Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

Bright Purples with Make Up For Ever by Nicholas Lujan

While I was in Las Vegas last week, there was one mission I KNEW I had to accomplish: visit the (relatively) newly opened Make Up For Ever Boutique in Sephora at the Venetian. I’ve never been to Make Up For Ever’s flagship boutique in NYC, and their range is more extensive than what you normally find at Sephora, so I really wanted to see what else they had! I popped by on Tuesday afternoon and met with the oh-so-fabulous Nicholas Lujan. He was absolutely phenomenal–so knowledgeable but even more? infinitely passionate about all things makeup and Make Up For Ever.

Over the years, I’ve found myself getting less and less “makeovers” by artists at counters because I recognize more now than I did before that for many, those are just jobs (and retail ones at that)–which is OK but we, as beauty aficiandos, have to understand that. Too often there is a lack of emphasis on artistry and technique, and instead, artists (even those who would love to teach and show more) are compelled to push product. If you’re lucky, you’ll find and connect with the artists that are passionate about their job and makeup, and then you can learn so much from them.

Make Up For Ever is ALL about artistry. Lujan (along with the others who work at the Las Vegas boutique) were trained in a one-month long makeup “bootcamp” and had hands-on training with Dany Sanz herself (founder of the brand). It’s easy to tell when someone is passionate about what they do, because you can hear it in their voice.  He knew the brand’s history, products’ history and development, and most importantly, he knew how to use everything.

I recommend visiting the boutique if you get the chance, and if you have some time, book a session with one of the artists working that day. They have shorter sessions (30 minutes or so, approximately $50 redeemable in product) and longer sessions (60 minutes or so, approximately $120 redeemable in product)–and it’s not hard to spend either amount on their products. My session was complimentary, as I came as press, but I could not leave without purchasing their Liquid Lift Foundation–I was willing to find a way to cram it into my quart-sized liquids’ bag!

The look you see in this post was created by the talented Lujan–I wanted to give him freedom to do something he thought would look good and work for me. Surprisingly, the black liner on the upper lash line was not as irritating as liner typically is, so I’ll be testing that out myself over the next few weeks.  He called this his “spotlight” look, because of the brightness popped onto the center of the lid.  Lujan also told me that my eyes are set far enough apart that I can get away with wearing dark eyeshadows on both the inner and outer creases/corners.  He also told me to go nuts with the lower lash line, because it works well with my eye shape!

You will need the following…

For eyes, Lujan applied #2 Aqua Cream with Eye Seal using the 6N brush. He then applied #116 eyeshadow in the creased with the 17S brush. He applied #92 eyeshadow in the corners with the 14S brush. He patted #940 Star Powder underneath the arch and the inner corner. He then mixed #940 Star Powder with #1 Diamond Powder onto the center of the lid. He lined the upper lash line with Aqua Black eyeliner. The eyes were finished with Aqua Smoky Lash on lashes.

For cheeks, he applied #6 HD Blush onto cheeks with #5 eyeshadow used as a highlight. Lujan contoured with #170 HD Foundation and set with #1 Velvet Finish.

For lips, he used #1C Aqua Lip Liner to line lips, and then applied #23 Rouge Artist Lipstick for a nude lip. He topped the lips with #16 Lab Shine Lip Gloss for shine and shimmer.

Check out more photos!

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208 thoughts on “Bright Purples with Make Up For Ever by Nicholas Lujan

  1. Mlyn

    gorgeous look and it suits you so well

  2. Noga

    Damn girl, this is gorgeous!!!

  3. Diane

    You look AMAZING!

  4. Daphnee

    Wow…that purple look takes your eyes to another level…almost cat like.

  5. Becky

    WOW! He did an incredible job! I surely will book an appointment if I find myself in the area :)

  6. Dani

    That is a stunning eye look. wow. You look gorgeous 😀

  7. Jamie G.

    This looks BEAUTIFUL on you Christine! I’d love to hear more about the foundation you purchased too.

