Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

China Glaze Crackle Glaze Metals for Summer 2011

Set your summer style to “sizzle” with China Glaze’s new Crackle Glaze Metals collection. The pioneer in crackle technology, China Glaze takes the beauty phenomenon to the next level with this second-generation polish that pairs the edgy innovation of crackle with the elegant beauty of metals. Create dramatically different looks with just one sweep of China Glaze Crackle Glaze Metals. Layer over different base colors to create bold styles. Use a lighter coat to create a fine crackle, a thicker coat for a deep shatter effect. The China Glaze Crackle Glaze Metals collection features six, limited edition sparkling metallic colors including:

  • Cracked Medallion Bold bronze
  • Haute Metal Pale pink
  • Latticed Lilac Soft lavender
  • Oxidized Aqua Deep aquamarine blue
  • Platinum Pieces Shimmering silver
  • Tarnished Gold Warm, honeyed hue

availability: June/July 2011,

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43 thoughts on “China Glaze Crackle Glaze Metals for Summer 2011

  1. Emily O.

    Welp, China Glaze, where OPI failed to interest me in their shatter you have pulled me in.

  2. Erika

    I am so excited for this collection. I have been holding out on buy OPI silver shatter hoping CG would come out with something like this because I like the CG formula so much more!

    • Erika, check out Color Club’s silver shatter, called Broken Tokens. Much cheaper, same thing, and it’s animal-friendly :)

  3. Mandy

    LOVE IT! 😀

    Greetings Mandy

  4. kitty

    I should have waited for this – bought the silver Opi shatter and it looked NOTHING like the display. It barely cracks at all, so it basically just looks like a big mess.

    Picked up one of the new Sally Hansen colors, and will now have to go try one of these as well….

  5. Heather

    I am already over this crackle craze. I have four bottles of China glaze crackle and both opi black and silver, figures that the only one that works for me is the ugliest, the black opi shatter. The overall effect just does not appeal to me, wish the silver did work but it barely cracks.

  6. Meg

    These colours look amazing but if they are anything like the other China Glaze crackles reviewed on this site, I won’t be buying. Fingers crossed they are better! Best crackle polish I have found is Barry M!

  7. Katie

    Oh wow, I wish I hadn’t bought OPI’s Silver Shatter. I’m totally picking up the rest of the collection, though. 😀 So excited!

  8. I think the gold would look over a black polish. Never tried china glaze, so maybe now is a good time to indulge…

    • Crystal

      I have a gold Dior polish under a black crackle polish. It resembles a little like a leopard print. I can imagine the reverse looks great also!

      • yeah, that must be really cute! i usually buy really dark nail polishes, but now that you mentioned the leopard print effect, i really have to have a gold one!

  9. Monique

    I find opi shatter polishes far more superior since the brush is larger, it’s easier to apply one even coat. I have the cg crackle in crushed candy and it was quite a disappointment.

  10. Alright, I’m absolutely certain that I’m over this Crackle/Shatter/Texture/Graffiti polish craze.

  11. Jennifer

    I wish I liked the Chona Glaze formula asuch as the OPI but China Glaze barely cracks on me. :(

  12. Magnolia

    I hope these are better than their other crackles. I picked up the white and purple one last time and they were kind of worthless compared to the OPI crackles.

  13. AnGeLwInGz

    Oh no. OPI and Sally Hansen also have upcoming new color crackle/shatters. I wish I wouldn’t have wasted the $ on the entire set of the 1st China Glaze Crackles that I got on Amazon. I’ve only used black, white, and gray.

  14. Snoe

    China Glaze has been killin’ it with all these collections! They have just blown away all their competition this year <3 I can't wait for these to come out..the release date is way too vague for me lol

  15. meme

    Enough already on the crackle/shatter thing. It’s been done to death. It’s the worst form of nail art out there. I don’t see folks wearing it. I think it was a collector thing first, a teen try it thing for those who could afford it. It looks like rubber tire tracks ran over a really nice mani. Look at the prices for the OPI black shatter a few months ago when the KP collection came out and it sold out in 1 day retail. Secondary market went goofy. OPI came out with more of the entire Katy Perry and also put it with the first Serena Williams set. I think this one will finally end when collectors stop collecting them. It’s really a tired trend now. Enough. Stop – er make a green one for some of those who have to have a green something to feel OK about their polish collection. I rarely care this much about being negative about anything. But when you can get this polish from Wet & Wild the trend if gone far enough.

