Sunday, January 15th, 2012

Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation Spring 2012

Per WWD, Benefit will be adding a new liquid foundation to their line-up: Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow, which will include nine shades, and retail for $34. This is slated to launch online on February 15th and in-stores March 1st. It’s supposed to have a “brightening formula,” that uses the a proprietary “Oxygen Wow Hydrating Complex” that includes vitamin C and vitamin E derivatives for their antioxidant propertyes. It has buildable, light-to-medium coverage.

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30 thoughts on “Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation Spring 2012

  1. Makeup fan

    excited for this but then again, benefit products are hits and misses. :/ but still, I am glad they’re finally coming up with a liquid foundation with a wide variety of shades!

  2. BGissm

    I can’t wait for this!

  3. Love the packaging! Pretty typography always gets me!

  4. beige1

    Nice, I think what interests me most is when I read on the box SPF 25 *** which sounds good for summer.

  5. Maureen

    Wow! I can’t wait to try this! SPF 25?? Heck yes!

  6. I will be very interested to test these out when they release, particularly if they are less expensive than my DiorSkin Nude foundation – But, I’m skeptical at the moment. I love Benefit, but they haven’t really released an amazing foundation in any formula, and particularly not in liquid form… at least as far as I’m concerned. I’ll still give it a shot though! :-)

  7. I hope this is a great product…

  8. Alice

    I have been wanting to switch from Pro-Longwear to something more moisturising and although this seems interesting, I’ll bet it won’t have a shade that matches me.

  9. Summer

    I’ve been quite happy with Diorskin Forever, but I’m SO curious about this product! I have mild rosacea, and oxygen is supposed to work wonders for redness. I would love to sample this ASAP! I hope you do a review, Christine; you have the best things to say about foundations and I really trust your judgment.

  10. do want to try! hope you review some soon! I hope its longwearing -ish.

  11. Kelsey S

    OOH I love Benefit products! Too bad it’s only nine shades, but I’m sure if it’s popular they’ll eventually release more shades.

  12. Tina

    Always searching for a good SPF foundation. Any word on if it’s very oily skin-friendly?

  13. Roxanne

    Love the packaging! However, as a scientist in training, phrases like “Oxygen Wow Hydrating Complex” really turn me off (it’s same for “all natural” or “chemical free”). I’d be interested to try this out if it’s moisturizing though, because my skin is so dry!

  14. Manda

    i really hope there will be one pale enough for me!

  15. Completely head over heels excited about this. I thought I’d gotten over my Benefit addiction – apparently not!

  16. shelly

    Nine foundations = not wide at all. I can think of a plethora of other brands, and ranges within brands, that have a bigger variety of shades.

    And looking at the photo, I think I can say with confidence that the lightest one is not going to be light enough for us pale gals.

  17. Dinitchka

    Looks interesting. Is this oil free?

  18. reallyluckygirl1

    I hope its as good as the Hello Flawless powder which is my HG of powders as of yet. I used to have benefit’s old foundation which I forgot the name but, the colors came in Vol’s ( ie,like vol 2 etc.) the box if I remember correctly kinda looked like a book. But, this was 5 years ago or so. Oh, well I’m sure there will be a color for me b/c i’m pale NW20 and I have good luck w/benefit in color matching. Can’t Wait.

  19. noelle

    SO excited! A lot of benefit’s foundations run a little too dark for me, i’m an NC15. I feel like this looks promising.

  20. Ellery

    I heard that antioxidants become neutralized by UV rays (or at least the anti aging, sun damage correcting, free radical absorbing aspects), so this seems a little far fetched to me.
    After wearing this out for a few minutes, even with the SPF, the antioxidants would just absorb the suns rays, and wouldn’t actually improve the existing skin in any way. If that is even how they’re trying to sell it.

    The video on antioxidants:

    • Maggie

      I agree that it might be far-fetched as far as the benefits this foundation claims but antioxidants DO work. Antioxidants help PREVENT sun damage: THAT is how it helps existing skin. However, this foundation may not have high enough concentration of antioxidants and/or you probably won’t apply enough to get an actual SPF 25 on your skin.

      You are right that the effect of antioxidants decrease but vitamin C and E are network antioxidants that sort of reinforce the beneficial effects. You can look up the science of it. I don’t know enough to say whether or not derivatives of vitamin C and E will have the same effect though (and this foundation only has the derivatives).

      I can tell you that Clinique Even Better Makeup has fans who claim to have better skin after prolonged usage. That foundation also has SPF and vitamin C. And I can also tell you that I personally have seen a beneficial change in my own skin after incorporating antioxidant serums into my skincare.

  21. I’m curious about this, but everything I’ve seen from Benefit thus far makes me think that they won’t have something pale enough for my ghost-face.

  22. Danielle

    None of them look nearly pale enough for me :(

  23. Kelly

    very pretty packaging, i like the pump top. but this oxygen claim sounds all hype no results; oxygen has never been proven to improve the appearance of skin. and that is a pathetic looking variety of shades, only 1 or 2 for black woman? i’m tired of giving my business to companies that don’t respect women of colour

  24. Chasadie

    Really Benefit? ONE brown shade?

    It’s 2012, that’s kind of really ridiculous.

  25. Chelsea

    OMG. So excited for this. I just started getting into Benefit and was so annoyed they had no liquid foundation. My boyfriend said he’ll get me it for Valentine’s day :) Woo hooo!

  26. Telma

    Hi Christine,

    Are you planning on writing this foundation into the foundation matrix?


  27. ms80sbaby1984

    I got this foundation recently and I must say, it’s the best I’ve ever used.  Goes on smooth, great coverage, but feels weightless!  Totally recommend it!  I got the “honey” shade and it’s lasted a while, even when my skin pales or gets darker.  It’s VERY blendable.