Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

Challenge: Halloween

C’mon, it’s October, what did you think the challenge was going to be?!  Halloween makes this a very open-ended challenge, though, because it’s really anything goes.  It’s all about being someone (or something!) else – whether it’s frightening like a zombie or vampire or classic like Marie Antoinette.

You’re welcome to submit your Halloween look any time from now until November 2nd, because I wanted to get the 31st, but the look you submit doesn’t have to be worn on the 31st!

I’d love to see and share your Halloween look with Temptalia readers! The deadline to submit your look is November 2nd, 2010, so be sure to send me:

  • at least two (2) high quality images (at least 600px wide, no phone camera pics (!), color accurate, no watermarks)
  • a breakdown of what you used
  • a brief description of what the inspiration was for your look
  • a brief bio about yourself (2-3 sentences), include any website/blog link as necessary

E-mail your Halloween look to me by November 2nd, 2010, 9PM PST to be included. Don’t be camera shy — we’re a friendly group here at Temptalia! But if you are camera shy, feel free to share your look via the comments (with a text breakdown).

Discussion and debate are highly encouraged, and we expect community members to participate respectfully. When asking a question, please check the FAQ section (above) for information about purchasing, price, dupes, and the like. If you have general feedback or need technical support, please contact us.

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33 thoughts on “Challenge: Halloween

  1. Sarah

    I did the most hilarious facial hair makeup tonight using gel eyeliner to create a villainy type feel. Does that work? I’m confused as to wether the pictures are due tomorrow or November 2nd.
    Also age limits?

  2. vmnnn

    I made a look two days ago can I enter that in?

  3. I think I know what I want to submit, since hte pictures turned out gorgeously. I think I may wait a bit though, since I’m planning on doing something “corpse bride” themed(though not that decayed), on halloween itself.

    So, as soon as I decide, it’ll either be detailed fairy face-painting, or creepy victorian ghost. These things are fun!

  4. Carolanne

    Does it count if you do the makeup, but on someone else’s face? For example, if I do my look on my sister?

  5. I did several looks for Halloween so far, can I submit a couple of them, or am I restricted to only one look? :)

  6. Aracely

    Can we include a picutre of the person or thing we are creating a makeup look with? I want to do a certain character but I am not sure if people would know who I am trying to be lol

  7. Sarah

    Ill definitely submit something soon 😀

  8. Leea

    If there are some looks before the actual halloween, can you put them up so that we can get ideas for the night? :) I have no idea what I want to be, so maybe the looks could be a bit of inspiration! :)

  9. Ana G.

    In Portugal we don’t celebrate Halloween so, I’d just like to wish you all, a happy Halloween, with lots of beauty!!!

  10. Heather

    ooooh I am doing my friends makeup today for work — Cleopatra!

  11. Mariana

    Where do we email it to?

  12. Ceci

    Sending mine in tonight!!! So excited :)

  13. I sent my pictures :-))

  14. Whitney Patterson

    Just emailed mine in! :)

  15. Lucie

    I totally forgot about this, so I just created a look on the spot and was reasonably proud of it…and then realized that its night and the lighting is too awful to pick up much with the camera on my computer.

    Bummer. :/

  16. i sent my look, can’t wait to see the other looks 😀 This will be super fun!

  17. Michelle

    i did a zombie look. the only good picture i have was taken on an iphone. the rest were group pictures so i guess i will just describe it. actually it’s base off of josh’s (petrilude) infected zombie look although i toned down the blood since i was around children. funny thing was that i ended up freaky out more adults than the kids! :)

    * cover girl’s liquid foundation in ivory and creamy beige to pale and contour the face using an artist sponge.
    * the purple color from the mehron tropical palette and the darker green mixed with the black from the basic palette to draw in some veins on the forehead.
    * nyx jumbo eye pencil in rust as a base for the lid (blended out) and to line the eyes.
    * mixed a red and a brown eyeshadow from the manly 120 eye shadow palette to cover the lid and around the eyes over the base.
    * mixed mac poisen pen and a darker brown from the 120 palette to add shadows and to contour the eyes. also contour the cheeks, temple area, and jawline.
    * mac shadowy lady to darken the contour areas and add definition, also dusted over lips.
    * mehron stage blood coming from the lips.

    • Michelle

      also used ben nye final seal spray to set the make-up and i did use a cheap translucent powder i got from the halloween store to set the foundation. too faced shadow insurance was also used on the lid prior to the nyx jumbo pencil being applied.

  18. Brooke Bjerke

    Hi Christine, just curious when the picked submissions will be up… submitted mine and I’m excited :)

  19. Kristine

    Hey Christine.!
    I just learned about this submission and I wanted to submit one, however the due date already passed. Is it still okay if I submit one to you now?

    • Hey Kristine,

      Unfortunately, the deadline is in place so that I can manage my workload and plan out posts, but I invite you to submit to November’s challenge once it’s announced :)