Friday, March 28th, 2008

Eye Puffiness & Dark Circles
Many people suffer from puffy eyes or dark circles, and while there is a definite amount attributable to genetics, sometimes environmental and behavioral factors compound the problem. If it hasn’t been said a dozen times before, it is absolutely critical to get an appropriate amount of sleep; not just enough hours, but good, solid restful sleep. Drinking more water and reducing salt intake can also help to reduce the puffiness.

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14 thoughts on “Beauty Discovered – Eye Puffiness & Dark Circles

  1. Eugh, I have dark circles that people don’t really see, because I cover them with makeup. I’ve been using EyeCon by Benefit, and I feel like it’s lightened the area a little bit. I’ve also tried Chanel’s eye serum (I can’t remember the name), but never used it long enough to see results.

    Most of the girls on Specktra (when someone else asked about dark circles) all just said flat out: More sleep, less caffeine. Man, that’s hard for me, because I am addicted to Diet Pepsi. I need to kick the habit, and drink more water.

    • Thanks for the tip, MariahGem! I am always looking for good concealers. Have you tried Diet Pepsi WITHOUT caffeine? It’s not the best solution, but it’s better!

  2. Charlotte

    Any suggestions for a miracle cream? I’ve used Benefit’s Eyecon and currently use the Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream. I tried Clinique’s All About Eyes. I loved the texture but couldn’t really judge results from like 2 days of usage.

  3. rossita cs

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  4. natasha

    i’ve been using clarins extra-firming eye contour gel (day) and cream (night) for 2 years now. the skin looks good but i dun think it has done anything for my dark rings :( but i continue to have faith.

    i swear by my MAC select moisturecover it’s my best friend.

    i do know that dark rings is heredity. but i didn’t know caffeine causes it. damn! i drink about 5 cups of strong coffee a day.

    • Oh, wow, Natasha, you are dedicated! If it hasn’t helped your dark cirlces in two years, it probably won’t :( That’s a pretty long time to test it out!

      It may be those five cups of strong coffee!

  5. Carolina

    I only need an eye contour for moisture above all, but I’ve been using Darphin’s “Dark circles relief and de-puffing eye Serum”.

    Because I don’t usually have dark circles, I can’t really tell the difference, but one night my eyes must have been really puffy, because I put the serum on and when I glanced back at the mirror before going to bed, I almost did a double take. Where those my eyes? So I can tell you from experience that it REALLY works.

  6. Emmy

    Hi! I have always suffered from really dark circles under my eyes, and no amount of sleep ever clears them up, Also, I hardly drink any coffee or coke at all. I’ve been told that Hylexin is the miracle cream to use, but it’s quite expensive (95$ for .78oz). Has anyone tried it?

  7. Hey Cristine,

    No Cristine.Im really very lucky.I dont have dark circles thankx to god and my gud intake of water,milk and full sleep.Yes truly if we include water in our lives for 15 glasses a day then we wont be having any dark circles,like bubyeeeeee to dark circles!!and also we will be blessed with a beautiful skin tone and texture aswell!!!!