Thursday, May 26th, 2011

Bobbi Brown SPF 15 Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer
Bobbi Brown SPF 15 Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer

Bobbi Brown SPF 15 Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer

Bobbi Brown SPF 15 Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer ($40.00 for 1.7 oz.) is designed to provide a “hint of coverage” for “natural-looking skin” in a gel-based formula. The oil-free variation is for those with oilier skin (they have a regular version along with an Extra version for drier skin).

My skin isn’t oily, but I liked the finish and coverage of the foundation, though the shade I tested ended up being far too dark to wear out in public! I tried the Medium Tint (I’m MAC NC25), but I would definitely be suited for Light-to-Medium, just because this is significantly darker than my natural complexion. I have heard from a few artists at the counter that these seem to run a little dark, so you might want to grab a couple of samples to ensure you get the right shade.

It has a very lightweight feel but provides sheer to light coverage; it had enough coverage to even out the unevenness in my cheeks while still having the feel and overall finish of a tinted moisturizer (soft, natural). It actually has more of a semi-natural finish–a little more matte than the average “natural” finish I would say. For a tinted moisturizer, this wears nicely; a solid eight hours of wear without oiliness or fade in coverage. The texture is thick enough that it doesn’t run but thin enough that it spreads easily over the skin (I used fingers to apply, as I would a moisturizer).

Alone, it’s not moisturizing enough for drier skin (my skin felt a little parched by four hours if I wore it alone), but it is meant for oilier skin types, so it seems like the moisturization is on target for oily skin types. If you use your regular moisturizer prior, then you shouldn’t have any issues. On the other hand, if you do have dry skin but want a two-in-one product, then I’d recommend the Extra Tinted Balm instead.

I tried to think of something I didn’t like about this product, and there was nothing that came to mind. Of course, I immediately noticed the shade wasn’t a match for my skin tone, but the formula and product I have no complaints with! Since I do have drier skin, I won’t be skipping my morning moisturizer before this, but maybe I’ll try the regular version and see if that’s enough for me.

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Bobbi Brown SPF 15 Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer Review, Photos

It's a nice way to get a little coverage without wearing foundation, which can feel heavier as the warmer months get closer. It offers a part-matte, part-natural finish that's very your-skin-but-better.











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Bobbi Brown SPF 15 Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer
Bobbi Brown SPF 15 Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer

Bobbi Brown SPF 15 Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer
Bobbi Brown SPF 15 Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer

Bobbi Brown SPF 15 Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer
Bobbi Brown SPF 15 Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer

Bobbi Brown SPF 15 Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer
Bobbi Brown SPF 15 Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer – as stated in the post, this shade is too dark for me.

Bobbi Brown SPF 15 Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer
No Foundation / Bobbi Brown SPF 15 Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer

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53 thoughts on “Bobbi Brown SPF 15 Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer Review, Photos

  1. Bianca

    I think it would be nice if it wasn’t too dark for you!!!

  2. ak

    It’s either half a shade or one shade darker than you Christine.

  3. wow! that really is too dark for your color… packaging looks like that of a bb cream.

    how does this compare to laura mercier’s oil free tinted moisturizer?

  4. Gabs

    Definitely dark. I purchased this last weekend, got the lightest shade (light), and it still looked a little bit darker than my skin (I am fair with pink tones, and with this I still look fair but slightly bronzed). This may be weird but I love my pink-toned skin, and I do not like to cover it up, I like smooth skin with my gorgeous pink!… other than that it is amazing with my oily skin! Definitely does what it is meant to do.

    • Cat

      Gabs, I have pink toned skin too! I love it as well. Do you know of any foundations that “suit” the pink in your skin? I always find that they are too yellow toned for me.

      • BB tends to run yellower overall, so at the very least, not BB, LOL! MAC has some pink tones in the NW selection that might work. You might also try luxury houses like Dior and Chanel!

      • Paula

        Im very fair with pink undertones and have found giorgio armani’s luminous silk foundation to be great (Im number 4) and I saw they recently even added more colors to this line. Chanel has some really light pink toned and neutral colors in their liquid foundations as well. Hope that helps!

      • Julia

        I really love Make Up For Ever’s Face and Body foundation. It’s really light coverage, but buildable, and stays put. Shades 38 and 36 are great for pale pink-toned skin.

