

  32. Blue

    A question, Christine, about the mascara. Is it just plain black, or is it a reddish-toned brown like, say, the eyeliner? I just wanted to know if you know, because there isn’t any info/pictures of the mascara. Just wondering!

    • The mascara was just listed as “black” so I assumed it was just black!

      • Blue

        Okay! Thank-you!

      • Donna

        In this case, I’m not sure, but a couple of years ago, Clinique did put out a Black Honey Mascara, which was a brownish plum-very similar in color to the pot liner. It looks like Clinique didn’t give us enough information about the mascara. Will be interesting to find out. I didn’t like it enough to repurchase if it’s been re-released, but it would make sense.

  33. I still wear black honey, had it on yesterday! I love the Almost lipsticks they are perfect for someone like me. I’m quite excited about this collection!

  34. If the gloss was the color of the “black honey” in the promo pic with the bee … I would be all over it xD

  35. omg, I love Black Honey! It was the first lip product I ever wore. I can still remember when my mom gave it to me when I was in high school-she got it in a gift with purchase. I’m totally getting the dual ended lipstick/gloss.

  36. Naheeda

    Love Color Surge Eyeshadow Quad!
    I have one – old one, bought for my wedding nearly 3 yrs ago.
    Keen to buy it to update the looks of palette!

    Always use it for everyday or visit someone..

  37. Chelsea

    Black Honey is a classic. I’m so glad it’s getting its own collection! I’ll definitely be scooping up the whole shebang.

  38. Eva

    I’m not really one to link to my own photos but I couldn’t find any so…here we are. :) I’ve got photos of the products as well as swatches, though they don’t hold a candle to Christine’s.

    I picked up the shadow quad and lipstick and love them both. The shadows are a good deal redder than I anticipated (for instance, that third-from-the-left medium brown pulls straight terracotta on my skin and the second-from-the-left shimmery brown is very close to Urban Decay’s Toasted) so they’re going to look absolutely stellar in the fall and winter.

  39. Viv in the UK

    These have all arrived in the UK – and I love it all! I’ve never seen it before, and almost feel that I could throw out all my makeup but this range and my Armani Eyes to Kill in Lust Red and never need anything again! All I need is the Miners Black Ruby nail varnish that I used to love when I was at school! Will be buying multiples of the limited editions I think.