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Buxom Stay-There Eyeshadow
Buxom Stay-There Eyeshadows

Buxom Stay-There Eyeshadows (Part 1)

Buxom Stay-There Eyeshadow ($17.00 for 0.12 oz.) is a cream-gel-mousse formula that’s designed to have a lightweight texture, yield “vivbrant, lively, buildable” color, be waterproof, and long-wearing. Just for fun, Bare Escentuals made a charitable contribution to Canine Companions for Independence when this product launched. They are also exclusive to Sephora. There are fourteen shades in total, and I will review all of them, but this post focuses on: Black Lab (shimmering black sky), Bulldog (intense royal blue), Chihuahua (bright silver), Cocker Spaniel (opalescent pink), and Collie (sparkling champagne).

I went to Buxom’s site to see if they had a more accurate description of the product’s pigmentation (at least, what it should be), and each shade actually gets a breakdown, which includes listing the type of coverage. All of the shades in the range are described as “sheer, buildable.” They’re vibrant in the pot, but the vibrancy doesn’t translate as much on the lid, so if you’ve steered clear because these look daunting in the pot, then don’t worry about it. If you’ve seen the pot and went, “Whoa!” and wanted opaque color coverage, you’ll be disappointed, as these are true-to-description: they’re sheer. They’re slightly buildable but not enough where you could get opaque color as it looks like in the pan but it varies between shades.

The formula is fun to play with, just because the consistency is unlike most products on the market. These actually launched well before Chanel Illusion d’Ombres, which have a similar texture. Stay-There Eyeshadows have a spongy quality that reminds me of memory foam; you can press it, and it will slowly spring back to form. You can jab at it with a pencil, and you’ll end up shifting it around more than anything!

I like using a really stiff, firm, and flat brush with these, but I’ve had the best luck applying these with fingertips. Once applied, they dry down to a powder finish in just the right time–not instantly but not so long that it’s creased before you’ve finished applying product to the other eye. I’ve tested several shades without primer as washes, including Black Lab, Bulldog, Chihuahua, Collie, Mutt, Pug, Saint Bernard, and Shih Tzu, and I haven’t had any issues with the shades creasing, fading, or smudging. I’ve even worn a few of them during showers to test waterproof claims, and they haven’t budged.

  • Black Lab has a semi-sheer, semi-matte black base with multi-colored shimmer; you get flecks of green, blue, violet, and silver for the most part. Chanel Mirifique looks similar in the pot, but they’re not very alike swatched. Bobbi Brown Onyx is similar. Bobbi Brown Black Sparkle is a bluer-tinted base.
  • Bulldog is a semi-sheer medium purple-tinted blue with soft micro-shimmer-sheen. Tarina Tarantino Violet Storm is more intense and slightly purpler. Inglot #336 is somewhat similar but darker and matte.
  • Chihuahua is a bright, foil-like silver with a metallic finish. This was a really opaque color, actually. MAC Electra is similar but less metallic. Inglot #448 is slightly darker.
  • Cocker Spaniel is a pale peach with a subtle iridescent finish. It’s not pink on me, but I can see some of a pearly pink in the pot, so I think this is a shade that will look pinker/peachier depending on your undertones (with my yellower undertones, it leans peach). MAC Double Feature 5 is a bit like this but more of a true peach. Make Up For Ever #940 is quite similar but has a stronger iridescent sheen.
  • Collie is a peachy gold with a frosted, metallic sheen. This was one of the more opaque colors as well. It’s not quite as orange as Dior Couture Gold or as yellow as Urban Decay Blunt.

The Glossover


Buxom Stay-There Eyeshadows Review, Photos, Swatches (Part 1)

They're not quite as buildable as they seem like they should be, because for some, you really can't get much more color than what one layer of product yields (like Black Dog). The wear is really great, though, and if you like using sheer color as a base or as a wash for quick looks, you'll enjoy these.