  8. Mir

    Love the look! I know this goes against the whole point of the post, but MAC seems to be the only brand that doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes. What MAC colours could I swap in to achieve this same look?

    • Maybe try Digit or Beautiful Iris for the lighter purple, Parfait Amour for the purple – though MAC doesn’t have anything that truly competes with #92.

    • Lynne

      Politely butting in: Try Grape pigment together with Creme de Violet! Reflects Transparent Teal mixed with a little Reflects Transparent Pink looks SO good on top, patted lightly on.

      @Christine: You look so stunning! Gorgeous!

  9. Becca

    this is really amazing Christine; you look stunning!

  10. Ahh, gorgeous eye shadows! They bring out your eyes EXTREMELY much! ~

  11. Camila

    Christine, you look amazing!

  12. Wow that looks so great!

  13. this looks A-MAZING on you!!

  14. Alex R

    I went there in February and it was so cool. I didn’t buy anything, but I did notice one of the artists creating a look on a tablet and everyone could see her work on a big screen. I’m going back in 2 weeks and definitely checking it out thoroughly.

  15. Devi

    Woah, he took your gorgeous eyes to the next level… o_o It’s so fierce and bold, yet soft and humble. Just incredible, major props to Mr. Lujan!

  16. Jessica m

    Wow, this look is absolutely stunning! I can see, as you said, the artistry. I’ll be sure to visit MUFE next time I’m in Vegas!

  17. Ashley Marie

    Whoa holy smokes. Your eyes look amazing.

  18. Whoa you look absolutely amazing! I love this look!

  19. You look beautiful! The lighting looks great, too BTW.

  20. Melody

    Wow this look is great on you! I’m trying to get more into MUFE. I think I got turned off of them because their buzz product is their foundation, and the lightest shade is too dark for me. I’ve been eyeing the aqua creams, though. Great story!

  21. MzLuc1

    Dang!! Now I am gonna want all the eye makeup that was used. My hubby is gonna have to work some overtime!. VERY VERY NICE

  22. Oh my, such a gorgeous look! Exactly something I would go for myself. :)

  23. Alexi

    Damn this is so pretty! I love the way you changed your whole-face photo routine! I expected the same ussual one but, suprise!!

  24. Wow, your eyes look unbelievable! I think Nicholas was right about your inner and outer crease, I hope you do this more often. My eyes are too close together so I’m uber-jealous!

  25. Evelyn

    WOW. Absolutely incredible. You look amazing!

  26. Evelyn

    that look is totally amazing on you! Really brings out the eyes!

  27. Katie

    I’m posting from the sky, heading to Vegas! What a great coincidence! I will definitely have to check it out.

  28. Maeve

    This is GORGEOUS! Wow. The shape of your eyes looks so beautiful. I’m definitely going to go next time I’m in Vegas! I am so impressed.

  29. Tina

    Wow! Totally stunning! I always wanted to get a real makeover so I could get outside what I’m used to doing for makeup and see if something else works for me.

  30. Moni

    I also dislike makeovers at beauty counters, I usually end up feeling I have a mask on, and I hate that salespeople usually don´t know or care about the brand’s history or upcoming products or discontinued ones. In more than one ocassion I have asked about a product I saw at the brand´s website or a magazine and the salesperson doesn´t know what I am talking about!

    • It depends where you go to be honest. I work at Sephora and I’m never pushy about products and very knowledgeable about all the brands. It really the luck of the draw and who you get. You could get stuck with someone who doesn’t care but you could also meet someone amazing. You never know 😉

  31. Pamela

    *Very* well done! Purples always work on green or hazel-green eyes.

  32. Ester

    Wow!!!! That’s so stunning. I stopped short when I saw that eye look!

  33. apfelwinter

    Best. Look. Ever. *saves and bookmarks it*

  34. Erica C

    Wow! What an amazing look for you, really stunning!

    I sure hope I can find dupes in my makeup collection (Urban Decay, Illumasqua and Too Faced) and try to mimic this look.

