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Bobbi Brown Day to Night Warm Eyeshadow Palette

Bobbi Brown Day to Night Warm Eyeshadow Palette

Bobbi Brown Day to Night Warm Eyeshadow Palette ($45.00 for 0.30 oz.) contains six shades of eyeshadow designed to take you from day to night with shades on the warmer side of the color spectrum.  Each eyeshadow has 0.05 oz. worth of product, so the palette’s total weight is 0.30 oz. of product.  It does also include a short-handled eyeshadow brush with actual bristles–it’s surprisingly nice, workable, though I don’t think it’ll replace any full-size brushes you may own, but it is one of the better included brushes I have seen this holiday season.

This palette includes: Ivory (creamy white), Oat (soft mocha beige), Espresso (dark chocolate brown), Burnt Sugar (deep golden brown), Velvet Bronze (warm golden bronze), and Black Plum (deep black plum).

  • Ivory is a creamy, muted white with a very rich, smooth texture.  It’s surprisingly pigmented–not chalky at all–and it’s not a stark, bright white, so it’s more wearable.  It has a nearly matte finish.  This is a permanent shade (and a popular shade that Bobbi Brown has used often in her palettes).
  • Oat is a light-medium brown with an extremely subtle sheen that barely glints even under flash photographer.  It’s smooth, nicely pigmented, and would work well on both warmer and cooler skin tones.    This shade reminded me of MAC’s Soft Brown.
  • Espresso is a darkened cool-toned charcoal brown with a touch of satin sheen.  It has good color pay off and applies smoothly.  Espresso is very reminiscent of MAC’s Brun or Showstopper eyeshadows, both cooler browns.   This is a permanent shade.
  • Burnt Sugar is a golden-toned warm medium-brown with a glinting, metallic gilded gold sheen.  It has a smooth texture with rich color pay off with a metallic finish.  This is a permanent shade.
  • Velvet Bronze is a medium red-toned brown with a soft golden sheen.  This was the least pigmented shade within the palette, but it was still nicely pigmented (just worth pointing out that it was a bit softer).  It has a metallic finish.  The color itself is similar to MAC’s Texture, but Velvet Bronze has a brighter sheen.
  • Black Plum is a smoldering, deep brown with flecks of bronze shimmer.  It is a really nice, smooth textured brown, which leans a bit warm, but it is rather neutral overall.  It has a shimmer wash finish.  This is a permanent shade.

I think this palette is a good mix of neutrals that do tend on the warmer side, but the palette is closer to neutral-warm than one with very strong, warm under tones running through it.  These shades are classic–they will serve one well when it comes to creating office-friendly looks or smoking those looks out for something a touch more dramatic in the evening.  I am particularly pleased with the pigmentation level of the palette, as everything was nicely pigmented and five of the six were excellent in pigmentation.  The texture is soft and smooth, with all of the shades applying evenly.  I also appreciate that Bobbi Brown often mixes finishes within her palettes so that users can create a variety of textured looks.

Bobbi Brown’s Eyeshadows retail for $20.00 (for 0.08 oz.), Metallic Eyeshadows retail for $20.00 (for 0.10 oz.), and Shimmer Wash Eyeshadows retail for $20.00 (for 0.08 oz.).   In this palette, you are receiving $37.50 worth of Eyeshadow, $20.00 worth of Metallic Eyeshadow, and $12.50 worth of Shimmer Wash Eyeshadow.   This palette thus contains $70 worth of eyeshadows for $45.  FINALLY! a true value-oriented palette for the holidays!

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  • Product: 29/30
  • Value: 10/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5



See more photos & swatches!

Bobbi Brown Day to Night Warm Eyeshadow Palette

Bobbi Brown Day to Night Warm Eyeshadow Palette

Bobbi Brown Day to Night Warm Eyeshadow Palette

Bobbi Brown Day to Night Warm Eyeshadow Palette

Bobbi Brown Day to Night Warm Eyeshadow Palette

Bobbi Brown Day to Night Warm Eyeshadow Palette

Bobbi Brown Day to Night Warm Eyeshadow Palette

Bobbi Brown Day to Night Warm Eyeshadow Palette

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76 thoughts on “Bobbi Brown Day to Night Warm Eyeshadow Palette Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Vanessa

    you have one warm palette you have em all… lol this doesnt look any different than all the other palettes that come out with neautrals and its very pricey.

