Monday, December 1st, 2008

Anastasia (yes, of the brow brand!) has listed several tips on getting glamorous eyes, ranging from how to open up your peepers to the perfect brow.  Visit ExpertEyes to read them, and you can also enter to win a spa weekend in Beverly Hills.

My favorite tip is her advice on getting a good brow shape:

Achieving a well-shaped brow isn’t easy, especially on your own. That’s why I recommend you to have your brows done professionally (at least once) to get insights on your specific facial structure — and on how to maintain your look at home. Once you have a basic know-how, you can work on your precision and your patience. Just keep a few things in mind.

Think before you tweeze. Not every shape is right for every face, so consider a shape that complements your eyes. Try mapping out your “design” by filling it in with a brow pencil.

Check yourself out. Always tweeze a single row at a time, in the direction the hairs grow. Then take a step back and look in the mirror for a checkup. (If your brows are a bit unruly, comb them flat with a brow brush before tweezing.)

Fill in the blanks. Once your shape is in place, you can start to define it. If your brow hairs are sparse, or you just want more definition, fill in the shape with a brow pencil that matches your brow color, or one that’s a shade lighter. Or experiment with brow shadows for a softer, more natural look.

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9 thoughts on “Beauty Tips from Anastasia on Expert Eyes

  1. Sash

    Oh, very interesting!
    I also I found the tip on Arch support to be very informative!

  2. Oooh this is very helpful! No one, female or male, knows anything abt brows in my family so I have such a hard time getting a good shape. Plus Im not sure I’d just want to plop down at just any place expect them to give me amazing brows…maybe I’ll drop by their counter in my Nordstrom’s next time I go…=]

  3. michelle

    I wondering if I should visit her salon here in Los Angeles. I went to another place who was doing a good job until my last visit where one eyebrow was thinner than the other :(

    By the way, has anyone tried/bought Anatasia’s Brow Kit? Esp the one with the stencils. I am always curious to try that kit…

    • She is really good, and if you’re able to, it’s probably worth it!

      I’ve tried the brow kit – the stencils are OK, but I do like some of her brow fillers. The one that comes with the kit has an interesting shape/edge so it looks natural.

  4. I have one of the kits, I love it! The stencils are not bad, but I have trouble using them since they’re for people with long brows and mine are short and asian…haha.

  5. claudia m.

    I get mine threaded and just keep up with it, but I got a sample of her brow powder, and I AM SOLD! I always thought I had really pretty, symmetrical full, damn near perfect eyebrows but, man her powder rocks!! (well, lots of compliments+low maintenance=perfect, no?) =P