Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

A Look at China Glaze Halloween 2011

Want a SPOOKTACULAR manicure? I couldn’t resist. :) I just had the chance to play with the Halloween kit, which contains one real color shade, two layering coats, and China Glaze’s Fast Forward Top Coat. I bought the other new color shades but am waiting for them to arrive still (boo, west coast!). The kit I have includes the top coat but there’s one available at Sally’s ($12.99) that also includes Cross Iron 360 instead of the top coat.

It’s Alive is a blackened-olive green base with murky olive green micro-glitter and larger particle glitter. I like how the base color looks like a pool of murkiness–I think the play of really light color compared to the base creates that effect. I only needed two coats for opaque color, and the formula was easy to work with; not too thick or thin, good flow, and coverage.  It is rather different from Zombie Zest, actually–darker and glittery.

Ghoulish Glow is a glow-in-the-dark top coat, which does really glow when the lights are all off. I didn’t like it much layered over It’s Alive; it gave It’s Alive a muted, washed-out quality and when I turned off the lights, it didn’t look significantly different than if I had just painted my nails with the top coat itself. I’d say if you want a day and night look, it’s not a bad compromise to layer, because when it’s worn alone, it’s not exactly the prettiest shade (an off-white). I had good results with both one and two coats of it (alone), but, as my boyfriend pointed out, it glows better if you let it soak up some light first.

Black Mesh is old news, but it’s a black crackling top coat. It crackled in large chunks and pieces when I did it over It’s Alive. I don’t feel like there is much to say on it; it crackled and dried quickly to a matte finish (so use a top coat for shine). It does have a cool effect over Ghoulish Glow, but I’d recommend doing two coats of Ghoulish Glow underneath and then layering Black Mesh on top.

It’s a fun set! I really liked It’s Alive’s formula and am happy to be able to report back on Ghoulish Glow… actually glowing. I attempted photos of it, but let’s just not revisit that–it was an exercise in futility and “this is so not worth it” amongst many expletives.

The Glossover


It's Alive

Don't you want a BOO-tiful manicure for Halloween? What, no room for Halloween puns? The formula of It's Alive is amazing--one of the best China Glazes I've used, and I love their formula already--and Ghoulish Glow actually glows-in-the-dark!











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China Glaze It’s Alive Nail Lacquer

China Glaze It’s Alive Nail Lacquer

China Glaze It’s Alive Nail Lacquer

China Glaze It’s Alive Nail Lacquer

China Glaze It’s Alive Nail Lacquer with Black Mesh (middle nail)

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44 thoughts on “China Glaze It’s Alive & Ghoulish Glow Swatches, Photos, Reviews

  1. Roxanne

    Oh, It’s Alive looks so much prettier than the green one from last year! Was really hoping to see a glow-in-the-dark swatch of Ghoulish Glow!

  2. wonderful color i want it!very nice for halloween too

  3. Alannah

    Ooh, that green shade = <3! I don't really want a whole set, but that price isn't awful even if I only want It's Alive. Hmmm….

  4. It’s Alive looks really great! I’ll have to see if I can find it loose, since I already have Black Mesh.

  5. Laura

    Oh my goodness – It’s Alive is AWESOME!

  6. Elysia

    I NEED it’s alive!!

  7. t_zwiggy

    LOVE the green! 😀

  8. Vanessa

    I was not going to get these until I saw your swatches:) I can never really trust Halloween themed products for some reason but these look gorg! And I was loling@ your pun :) heheh

  9. annabelle

    if you go to ulta, it’s a bit cheaper. Love Ghoulish glow and It’s Alive <3

  10. DalaLuz

    It’s Alive is mega pretty!

  11. Dawn

    I actually bought this set a few days ago. I love how well It’s Alive applies, and the way the crackle looks layered over it with the sparkle peeping through. Definitely one of the better sparkly polishes I have tried, and although green isn’t usually my colour I think it looks fab.

    I also got OPI’s Pair’em Scare’em, but that doesn’t seem to glow nearly as well.

  12. Sara

    omg the ghoulish glow and the green one are must haves! I need to find a way to get them 😛

  13. Dana

    I saw these at Ulta and I really like them. It’s hard to tell how strong the glowing one will be in the store though, lol. LOVE It’s Alive!!