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Buxom Stay-There Eyeshadow
Buxom Stay-There Eyeshadows

Buxom Stay-There Eyeshadow
Buxom Stay-There Eyeshadows

Buxom Stay-There Eyeshadow
Buxom Stay-There Eyeshadows

Buxom Stay-There Eyeshadow
Buxom Black Lab Stay-There Eyeshadows

Buxom Stay-There Eyeshadow
Buxom Black Lab Stay-There Eyeshadows

Buxom Stay-There Eyeshadow
Buxom Black Lab Stay-There Eyeshadows

Buxom Stay-There Eyeshadow
Buxom Black Lab Stay-There Eyeshadows

Buxom Stay-There Eyeshadow
Buxom Bulldog Stay-There Eyeshadows

Buxom Stay-There Eyeshadow
Buxom Bulldog Stay-There Eyeshadows

Buxom Stay-There Eyeshadow
Buxom Bulldog Stay-There Eyeshadows

Buxom Stay-There Eyeshadow
Buxom Bulldog Stay-There Eyeshadows

Buxom Stay-There Eyeshadow
Buxom Chihuahua Stay-There Eyeshadows

Buxom Stay-There Eyeshadow
Buxom Chihuahua Stay-There Eyeshadows

Buxom Stay-There Eyeshadow
Buxom Chihuahua Stay-There Eyeshadows

Buxom Stay-There Eyeshadow
Buxom Chihuahua Stay-There Eyeshadows

Buxom Stay-There Eyeshadow
Buxom Cocker Spaniel Stay-There Eyeshadows

Buxom Stay-There Eyeshadow
Buxom Cocker Spaniel Stay-There Eyeshadows

Buxom Stay-There Eyeshadow
Buxom Cocker Spaniel Stay-There Eyeshadows

Buxom Stay-There Eyeshadow
Buxom Cocker Spaniel Stay-There Eyeshadows

Buxom Stay-There Eyeshadow
Buxom Collie Stay-There Eyeshadows

Buxom Stay-There Eyeshadow
Buxom Collie Stay-There Eyeshadows

Buxom Stay-There Eyeshadow
Buxom Collie Stay-There Eyeshadows

Buxom Stay-There Eyeshadow
Buxom Collie Stay-There Eyeshadows

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59 thoughts on “Buxom Stay-There Eyeshadows Review, Photos, Swatches (Part 1)

  1. kate

    Great review!

    Cocker Spaniel is my go-to quick eye makeup color. If I’m just running out of the house and don’t want to fool with shadows, but want to look somewhat put together, this provides the perfect wash of color to cover the redness and purple on my lids.

    And it’s got just the right amount of shimmer – not too much to have on the brow bone, but enough to bring a little light. I used to use Bare Study for this, but I much prefer Cocker Spaniel.

    • chibaraki

      I love Cocker Spaniel too! It’s definitely my go-to eye color, and if I want to go a little more intense I add Mutt in the crease. I love that I can just put them on and not fuss with eyeshadow primer, which is normally a must (I’m cursed with combination skin but oily lids, wat). It seems like whether you can do that really depends on your skin, though, since a lot of people are complaining about creasing. Guess I lucked out?

  2. crystallinity

    love love LOVE these. I got Pug in a kit at Sephora, got hooked and now I have 5 or six. They really do stay put all day and keep a great color… I find that they do get very build-able when you put shadow BETWEEN the layers…. For instance, I put a layer of Shih Tzu on, follwed by MAC Bitter, and then topped it of with Shih Tzu again… it was a fabulous look!

  3. Wow Collie looks really nice! What really surprised me about these is how tiny the pots are! I had no idea these came in so many shades.

  4. Hi Christine! Thank you for this review :) How does Black Lab compare to Sugarpill Stella?

  5. Calayna

    Thanks for the wonderful review as always! I’m of camp “Whoa those look super vibrant maybe I better stay clear” and I’m happy to see that they’re not TOO colorful when swatched. Personally that’s the perfect amount of color payoff to please me. I’ll keep a look out for them when i visit Sephora!

