Thursday, November 25th, 2010

Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow
Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow

Benefit’s New Creaseless Cream Shadow Shades!

Benefit Cosmetics Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner ($19.00 for 0.16 oz.) are now available in four new, Sephora exclusive shades: Purple Snap (lavender violet), Silver Spoon (true silver), Tidal Rave (muted teal with gold shimmer), and Ice Shot (icy white). I have three of the four to share with you today.

I love Benefit’s Creaseless Cream Shadows — I actually gave them an award for best cream eyeshadow last year. They’re just so creamy, smooth, and apply beautifully. They can be applied sheerly for quick color or layered for a more intense look or as a base. I don’t experience any creasing–they last all day for me. And as someone who has owned many for over a year now, they aren’t prone to drying out in their jars, either.

I’m happy to report that these didn’t disappoint! They’re true to Benefit’s cream shadow formula with the creaminess and smoothness I’ve come to love. The colors are easily vibrant but just as easily used sheerly, which makes it a more versatile product.

  • Purple Snap is a brightened medium purple with softened red undertones. It has light violet micro-shimmer with a subtle sheen–not too frosty, but it’s not matte either.
  • Silver Spoon is a bright blue-tinged silver with a little mix of gray. The metallic finish is definitely there, but the bluish cast seems to dull it a bit (which isn’t a bad thing).
  • Tidal Rave is a darkened blue-teal base with green-gold shimmer. This is actually a really cool shade–very lovely–and pretty different from the rest of Benefit’s line-up. It has an almost duochrome nature to it. I was reminded me of MAC’s Surreal Eyeshadow (discontinued).

P.S. — Sephora lists Tidal Rave as Tidal Wave–but my box and bottom of the jar says Rave! So pfft!

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  • Product: 29/30
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

RECOMMENDATION: I think Tidal Rave is the most unique shade of the three featured in this post–but I’m totally digging the bluish cast of Silver Spoon, too. It’s kind of like stainless steel over traditional bright silver!


See more photos & swatches!

Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow
Purple Snap, Silver Spoon, Tidal Rave

Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow
Purple Snap, Silver Spoon, Tidal Rave

Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow
Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow

Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow
Purple Snap, Silver Spoon, Tidal Rave

Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow
Purple Snap, Silver Spoon, Tidal Rave

Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow
Purple Snap, Silver Spoon, Tidal Rave

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Sephora, $19.

Is it limited edition?

No, but they are Sephora exclusives.

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38 thoughts on “Benefit Cosmetics Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Sami

    I love these, they’re so gorgeous!:)

  2. I will buy the Creameyeshadow/Liner “Stiletto” from benefit soon. I swatched it, and its beautiful and very creamy. Thats wonderful.
    Thank you for Swatches and Review!
    Greetings from Hamburg,

  3. i WANT tidal rave aswell its fabulous so unique, very similar to macs parrot but more i dunno lighter and blue tinted x

  4. DarkGlamour17

    they’re pretty but I don’t need them.

  5. Danielle

    yay! i love the creaseless cream shadows! I am so excited they are coming out with new colors! I think the purple snap and tidal rave are a must have for me. thanks for the info christine, your always ahead of the game! happy turkey day : )

  6. Banan

    love silver spoon!

  7. Nicole

    I love Creaseless Shadows and these colors are awesome. I want all three!

  8. Im not a fan of these colors, but they look amazing :)

  9. These shades are gorgeous!!! OMG! I really love the Creaseless Cream Shadows, I even bought Tattle Tale because of your post! I am SO SAD though that they are Sephora exclusive because Sephora doesn’t have international shipping like the Benefit site does. So I won’t be getting these shades…=(

  10. Debbie

    I’ve been looking for a silver without glitter, Silver Spoon is perfect!

  11. Rebecca

    Tidal Rave is GORGEOUS.
    I don’t have many aquas, but this would be perfect.

  12. saku

    Wow silver spoon and tidal rave pretty. I have to check out tidal rave.

  13. I am happy, they offer some colorful shades now. It’s quite boring to see so many beiges and greys always. Although I am not wearing cream eyeshadows often, the benefit ones are really really good. But I think they work alone the best. As a eyeshadow base they are useless for me.

  14. bxboricua

    I loved the color of Tidal Rave when I bought it…but I had to return it because the “Creaseless” Cream Shadow actually creased on me..sad :(

  15. I wish the UK had Sephora, these are all gorgeous!

  16. Dana

    Benefit’s creaseless cream shadows crease like crazy on me, even with UDPP applied first. They crease and fade on me within a few hours :(

  17. Kai

    I NEED these, haha.

  18. I’m LOVING Benefit creaseless cream shadow. I can’t stop raving about them. I have three of them and it’s hard not to buy them all. And by the way Purple Snap remembers me Stiletto…

  19. I love all the 3 shades!

  20. WithIt

    I recently tried Benefit’s creaseless cream eyeshadows in the “femme metal” set they are offering at Sephora. I LOVE them and highly recommend that set! Great timing with these reviews! Now, if only I had a bigger “me-budget” during this holiday season! 😉
    BTW, what brush do you use to apply? I’ve found that the MAC 242 works well, but I’m wondering if there’s anything I’m missing. Thanks! :)

  21. LU

    I’ve been dying to try these! My birthday is in about a month, so I’m trying to justify the purchase! LOL.

  22. Jennifer

    Tidal Rave is amazing. I’d wear it on its own, and I don’t typically wear blue or teal on my eyes!

  23. t_zwiggy

    I need that purple!

  24. Anna

    They look amazing…

    Christine, I have a question about cream eyeshadow. I own 3 from Bobbie Brown, but I cannot wear them… They start to dry immediately when I’m trying to apply them. So my eyes look like paper, I don’t know, maybe it’s the formula.

  25. waaaaah! these are so pretty and as a benebabe i’ve been craving some eye colour, but sephora exclusive?! just my luck! even the bobbi brown counter girls end up having more colour on their face than me :(

  26. Lisa G

    I love Benefit’s creaseless cream shadows. They are amazing and I have several but could always use several more. Love Tidal Rave and Silver Spoon. I already have a BE cream shadow in purple.

  27. Dijana

    OMG, Tidal Wave, I love you… Silver Spoon too.
    I’m so getting these at work tomorrow! I love working in Sephora :) hehehe

    • Dijana

      P.S. I swear I’ve seen these in Shoppers Drug Mart by my house that has the nice Beauty Boutique attached.. hmmm

  28. EfbE_0033

    OMG, they’re so gorgeous, I need them all !

  29. Cat

    that tidal wave is beautiful

  30. Kelli

    I would like the Silver Spoon. That would be a great base for smoky silver looks.

  31. Heather

    Sephora calls the shadow Tidal Wave but Temptalia (and the product box)say Tidal Rave. Hmmm…

  32. elementaire

    tidal rave looks a lot like delft!

  33. dee

    I’m looking into using the Purple Snap color together with Get Giggy in the crease area. Do you think that would look good together?…how about the new femme metale kit, is the Plum-ing for Gold color similar to Get Figgy in any way, is it worth having both?