Sunday, July 11th, 2010

Benefit Scene Queen Makeup Palette

Get Ready to Make a Scene

Benefit Scene Queen Makeup Palette ($38.00) contains something for each part of your face — 0.1 oz. CORALista, 0.09 oz. High Beam, 0.18 oz. Juicy Coral Lip Shine, 4 0.1 oz. eyeshadows, Smokin’ Liner, and 2 double-sided makeup brushes.

  • CORALista is a pink-cral with subtle sheen but not a lot of shimmer. It’s very pigmented, so a little goes a long way. I actually didn’t even realize it was in the palette until I went to write the review! It’s a pretty small pan, so it may take some maneuvering to get your brush in it. The included brush is a bit stubby, so I find it cumbersome to use.
  • High Beam is a light, shimmering pink-toned highlighter. It’s a whitish-pink, and it works best on light to medium skin tones (Moon Beam better for deeper skin tones).
  • Juicy Coral Lip Shine is a semi-opaque coral-orange with golden shimmer. It’s a very pretty shade of coral, and it’s not too orange either.
  • Smokin’ Liner is a dark black-brown eyeliner that goes opaque without trouble. Very smooth and richly pigmented.
    Charcoal is a darkened gray-black with subtle silver shimmer.
  • Shimmering Beige is a pink-toned medim beige with a frost finish.
  • Misty Blue is a slightlyg rayed medium-dark blue with a silver sheen.
  • Navyis a rich navy blue with a purple edge and flecks of midnight sky blue shimmer.
  • Dual-Ended Brushes have an angled brush on one end and a fluffier brush on the other–and then two of them. They’re usable in a pinch, but they’re not the best brushes of all time. Better than the usual inclusions, though.

I like all of the products individually, and I feel Benefit gives you a good amount of each of them (in fact, the eyeshadows are surprisingly weighty–0.1 oz. compared to the average of 0.05 oz.–but I don’t feel that such a rich shade of coral on both cheeks and lips is actually all that suitable to pair with the eyeshadows. I think medium skin tones will be able to pull off that look, but paler skin tones may have to be a little cautious. I fear it may be too much all at once. I was expecting a pinker blush (maybe Sugarbomb) rather than CORALista here.

That’s my only gripe about the palette, though! There are only powder products exposed, while the lip and cream products are housed in their own containers, so there’s no worry about cross-pollination of shadow dust. The palette is cute and still functional, and it even includes a step-by-step guide on how to wear the palette.

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  • Product: 27/30
  • Value: 10/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

RECOMMENDATION: If you like yourself a blue smoky eye, this may make a great g-to palette.


See more photos & swatches!

Benefit Scene Queen Makeup Palette

Benefit Scene Queen Makeup Palette

Benefit Scene Queen Makeup Palette

Benefit Scene Queen Makeup Palette

Benefit Scene Queen Makeup Palette

Benefit Scene Queen Makeup Palette

Benefit Scene Queen Makeup Palette

Benefit Scene Queen Makeup Palette

Benefit Scene Queen Makeup Palette

Benefit Scene Queen Makeup Palette

Benefit Scene Queen Makeup Palette

Benefit Scene Queen Makeup Palette

Benefit Scene Queen Makeup Palette
CORALista (left, included), Hoola & Dallas (right, not in this palette)

Benefit Scene Queen Makeup Palette
Eyeshadows: Charcoal, Shimmering Beige, Misty Blue, Navy (NC20)

Benefit Scene Queen Makeup Palette
Eyeshadows: Navy, Misty Blue, Shimmering Beige, Charcoal (NC15/NW15)

Benefit Scene Queen Makeup Palette
Smokin’ Liner, Juicy Coral Lip Shine

Benefit Scene Queen Makeup Palette
High Beam

Benefit Scene Queen Makeup Palette
Smokin’ Liner, Juicy Coral Lip Shine

Benefit Scene Queen Makeup Palette
Juicy Coral Lip Shine

Benefit Scene Queen Makeup Palette
Juicy Coral Lip Shine

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53 thoughts on “Benefit Scene Queen Makeup Palette Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Skyler

    Very pretty combination of colours. Thanks for the review; I think I may buy this! :)

  2. Sofia

    I love it! Ir´s soooooo cute *-*

  3. Kate

    whats the nc and nw things after some of the eyeshadows like mac shades?

  4. I love the mini coralista & brush! too cute!

  5. Oh I wish they could do a palette like that with other colors….I don’t like blue eyeshadows :(

    • They have another one that is super cute called Sunday funday! I just ordered it on the sephora website. I wanted both palettes but I decided to just get one – I love benefit :)

  6. Tiffany

    are the eyeshadows new or are they already in Benefit’s regular lineup?