  6. MonicaP

    Oh, how cute ! The colors are named after dog breeds – adorable :-)

  7. Kelly

    i really like the look of Bulldog and Cocker Spaniel…I was looking at these just the other day on so good timing! Thanks for the review. how blendable do you think they are, if say i wanted to use 2 of them together? thanks :)

  8. yasmine

    do you swatch w/ your fingers or do you use a brush ? :) <3

  9. Lisa

    I really wanted to love these, but Pug creased on me really quickly and it made my eyelids really irritated. I was pretty bummed, especially since all the reviews I’ve read have been positive.

  10. I’m totally sold on these, even if they are sheer. These are going on my birthday list. :)

  11. Lianne

    This is so great I’ve been wondering about these! Thanks for the review!

  12. Ana

    They are so cute and miniature! Or maybe they aren’t that small, maybe it’s because it 14 of them.

  13. Dana

    Thanks for the review, I’ve always been curious about these. I am definitely going to try Collie, as I love UD Blunt

  14. Mango the mango

    Squee! I have a bunch of these (started out with the 4-pot palette…then collected…then collected…) and I love ’em. My favorite part is just poking them with my finger!

  15. Melody

    Cocker Spaniel is interesting! I have to get an up close look at the irridescent flash so I can compare it to MAC Let’s Skate paint pot. I love the opalescent sparkle in Let’s Skate but it sold out before I could back it up. Maybe this Buxom shadow will placate me.

  16. Dana

    I love these. I have Black Lab and Chihuahua, and I tend to use Black Lab as an eyeliner quite a bit.

  17. Lisa G

    I have the Buxom in Schnauzer. I love the texture of these. I actually bought it to wear under my powder shadows so the sheerness isn’t an issue for me. After seeing your swatches, I think I should pick up a few more.

  18. Kelly

    I like to use these as a liner on my lower lash line, sometimes pencils look to harsh on me. I have had them for about a year and they have not dried out.

  19. Julianna

    I have Cocker Spaniel and love the color and the shimmer in it. However, it creases TERRIBLY on me. Doesn’t matter what I do, UDPP, Painterly Paint Pot. It’s so sad. I hate to cover it up with a shadow!

  20. I’m so glad to read this review! I had been wondering about these, and dismissed them because, gram for gram, MUFE aqua creams are less expensive. I didn’t realize the formula was that different (guess I didn’t read the packaging, LOL).

    How do these compare to Maybelline’s Tattoos? I find you can sheer out the Tattoos to be much lighter than in the pot, but then they’re pretty buildable. It sounds to me like the Maybelline product may do more of what Buxom is claiming than the Buxom does?

    • Buxom says these are sheer and buildable, but the coverage is supposed to be sheer, which they mostly achieve – but you can see some shades are better than others, so the line is a bit blurry. If you’re looking for a wash of color, these are super easy to do that with, but if you want a more versatile product, you may find a traditional cream formula (Maybelline’s Tattoos, MUFE Aqua Creams, MAC Paint Pots, etc.) a better buy.

      They definitely seem to have less product, but it’s a very “light” product, too – not nearly as dense or as thick as a cream eyeshadow. I think on a per use basis, you’ll see about the same, perhaps a little less, but not like you’d go through it in a month, y’know?

  21. Black Lab is so gorgeous and looks like Revlon’s Night Sky eyeshadow in cream form fsjakldsajlkf

    It would be so pretty to layer BUT NO I DON’T NEED IT OKAY. I don’t.

    I. Don’t.

  22. With enough effort I have been able to get opaque color with them where it looks bold green or blue. The purple is difficult to do but some of them work.

  23. Samantha

    Do you think the darker ones could also be used as cream eyeliners? I really like the darker colors but i would never wear them all over my lid.

  24. Veronica

    Christine what do you think the life expectancy of these shadows is? Do you foresee these drying out in the pot or do you expect them to last as long as a cream shadow would?

    • These photos are taken of products that had been sitting around for about six months or longer, but beyond that, I can’t really make any other guess as to the shelf life. I’ve never really had a problem with products drying out before, though!