    I think you can forget the question I submitted about purples that really makes the green in your eyes pop! 😀

    Again, just WOW!

  35. Carro

    Wow!! You look GREAT and your eyes are stunning!!

  36. Marinella


  37. Mariella

    I wondered about the upper lash liner – hope it can continue to work okay for you because it’s a nice option to have. What a brilliant purple look, though I think I’d feel a bit intimidated if I were wearing it.

  38. Marian

    Wow! That’s gorgeous! This really looks fabulous on you! Very sexy!

  39. Lena

    wow that is awesome christine. i could actually tell from the first pic that it’s not something you did, very different styles and yet so cool. he’s right, both darker in the inner and outer corners suit you very well. and that wing is soo cool. and finally imma have to get that bright purple.

  40. Christine Shen

    Youe eye really popped! Amazing, I find that #92 discolors my lids after I remove it (I have primer on prior to #92), does it do that to you too?

  41. This looks beautiful and yay for finding a liner that might actually work for your upper lash line!

    • I still had some swelling – it was just less than usual. :(

      • While I like how you look with the liner, I like it more that you don’t use it a lot. It’s different than most other people and makes me happy to see beautiful looks without it. Liner and my skin get on ok, but I can’t do the shapes to save my life. That means your liner-less looks can actually be more helpful to me!

  42. Ida

    Yes. YES. YES! Eyeliner looks GREAT on you!

  43. nitnot

    You look AMAZING. I can actually see myself in this look and the color, since our coloring is quite similar. Thank you for this, I think I will try bright purple for once!

  44. Noir

    Absolutely stunning, the combination of the colors are just lovely!

  45. You look stellar!! I love the “spotlight” trick, I would have never thought to try that.

  46. Ashley

    THIS LOOKS GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!! I’m absolutely beside myself; you already are so pretty but this accentuates your eyes amazingly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. shontay

    You look absolutely gorgeous, Christine. I live in NJ and I can easily get to either the mufe store or the sephora in soho with the mufe studio. However, I hate taking the train. I really want to try the lift foundation and I’m kicking myself for not getting it the last time I was there. Now, I have to get my butt in gear.

  48. LuxLosAngeles

    This is one of the most fabulously, beautiful pictures I’ve seen of you. Please follow his advice, as he is right about it all! You are so lovely to begin with, but now you’re even lovelier!

    • Sorry, upper lash liner tends to cause swollen lids, so I really don’t do it often :( Here I only had slight redness & swelling the next day, but in the past, I’ve literally not been able to see the next day!

  49. kristy

    That looks amazing on you! 😀

  50. This look is gorgeous and so flattering on you!

  51. Those eyes are amazing and you are gorgeous! What an awesome experience. What do you mean by “redeemable in product”?

    • In order to get the service, you basically commit to buy at least that amount in product – so instead of just paying for a service you’re really paying for product and get the service with it.

  52. This looks amazing! A little different from your usual style and I must say the eye makeup with the thicker wing at the outer corner does flatter your eye shape! Gorgeous! Loved the light shimmery centre!

  53. AnGeLwInGz

    Your eyes look so lit-from-within. That is a gorgeous color combo on you, including the lips and foundation.

  54. tootsie

    Oh, yes ! This looks beautiful on you !!! I love the eyeliner and the addition of darker color in the inner and outer crease. Color on the bottom lash line looks great, too.

  55. Debora

    You look gorgeous!!

  56. Lisa G

    This look is stunning, particularly on you!

  57. Mary Beth

    He did fantastic job. You look great.

  58. Michelle

    Sorry, but that is a freaking awesome picture! I’m not sure if it’s the purple eyeshadow (probably), but your eye color is just stunning here- like someone partially melted amber and green together.

  59. This looks absolutely stunning on you! Your eyes look gorgeous

  60. helen

    Wow, Christine this is simply gorgeous! The look is sublime and you are positively glowing. I love the sheer artistry in the way he did your eyes!

  61. Maya

    Wow wow wow!

