Sunday, April 26th, 2009

This is probably one of my favorite looks that I’ve ever done. MAC’s C-Shock Collection was also likely one of my favorite launches, too. For those unfamiliar with the collection, it consisted of all the usual candidates, but the eyeshadows were the stars. They were bright, pigmented, smooth, and just right. From bright yellow to purple to green. While MAC doesn’t seem bent on repromoting it any time soon, MAC PRO did release extremely similar permanent (but PRO only) shadows. They’re just as good, so if you’re jonesin’ for brights, be sure to check those out. But boy, these photos make me really miss my long hair. It’s currently in that “I grew out really fast, but now I’m slow growing” stage.


I used Golden Lemon pigment on lid, Goin’ Bananas eyeshadow on inner lid, Eyepopping eyeshadow on middle of lid, Wondergrass eyeshadow on outer lid, Big T eyeshadow on outer lid, Bang On Blue eyeshadow in outer crease, Eyepopping eyeshadow above crease, White Tie eyeshadow on brow, Bang On Blue eyeshadow on outer lower lash line, Wondergrass eyeshadow on inner lower lash line, and Graphblack technakohl on lower lash line. I wore Margin blush with Taupe blush to contour on cheeks. I had Overrich lipstick with Lil’ Sizzler lip gelee on my lips.

See more photos!

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71 thoughts on “Blast From the Past: Oh, C-Shock! Come Back!

  1. I do agree, this is one of my favorite looks on you! C Shock is the bomb!

  2. Michelle

    Wow, your hair was so beautiful long! This look is awesome, can’t wait to try it out!

  3. You’re so talented! The green and blues look wonderful on you!

  4. Petra

    Christine, You look stunning here, seriously, very flattering look for You ( colourwise, and love the shade and lenght of your hair ). You look like a beach babe. :)
    Is Your hair coloured here? If not, I’m totally jelaous!

  5. WOW your hair looks fab here! & The FOTD, even more so! I thought about C-Shock collection yesterday when I saw Eve’s Tambourine vid and the maids had like a platter of MAC from the C-Shock collection! :p

  6. Christine

    omg, this is absolutely gorgeous! I definitely want to try this out.

  7. This is totally gorgeous! I love the bright greens and blues. =)

  8. Faiza

    That was an amazing look!

  9. Shefali

    Hi Christine!! Gorgeous look. I think I agree with you, I miss your long hair. I like the short hair, but I think you look glamorous with your long hair. It suits you very well.

  10. look so diff with long hair! I love this on you though! You should grow your hair back out! :o)

  11. Sally

    Whoa! Love that stunning picture of you!

  12. Anitacska

    Lovely look and gorgeous hair. :) Whenever I had my hair cut shorter, I always regretted it, so I can understand why you want to grow it back. Have to add though I think your hair’s lovely as it is now too. :)

  13. aww I miss your long hair!!! so pretty <3

    I think I remember this look before hehe I thought WOW that looks so pretty! and I think you were one of the reasons why I got into make up haha =P

  14. great look!
    love the way you used the colours. though different, a great combination for that extra little pop :)

  15. Nathalie

    Very fresh make up, I very love green looks. I also really love the lip color: I’ll have to try this lipgelΓ©e! To finish, you do what you want with yourself Christine but I find you just more “wow” with long hair. It brings a little something more I just can’t define. Long hair, when they are beautiful are very attractive.

  16. Minnie

    Wow! I love this look! I really liked your haircut when you cut it but this picture reminds me of how beautiful and healthy your hair looked long! So what are you planning to do with you hair not that you’re in that stage of growing it out?

  17. Faheema

    Wow this look is so amazing :) Very creative, u r very pretty :) xxx

  18. Elle

    Girl, I’m having the same issue with missing my long hair…just keep telling yourself, it will grow back! You look gorgeous both ways, though. Also, which PRO products are similar to the ones you used here? Thanks!

    • LOL! I just wish it’d grow faster. It was growing RIDICULOUSLY fast for awhile, but now it feels like it’s done.

      Bright Sunshine, Bio Green, Sour Lemon, Cobalt Blue!

  19. Sara

    pretty pretty! i’m going to have to try that out! Love the long hair <3

  20. C-Shock was my absolute favorite MAC collection eveerrr. I wish they’d repromote some of the stuff, they repromote everything else, lol.

  21. jessica

    i think you look better with long hair! this is gorgeous

  22. Liz

    Eh… I think your short hair looks really cute and spunky sometimes, and confidently sexy others… Really versatile and unique. I wouldn’t worry too much about growing it out, unless you’re like me and HAVE to be able to pull it back easily, lol.

    • Ohh, I do have to be able to pull it back. That’s why I definitely can’t do the super short version, LOL! I was sooo frustrated when I couldn’t pull it back!

  23. pia

    wahhhh…i truly love your lips combo. They’re also LE?

    Your hair was definitely awesome back then, although I also envy your hair now.

  24. Eunice

    wow. this looks fabulously awesome. the bright colors really complement you and it looks like such a fun look to wear :) i especially love what you did with your lower lash line. the gradient is gorgeous!

  25. aradhana

    thanks for the blast from the past…this was a great look…i wish they would repromote some of the c-shock shades, because i missed the whole thing! i guess there was some of it in the manish aurora palette, but i hate being forced to buy a whole palette that isn’t the classic mac packaging…

    anyway, your hair does look really nice long but i thought your haircuts were also very sophisticated, esp the mid-length one. do you think you will grow it out or…?

  26. Mariann

    I think it is great to have a complete change once in a while. Your present hair is a great choice for now and you get a different style as you grow it too. :)

    By the way, beautiful colors on your eyes!

    • That’s true! I am glad I went shorter… though I just wish it didn’t take so long to get it back to this length, y’know?

      Thanks, Mariann!

  27. Juliana

    Brazil colors! +)
    I like your eyebrows better now.. lol
    The hair was also pretty =)

  28. DoDe

    pretty hair

  29. Probably one of my most favorite looks you’ve ever done, hands down. Bang on Blue is my favorite blue to use lately. =)

  30. Mary

    Long hair did frame your face very well, but since your hair is not quite the subject here haha… I really like the mix of blue with acid greens and yellows, it reminds me of lemonade and such.

  31. I became a fan of MAC e/s months after this collection, meaning I didn’t got a single item from it…I want it to come back so bad. The colors are amazing. Love the look Christine, goes perfect with your eyes/hair.

  32. Carla

    Love the look! It has the colors of my country’s flag (Brazil) :-)

    And about your hair (let me tell you I think yours’s beautiful short or long!) I really know how you feel! I had a long hair just like yours and I cut short about a year ago. Now I’m missing my long hair so much!!! Why does it have to take so long to grow back?!

  33. Theresa

    Even I miss your lovely locks!

  34. Hello, beautiful! :)
    So pretty! How I wish I can replicate the look :)

  35. Vness_12

    Love the look and that blue popping out is too fly. πŸ˜‰

  36. Whitney

    Your hair looks absolutely beautiful.