Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

This fall, Burberry Beauty will launch Trench Kisses, a look and collection that debuted at Burberry Prorsum’s A/W 2013 show this past week, along with two new products; Nail Polish and Multi-Use Kajal Crayon.  Above, this is a photo from Burberry’s runway show (not the official promotional image for the collection).

Light Glow Blush ($42.00)

  • Earthy (No. 07) Neutral brown (Permanent, Repromote)

Multi-Use Kajal Crayon ($TBA)

  • Poppy Black (No. 01) (New)
  • Oxblood (No. 02) (New)
  • Stone (No. 03) (New)

Sheer Eyeshadow ($29.00)

  • Midnight Black (No. 18) Black (Permanent, Repromote)
  • Porcelain White (No. 25) White (Permanent, Repromote)
  • Pale Barley (No. 22) Golden taupe (Permanent, Repromote)
  • Gold Trench (No. 04) Golden beige (Permanent, Repromote)

Lip Mist ($30.00)

  • Trench Kiss (No. 216) (New)
  • Rosewood (No. 215) (New)
  • Oxblood (No. 214) (New)

Lip Cover ($30.00)

  • Oxblood (No. 33) (New)

Lip Glow ($30.00)

  • Oxblood (No. 23) (New)
  • Trench Kiss (No. 24) (New)

Nail Polish ($TBA)

  • Stone (No. 104) (New)
  • Poppy Black (No. 299) (New)
  • Oxblood (No. 303) (New)

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45 thoughts on “Burberry Trench Kisses Collection for Autumn/Winter 2013

  1. jane

    I LOVE the promo pic!

  2. LJ

    I WISH this was the promo pic – she looks beautiful, her makeup is great, but she hasn’t been overly perfected by good old photoshop. I don’t mind air-brushing, but I think this would be a nice alternative for Burberry in particular, it really suits the brand. Will be very interesting to compare this with the actual promo material.

    • Chantal

      I LOVE this (non)promo look; it’s simply gorgeous.

      Wouldn’t it be great if Burberry paid attention to the positive feedback (re: lack of photoshop, appreciation for using a non-white model, etc.) and incorporated it into their campaign? I can dream, can’t I?

    • Seagulls

      It would be nice. I get so sick of images so heavily photoshopped that the model, her humanity (sometimes they look like aliens with how their features have been stretched), and the products’ actual color and texture are completely unrecognizable. Ad photos have always been retouched, and it would be wonderful if we could return to that level of photo fixing.

    • Alison

      I would LOVE it if this was the promo pic!

  3. xamyx

    Winter is still here, LOL! That said, the oxblood products may just be what pushes me to try Burberry…

  4. Priscilla

    What is a lip mist?

    • ShiningAngel[a]

      it’s kinda like Lustre from MAC. A type of moisturizing, glossy and semi-sheer lipsticks. But the lip mists are more gel-like and more moisturizing than the Lustre.

  5. Yellowlantern

    Wat, we’re already getting information about a 2013 fall and winter collection?

    I’m not sure…do you think Burberry likes oxblood? Can’t really tell.

  6. Aida

    I can’t wait :)

  7. 18thCenturyFox

    These are all WAY too subtle/sheer for my taste but those eye crayons sound fascinating! Will stay tuned…

  8. Oh my god, AW13 already??! D:

    With that out of the way, though… oxblood! 😀

  9. Hazel


    Oh just don’t confuse the issue. I’ve still got to sort out Spring/Summer.

  10. Crystal

    I hate to admit this, but I will basically buy anything Burberry puts out – especially their blushes and lip mists. Outstanding products!

  11. Such a pretty color! I love it!! Fall is so far away, spring hasn’t even started yet haha

  12. OMG,I am extremely excited that the model is a tanned Asian. You don’t see that everywhere.

  13. Icequeen81

    wat a great red polish

  14. YAY! I am SO super excited about the new Lip Mist shades. It’s my absolute favorite lipstick ever!! 😀

  15. Veronica

    Oxblood and Burberry? Sounds heavenly.

    On an additional note, seeing the image of a model for the promo pic makes me realize just how ridiculously alien photoshop makes people look. So much better without all the retouching.