    • Tams

      Wow lol…I think it’s great that Wet n Wild makes them, more access for people who want to pay less or don’t have Ulta/Sally etc! I have some of every brand I think lol, I think they are fun and I’m wearing silver right now! I’ll be getting 4 of these for sure, and I already have a green even ;-P I like being able to get all kinds of polish trends, keep providing them I say!! Those I don’t like I won’t buy, easy!

  16. StellarStace

    omg. yes.

  17. lorraine twodove

    i think this kind of polish is a neat innovation

  18. Emily

    I’m probably going to have to pick up the gold. I’ve been wanting to do a black and gold nail look, and I can’t find black crackle anywhere.

    Probably the silver as well. I would say ALL OF THEM, but I’m trying to cut back on my polish buying, so I’m only going for shades that are very versatile or shades that I know I’ll wear.

  19. Lizzi

    Gah! I JUST ordered the original 6 a few days ago. Now, they’ve sucked me in again…

  20. Tiffany S

    Yeah now I’m getting sick of crackles even though I will be getting some of these!

  21. Roberta

    I never really liked the crackled/shatter look. It looks cool in pictures and while watching it YouTube. I’ve heard people who wear it hate the affect. I do have silver shatter though since it came with mermaids tear when I ordered it online (I sound so hypocritical). It’s an interesting idea but I find regular polish just as nice.

  22. Sam

    I have all of the other china glaze crackle polish as well as the opi black one. I am very over it.

  23. AmyS

    The only crackle I care to own is Silver. I just can’t find any OPI or Sally Hansen, so maybe I’ll get lucky and snag a CG. Everyone else can have the other colors.

  24. Cori

    these are already available at local stores where I live!!!! 😀

  25. Sari

    I want to be excited for this collection but when I went to Sally ‘s to check out the original Crackle Glaze polishes they were all disgusting looking & seperated . The white polish looked like cottage cheese , it was disappointing !

  26. danielle

    Caaaaant wait!!

  27. Mel

    I’m so glad I’m over crackle.

  28. Jaa

    The polish is nice, but where can I get that lippie the model has on???

  29. Luisafer

    didn´t even got the las shatters… hope they have a great review and then can´t wait to get them 😀

  30. Looks like I’ll be getting this entire collection! Very excited about this finish. Crackles are a fun, easy way to change up a boring manicure. They’ve been done to death, sure, but I still like them. :)

  31. Shalimar

    Well I might get this set. I have the black and the silver from OPI and both of them are clumpy. I don’t know if I got a bad batch or they were sitting in the hot sun or they need to used on top of OPI base colors *shrugs*. I also have all of the colors from China Glaze. Save the grey and purple, they was much smoother in application and dried pretty fast. But different strokes for different folks I guess. I do loved the LaRosa shatter polish in pink and purple though.

  32. Nubia136

    Did I read correct, Wet & Wild has Crackle now? Sally Hansen has a line of their own also. I like the Crackle and can’t wait to try some of these!!!

  33. Megan

    As much as I love China Glaze, their Crackles were a disater for me. I’m more excited to get the new OPI shatter colors.

  34. Shawn Timm

    I’ve never tried the crackle b/f . I like the pink, purple and silver. But what color do I wear under them? Thanks:)

  35. Kristen

    Hopefully with this launch, they will make them more widely available to everyone.

  36. Angeles

    I love the Crackle/Shatter Effect, I like to pair them with similar color so they don’t look so crazy.. Light blue as a base / Dark Blue Crackle.. it looks very nice!! I like that more companys are coming out with this idea that gives us more to choose from, Im just waiting on a Baby pink Crackle/Shatter, perhaps Mac will come out with I hope someone reads this, I need a light Baby Pink Crackle I don’t know how to describe what I have picture in my mind! But is very pretty!

  37. Abby Jones

    Im looking forward to this Collection :) , Defo going to try the Oxidized Aqua and the Platium Pieces and Latticed Lilac and the Haute Metal if i can get my hands on them :) , Abby xx