  62. nathalie

    The photos are better than ever and the look is fantastic on you – it enhance the green in your eyes. I love a good purple smoke but a good matte purple is hard to find. I bought “Shock-A-Holic” from Dare to Wear but find it patchy, poor in pigmentation and hard to even out. Could Mufe #92 be a happier choice?

  63. DJ

    Gorgeous look!

  64. Angelic Mariposa Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

    gorgeous…really makes the green tones in your eyes POP!!

  65. Michelle

    OMG the liner on the top lashline looks AMAZING! I wish you would wear it this way more often, not that you aren’t gorgeous no matter what you wear!

  66. This is a stunning colour and eyeshadow placement on you Christine! Your eyes just pop out of the screen. :) The top liner is perfect.

  67. AAJ83

    Wow…super gorgeous look!!!
    I wish u had taken a pic of a face shot, where One could see more of the eye makeup from a distance :( u know something like when one is looking sideways or down…and the lids are half closed..

  68. Amy

    I always feel like your looks are missing something because of the lack of upper eye liner, and this looks SO AMAZING.

    I understand that it’s irritating to your eye, though, so that’s no dig against you.

    • I’ve always liked looks without the upper lash lined, so it makes me sad when people feel that way. I understand you don’t mean it as a dig, but I wish it wasn’t such a “rule” to wear it. I don’t look at someone else’s look and think it looks bad with liner – I just appreciate it for what the person intended it to be :) I like it both ways but don’t think anyone should feel like they are incomplete without it.

      • shontay

        I used to think it was mandatory that you line the upper lash until I came here and I could see that you didn’t do it, Christine. Then, I started to go without and I like everything I do a lot more now. I think it keeps the eyes open. Sometimes I may line the top, but I really prefer to go without.

        • That’s so cool, Shontay! :) I’m all about doing whatever someone wants to – line, don’t line, whatever makes you happy!

          I do love some of the really funky and creative things people can do with liquid liner, though!

          • Victoria

            I definitely agree! I used to think that liner pulled a look together but I definitely don’t feel like that anymore. I have relatively small lid space so liner often makes all the colour I put on disappear. I used to rely on liner to give me that almond eyed, doll eye effect — now I can just use lots of mascara to still give me definition, and concentrate instead on my outer-V/crease area. I think this is alot more flattering on me too, especially day by day. Liner can look too precise and overdone — without it I feel like I look a bit more casual. I still love my liner though 😀

          • Apply a crap-ton of mascara and you don’t even need upper lash liner. :o)

      • Frances

        Hi, Christine.

        I just wanted to say that I really like the fact that you don’t tend to use liner on your upper lid. I’m Indian, and believe me when I say we press down HARD on the liner, but I generally prefer looks without upper lid liner. It looks softer and gentler to me.

        Plus, if it hurts you, please don’t! I’m grateful for all the lovely work and effort you put in.

  69. Leslie

    What a shame people make you feel inferior for not wearing eyeliner on your upper lash line. I can’t imagine how you must feel hearing how much better you look with it. No wonder you stopped posting looks. I think you should stop too.

  70. Alexandra

    Amamzing look!! WOW! Thanks for sharing! 😀

  71. He did such a good job. You (and the makeup) look gawjuss!

  72. Ok, I haven’t commented in a while (life has been in the way) but OMG I WAS JUST THERE LAST WEEK TOO! I was meeting friends from New Zealand (I am from Portland, OR) and OMG they laughed so hard when I saw that giant Sephora, and ran towards it practically squealing. It was like HEAVEN.

    How crazy would it have been if you’d been there the exact same time? I took a pic of that same MUFE sign too! And I LOVE the purple eye!! Great stuff! But OMG it’s so weird, the coincidence!

    • How funny! I was there on August 9th (Tuesday)! A fellow blogger from Australia was also there (for Cosmoprof and leisure) and she made THREE! hauls at Sephora, ha!

  73. AW

    Awesome look, but really tired of the cat eye thing.

