Thursday, July 1st, 2010

Burberry Makeup

Burberry Beauty Makeup Launches

Now available for purchase over at Burberry!  You can pre-order now, and the expected ship date is July 31st.  Nordstrom is supposed to launch it online for pre-order soon.

Burberry is now up & available on Nordstrom — it says “usually arrives in 3 to 6 days”!  Check everything out HERE.

Sheer Eye Shadow ($29.00)

Burberry Sheer Eye Shadow comes in twenty beautiful shades from iconic trench to smokey metal. The shadows can be blended to create an infinity of eye enhancing colours. The innovative formula uses silicones for smooth and flawless application and contains micronised satin smooth pigments to ensure long-lasting colour fidelity. The cooler shades catch the light enhancing the natural radiance of the eyes and the dark shades hollow, to give depth.

  • Available in: White, Porcelain, Golden Ochre, Chestnut, Almond, Taupe Brown, Khaki, Rosewood, Antique Rose, Tea Rose, Rose, Lavender Blue, Lavender, Slate Blue, Pearl Blue, Grey, Black, Plum, Midnight Blue

Effortless Mascara ($28.00)

This versatile mascara provides effortless volume and beautiful coverage for all looks from the most natural to the most sophisticated. Burberry Volumising Lash Enhancer contains marine plant glycogen that accelerates fibre growth and strengthens the lashes, whilst providing effortless definition. A protective film forms on the surface of the lash and shields against humidity, rain and heat.

  • Black

Eye Definer ($27.00)

Burberry have created five Eye Shaping Pencils that work with your natural eye colour to enhance and intensify. Formulated using natural conditioning waxes and emollient oils, Burberry Eye Definer glides on effortlessly to highlight the eye colour and shape. Water resistant and long-wearing.

  • Available in: Black, Brown, Ash Brown, Midnight Blue, Plum

See lip, cheek, and face products!

Lip Cover ($30.00)

Burberry Soft Satin Lipsticks add a touch of luminosity and radiance. The lightweight combination of nourishing oils and gel dispersed pigment ensures intense moisture and long lasting colour fidelity. Burberry Soft Satin Lipstick contains anti-aging ceramides for fuller lip definition. For a understated but striking look apply like a normal lipstick. For a more effortless natural beauty, apply to the finger and press into the lips.

  • Available in: Nude Beige, Cameo, Cameo Pink, Rosewood, Heather Pink, Nutmeg, Tea Rose, Blush, Rose, Antique Rose, Sepia, Heather, Purple, Plum, Claret, Union Red, Ruby Red, Brick Red, Hibiscus, Burgundy

Lip Glow ($27.00)

This light reflecting Natural Lip Gloss adds a hint of colour for a fresh and moisturised glow that enhances the lips natural radiance. The formula uses nourishing oils and ceramides that leave the lips hydrated, supple and naturally plumped. Apply with the applicator directly to the lips, or on top of a Burberry Soft Satin Lipstick.

  • Available in: Rosewood, Heather, Sepia, Blush, Tea Rose, Cameo Pink, Cameo, Nude Beige, Nutmeg, Rose, Mocha

Lip Definer ($27.00)

Burberry soft and smooth Lip Shaping Pencil adds natural definition to the lips, enhancing the shape and colour. Formulated using natural nourishing oils and amino acid derivatives, the pencil adds firmness to the lip contour and smoothes fine lines. Natural colours compliment the Soft Satin Lipstick range for an even, immaculate finish. Outline the lips before lipstick application to for a precise lip line. Part of the Burberry Lips collection.

  • Available in: Nude Beige, Rose, Sepia, Bright Plum, Brick Red, Nutmeg

Light Glow ($42.00)

An airy lightweight blush that gives the skin a bright fresh glow. Burberry Natural Blush contains silicones for effortless and even application and wild rose extract for moisturising benefits. The complexion glows with natural looking radiance. Apply to the hollow of the cheeks to slim the face or apply to the cheek bone to highlight. Trademark Burberry Check case. Part of the Burberry Glow collection.

