Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

Temptalia Asks You

Are you the biggest beauty enthusiast you know? Or do you have friends or family members that are even more passionate about makeup than you are?

Temptalia's AnswerSave for all of you lovely readers, yes! In my “real life,” I’m definitely the one who’s into the most!

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71 thoughts on “Are you the biggest beauty enthusiast you know?

  1. Bee

    Unfortunately, yes. It’s a bit sad, I wish I had people in real life who shared my enthusiasm. (But there’s always the community here!)
    Bee Recently Posted: Dr. Lipp Balm, LUSH lip scrub, and a Paula’s Choice Ultra-Sheer Daily Defense

    • Iris

      I feel the same way! I get lonely being the only one of my friends who is seriously into makeup. I know a few people who are into having a very defined “look” but that’s not really the same.

  2. Clio

    Sigh. Yes. Yes, I am. I’m “that” person.

  3. Apart from people I know in beauty-specific communities online, yep, definitely! 😀

  4. I’m second only to my mom, haha.
    Alice Recently Posted: Victoria Crowned Pigeon

  5. Me too ! It would be great to find someone irl to talk with :)


  6. Mariam

    There is aBsolutely no one into makeup as much as I am, in my friends and family. Not even close. So I feel very very odd sometimes:(

  7. When it comes to real life, absolutely. None of my friends are that into makeup! But luckily most of my online friends are and we give each other recommendations and share our new hauls and such. It’s nice having others that understand how much fun using and collecting makeup can be!

  8. Miss J

    Yup. Same here. The only people even remotely similar to me are on the net, lol.

  9. In real life, definitely yes! My mom is a close second :)

  10. Maybe… the competition is tougher now that I’m in cosmetology classes!

  11. Oh yes. XD I read makeup blogs regularly, so even if I haven’t actually tried the product, I can start listing recommendations to brands my friends can care to name.

  12. Yes. Now my mom and sis come to me! Unfortunately, they like brands I’m not into, so I can’t help all the time.

  13. In real life, yes. My family and friends would probably think I’m completely insane spending the amount of money I do on makeup…

  14. Quinctia


    But I definitely have people I can talk to about it. My sister is always happy to get more Urban Decay for gifts, and I bought her two red eyeshadows for Christmas, because she was on a quest for a good one.

  15. Oh yes I think! my sister a little bit but no where as obsessed as me!
    Divya Recently Posted: Eye makeup for Dummies!

  16. KaseyCannuck

    Good grief YES!
    A thousand times YES!
    Or maybe I should say thousands of dollars YES!
    I think I’m ready for Makeupaholics Anonymous!

  17. Nope, I’m “it”. I have 2 friends who love makeup but in that “normal” way that I used to, before discovering youtube and Temptalia.com. I think those 2 sources of information just took hold of something that was already in me and allowed it to sort of “flourish”.

  18. That would be a resounding YES lol! The only other person I can think of who may be as much of an enthusiast as I am, is a friend of mine who is actually a makeup artist (she manages a Smashbox counter), and I think I probably know more about makeup overall than even she does. I’d love to meet someone in PERSON who is as mad about it as I am!!

  19. Weiling

    Yes, i am. As far as i know, among my friends and family members, i am the most enthusiastic one.

  20. Well yes, If I count my “real” life, then I’m the biggest beauty enthusiast!

  21. Nope. I have a twin sister who is as crazy about makeup as me. Must be genetics.

  22. Probably. I suppose my sister and I are about equal, although we have very different preferences! 😀
    Sylirael Recently Posted: Battles of the Rogue Grad Student – An Everyday Makeup Look

  23. Oy, I can’t think of a single person around me. I have an aunt I am particularly close to who loves makeup and a friend who shares my enthusiasm, but neither are as dedicated as I am to reading, researching and trying new products or experimenting with different looks.

  24. CC

    Definitely! No one else even understands! Which makes me sad :(

  25. grlnxdor

    Yes, hands down. And since I don’t know many others I have a tendency to frequent beauty blogs so I can be with kindred spirits!