  2. Shameca

    How do you think this compares to the urban decay naked palette as far as the color payoff of the shadows. I know the naked palette has more shadows to choose from but this palette looks nice as well

  3. Paddychat

    Wonderful !

  4. CeeBee

    Wow, the picture on the back of the box looks nothing like your photo of the actual palette – I had to scroll back up to make sure I was looking at the right thing.

    Christine, you’re right, that does run pretty neutral, not so much warm!

  5. AshleyD

    I’m a bit confused – why does the picture at the top and on the box not match the pictures at the bottom? the bottom has grays but the top has browns?

  6. Molkinaify

    This colors are gorgeous!!! Why BB isn’t sold in Italy?? T.T

  7. jess

    could you do a look with this palette :)

  8. Ru

    I feel like for that price, you get triple the amount of shadows in the Urban Decay Naked Palette that are versatle no matter the skin tone, and have a wider range of neutrals and night time colors….

    • Just depends on what someone wants :) This palette is more subdued–less shimmer, less frost–and may ultimately be more useful to someone. The Naked palette is definitely an awesome palette, but the colors don’t quite overlap here.

  9. Emily

    You’ve convinced me to buy Bobbi Brown eyeshadows after thinking about it for a while. What a great looking palette! Thanks for the great review.

  10. Isabelle


  11. Annick Chantal L. H.

    Why not this palette for christmas. You can have these colors from mac or Urban Decay (I need to check before confirming it but the naked palette…). But, I love Bobbi Brown products, so it’s a must-have. Let’s test it….

  12. Maggie

    Love Bobbi Brown holiday sets. Will you be reviewing the Bobbi Brown Modern Classic eyes and lip palette?

  13. Dianna

    I like it but am also tempted by her Sparkle Glamour Quad.
    Christine, do you plan to do a review of that quad?

  14. Jeanne

    My mother used to use Bobbi Brown products in the ’90s and I remember she said that the textures would change and they would go bad very quickly. Have you also found this to be true of Bobbi Brown products?

  15. Great review! Very tempted to get this, though only if I can purchase it for the American price (costs $99 in Australia, more than double in the US) :(

  16. Lauren

    This reminds me of Urban Decay’s Naked Palette.

  17. Shelley

    Will you have a swatch for the cool eyeshadow palette as well? :)

  18. The swatches are quite surprising. It’s so pigmented compared to the pans.

  19. Skybluesky

    Sigh. This is beautiful! I really would never use the white or the black colors, but everything else is totally what I love using on my eyes. I’m just not the biggest fan of palettes. Thank you so much for reviewing this, as I was on the BB website looking at it recently.

    I really wish Oat was a permanent shade, I would buy it instantly!

    Do you have a recommendation color (it can be any brand) for an all-over eyeshadow color for my NC-35 coloring (Asian, yellow undertones)?

  20. Eileen

    I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a neutral palette that I didn’t like … and this one is no exception! ;D

  21. josie

    Hmm…would people recommend this, or UD’s Naked palette?

  22. Lisa

    Wow! I absolutely LOVE these colours! And the brush is so nice compared to some of the other ones. However i still havent gotten the naked palette (ugh) so ill just wait for that since they are both very similar…

  23. Anna

    What is it about neutral shades that I just HAVE TO HAVE IT in the same color from every brand…so frustrating. It’s an illness, I tell ya!

  24. Karmen Can

    it reminds me of nyx’s champagne and caviar palette

  25. Mangoo

    I love those last 3 colors you swatched!!

  26. Patti

    Somehow I feel the color display on the package is more vibrant and adorable than the real swatches..

  27. VivaGlamVI

    Hey Christine,

    Can you do a tutorial/look using this palette and how to wear it from day to night? I think many of us would really appreicate that!! Hope you consider it! Thanks so much!

  28. FlyingBuffalo

    I normally don’t like Bobbi Brown, but this looks pretty AND useful!

