Tuesday, February 26th, 2008

Top row, left to right (eye shadows):  Naked, Bare, Nude, and Buff; Bottom row, left to right (lip color):  Bare, Beige, Brownie, and Cocoa

Bobbi Brown Nude Lip & Eye Palette ($60.00):  As pretty as this pre-made palette looks in promo images, and even in person, the eyeshadows left me unsatisfied.  I enjoy a nice neutral/nude look from time to time, so I thought that this palette would make a great addition to my travel bag or for occasions where minimal makeup is necessary.  There are four eyeshadows, but three of the four look virtually the same on me (I’m medium toned), even with a white-beige base (MAC Soft Ochre paint pot).

Naked and Bare are so similar and seem to differ mostly in texture, where Naked seems a little more shimmery and Bare more matte.  Nude is a warmer version of Naked/Bear with more peach/rose undertones.  Buff would be my favorite, because it is darker and distinguishable from the others.  I also didn’t find any of these to be a great highlight color, though I suppose Nude is the one you might assume to use.  When looking at pre-made palettes, I do expect that there will be several looks that I can using the palette exclusively–not having to grab additional colors.  From the promotional image, it did look like there was a little more color differentiation than you get in real life.

Aside from my issues with the colors/color pay off, the textures are typical BB:  smooth and soft.  I didn’t bother using the brush that comes with the palette because the bristles were just too coarse against the delicate shadows–it cause them to flake more than I liked.  Full-size Bobbi Brown brushes are much better than the baby versions put into palettes (which is no different than other brands’ palettes, including MAC), so in a pinch, they’re great, but if you can, take your regular brushes with you.

The lip colors were much more exciting than the shadows, because they all had good pigmentation and the color variation was there.  Bare lip color makes an excellent subdued rosey shade with soft undertones of plum, while Beige is a shimmery bronze-tan that adds a nice layer of iridescence to lips.  Brownie is a great sheer soft tan color that should work with most skintones.  Cocoa was my least favorite, just because it doesn’t suit me well; it is a nice shade of brown with red undertones with low-level shimmer.  The lip brush is cute and compact, but I never have the patience for lip brushes.  I opted to use a larger, flat firm brush (meant for eyes) to apply it, just because it was faster.

Overall, it dismays me to say that I don’t feel like this palette is worth it in the end, since the shadows did not offer me a variety of potential looks to create – three look about the same, and one is dark enough to add depth to the crease/outer lid.  I’ve liked previous Bobbi Brown palettes much more, especially the Metallic trios.  I also thought the lip palette for the Heart’s Truth was gorgeous, but this one just falls short for me!

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25 thoughts on “Bobbi Brown – Bobbi Brown Nude Lip & Eye Palette Review

  1. Tanya

    hahahahah I saw the picture and I was wondering where the colors were! Talk about subdued…no thanks.

  2. Shefali

    I really liked the inital pictures of the palette only, but after looking at the swatches…I’m definitely disappointed. I will still check it out because I like the two Bobbi Brown products I have – concealer and Cocoa lipstick. Sometimes things show up differently on different people, so who knows.

  3. victoria

    if you’re talking about nudes mac’s n collection was way better.

  4. evo

    i loved the pictures of the pallete, but disappointed with it after seeing the swatches.

    i am more impressed with the stonewash nude collection which came out last fall

  5. kaoru

    I was thinking that this palette might be a disappointment, and it looks like I was right. The colors in the palette for the eyeshadows just looked too similar, so that even if there was great color payoff, they would be hard to tell apart.

    Still, it’s sad that something aimed towards nude lovers was too nude. I was hoping to love this when I first heard of it.

  6. i dun lik palettes where the shadows in it look similar to each other! well lik wad Shefali says some thingsshow up differently on diff pple – i agree! i’l usually find colour palettes dat suits my skintone(i’m NW15).. btw does anyone hav the Bobbi Brown Ultrafine eyeliner brush? i am thinking of getting it….. so i jus wanna noe whether its worth the money.. thanx!!

  7. Marie

    I agree with you in that a couple of the shades don’t even show up on me (I’m NC35 – Filipino skintone). I was kinda mixing/layering with Soba or Grain just to show some color. As for the lip colors, I’ve already got somewhat pigmented lips so they were kinda blah on me. Oh well. I have a feeling my Mom will see this and want to take it from me :)

    • Hey Marie! It’s good to know I’m not the only one who had this experience. I think this might work better on those who are REALLY light skinned, but I used a very light base and still had these results.

  8. Nell

    well. it seems I´ll save the money on this one and splurge on some mac instead…

  9. Thalia

    Now that you mention it, I’ll probably take a look at Nars All About Eve instead. It’s not worth paying for a set of four eyeshadows if two of them barely show up.

  10. H

    I had a similar experience when the Nude on Nude Shimmerwash Palette came out. I was so excited: Nude neutrals! Reality: Bleh. All of the colors came out the same — a nondescript greyish beige. Layering to get more definition only resulted in a chalky shimmery mess.

    • It’s so unfortunate, because I felt like they could have done SO much with the palette! Even subtle differences are just fine… but not ones my eye can’t see!

  11. Camilla

    I still would like to get this palette in my hands – these colors seem just the shades i was lookin for – really neutral, for very natural make up. I was kinda expecting to see more difference beetween eyeshadow shades but it’s still good for me, I will just have to wait a little till I can find it like maybe on eBay for some lower price cause this one is definetely not for my working student pocket :((

  12. Tina

    For those of you who continue to compare MAC N-collection to Bobbi Brown’s nude palette:

    They’re both wonderful, but in different ways. For one, “nude” was the inspiration for BB’s palette. It was inspired by the colors in one’s natural skin. Her philosophy is that when wearing make-up, you shouldn’t LOOK like it. There are differences between the eyeshadow colors in both texture and warm-cool undertones. They are subtle, for a more sophisticated, professional look. “Natural beauty” will NEVER go out of style.

    As for MAC’s N-collection: this is a bit more edgy and modern. The inspiration is the “smokey-eye” trend. When you have a heavy emphasis on the eyes, it is best to draw the attention away from the lips for a more dramatic effect. MAC’s products generally are known for their intense pigment. When they say “nude lips”, they mean actually canceling out the natural pink color in your lips… covering it all up with pigment. This is a good look, but may be controversial in certain situations.

    In my opinion, it’s not fair to compare these two lines(BB Nude and N-collection). One produces subtle, timeless beauty, and the other creates edgy, modern sexiness. I am willing to bet that most women over their 40’s wouldn’t exactly sport a “smokey-eyed, blank-lip” look.

    • Hi Tina,

      I think it is a fair comparison, as MAC’s launch was about nude and neutral. Would I say they are the same? No, but they can still be compared. I am fine with a look that is barely there or accents natural beauty, but I don’t see why I would pay for a $60 palette to have three shadows look exactly the same, despite having different textures.

      I completely disagree that one would notice the differences in textures or undertones when using the shadows of the Bobbi Brown palette based on my experience with it.

      It is great if it works for others, but the review is based on my experience. I’m glad that it works for you!