  26. Yes, definitely lol I’m the one my friends always ask if they need tips or whant to buy something they ask for my recommendation =)
    Emmy Recently Posted: [Review] Falke Pure Shine 15 black

  27. Oh yes! Besides my blogger friends online, I am the biggest enthusiast…my fiancee’s finally gotten used to it, so thats nice! 😉

  28. Pretty much! I’m obsessed!

  29. Amber C.

    Oh yes! Even my friends who like makeup come to me for the latest news!

  30. Hi Chrisitine! I see more colorful swatches with a mug shot! 😀 Yes, I am, and I actually have have a problem which has been called out for my “unnecessary” needs. I could be enthusiastic about crack, but I love COLORS! Something about makeup makes me inspired! So, what’s wrong with that? Being a hoarder is just a nasty side affect. 😉 <3 co Happy Day! :)

  31. Dani


  32. Yup. All my friends say I should be a makeup consultant hahaha!

  33. Nichole

    Yes and I’m lonely. :)

  34. Among my close friends, yes. I know a few makeup artists, though and I defer to their knowledge. (Although sometimes I find I’m more obsessive about knowing what’s coming out in the near future!)
    Kate Recently Posted: mental health mondays :: walking the line

  35. Lauren S

    Yes but I’m slowly getting my friends into makeup too so now I have people to talk about makeup to which is nice :3

  36. Andie

    Without a doubt, yes.

  37. Definitely. It really became clear to me on Easter weekend when my good friend and my sister started asking me beauty advice and questions (they liked the eyeshadow look I had going that day :)). It was a really cool feeling. I’ve been self-conscious in a way, because I’ve never been a girly-girl, and I still don’t consider myself as such. I didn’t want people in my life to think I’m lesser or something for liking makeup and beauty products. I do feel there is a stigma attached to women who like makeup, which really is unfair and sexist. People need to realize we’re NOT fake nor flaky just because we enjoy the artform of makeup.

    Long rant.. sorry lol. But yes, I think I am the biggest beauty enthusiast in my circle, and becoming proud of it :). That’s largely thanks to you, Christine. You’ve really opened up my eyes on which products are good, how to use products, etc. So thank you :)
    Ashley Recently Posted: FOTD

  38. Sarah

    I don’t look like a make-up addict on a regular basis (I do good to make it to work with mascara on, honestly) so my friend who always wears glamorous lipstick *looks* more into makeup than I am… but I am the one who is much nerdier about obsessively researching the best products. And then for special occasions my stash comes out and the true extent of my makeup collection is revealed :)

  39. I’m known as somewhat of a beauty guru in my personal group of friends. There are some who have an interest in makeup, but they mostly turn to me for advice rather than share a mutual passion.

  40. Jaclyn

    It scares me sometimes that I know more about makeup, brands, etc than my cosmetologist friends. I think I even have a much bigger collection than any of my friends who do makeup for a living! I barely even wear that much makeup on a daily basis so I think it catches them off guard to learn that about me 😀

  41. patsyann

    Yes, I stand alone in my addiction. Thank goodness for all of you “online” friends.

  42. aditi

    yep. by far. i think all us crazies are only on the internet.

  43. Yes yes yes yes. Even amongst enthusiasts, I’m persistent and enduring. If I hadn’t made some major moves in the last 20 years, I bet my stash would rival Temptalia’s lol.

    The good thing is, my stash is like a community fall back. I’ve had former co-workers, and even my sister’s FORMER co-workers, get in touch when they need makeup advice for a major event or last minute fixes….

  44. Jennifer

    Unfortunately, yes.

    Even when I meet beauty advisors in store, they do not seems at excited (or even knowledgeable!) about the products as I am. :/

    The funniest part is that if I compare my makeup collection to my friends’, I’m always the one who has the smallest collection! And yet, I’m more passionate about it than they are. I just don’t understand! I guess it’s just my obsessive compulsive nature that makes me watch all the Youtube makeup tutorials and read all the blog reviews and swatches on every possible products…

  45. My IRL friends are clueless about makeup and skincare. Most of them use stuff that makes me cringe. No one understands my obsession with skincare or perfume either.
    Erin Recently Posted: Hogue Cellars 2010 Genesis Meritage Review

  46. My best friend and I are pretty equal. We message each other about new releases (especially UD palettes) and can spend forever in Sephora. She’s a fantastic makeup artist too. My mom has always been a beauty enthusiast too, she enjoys Lancôme, Guerlain and YSL and I’ve gotten her into the UD Naked 1 palette. But out of everyone I know, I think I have the most product by far!