  25. How do you get these to stay on? These are one of the few cream shadows that crease on me, within 20 minutes, even with TFSI or UDPP. I LOVED the colors but couldn’t figure out how to make it not crease.

  26. Camila

    Where is the “love it” “leave it” button!? =/

  27. Rose

    Ok, so, I’m feeling like the whole point of these is the whole one-and-go eyeshadow thing — and that’s GREAT — buuuuuuut I was wondering if they would perform admirably as a base. For example, I’m thinkin’ Black Lab might be a sweet base for Sugarpill’s Stella, or Chihuahua for Tiara, etc. Would they get too dry too quickly perhaps?

  28. kate

    hey christine, i don’t mean to be a brat, but if they are sheer and not as buildable as you expected why did you give them 9/10 on pigmentation?
    i’m not trying to be difficult, just want to understand the rating system better.
    :) thanks

    • Please read the post, because I explained with a whole paragraph :) Bare Escentuals describes the coverage as sheer and buildable, but they are supposed to be sheer. I took 1.5 points off between application and pigmentation because it was not as buildable as you’d expect (because you can’t build on the color too much), but they’re supposed to be sheer. Also note that not every shade is the same, so each score is an average over five shades–three of the five shades are rather opaque, while two are semi-opaque. So they are buildable from sheer to semi-opaque, just not sheer to opaque (overall), which is not really what Bare Escentuals was marketing these as from how I interpreted their claims and descriptions.

  29. Nellie

    I own several of these but rarely reach for them because they crease so badly — even over my go-to eye primer (NARS Smudgeproof). It’s too bad; the colors I own are very pretty.

  30. Wow the size of these look like the tester sizes for the Chanel shadows! I can’t wait for the other swatches =D

  31. Erin

    I adore these, I’m glad you liked them, too. I have really oily lids and I don’t need primer for these for about 6 hours, the color is kind of hard to remover if I do use primer.

    And I am a total cat person.

  32. Robert

    I cannot believe you like these! I bought black dog and when i got home i was so disappointed. It was way to sheer and the amount that was in there was not worth the 20 something i payed. Treid to build it up and it was not working. I even tried to use it as a primer but the whole point of them was cause i wanted a black glittery eyeshadow. I ended up returning it. Love your website and totally take to heart everything you say when buying cosmetics, but i don’t think this product deserved an A- . But if anyone know of a over the top black glitter eyeshadow. PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!

    • Hi Robert!

      I encourage you to read the claims about a product before buying, because Bare Escentuals describes these as sheer – so they delivered on what they promised – but they didn’t meet your expectations.

      • Robert

        i just so happen to be at Sophora yesterday. and you know what….they sure did say sheer. My bad. Your still the go to site for all my makeup questions, reviews and everything. Do you ever do any one the Makeup shows? Ie the one in La or NY?

        • Thanks, Robert! :) There have been times I’ve looked at a product and gone, WHAT NO! when I’ve tried it – then I read the claims, and I’m like… oh… fine… I was wrong!

          Not usually!

  33. kelly

    These look nifty! I like sheerer bright colors, because I am so pale! One of the Mac MUA’s estimated I’m an NW5, haha.

    Christine, when you say you use a spatula for these– where do you buy those? I have several MAC paint pots that I’ve been afraid to use with just a brush. I’ve looked for a spatula at Ulta and Sephora inside JCP, but can’t find one. Any tips on where to look? TIA!

  34. Black Lab looks amazing!

  35. Becca

    My only issue with these is they fade very quickly on me. I have three and won’t buy any more because they simply don’t last nearly as long as they should, given the price. My L’Oreal Infallible e/s last longer.

  36. Still no love for the Russian Wolfhound.

  37. I don’t think these are sold in the Netherlands. I do need chihuahua though.

  38. Wow how beautiful. Which I could get them in Europe…

  39. Nessa

    These are so pretty,I love the puppy names too. Xoxo

  40. Cocker Spaniel and Collie are goreous