  • Available in: Blossom, Cameo, Peony, Rose, Russet

Warm Glow ($48.00)

Burberry Natural Bronzer warms the complexion to give a glowing sun-touched look. The lightweight formula leaves the skin feeling supple and smooth and looking naturally bronzed. Micronised pigments reproduce the skin’s natural colour producing a flawless and perfectly blended finish. Apply with the Burberry Beauty Brush in a circular motion from the check to the hairline. Lightly dust across the rest of the face for a sun kissed look.

  • Beige 01
  • Beige 02
  • Beige 03
  • Beige 04

Beauty Brush ($52.00)

A Beauty Brush made from natural hair for extreme softness and precise application. This brush gives flawless coverage and can be used with all Burberry Glow products.

Sheer Foundation ($52.00)

Burberry Luminous Fluid Foundation gives the skin a natural fresh looking radiance. The lightweight formula allows optimum light diffiusion achieving a look of natural luminosity. The fluid foundation hydrates the skin whilst providing long lasting coverage.

  • Trench 01
  • Trench 02
  • Trench 03
  • Trench 04
  • Trench 05
  • Trench 06
  • Trench 07
  • Trench 08
  • Trench 09

Sheer Foundation ($55.00)

Burberry Luminous Compact Foundation gives the skin a flawless, natural glow. The lightweight formula blends effortlessly and contains orange derivatives to refine the grain of the skin, leaving it looking fresh and feeling smooth and supple. The innovative formula helps to minimise shine resulting in a pure matte complexion. For a sheer, natural look apply with the sponge and for maximum coverage and a velvet finish, apply with a damp sponge.

  • Trench 01
  • Trench 02
  • Trench 03
  • Trench 04
  • Trench 05
  • Trench 06
  • Trench 07
  • Trench 08
  • Trency 09

Sheer Powder ($45.00)

  • Porcelain 01
  • Porcelain 02

Burberry Makeup

Burberry Makeup

Burberry Makeup

Burberry Makeup

Burberry Makeup

Burberry Makeup

Burberry Makeup

Burberry Makeup

Burberry Makeup

Burberry Makeup

Burberry Makeup

Burberry Makeup

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50 thoughts on “Burberry Beauty Makeup Launches

  1. Diana

    i really need all of it..

  2. Hilana

    Totally love the packaging. Classic and elegant.

  3. This looks adorible! <3

  4. The packaging is really nice. Also loving the colors.

  5. TheCat7

    Hi there Christine!
    I’m in love with your blog… and this Burberry makeup too! I was wondering, is it ok to use information about, say, new collections, and pictures of them too, from your blog? Of course your blog would be noted as the source. Are you ok with that?
    But anyways, your blog is amazing, keep up the good work!
    P.S. Do you have the results for the giveaways yet?

    • That’s fine :)

      Which giveaways? I believe all the giveaways have been updated except maybe one or two that I’m still waiting to hear back from!

  6. Leliforever

    I simply LOVE the eyshadow packaging but it’s too expensive…

  7. Sylvie

    It feels a lot like they’re just banking on the Burberry check for now. I’ll need to check out the products themselves to pass proper judgement. The product names are a little boring though.

  8. liz

    I am so excited for this. a quick scan of the burberry site shows the foundation and stuff to be too light for me but the shadows and lip stuff look amazing.

    love burberry, the packaging looks amazing.

    any idea when it’ll launch in nordstrom stores? or if it will be carried in boutiques?


    • It was supposed to launch on June 21st, then July 1st, and last I heard, it was pushed a week out again, but it’s up on this AM.

      • liz

        I called my store a little awhile ago and the SA that answered said its available online and at department stores in new york and california. anyone know if they are planning to expand that or if thats it?

        • They may roll out distribution more if it gains traction, I imagine!

          • liz

            just got off the phone with Nordstrom, the SA there said August 4 or 5. Chicago Michigan Ave, btw.

            The Las Vegas Fashion Show mall Nordstrom did not know yet, but will give me a call back when they do. The Burberry at the Venetian had no idea what I was talking about lol.

    • Peter Malachi

      Hi, Thanks for all the great comments. The line is available at 5 select Nordstrom stores: Bellevue, San Francisco, South Coast Plaza, Michigan Avenue Chicago and Garden State Plaza. In addition Burberry Beauty is available at and


  9. Jehnay

    I’m a sucker for a beautiful packaging. I love it. I don’t quite see anything that really sparks my interest though. But I would like to see some swatches. Maybe that’d change my mind. That kinda disappointing that they don’t have foundation/powder for darker skin tones.