  7. Margot

    I might get it, though I won’t wear the whole look. It just looks like good value for your money.

  8. Kate M.

    LOVE!!  I would get it JUST for that gorgeous coral lip shine!!

  9. Naomi

    It is like you have been reading my mind today! I was looking through your Guerlain reviews and two minutes later you come up with a review on one of their lipsticks. Then, I went to the Sephora website and looked at this exact Benefit palette and you came up with a review on that.

    Oh how I love your blog! You are SO helpful and really generous for helping us out. I visit your blog almost ten times a day, LOL. I always want to check out if you post something new. You are awesome. <3

    • Haha! Yay!! :)

      Guerlain’s lipsticks — the Rouge Gs — really are amazing.

      Thank you so much! I try to post around 8 times a day, haha, so there is something at all times!

  10. Every time I see Coralista I ask myself why I don’t have it yet! The shades in the palette looks amazing but I think I’m gonna pass!

  11. Vickie

    hey christine. i think you switched the labels for shimmering beige and misty blue on the pic of the shadows on NC15/NW15

  12. Mer

    I really like this combination of colors/products! And it seems like such a good value for Benefit, too. Juicy Coral lip shine is beautiful! I want it!

  13. Linda

    I love that it’s a whole look in one little palette. Kinda need this now…

  14. Lea

    I have Benefit’s Celebutante palette and LOVE it. I doubt it will come out over here, so I will definitely get on of the palettes when I’m in the States.

  15. Tori

    How’s the texture of the lip shine? Is it more like the ultra shines or benefit’s regular glosses?
    I love coral shades for lips and cheeks! :)

  16. Very nice eyeshadows. The gloss is ok. Hoola is nice too.

  17. Evelyn

    I was just looking at this on the Sephora website. Very timely! I think though that I might get the other one that has hoola in it b/c I’m not a fan of corals. Definitely seems like a good set to try out a few of Benefit’s products.

  18. Lady Di.

    I love this set! I already have Coralista…which I love…but I really want this eyeshadow palette and lip gloss!

  19. I love highbeam, but it makes me break out like NO OTHER!!!

  20. Sally

    Oh, I love the makeup you are wearing in the full-face lip shine picture! The waterline looks fantastic, and I love the lip gloss!
    I don’t think I’ll get this palette. I have both Coralista and High Beam in full-size, so I don’t really think the eyeshadows and liner are worth it for me. It’s really nice, though!

  21. HautePJ

    i agree the coral colors don’t really go with the liner/shadow. it’s like they should have added the coral colors to the Sunday Funday and vice versa. BUT i love the value of this and i like the sponge applicator and travel size of the high beam. it’s going on the wishlist!

    • It’s a great deal, and if you have lots of other makeup, it’s even better–since you probably have products (lip/cheek) that would go well & vice versa! I was just a bit thrown. I was like, “Coral with blue smoky eyes? Really?” It can work, but it was surprising to see–even more so from Benefit, since they’re subtler overall.

  22. Adelinky

    Hi Christine :),
    which one of the two palettes would you choose?

  23. Klara

    I love these Benefit palettes, I have the Celebutante and it has great quality products in it, they are really a great value. Christine, do you know if these will be available on Benefit’s website? Thanks!

  24. AshleyMelissa

    Hi christine.. Can you pls tell me if this is limited edition.. Thank you

  25. Rachael

    Any idea if/when this will launch in the UK? I get so confused by Sephora exclusives, I still can’t find those new Urban Decay eyeshadow shades over here either :|?

  26. Annie S

    well I just HAVE to get this because the collection has my name in it =]

  27. Those are good colors and everything, but $38 seems like a bit much.

  28. Ru

    Is that lip shine available seperately?
    I want this so badly…I just can’t justify $40 on makeup right now, ugh… this might be good for the fall though so maybe I’ll snag it in September. :(

  29. Cara

    I’m gonna get it…cuz I need a good blue eye, I wanna try CORALista…and one can never have too many tiny eyeliners :)

  30. Helena

    I don’t really care about the colors too much (pretty lip gloss)…especially ’cause the name is horrifying. OHMYGOD scene queens. They do not need more makeup than they already have.

  31. Sarah

    I love this! I live in the UK though, will this be available over here? If not do you know how long it will be out for at sephora?

  32. Kai

    I like this, but I was leaning more towards the Sunday Funday one when I saw it on Sephora! Seems like that would fit someone with green eyes and pale skin better!

  33. Dianna

    Me wannntts!

  34. Wow! That lipgloss is gorgeous on you! Definitely your shade