  29. Linh Pham

    Should I buy this if I already own the UD Naked Palette?

  30. em

    Thanks for reviewing this! I’ve been eyeing it and the cool palette – are you going to review that? I was originally leaning toward the cool but now that this looks neutral enough (I don’t usually like warm), hmmm…

  31. kass

    will you review the cool version

  32. strawberry

    how does this compared to urban decay’s naked palette?

  33. I do love the color combination although I’ve seen these shades before. I’m concerned more about the price if it’s 45$ in US I’m sure it will be much more expensive in Europe and I don’t think is worth it. :(

    • Rosa

      Tavia, I don’t know what country you live in, but in Holland it’s the same in euro’s as it is in dollars: 45! Jay!

  34. hi,
    are you going to review also the bb Day to Night Cool Basic Eye Palette??

  35. Liliane

    I considered buying this palette instead of the Dashing Lassie from MAC – the colours are really vibrant, but a bit too dark for me, also I’m not really into matte shades, which is why I eventually went for the MAC palette.

    Otherwise I think this makes a perfect present – even if you already have a lot of neutrals, it’s just the perfect travel palette. <3

  36. roxanne

    Christine, I would love to see you do a look with this palette. Thanks for showing us this, I have never bought Bobby Brown eyeshadows before but I think this might be my first one!

  37. Sexy Sadie

    Wonderful palette.

  38. I have both Ivory and Espresso in singles. My Ivory doesn’t have that payoff at all. weird. Tat Oat color, however is so beautiful. What a great palette!

  39. Me wants!! It’s expensive, but there’s a couple of good eye shadows in there ~

  40. Lady Di.

    Christine, would you say that the Oat shade is a shade to use on the lid, or would I use that in the crease?

  41. Faheema

    Would this or Urban Decay naked palette be a better gift?

  42. Serene

    This is quite a good neutrals palette, but still can’t beat the UD Naked palette in the value for money aspect. I don’t know if the comparison is unfair or not, but as a consumer, I’ll go for the UD one.

  43. BethM

    This is nice and has convinced me that I need a neutral palette. I’ll be getting the UD Naked palette, though, when it’s finally available again.

  44. Naheeda

    Amazing colour!
    Remind me of Clinique’s Surge Eye shadow Qued which I have now.

  45. I have this, and it’s a wonderful palette, pretty and natural.

  46. The swatches look amazing…but for some reason I think the close-up shots are of cool palette…I may be wrong…but the swatches don’t match the colors on pan.

  47. Rosa

    I was thinking of buying Dashing Lassies from the Mac A Tartan Tale collection, but this palette looks so much better. I would buy this one just for Oat! Gorgeous!

  48. Bobbi Brown usually does put out quality eyeshadows with excellent pigmentation. I actually find her eyeshadows to be among the best there are! Her palettes, however, are usually a big disappointment. Over half the shadows in her palettes of 4 or more are typically repeats of colors from previous palettes (though that does save me money, becuz I refuse to buy them). OR, her LE palettes are mostly filled with eyeshadows from her permanent line, and she just throws in one or two LE colors. I can’t see spending $45 (or more) on an eyeshadow palette 3/4 full of eyeshadows I already own, just to get those one or two LE colors unique to the palette. At least with MAC palettes, you usually get a majority of new, LE colors… and sometimes one perm color or repromote thrown in. I think MAC is better marketed, because having mostly LE eyeshadows in a palette are worth spending the money on. Who needs BB ivory and espresso in every eyeshadow palette they own? I know I don’t…

    • JJ

      I hear you… I am a huge collector of Stila cosmetics, but stopped getting the palettes because they would release the same 2 or 3 eyeshadows in a palette each time.

      I have just started looking into Bobbi Brown, and this seems to be the perfect starter palette to get a taste of her line of cosmetics.

      I got this palette, and I love the colors and finishes. Though, I hate the included double-ended brush. When I saw the palette at Macy’s, they had apparently swapped out the actual brush with a different brush, and I wasn’t told, so I was disappointed by the brush that this palette actually came with when it arrived in the mail.

      • I agree, Bobbi’s palettes are great when you are new to her product line. But then it becomes a “You’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all,” type of situation. ;^)