  74. Millie

    Wow, so pretty! So he used two foundations on you? Will have to visit the boutique when I go to Vegas.

  75. julie

    Gorgeous! Didn’t recognise you from just the eye shot because of the liner on the upper lashline!

  76. AmyD

    christine, i think all of your looks are amazing, and i love that you don’t go crazy with liner on the upper lash line – makes me feel better about not wearing a lot of liner b/c i think it makes me look tired :) i’m learning SO MUCH about applying makeup from your looks, so keep up the good work!

    that being said – this look ROCKS! LOVE the violets with your eyes! and the liner is very pretty :)

  77. Annalogik

    Oh.My.God. You look amazing girl!! Gooorrrgeous!

  78. Carolina

    Wow, this is mind-blowing. And the shape of your eyes looks almost different. You look amazing. :)

  79. Mer

    Obviously, this looks amazing. I really do like the darker colors surrounding the brightness in the middle. It makes a whole new effect!

    And as for the whole upper liner thing, I don’t get irritation when wearing liner there, and I probably only line the upper lashline 50% of the time I ever wear eye makeup. I just don’t find it necessary. I think the lower lashline/waterline is way better to do funky/weird pops of color anyway.

    I usually never look at another person who is wearing makeup, and think “I wish they did ______ instead of ______”, because I don’t really… care? Like, it’s just not something that would cross my mind. Frankly, I think it’s bizarre that anyone would /wish/ you wore liner on the upper lashline– it’s not their face!

  80. IceFluffPenguin

    Love this look on you!

  81. Valerie Brower

    This seriously looks to die for on you!!! Makes your eyes pop so much!! Love it!

  82. Absolutely stunning! I love the look he did on you.

  83. joyce

    WOW!!! the eyeliner shape looks weird upclose but on your pic with ur whole face, the effect is gorgeous!

  84. OMG, the shadow and blending look amazing on you. The color makes your eyes look like it’s grape green!

  85. Valerie Brower

    So after I looked at the pics I went on to reading lol I’m Definitely buying 116 and 940. I already have 92 and have never had a problem with staining either. Your eyes look gorgeous with or without eyeliner. I had the same problem for awhile with irritation to my eyelids and I went to the dr for it and he told me it was blepharitis and it was just an allergic reaction to sooooo many eyeliners. But I finally found clinique brush on cream liner which I’ve been using for years with no irritation. Your lucky to have bright eyes without outer liner. Mine look small if I don’t put on eyeliner and look even smaller when I line the waterline :-/

  86. CeeBee


    Beyond gorgeous – I adore that vibrant grape colour and it looks amazing on you. Loving the subtle pink highlight in the inner corners too.

    You GLOW.

    (haz happy face!)

  87. Meta

    Wow! I love that look! It just makes your hazel eyes *POP* like crazy! I’m definitely going to check out the NYC flagship store now!

  88. Alexandra

    best look I’ve seen on you. Love the lips and the purple looks great

  89. Wow… that is really really beautiful :)
    It really suits you so so well :)

  90. Jennifer

    So beautiful!

  91. Heather C.

    That looks fantastic on you!!!

  92. Leah

    Wow – I am not one to comment often, but I have to say, this look looks AMAZING on you. You do a great job…but I really think your eyes have never looked brighter or prettier!

  93. This is so frikin’ pretty.

  94. Oh my, these shades make your eye color look absolutely incredible! You look amazing.
    Don’t you LOVE that Sephora at the Venetian? I spend hours in there on every trip!

  95. emily

    So pretty =] I love the depth of the look even though it’s just purples. I have to try that with bronzes!!

  96. Felcia

    christine you look gorgeous !!

  97. Temi

    Hey Christine. It could be the latex in a lot of liquid liners that you’re allergic to and causes your eyelids to swell. I have the same problem. Zuzu Luxe makes some liquid liners for sensitive skin (not just eyes) and they work for me. You should check them out.

  98. Suzy

    OMG you look so beautiful! The purple looks so great with your eye color! Love it!!