Saturday, September 1st, 2012

Cle de Peau Beaute La Beaute Enigmatique Collection for Fall 2012

Colors that reflect and shine create a velvety softness. A glistening eye expresses the magic of the night as color and texture impart an enigmatic beauty.

Three stunning shades of eye emit a soft and monochromatic spot of light, evoking a sophisticated look. By mixing shades, eyes look deeply mysterious. Rich red lips compliment the eyes with captivating allure.

Satin Eye Color ($45.00) (Limited Edition)

  • 116 Burgundy
  • 117 Blue
  • 118 Taupe

Eyebrow Pencil Cartridge ($25.00)

  • 201 Brown
  • 202 Gray brown
  • 203 Light brown
  • 204 Gray

Extra Rich Lipstick ($60.00)

  • R10 Burgundy
  • T10 Pink

Eyeliner Pencil Cartridge ($25.00)

  • 201 Black
  • 202 Brown
  • 203 Blue
  • 204 Bordeaux (Limited Edition)

Availability: Now @ Nordstrom

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28 thoughts on “Cle de Peau Beaute La Beaute Enigmatique Collection for Fall 2012

  1. Is that last one a blush, Christine?? Looks interesting! I’m also curious about that gray eyebrow cartridge…I’ve heard gray for my particular colored brows is very flattering but I haven’t tried it yet–just ashy browns

  2. baby in a corner

    is this amanda seyfried in the promo photo? I love CdP but its not available in europe! :(

  3. Ada

    I am uneasy about paying $60 for lipstick (though bold lips are my thing). I’m feeling both of those lip colours but are they better than YSL – the best of the best – which only charged $30? Jury is still out I suppose.

  4. sophie

    Is that lipstick really two-toned or is it just the way the image looks? It looks beautiful either way!

    Also, is that a really Photoshopped Amanda Seyfried or just someone who looks a bit like her? I can’t tell!

    • Vitória

      Yep, that’s Seyfried photoshopped to hell and back. She’s been their “face” for some time now.

      I really don’t get those brands, if they’re going to PS someone beyond recognition, then why hire celebrities in the first place? Natalie Portman’s and Monica Bellucci’s ads for Dior come to mind.

    • It looks like they shifted all of her facial features down and to the left. Or she has an alien sized brain. :\ Why can’t they lay off the photoshop already? Getting so sick of it. :(

  5. Kimberly

    This is the kind of promo I like. It looks like the real products. Some promos just look so fake

  6. Neha

    The lipstick shade is so STUNNING!

  7. Danielle

    Why do most brands exclude redheads when it comes to brow products? If Anastasia Beverly Hills didn’t exist, I don’t know what I would do.

  8. helen

    I have been obsessing over the R10 (burgundy) lip colour ever since i saw it on the fall/winter 2012/13 runway collections. It’s ridiculously expensive, i know, so i am hoping that you (Christine…pretty please???) will purchase/acquire this colour, swatch and give us your valuable opinion. I wait with bated breath (and empty wallet…).

  9. Hannah

    I have been lusting after the R10 lipstick after seeing it used in the Rochas F/W 2012 runway (

    I know some of your readers are intolerant of reviews of luxury products, but I would love to see your review of it, if you are so inclined! Before shilling out $60 for a lipstick, I would like to hear your opinion (I am personally afraid of using testers on my lips, so I would have no way of knowing how it wears without a review).

  10. Mariella

    Nice stuff but just too pricey for me. Sixty dollars for something that gets left on the rim of my coffee cup just isn’t my style. Most of the rest of the items look quite dupe-able at a more affordable price, it seems.

  11. 18thCenturyFox

    Amanda Seyfried is a cutie, though they did something odd to her face in this shot. Cle De Peu just never interested me. It always struck me as somehow very elitist? I am NOT saying it is, just my sense of it. Although, of course, that which is considered elite and prestigious is generally the most coveted. Me? Not so much because I’m a contrararian!

  12. Kafka

    I can’t look at Amanda Seyfried now without thinking of that story (which she confirmed) of Hollywood studio execs trying to bully her into getting Botox. I think she was 24 at the time, possibly younger! When I think of that story, then see this photo which has clearly had someone’s magical digits all over it, I just get upset all over again about “The Beauty Myth.” GAH! /rant over.

    Topic: the red lipstick looks pretty but NARS’ Volga Pure Matte lipstick looks *IDENTICAL* to the Style magazine photos of R10 on the models that Hannah linked to below. IDENTICAL. They mattified the lipstick in those photos, but I prefer matte anyway. Plus, the NARS is only $25! I’ll opt for that instead, especially as I adore the velvety texture of NARS’ pure matte line and Volga has been on my list anyway.

    • helen

      Thanks for the heads-up, Kafka. I’ve been hoping that there was an existing dupe (and an identical – woohoo!). I will make my way to Sephora and enjoy this fabulous, rich burgundy colour without breaking the bank!

      • Kafka

        I’m so glad I could help, Helen! You may want to also check out NARS’ Terre de Feu pure matte lipstick. It’s a bit more bordeaux red and less “mulberry,” as the R10 is described in that article you linked. When I saw those photos, the first thing I thought of, though, was Volga. But Terre de Feu could be pretty close too, depending on whether the lighting in those Style photos was accurate as to colour or not. If they’re accurate, then Volga is the dupe. :)

      • Kafka

        Ooops, I meant the link that Hannah provided. Anyway, if this helps anyone, here is a swatch of Volga (and Terre de Feu) for comparison purposes: And the R10 in a slideshow: Note, though, that the R10 seems to be quite creamy and the NARS is a pure matte that *I* find velvety but it’s not gooey, slick, “creamy,” so there may be significant textural differences.

        • helen

          Information galore! I was sniffing around the internet and Terre de Feu did spark my interest as well. And i do gravitate towards the cranberry side but i will definitely check both out. As far as a matte finish, i am all about the matte! And if i prefer a little more creamy look, i will whip out the balm. Thanks again!!

  13. I stopped buying from Cle de Peau when the company restyle the eyeshadows. I bought them several years ago for $17.00 singles which you can put together in a duo or six piece ensemble. Probably now would be like $20.00. Those shadows lasted all day without primers. But I am not going to pay $45.00 for a shadow…even with a mirror compact. And some of UD shadows are comparable to this brand. The rest, I am not going to spout about, because it always have been like that.

  14. Amanda Seyfried looks so lovely.

  15. Lisa J

    Is it just me or is something weird with Amanda’s head? Her forehead looks odd and the top of her head is very very round. Why can’t these companies lay off the photoshop already??? Amanda Seyfried is a beautiful woman and I’ve seen closeup shots of her with minimal makeup and she has stunning skin!! Why hire her if they are just going to make her look unrecognizable??

    Anyway, that lipstick color is divine, but way too much money for me. I’m sure I have something in my collection that will give me a similar effect. Even if it doesn’t, it will have to do!! 😛