    • Rose

      (light) isn’t the lightest. Go to or Bobbi Brown Site.

  5. skybluesky

    Awesome! It looks like that shade is actually perfect for me (NC 30-35ish)! Great review, I might try this one.

  6. Anum

    Hmm looks good…and maybe u could pull this off in the summer…on the beach:p

  7. Arantzazu

    Yes, it’s too dark for you, but skipping it, I find it has a really beautiful finish and enough coverage for a tinted moisturizer!

  8. Jennifer

    I don’t understand why all of you are commenting on how dark it is, one of the biggest points she makes in the post is how the shade was too dark for her. Do you guys just scroll down to look at the pictures? It’s exasperating.

    • Giselle

      thank you!

    • Chandra

      I agree,She makes it a point to answer everyone ,its one of the main reasons I’m in awe of her.I have another makeup guru that I love but she doesn’t answer anybody in her posts or videos and its kind of a turn off. Its what makes Christine so great but when a question is asked over and over again its just not fair to her and rude. yet she still answers.
      I actually thought the color made you look really pretty and glowy. :)

    • Grace

      My thoughts exactly!! Whenever I read the reviews that state the color is too dark/light, I am always thinking…okay, when I get to the comments how many people are going to point out that the color is wrong?

    • Michelle

      I know what you mean… it’s as if most people don’t care to actually read. I’m sure most people do, but their comments don’t always show it.

      • Nadia

        ITA! It seems like some people just scroll to the pictures and don’t read before commenting. The same thing is going on in the 5 teal nail polishes topic regarding China Glaze’s For Audrey and Nouvelle Vague. It’s nice of Christine to still reply to each of those comments!! I don’t know that I’d have the patience! lol

  9. Jennifer

    Maybe it’s good they run a little darker since I need a darker foundation. My face is white and my body is tan, I need to load up on bronzer. :/ Plus I like BB products so it’s worth a try :)

  10. Even though it’s too dark, it makes you look like you got a light tan, rather than being immediately unflattering.

  11. Since my skin has been cooperating more recently, I think I’ll be looking for a good tinted moisturizer this summer.. I like that there is an oil free version too. Sounds like a trip to Holt Renfrew is in order.. ;]

  12. Angela

    Thanks for the review,I was curious what this was like. Has anyone tried the shade Alabaster? I am curious if it has pink,yellow or neutral undertones? I’m really pale,but pink undertones don’t look too hot on me.

    I have the hardest time finding foundations that work and I think the best one color wise so far is Mac C1 Face and Body. I live in SE Alaska and we don’t have access to high end makeup except to order online so it’s always hit or miss for me.

    • Red

      I’ve just purchased the new oil-free formulation in alabaster. I normally use the regular BB TM in alabaster and love it. I find the oil-free version to be just a hair darker than the regular TM. Not a deal breaker, but it is a tad darker when compared side by side.

    • Red

      D’oh! I forgot to address something you asked about, alabaster in all BB TM and foundations have a yellow undertone to them, not yellowy on, but definite yellow undertone. It works quite well on my NC0-5 (MAC doesn’t classify skin tone that pale!) Bobbi Brown produces one of the few TM/foundation shades that I can wear that looks like MY skin and not an off coloured mask on my face.

      • Angela

        Thank you!

      • Emily

        Im so glad I read this! lol Ive only found NARS Siberia foundation to be a great match for NC0-5 skin. But it breaks me out harsh (so I only wear it on special occasions). Hopefully BB will treat me better!

  13. Dianna

    thanks for the review Christine! I know I would need not the oil-free but the regular or Extra version of the BB as there is nothing about my skin that’s oily :) I cannot decide between BB and LM, when it comes to ordering soon as I am running out of my LM tinted moisturizer and am satisfied woth it and don’t know whether I should give BB a try…

  14. Yumi

    This looks good, I love trying out TMs so I’ll probably pick this up the next time I go to a BB counter! Wish they had it at Sephora though cuz the BB counter is super far away from me :/

  15. i loved the fact that though the shade was darker on you u still showed it to others rather than just swatching it.liked the professionalism .:)

  16. annie

    I wonder how long u hv tried the product like few days? I wonder if this will cause acnes?

