Friday, February 4th, 2011

Beauty Tips by Brett Freedman: Brows

While working with Laura Vandervoot during the SAG Awards, talented makeup artist Brett Freedman filmed this fab video on how to add a little more definition and depth to brows.

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35 thoughts on “Beauty Tips by Brett Freedman: Brows

  1. Julie

    Wow this looks gorgeous. I would have never thought a frosted shade would work like this. :) I have to get this eyeshadow! LOL

  2. Farida

    WOW, she is gorgeous. I wish I had her eyebrows. Good tips. THX to Christine.

  3. rosa

    Love this video! I am true blonde and there are so few good tutorials for blondes.

  4. sonia

    Which lipstick eyeshadow & mascara she wearing

  5. Ru

    Very cool. She looks very pretty.

  6. Michelle

    Her brows look great! So kind of you both to respond to everyone’s questions! Love her smokey eye — would you mind sharing what you used to create her look?

  7. These videos make my geek side and my cosmetic geek side super happy! Laura is so beautiful and Brett makes everything simple and easy to do. Love these vids so much!!

  8. Kylie

    I really like the idea of using a fan typed brush to apply the powder shadow:)

  9. Joss

    I love her! She’s stunning as well.

  10. Carrie Ann

    Great video! I’m not a blonde myself, but I sure never would have thought of Goldmine for light eyebrows. Clever.

  11. Glad you gals like the tip. It’s one of my red carpet secrets…but now the cat is out of the bag! Sonia, the mascara is Loreal Voluminous and the lip is MAC Myth with Lancome clear lip gloss over top. Enjoy Pretty!

  12. Lady Di.

    I was sooo happy to see her on this video! I am a huge “V” fan and she is great on the show!

  13. Rachael

    What is the best product to use if your brows are already light? I am a blonde and when I dont use anything on my brows to make them darker… my face has no definition. I would have loved a video of someone who has blonde brows, who wants to make them a little bit darker.

    • Try this tip with matte taupe shadow (like MAC Wedge). Wet and brush just on hairs and set with clear gel. You could try a tinted brow gel, Chanel makes I nice one if I remember correctly. Otherwise a touch of a blonde brow powder is a nice way to get a little definition. Try my brand, Vanitymark Blondie @!

    • Try the bobbi brown natural brow shaper in blonde it will help define them without looking too dark. My mom has the same problem and that is what she uses!

  14. Marie

    Thanks for this video! I hope there’ll be more. :)
    And Laura Vandervoort seems adorable, which is awesome because she’s both talented and beautiful.

  15. marina

    when he was putting on the gold shadow, her eyebrows already looked filled in & defined to me. were they?

  16. sonia

    Thanks brett

  17. Stephanie

    Im obsessed with Brett’s videos. I love that he uses MAC products and makes everything look so easy! I wish he produced these more frequently! Does he have a blog where he shares his work/products used?

  18. londonhermit

    My haul this week was one color club polish total mystery three polishes from the OPI Texas collection: San Tantonio, Suzi Loves Cowboys, Too Hot Pink… One forever 21 polish three pair of earings and one turtle neck and that’s it.

  19. Perri

    nice tip! I will have to try that.

  20. Steph

    What would be good colours for other hair colours with this trick? Thank you so much!

    • I would say the only other hair color that would need toning would be redheads. Try Amber Lights by MAC as shown. I’ve used the Gold Mine on Catherine Zeta Jones as a softening trick. Hope that helps! Enjoy Pretty!

  21. katie

    What a great tip! And Laura is so gorgeous! Thanks Christine, Brett and Laura!

  22. Jess

    What can I use for black hair with pale skin (nc15)?????

  23. Mich

    Wow, that was so cool of her to do that. I’m a big fan,love her on Smallville!

  24. PJ

    Hi, this helps a lot! I also have similar hair color as Catherine Zeta Jones but my eyebrows are black. Would you still recommend Gold Mine to lighten up my darker brows?

    • Hmmm…go into MAC and look for something shimmery in a more milk choco shade. I can’t think of one offhand. Gold Mine would def be too light for ya’! Enjoy Pretty, Brett

  25. thank you so much for this it is very helpful

  26. Lacey

    I love Laura Vandervoort! I was thrilled to see the first video featuring her. She’s ridiculously gorgeous naturally, but her hair and makeup always look fabulous, as well. I’d love to see more videos like this from her and Brett!

  27. Sinthu

    What about the darker eyebrow Colored girls, Brett?
    I love the tip, only if I was blonde );

  28. Louise

    Hi There,
    I really need help with my brows. I was using MAC Cork but i thought it was a little golden for me. Would Wedge be okay to fill in my eyebrows. I also use MAC Lingering.
    Thank You