Monday, July 12th, 2010

Burberry Beauty:  A Simple Look

Here is a quick look using the Burberry products I’ve been testing out over the past few days.  I will review everything soon, so please be patient as I give everything a fair test and write-up. :)

You will need the following…

  • Eyes: NARS Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Base (neutral eyeshadow base), Burberry Trench (02) Eyeshadow (beige), Burberry Taupe Brown (07) Eyeshadow (dark brown), Burberry Midnight Brown (02) Eyeliner (brown), MAC Plushlash Mascara (black)
  • Face: Burberry Sheer Foundation (03), Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder (translucent)
  • Cheeks: Burberry Russet (01) Blush (soft red-brown)
  • Lips: Burberry Ruby (18) Lipstick (ruby red)
  • Brushes: 249 (flat, firm brush), 239 (fluffy shadow brush), 226 (fluffy crease brush), 219 (pointed crease brush), 116 (dense blush brush)
  • Substitutes: Trench = MAC Shroom; Taupe Brown = MAC Mystery

For eyes, start by applying Smudgeproof as your eyeshadow base all over the eye area with the 249. Using the 239, apply Trench eyeshadow all over the lower lid.  Then, apply Taupe Brown eyeshadow into the crease with the 226 and blend upwards.  Lightly blend Trench eyeshadow above the crease and highlight the brow with the 239.  Bring everything together by applying Midnight Brown eyeliner on the lower lash line.  Finish by sweeping lashes with Plushlash mascara.

For cheeks, apply Russet blush on the apples of the cheeks and sweep upwards towards the temple with the 116.

For lips, apply Ruby lipstick for a complementing lip.

Check out more photos!

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145 thoughts on “Burberry Beauty: A Simple Look

  1. Absolutely love it- you look gorgeous!

  2. 53

    omg! you’re wearing just lipstick alone? look how juicy it made your lips! WOW! Do you think it rivals any of chanel’s lipsticks?

    • Yep, just a lipstick!

      I still prefer Guerlain Rouge G as my favorite lipstick formula. It’s a little smoother than Chanel’s Rouge Allures.

  3. Amber

    Love this look with the bold lips! Goes great with your skintone.

  4. thanks for posting, I’ve been eagerly awaiting action shots of their makeup line!

  5. Kathy

    omg that looks amazing on you!

  6. Michelle

    OMG, those red lips look AMAZING on you!

  7. Lady Di.

    Oh I love this look! Thanks for providing substitutes with MAC shades cause I am going to try it out tomorrow! Beautiful!
    p.s.-Do you know of a good subsitute for the blush using MAC?

  8. Hilana

    Oh. WOW. How beautiful is this?!

    This is exactly how I like to wear my red lips.
    You look gorgeous, Christine. Wow. Love it!

  9. Miss Silver

    O.O funny thing… today I wore the EXACT SAME LOOK OF eye make up today. I used my Smashbox ‘Juxtapose’ quad. 😛 I’ve been having a lot of deja vu lately.

  10. I was like, “aww, that’s so neutral” and then BLAM! Red lips! I mean…those are some really fierce red lips. You can pull it off for sure. :)

  11. Krys

    woohaa this looks perfect for fall! great job christine!

  12. kath

    A MAY Zing!

  13. Karyn

    Ahh Christine, I love this! It’s very retro :) Anxiously awaiting your review on the Burberry line as a whole, it sucks there are no Nordstroms near NYC :(

    • Aww! Only the San Francisco Nordstrom’s will be carrying the line (as far as nearby), which isn’t that nearby, so I don’t know if I’ll ever get to see it all up close!

  14. Alison

    love that lipstick

  15. penelope

    the red lipstick looks pretty, the brightness is almost like chanel laque in dragon.

  16. nathania

    Your simple looks are quite amazing! And love that pop of color on the lips!

  17. shakz

    hey christine, i have a really random question, in that it has nothing to do with this post. im currently using mac prep and prime on my face as a primer, but it doesnt seem to hold my make up in place at all. i have oily skin in the t-zone and open pores, and was wondering if you have any suggestions as to some primers that could hold my make up for longer. would really apreciate the help xoxo

  18. Wendy M.

    Oooh, that’s such a pretty lipstick color!
    Looks great on you, Christine! 😀

  19. Jennifer

    Oh you look so pretty! Can’t wait to read the reviews!

  20. Steph

    ooooh gorg!

  21. Wow! That lipstick is gorgeous. This is a very pretty look on you!

    I can’t wait to see your review and swatches of the products.

  22. I love the lipstick!

  23. Wow! This looks great on you. Well done!

  24. jenn

    The lipstick is amazing!!!

  25. Amber

    Is it safe to assume to like this line. How are you feeling about it so far?

  26. GG

    Nice look! Kinda 50’s style!

  27. Victoria

    You look so elegant, and the lips are ppppeeeerrrfffeeeccctttttt :-))

  28. Lori

    Wow, this is a beautiful look on you! Very classic! I love neutral eyeshadows and this look is perfect – can anyone offer a duplicate look using Chanel or Bobbi?

  29. gorgeous, as always :)

    i saw lisa eldridge’s review/tutorial on YT and i have to say i would skip the eyeshadows and foundation because it’s just too sheer for my taste (esp. for the price. i’m assuming since they’re burberry, they will probably be expensive). but the lip & cheek products look fab and i’ll probably end up with those :p

    • I gotta say, the liquid foundation doesn’t seem very sheer to me, actually – will review it in full later – but I found the coverage pretty nice. Not heavy or full, but it’s light-to-medium and can certainly be built up to medium!

