Friday, August 27th, 2010

Old Spice Swagger

The Tech Guy Shaun, aka The Tech Guy, aka my boyfriend, is here with another must-read “manly” review. He’s twenty-seven with normal-to-dry skin and suffers from no more acne (much to my envy!).  Lately, he’s been smelling a lot like generic man.  Which is that “man” scent I’ve come to identify with men’s body washes these days.

Shaun enjoys long walks on the beach, vegging out on the couch watching chick flicks, and cuddling with Mellan. Or maybe not! He handles all the behind-the-scenes action here at Temptalia, from tech support to server woes to being my shoulder to cry on.

So, this is going to be the most epic standoff in the history of epic standoffs. In one corner, we have the manly and slightly insecure Old Spice Swagger Body Wash ($4.49 for 12 oz.) And in the other corner, we have the pinkest of the pinks in Dial Cherry Seed Oil & Mint Body Wash ($5.49 for 16 oz.).


Dial might have a history setting mark in this category. The total name of this product is as follows: Dial Nutriskin with Fruit Oil Ultra Hydrating Body Wash Cherry Seed Oil & Mint. About three of those words mean anything to me and one of them is “&.” Old Spice on the other hand is much more mundane: Old Spice Swagger Body Wash. Dial should cut down on the words, but maybe that appeals to the female crowd? Do you ladies like to read while you wash your body? I prefer to look forlornly at my stomach wondering why there isn’t a six pack of abs there.


  • Dial: A Bronze Star
  • Old Spice: A Silver Star


Old Spice’s packaging once again employs the grips on the side where you’d never grip the bottle while in usage, and it also feature a gray dot in the middle of its otherwise mostly red packaging. I’ve been staring at this dot for an hour… WHY ARE YOU THERE DOT? WHAT’S THE POINT OF YOU?! YOU SHOULD NOT EXIST!!! On my bottle, the label is not smooth on the bottle. There’s a wrinkle on it, and it’s driving me nuts, so it gets -1 point already. Dial’s packaging shape is curvy and very feminine. I like the label with the liquid and the cherry. DON’T JUDGE ME! It has no grips on the bottle and gets very slippery when wet.


  • Dial: 4/5 Points
  • Old Spice: 3/5 Points

Lather and Smell

I’m tired of beating this dead horse about male body wash and general scents of male products, but it doesn’t smell like anything but generic man smell!@$ I wish I had a better way to describe it. Dial on the other hand smells pretty synthetic. Like someone in the lab doctored up what they think cherries smell like and threw it in a bottle. I got no mint scent from it. Both lather up nicely, but Old Spice’s bottle seems conducive to over usage due to its “manly” spout.


  • Dial: B-
  • Old Spice: B


These days you expect to find the declaration of independence on the back of every bottle of anything, but in this case Old Spice actually has a respectable amount of ingredients in its body wash. Dial, on the other hand, has an ingredient list that eclipses the length of the last Harry Potter book. What is also entertaining is that Dial has to use a very tiny font size to even fit the list on the bottle, while Old Spice actually uses one that is legible without a magnifying glass.


  • Dial: Two Thumbs Down
  • Old Spice: One Thumb Up, One Thumb Turned Sideways

Final Grade

  • Dial: 70%
  • Old Spice: 71%

Recommendation: I wouldn’t really recommend either of them, although, they are both serviceable, but I’m running back to my Celebrate Love Shower Gel.

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Dial Cherry Seed Oil

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15 thoughts on “Body Wash Face Off: Old Spice Swagger vs. Dial NutriSkin Cherry Seed Oil & Mint

  1. Etaoin

    I loved ‘eclipses the length of the last harry potter book’! LOL! Enjoy your celebrate love shower gel!

  2. Lulee

    Well this is clearly the best review ever on temptalia because you mentioned Harry potter :-D. Also I love the different grading scales and how they added up to a percentage. I swear that’s how my professors in college used to give out final grades too

  3. Kalex

    My husband has one product in the shower and that is Irish Spring shower gel. He’s been using it for forever so it must be good right? The scent he’s using now has a tidal wave on the front. I’m sure it would knock your socks off. (If you had socks on while in the shower that is.)

  4. Great review… Personally I can’t get behind any product that uses the word “SEED” in the description. I’m just a 2nd grader that way. I hear “SEED” and I start to giggle.

    “SEED!” Hehe

  5. Nicole

    My boyfriend uses Swagger. I LOVE the smell. :) He’s an Old Spice man though.

  6. Shaun… Whenever I type your name I have to scroll up to make sure I’m spelling it correctly. You Shaun’s with all your spellings man… It’s CRAZY! Anyway… Just a thought I wanted to share: I’d love to see some gadget reviews by you as well… Come the holiday season I think it would be cool to read reviews on things that people might get their guys as a gift. Electric Razors, etc.

    I’m just sayin! :)

  7. Yumi

    this review delivers. :)

  8. nessa

    honestly, I only clicked “Love it” because of the review. It is, once again, hilarious.

  9. Rosie

    Nice you have grades on these! Way to go, Shaun! Now i won’t buy either :).

  10. Melissa C.

    I say Shaun should have his own weekly blog post! 😀

  11. Ashley D.

    I love reading your reviews~

  12. Anna

    HAHAHA I love your reviews. This is hilarious.

  13. Victoria

    love love love your reviews, they always make me laugh!

  14. Lydia

    My boyfriend uses Old Spice Swagger and I personally love the scent!