  47. Lol yes I am. My family and friends think I’m makeup obsessed. I wouldn’t dare tell them about how I stalk online for reviews, swatches and releases. They’d really judge me lmao
    fancie Recently Posted: MAC Mangrove Lipstick Review

  48. Trudy

    I am the most into buying it… My friend Lisa is almost as obsessed as she is into fashion.

  49. now that I think about it… Sadly.. I wish I know more people personally, who are into beauty/skincare as much as I do… so I wouldn’t feel weird about it! and of course a sephora buddy would be nice..

  50. kellly

    totally. That’s why I like subscribing to this blog so I can learn stuff and so I can find other people who can relate!

  51. Tyrell316

    No I’m not by far. My daughter and a few of my coworkers are very Big Beauty enthusiast. They all have a great understanding of what looks great on them. They are not afraid to try new things or should I say different way of doing things. It seems to me they have this natural understanding of makeup. I’m a very very late bloomer. I’m just starting to understand makeup and am trying to find my zone with it all

  52. Lisa

    Sadly, yes. Wish I could share my passion with my friends but they are just not into it like me. They are grateful for tips and my overflow!

  53. Xero

    Yes…by far, lol.

  54. I’m definitely the most beauty..nails..food obsessed out of all my friends..being a professional chef & beautyGrammer is My life :)…I love You site. I’ve followed your site from day 1 & always consult & trust Your opinion & reviews❤️

  55. Me definitely Me…I’m Beauty..food & nails 24/7. Being a full time professional Chef & BeautyGrammer is My life. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve followed Your site since day 1. I respect Your opinion & always consult Your review before a beauty purchase. Thank You for all Your hard work & consistency ❤️

  56. Bu

    i’m new to the scene and just now realizing that none of my friends are nearly as excited about too faced’s melted line. :/

  57. Deborah

    I am by far the biggest beauty enthusiast of my family and friends! : )

  58. I have to say I am. It seems like I have more cosmetics than I could use in my lifetime, but I am trying. I can’t take it with me. I also have it cataloged, for the seasons as well as special occasions, and makeup that I use to do free lance makeup art. The moment I realized that I was totally makeup obsessed person was during a trip to Sephora with my mom. I always took my mom to Sephora because she understood my obsession. A sales assistant approached my mom and asked mom if she needed help, and my wonderfully snarky mom replied, “No, I don’t think so. My daughter is with me, and I believe she has at least one of every product in your store”. I miss my mom. I will never forget that day, and I didn’t even have the decency to be embarrassed.

  59. Karen

    Passionate about beauty in general I’m not alone since there are hairdressers in the family but no one more passionate about makeup than me.

  60. Donna N

    yeah, no one else in my family understands my makeup OBSESSION!!

  61. PJ

    Yes, I am, but my daughter will eventually carry my crown. We are currently crushing on Chanel’s summer polishes and shadows. We eagerly await the Glossybox and Birchboxes each month. She even gives me advice about applications and gives me her honest, unbiased opinions from time to time.

  62. Caroline

    Yes, definitely.

  63. LU

    Absolutely. Only the readers on the blogs understand my love for makeup.

  64. In real life, probably yes!

  65. Yes, although I do know a few other people who are into makeup, etc. However, my mom is a pretty close to second me haha.

  66. Helene

    Absolutely yes.
    I was so happy the other day when I found an empty MAC counter and could spend half an hour talking make up there.
    My irl friends might own one eyeshadow and an old mascara. They don’t use any makeup daily and hardly any when they go to parties.

  67. Oh yes….! None of my family or friends are much into makeup and no one gets as excited as I do for a new lipstick or eyeshadow. For them it’s “just” a new product and for me it’s like Christmas came early 😀 !