      • Sharon

        How about color choices for the foundation? What is #3 like in terms of undertones, etc.

        • It’s yellow. I believe the odd numbers are yellow, the even are pink. Like I said before – I will review everything in full but please be patient :)

    • Nicole

      Don’t you just love Lisa Eldridge?! Best makeup artist on YouTube without a doubt. The Pixiwoo sisters are lovely too. 😀

  30. Barbara

    Simple but gorgeous! And I love the red lip, you look amazing!

  31. Bernice

    Love it. So classy!
    The red lip is gorgeous !

  32. Kaylee D

    I LOVE this look on you! It’d go perfect with a LBD and some gold jewelry for a night out :)

  33. aradhana

    wow! at first i was going to tell you i like the eyes, but then i saw the red lips…and then the whole face….so pretty much i like all of it!

    did you have a chance to wear it out someplace nice?

  34. Love the pin-up look. OMG that red lipstick is just beautiful! Does it almost beat out Chanel Dragon for you, Christine? ;P

  35. jessica

    beautiful!! I love the red lips..they look great on you!

  36. Ashley

    That’s a really pretty and subtle look on you.

  37. Nicole

    So pretty! The first picture made me want the eyeshadows, and then I scrolled down! That shade of red is absolutely stunning!! I am excited to see your review of it.

  38. Julie

    Wow! Reds suit you so nicely but I have to say this red is *stunning* on you!

  39. CeeBee

    That last photo where you’re looking down with your eyes almost/shut makes you look like a forties screen siren – sizzling!

    I think if I was going to replicate this look I’d plump for a more nude or beige blush – I can’t really pull off red tones – but it looks fabulous on you!

    • Oooh!

      Thank you 😀

      • CeeBee

        Well, you inspired me to try red toned blush again – I dug one out of my stash and put it on this morning… I think the key for me is to apply it a bit further back, just past the apples of my cheeks and then gently blend it forward.
        Otherwise I just look a bit…funny. LOL!

  40. Annie

    really pretty! that’s a great red on you!

  41. OMG, that lipstick is GORGEOUS.
    You look so pretty in a red lip, Christine! :)

  42. Diana G

    Very nice!

  43. BeckBeck

    Wowwww. That red lip/warm blush combo is KILLER on you. Makes me wish I was a little darker/warmer than I am so I could try it :)

  44. Marian

    Holy cow! I think you look fabulous! I wasn’t the least bit interested in Burberry products until I saw them on you! Just gorgeous!

  45. Diana

    You look amazing when you do a very neutral eye and a dramatic lip. It’s my favorite combo on you.

  46. ilmy

    WHoo, Whooo, just Bella ragazza ( pretty)

  47. Melissa

    *swoon* These are so pretty on you.

  48. Suzanne

    reminds me a lot like the UltimaII Nakeds Collection and looks that were insanely popular in the 80s

  49. Kristen

    Beautiful look, I love it. The lipstick looks similar in photo to Chanel Red Dragon.

  50. Victoria

    WOW that lipstick is AMAZING on you!! I really like this entire look :)

  51. lindsey

    Will you pretty please do a video tutorial on this look, christine?! I seriously think this might be one of my most favorite looks of all time!!!

  52. Mindy

    That lipstick is AMAZING! And I hardly ever wear lipstick but I think I need this one now

  53. Elle

    You look gorgeous here. I love the lip!!

  54. Nana

    Beautiful look! Was the foundation shade a good match?

    • I think so! It seems maybe a smidgen on the light side, BUT I think it might just be perfect – because it looks like a match in my car, LOL, where NOTHING ever looks like a match.

  55. I love the lip color! Such a gorgeous look! It suits you very well. :)

  56. denise

    You have such a great face for make up and such skill! Even such a simple classic look is just WOW on you :)

  57. Linda C.

    Simply beautiful , yes, but super spendy and waaay out of reach for many!

  58. Great look! This combo looks awesome on you!

  59. Inaya

    they should rename that lipstick shade to “made for Christine”. Seriously.. WOW

  60. Bendita

    I like this look!

  61. jane

    Wow- you are so beautiful! You make it look so easy, the gorgeous neutral eye never looked better. And those red lips! I wish I was confident enough to carry this look off!

  62. Isabella

    You look like Snow White, this is one of my favourite looks on you, the lipstick really suits you.

  63. mana

    ahhhhh this look is the look i have been trying to do on myself forever and can never achieve. you look beyond beautiful , absolutely gorgeous!!

  64. Kelly

    Wow – looks so so great on you:) I have been waiting to see what the Burberry colours look like.

  65. Thanks a lot, Mariana!

  66. Rebecca

    gorgeous :-)

  67. This is such a gorgeous look, Christine. 😀 (I’m glad it loaded for me lol.) Smoking!

    Off the top of your head, do you know of a good MAC dupe for the lipstick? As much as I love the color, I have a hard time paying for high end designer brands. :B I start feeling guilty and can’t enjoy the product lol.

    Thank you so much! 😀

  68. izabela

    the colors look so pretty (:
    I am going to buy them so that I can do this look 😉

  69. Majda

    This looks great! How much foundation do you need to use to get that sort of coverage? I’ve heard it’s pretty sheer.