  10. Jenn

    OMG its gorgeous! I need it all! :-)

  11. demosthenesval7

    Hi Christine,

    Have you had a chance to play with any of the colors yet? I’m curious to see what grade you give it. I work in one of the locations where the line will be launching and had a training on it the other day – I am in love with some of the e/s and lippies. I have the lipstick nude no. 01 and gloss in nutmeg no. 10 and can’t wait to get the Union red l/s :) can’t wait to hear your review!! Thanks for all you do for us makeup junkies :D!!

  12. Vita

    I like the packaging! Cant wait until we see the true quality of this line!

  13. srini

    This is awesome. The package is great. Its like a mini heaven for ladies lol . :)

  14. Megan

    That’s kind of odd to me. I’ve never seen Burberry as a very feminine brand. It doesn’t seem like there’s much shimmer in these colors.

  15. I like the colors but I’m really hating the packaging and the patterns.., it looks really odd. I hope those lip glosses are as awesome as Chanel for $27!

  16. Hend

    OMG love love the packaging!
    I can’t wait till it launches in my area

  17. LNU

    The packaging is cute, but the prices not so much! LOL

  18. Josiane

    If future reviews are good, I will certainly buy a lot of stuff from them omg it’s beautiful and totally my kind of colors

  19. Rawrzellers

    I like the signature plaid on the packaging but I think going as far as to embose it on the lipstick was WAY to far. It’s alright on the eyeshadows but I do love the packaging for the liquid foundation. Might be something I want to get.

  20. Leenie

    I love the packaging, I never had a chance to check out any of Burberry’s products yet, can’t wait to see.

  21. OHHMAHGAHHHH. I see mommy’s birthday gifts. :)

  22. Lea

    I do love the packaging, but I’m always disappointed when luxury brands delive their eyeshadows with sponge-tip applicators.

    • Q.

      This! If you are charging umptyhojillion dollars for your product at least give us a decent portable applicator. It gives the product a better chance, too, since almost nothing looks good applied with the sponge tip applicator.

  23. Tawny

    Woah the packaging itself looks expensive, and look at the burberry stripe engraved on the lipstick… DROOL. But with high end designer brand, I always wonder if the quality really lives up to its price and name; Better wait for a review before checking these babies out

  24. Annoula

    PLEASE review all of this.
    You know I won’t dare buy anything without reading your reviews!

  25. Michele

    Interesting but nothing that makes me want to spend the $$ yet.

  26. Nic

    Maybe it’s just my monitor, but all of the foundation shades look extremely similar to me. Trench 02 looks the pinkest, but I can’t even tell which one’s the palest. If reviews are good, I’ll have to check it out. $52 is more than I usually spend on foundation, but if it turned out to be perfect for me (it’s not easy finding foundations that are a great match for my super pale combination skin), it’d be worth the money.

  27. Sara

    I have the Nordstrom site up. Now it’s just a matter of what shade for the l/s & l/g! I love evrything about it!

  28. Jennifer

    The packaging is gorgeous, and I love the emboss on the lipstick itself, but I don’t believe I will be purchasing any…My heart belongs to Dior, then Chanel, then D and G.

  29. alexis

    I’m not that big for couture but have a weakness for Burberry

  30. sofia

    the packaging is soooo good! the colours are great too! but the prices…i dont know..never tried any burberry beauty products yet..

  31. Jenifer Putnam

    Sorry but it’s too cost prohibitive. I can’t afford to pay $29 for a single eyeshadow…Hello? I’m just trying to pay the rent. Christine I would love it if you would do a Burberry-sque tutorial with dupes if possible. I really love this look.

  32. Kate

    Wow, how blah

  33. Mary Ann

    Lisa eldridge on youtube has a great review pn this new line if you guys are interested

  34. Nice collection, I really like the packaging.

  35. Josephine Liu

    I can only found the fresh glow sold in one location here in the whole Ontario, Canada, at Holt Renfeld, and it costs much more than in the US, CAD68plus tax, is there anywhere that I can get from the States?