Thursday, November 7th, 2013

Temptalia Asks You

Are there certain products or colors you won’t wear during winter? Share!
Temptalia's AnswerThere’s no full-stop on any particular product or color, though lighterweight moisturizers generally don’t work so those I don’t use, but in terms of color, I’ll still wear coral in the winter, even though it’s a very summery shade. However, I do tend to reach for more of the seasonal shades (so more plums in the fall/winter than coral!) during that season’s time.

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31 thoughts on “Are there certain products or colors you won’t wear during winter?

  1. I’ll wear whatever colour I want during any season of the year.
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  2. I’ll reiterate that I simply don’t understand the concept of seasonal colors. Perhaps growing up in the tropics has something to do with it, but mainly I feel that I should be able to wear what I want, when I want to.

    As for skincare, I tend to ADD something to my usual summer skincare (mainly in the form of rosehip oil), so if anything, I use less products in summer and add more in winter instead of the other way around.

  3. Dylan

    no pink blushes, no bronzers. only plum or grungy coloured blushes. more nude lips. no sparkle thats for sure.

  4. I somehow reduce using cooler colors like mint green or aqua or cooler peaches. I gravitate more towards plums, browns, grey etc.

  5. I don’t wear summery shades like bright pink or coral eyeshadows.

  6. Hmmm…my initial thought was yes, but I’m struggling to think of what. I’m more strict about not wearing like dark polish on my nails in the summer than I am any rules for winter I guess. Because sometimes when it’s grey and blech outside you need to pull out your spring/summer colors to make you feel a tad happier. I do think I wear less nudes though, because they wash me out unless I have a tan.

  7. ChrissiHR

    Lip gloss. I put all my glosses on the back burner until spring. The really pretty, girly pink stuff and the coral shades get shelved, too. So do the tomato-y, orange-y reds. Most of my pastel eyeshadows get stored for winter, too, except for a few paler, universal neutrals.

    For fall and winter, I get out all my plummy, winey shades, my deep blues and vibrant teals. Out come the glitters and the metallics, the thicker mascaras, heavier moisturizers, lip balms and butters, as well as citrus-scented body butters to chase away the winter blues.

  8. Susan Dowman Nevling

    I wear white less in the winter but do wear it occasionally. I can’t think of any color I avoid. Lavender and bright orange are generally not good colors for me and I tend not to wear them at all.

  9. Not Really! Though I prefer more plums and deep shades, i still keep using summery shades…
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  10. breyerchic04

    I put away UD electric and chaos liner, probably my limey shadows too, and maybe avoid lilac lipgloss.

  11. xamyx

    For me, it’s kind of the opposite; there are products I’m more likely to wear in Winter. In the hotter months, I tend to move away from lipstick & liquid/cream foundations, whereas in the Summer, I pretty much stick to TMs, MPFs, and lip balm. I’m also more likely to wear more eye makeup. As for particular “seasonal” colors, I always wear what feels right in the moment, and my personal tastes are in line with Autumn/Winter year-round.

  12. Alison

    I love the classics all year around – smoky eyes, red lips, vampy lips, winged liner… I think the only thing I really pay mind to is what’s appropriate, for example – I wouldn’t wear full, dramatic makeup and dark lips at the beach or with a light, Summery outfit. That said, beyond going lighter and fresher in finish in the Summer and drawing inspiration from the seasons and my wardrobe choices, I don’t really make any RIGID rules about it. For example, personally, I think there’s nothing better than a little hint of bronzer and a warm, glowy face to face the Winter with!

  13. I usually avoid corals and anything bright. Somehow I reach out for dark colors! And this is note because the entire beauty world preaches us to do so. No, its something that I automatically do!

    Fashion wise, I avoid yellows.

  14. In general I don’t make any distinction between Summer and Winter colors (in opposite to my mother). However, I bought the entire Take Wing collection from Color Club recently and I don’t think I’ll use them before Spring. They just look too much like Summer for me ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. Liz

    That’s a good question! I’m biased since LA is ridiculously warm even now, but I usually don’t give a second thought to coral or pinks during the winter. I do tend to favor deeper colors regardless, though.

  16. In winter I do tend to wear more makeup in general and deep darker richer shades. I love me a deep smokey eye and while time of year has never hindered me in this respect, I do go for that look more often at this time of year because I think it looks great with heavier, cozier clothing. I tend to stray away from more summery type cheeks, so less brights on the cheeks unless I am popping a bit over a more subdued blush to bring it up a notch. I also tend to apply my blush a bit differently, higher on the cheekbones, for a more lightly sculptured look. I tend not to reach for a more spring/summery lip either. Not because I think there is anything wrong with it, wear whatever makes you feel good, just that it creates more fun in spring/summer to feel refreshed by grabbing for those cheerful colours. I enjoy the changes of season.

  17. Ann

    I shy away from most of my summer neon colors. I also don’t reach for anything coral. The fall/winter time colors I reach for are oranges, reds, blacks, silvers, and browns.

  18. Lauren

    I find that I gravitate towards different shades in different seasons. In fall and winter, I like smokier looks. I wear more burgundy and plum eyeshadows. My favorite blushes are darker plums and I choose deeper lip colors. In constrast, in spring and summer, I gravitate towards coral, bronze, and bright pink blushes, lighter eyeshadows, and lighter/brighter lip colors. That said, I will still wear corals and pinks in winter. My preference is towards plus plums and burgundies however.

  19. CatherineM

    I tend to stay away from teal eyeshadows and liners, as well as coral lipsticks and darker or shimmery bronzers, since I find they don’t look all that great on my paler winter skin.

  20. chris

    A bright coral/orange lipstick – think MAC Ablaze. I think most shades are fair game during the winter. In the spring/summer, I would not wear – think MAC Fixed on Drama, Runway Red, Just a Bite lipsticks.

  21. I wear just about any color in winter…living in sunny San Diego it’s practically summertime all year round anyway! :)

  22. Chantelle Boyd

    Only when it comes to nails, I like dark colors for winter.

  23. Lee

    I don’t really have a rule but I tend to gravitate towards cooler colors like plums and teals. Corals and peaches just feel too warm to me in the winter (even tho’ I’m in Texas and our winter is more theoretical anyway) I’ll still wear hot pink lipstick, just ones with lots of blue in them.

  24. Not really. While I wear my bright fuchsias more often in warm weather, I do occasionally wear them in winter.
    Similarly, I ‘ll wear deep reds year ’round, not just in fall/winter.
    Since I never tan, my NW15 skin is the same color, regardless of the season.

  25. For me, a bright pink lipstick can look too summery!

  26. Cait

    Oranges. I typically don’t care to abide by ‘seasonal colours’ but I just don’t like seeing myself in oranges in the winter… coppers maybe but even then I just feel strange… unless it is pastel.

  27. So far I have been avoiding bronzers and have been enjoying my pale skin. Color wise I have not been wearing coral or orange lipstick (which is my go-to during the spring & summer).

  28. Well, we don’t really have winter in Manila so that’s not a problem. I travel abroad during winter season sometimes, though, but that still won’t change my color choices at allโ€”my outfit would (I have this thing for matching and themed colors). ๐Ÿ˜†
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  29. I still like to wear ‘summer’ colors in winter, but I won’t wear darker ‘winter’ colors in summer.

    Ultimately, i still end up wearing fewer bright summery colors in the winter, but it’s more because I’m binging on all of the lovely dark colors I can’t bring myself to use in warmer weather than any sense that they’re off-limits.

  30. Jan

    Colors: seafoam green, That’s really about it. Somehow, sea foam green makes me look green in winter.

  31. Not particularly… Maybe bright pinks…?