  17. I actually think the darker shade looks gorgeous and exotic on you. Definitely for a certain kind of look, or maybe when the summer has bronzed you a bit.

  18. It does have a nice finish, it’s a shame it’s a bit dark for you (like you mention in the post). Now that you’ve tried it, would you use it regularly if you found a good shade match? I’ve been using Quo Mineral Sheer Tint and I’m really digging it, bought it on sale so now I’m terrified that I’ve found something I like, maybe it’s discontinued :s so I might be back in the market for a tinted moisturizer. I need lots of coverage (acne, acne scarring) but I just love the feel of a tinted moisturizer. I’ve been wearing them under my powder foundation and when I tag-team them like that I’m really pleased with the results.

    • Hey!

      I’d probably reach for it overall, especially in the summer – in the winter, I’d grab Kiehl’s more often, just because I need more moisture in fall and winter compared to spring and summer!

      I did like the coverage, though, and it’s hard to find tinted moisturizers with more matte finishes!

      • In terms of a more matte finish, I’ve been kinda cheating and going for foundations that are more like the lovechild of a foundation and tinted moisturiser! My favourites are Chalem Vitalumiere Aqua and Estee Lauder Double Wear Light – both pretty sheer!

  19. Pink

    That shade looks great on you imo. You look glowy.

  20. I definitely will be trying this out! Thanks!!!

  21. Cole

    The dark tint does look good on you. Not many girls can go a shade darker and pass it off. Great review!

  22. Natalia

    Will definitely check it out. Can’t wait for it to appear in stores.

  23. Katie

    although the foundation doesn’t match your skintone, i think you suit being a little tan!

  24. even tho it is a shade darker, the coverage is amazingly even! i am very impressed!

  25. Annabelle

    I’d be all over this if they made a shade light enough. I use BB foundation in Alabaster, but it seems the tinted moisturizer version of that shade is darker. Anyone know of a line that makes a tinted moisturizers light enough for the very (very) fair?

  26. Colette

    I picked up a sample of this and tried it out today….I liked it BUT it totally smelled like gasoline! just horrible. It really bothered me and it didn’t go away. and I agree it runs dark compared to other skin products like foundation in her line.

  27. Krista

    Christine, do you know if this product promotes acne or clogs pores? I have acne prone skin and would like to switch to something lighter for the summer but I often have issues when switching to new products.

  28. Carly

    I just picked this up in Light/Medium and am hoping it’s a good substitute for my Smashbox HD Healthy FX. It’s only $2 more for an additional .7 oz and I’ve been quickly transitioning from Smashbox to BB per skin needs and color desires. Thank you for reviewing this – it was the kick in the pants I needed to click the “purchase” button.

  29. Katharine

    This product has finally made it to Australia. I was so excited to use the product, but I am actually really disappointed. I am an NC15, and the MUA said ‘Extra Light’ would be the best shade for me. She did the colour match on a small patch of skin, but after wearing it allo ver my face today, I have decided it is just not right – and the tone of it is just off. It looks almost orangey on me – almost like a bad fake tan job.
    Also I have oily skin, but I find this is really matte on my skin, and didn’t glide on like I was expecting. To me, it feels more like a light coverage foundation, than a moisturiser. I don’t feel like it is moisturising my skin at all. Maybe she gave me the wrong product? I find the smell a bit off-putting too. It isn’t purfumed, but it does smell more like a foundation.
    I have looked at the Australian Bobbi site, and it looks as though Australia won’t have all the shades on offer. When I went to the counter, the MUA said ‘extra light’ was the lightest shade, which leads me to believe we won’t be carrying Alabaster, which is a shame!
    At the moment I’m just not sure what to think. I am glad I didn’t buy the product online from overseas like I had originally planned, because I think I would be really disappointed :( I might try the Laura moisturiser, and even the regular Bobbi Brown moisturiser to see if it is better on my skin.

  30. 1913keekee

    I love it. I’m an NW43 in Mac, I have both red and yellow undertones and Deep suits me perfectly. I lightly moisturize with Clinique’s dramatically different gel, and prime with Smashbox photo finish light and it holds all day.