  16. 18thCenturyFox

    I agree with these comments re: photoshopping. This model is just adorable, I keep seeing her in photos from the runways and am so pleased they let her still look human in the photo. Good job Burberry.

  17. J-Boogie

    I was confused at first by the pic since she looks bare-faced (but still very pretty). Truth is, I have REALLY liked the Burberry Beauty products I bought last year. I really think they nailed the formula’s and packaging, colors….the whole bit. I made a commitment at the beginning of this year to choose cruelty-free products and companies. The fact that Burberry (and other high end lines) sell fur really bothers the heck out of me, even if they don’t directly test their beauty products on animals. Also, I was disappointed to see the blushes contain parabens, as I avoid those and most companies have been finding alternative preservatives. Anywho, I’m still impressed w/ the products themselves. Too bad I won’t get to enjoy any more of them.

    • blueraccoon

      Parabens aren’t dangerous; it’s a media scare. If your products don’t have parabens in them, they’re either more likely to spoil or they have other preservatives which haven’t been tested as well as parabens and as proven to be safe. Parabens, in the level in which they’re used in cosmetics, are safe, non-toxic, and an excellent way of keeping products from spoiling. By avoiding them all you’re doing is trying new and untested preservatives, or having products that will go bad sooner and have actually dangerous bacteria in them.

      • J-Boogie

        I’ve done my own research on this subject and disagree with you on the safety of parabens. I do, however, agree that alternatives like phenoxyethanol aren’t perfect alternatives. I endeavor to be a very informed consumer and just make the best choices I can with the options available. I use low-toxic, mostly natural products for skin-care but make some exceptions for make-up items when I really like something. We each have to do our own research and make our own decisions. I don’t believe the concern over parabens is misinformation. Everyone else is free to use them to their hearts content.

  18. Lisa

    SO Gorgeous!!!!

    Healthy, natural, and charming. This is makeup on a gorgeous model at it’s finest!

  19. Adele

    I wish this *was* the promo pic – I spent a full minute freaking out because it wasn’t photoshopped to death, how AMAZING – and then I scrolled down 😀

  20. Excited for this! Burberry’s products are beautiful.

  21. blueraccoon

    Burberry! Yay! I wish they were promoting a new blush, but maybe I’ll pick up Earthy this time around anyway. It’s interesting, too, that there are no new lip velvets, just the mist and the cover and the glow. I will have to save my pennies for this launch. I’m not sure how well I can wear oxblood, though…will have to swatch.

  22. Lilly

    WOAH! I love this picture for so many reasons: shiny skin, messy hair, Asian!, non-white model actual looks ethnic, skin imperfections! I am SO interested in this collection now!

  23. Andrea

    I’m just glad I’ll be able to get a back-up of Pale Barley.

  24. Terri

    Up here in the Boston area I am so SICK of winter and the thought of another one when Spring has not even started is just……depressing to me……I will re evaluate later on I guess but it sounds intriguing.

    • Seagulls

      Well, the products will probably roll into stores when we’re all wilting from the August heat and humidity!

  25. mini

    Burberry makeup looks are incredibly classy!

  26. Alison

    Well, that’s an un-Photoshopped promo picture if I ever saw one!

    Also, OXBLOOD! /dies

  27. This reminds me, I’ve been trying to find a dupe for Earthy forever! I’m looking forward to seeing this collection, I tend to be drawn to Burberry makeup (although I don’t own any)

  28. Oooh new lip cover shade <3 I'm a sucker for burgundy lip color, sooooo MINE.

  29. Seagulls

    Wow, I’m so excited for this! The multi-use crayon, ox blood in eight different formulas – and a really pretty version at that, nail lacquer. So much. That they re promote their colors really attests to them as being useful, wearable colors.

    I’m interested to see what Trench Kiss looks like, although it sounds like an STD from the WWI front.

  30. Natalie

    Is it me or are her lips kind of dry looking? Beautiful model though!

  31. Christina

    Ok. I KNOW I will be buying the Oxblood lip cover (love these lipsticks) and the kajal. But before thinking about it, I want spring and summer to come :)

  32. Bella

    Yet another nude eye, neutral, no makeup very expensive makeup look from Burberry. And they couldn’t even be assed to think up some new shades, it’s mostly repromotes. I notice that though I love my sadly rather extensive Burberry makeup collection, I hardly ever reach for it.