Monday, March 24th, 2008

Rosacea is facial redness (and can also be found on the body, like the arms) that may be linekd to adult acne or the appearance of small bumps. People who suffer from this often find themselves easy blushers and flushing from certain activities that range from eating spicy foods to weather. Seeing a dermatologist may provide you with a topical treatment to help keep it under control, but you can also do things such as keeping cool, protect yourself from the sun, and have a good skin care regimen.

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14 thoughts on “Beauty Discovered – Rosacea

  1. Julia

    Hey Christine!
    I know this probably isn’t the place to ask, but I didn’t know where would be better, so- sorry!

    I was just wondering how you would compare Style Minx to Pink Poodle?

    Thanks! Love you!

  2. Madeleine

    Well…there another bad news about rosacea.It can not be ever cured.Or different.It is cured,but it always tends to come back after some years.Always. The first time I had on my cheeks,dermatologist prescribed me a pharmacy made cream,I used it and pretty much that was it.Second time,about 10 years ago…let’s face it took about 18 month to cure it completely.And I am lucky,because I can always go back to Europe,pay for the cure and have it done different way.As far as I also know some of the European meds are not available in Canada due to certain components which are simply not allowed by Canadian Ministry of Health.
    The bottom line is Canada does not have any better(?) drugs to offer and for certain reasons whatever has been working is NOT allowed to be distributed.What I have used has Japanese license,and is made in Holland.

  3. Kayla

    This runs in my family. I have ruddy skin to begin with, but i struggle if i want to wear red lipstick, which i love, because it really brings out the red in my cheeks. i hate it, but i have to live with it until i get better health insurance.

  4. Ju

    Hi Christine,

    I see many times that’s people who are Rosacea don’t put “petrolum oils” but “natural oil” (like olive oil) on their skins.

    And for people who have the rosacea, take care, because for me, the doctors tell me I have rosacea but they are wrong (that’s happen), I have a lupus, so if your rosacea doesn’t be “better” with cure , maybe cheek out others diseases with your doctor.

    I want not to be “alarmous” or scary others. No no no, just helping 😉

    I hope my english is no too bad ^^


  5. Catarina

    Yes, I have got rosacea too.
    The redness appeared 4 years ago (I was 19) and the dermatologist performed two or three treatments on me (not laser…pulsed light, like in some hair removal systems but on a different frequency or something) and I’ve been using products from Synchrorose ever since, plus a good moisturizer and sun screen (50+). I do live in Portugal, so I have no ideia if these products are available in Canada but if they are I really recommend using them. Most of the days (if I haven’t had any spicy food or just came from the gym) I don’t think anyone notices the problem.

  6. nels

    you definitely not keep cool when you have redness on your face.

    i think going for the good skin care regimen is a good idea.

    what if its not redness but so many black spots as a result of pimples? what would mac cosmetics advice?

    • Hey Nels!

      I honestly don’t know much about the treatment of rosacea. I would say consult your dermatologist for this kind of skin issue!

  7. Burlesque Doll

    I do have this problem but i found with the make up that you can get rid of it enough for it not to be a problem for me and it saves on blush, looking at the bright side of this skin problem. :)