  14. Naz

    Omg, I need that green!! So awesome.

  15. Courtney

    Black Mesh….looks more like Black Mess….

    But It’s Alive is quite cute.

  16. myumbella

    ohhh green can look so pretty!
    you make me wanna buy china glaze products.
    actually, you make me wanna buy everything
    you review >:)
    Thanks always <3

  17. Audrey

    As soon as I saw this set I thought, “That is such a cool idea!” Love these polishes together, and I’m pleasantly surprised at how much I like ‘It’s Alive.’ I originally just wanted it for layering, but it’s quite pretty on its own. :)

  18. Lumi

    Oh I really like It’s Alive much more than Zombie Zest from last year!

    I’m curious about the glow-in-the-dark polish. I wonder how it looked. Neat idea. ^^

  19. Christina

    Hah! I love your play on words! It’s fun for some fun nail polishes. Keep up the good work!

  20. Nicole R.

    I purchased the whole set a few weeks ago and have only now got around to wearing Crimson. All of the colors, especially It’s Alive, are amazing. the cream colors apply so smoothly, I was impressed as I’m not really a fan of cream formulas in general.

  21. Jacquelin

    Any way you could put up pictures of the Ghoulish Glow swatches with the lights on? I’m just curious how it would look “normally” if I wore it for more than one evening :)

  22. Devi

    Spooktacular. xD Teehee, you’re so punny. 😀

    I’m actually glad that the glow in the dark nail polish actually glows.. definitely something interesting there.

    As for crackle nail polish… I never got it. :\ It always looked unappealing to me.

  23. Aneta

    Does the kit at Sally’s contain full size polishes?

  24. I have Ghoulish Glow and also tried to take pictures of it in action, met with nothing but disappointment and swearing, LOL. However, the polish itself is WONDERFUL! I’ve tried for years to find a good glow-in-the-dark polish, and this fits the bill. I did three coats and black mesh on top for a seriously spooky/eerie effect. My plan is to put on just Ghoulish Glow one night close to Halloween, charge it up under the lights and go scare the poop out of my husband while he’s asleep! :) Shhh, don’t tell him! :)

  25. Emily

    loving It’s Alive!!

  26. nottheribbons

    Since Goulish Glow does mute out most polish colors I found that it over Essie’s Da Bush (then a topcoat of course) gave me the best look because it doesn’t noticeably alter the color of Da Bush, but when the lights are out you get the glow-in-the dark effect of Goulish Glow.

  27. espresso

    It’s alive is so beautiful!! But it eats topcoat like nothing else imo, or it dries rough and almost matte-ish – which *looks* interesting too though..
    Two coats of my totally thickened Seche Vite did well, whereas I needed 5+ coats of thinner topcoats to make it shiny and smooth. I’ll just be using my goopy Seche Vite with it.

  28. Violet

    Gosh, I love It’s Alive! I don’t particularly need it for Halloween, as I’m going as a doll and will be wearing pink nails. So damn excited, ngl.

  29. Brianne

    It’s Alive is GORGEOUS! I could see myself sporting that all October!

  30. Tuna

    It’s Alive reminds me of Butter London’s Wallis. I’m loving this color!

  31. Heather

    If you can’t find Ghoulish Glow, Fantasy Makers(by Wet N Wild) has a glow in the dark polish as well. It’s 1.99, also found at (maybe not all Ulta’s). It’s an a bottle shaped like a tombstone:D

    It will alter your nail color, make it murkier is some aspects…while still being clear. It’s a rather greenish, slimey color but for the season, very appropriate. We found that you really must hold your nails directly under a light to get the most glow.

    Either brand, CG or FM, have fun!

    The Fantasy Maker polish is Purple Potion looks an awful lot like Christine’s swatches of last years China Glaze Mummy May I. And I have to say the polishes themselves are pretty darned good for 1.99 apart from the crappy brushes.

  32. KTB

    You have to “charge” goulish glow up against a light, then turn the lights off.

    It’s not bright, but it’s fun!

  33. Miss Mercurial

    Didn’t expect to like anything from this, but It’s Alive is actually quite fetching.

  34. EsteeDarla

    Omg I’m going to ulta right now to get this I pissed it up last week now I’m regretting it got to have it