Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

Beautiful Beginnings with NARS

What was the first NARSproduct you ever tried?  Did it pave way for a real romance or did it put you off the brand entirely?  What was the first NARSproduct you purchased?  Did you love it? Hate it? Still own it?

my answer:  One of the first NARS products I ever reviewed was actually their skincare, which is surprisingly good (but less surprising, when you realize they’re owned by Shiseido, which is a brand that really knows skincare!). I still love their Hydrating Moisture Cream! There are some great NARS products, but I’ve also tried several products that I really haven’t liked (Shadow Pencils, I’m looking at you!). My all-time favorite product is their Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Primer, though!

Share your first time experiences with NARS in the comments! :)

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98 thoughts on “Beautiful Beginnings with NARS

  1. Vanessa

    NARS Belle de Jour lipstick when I was fourteen or so, purchased because I love the movie and Catherine Deneuve’s makeup look in it. Still a great, go-to nude lipstick. NARS lipsticks are my all-time favorite–can’t stand the vanilla flavor of MAC ones, yuck.

  2. Melissa

    I picked up Petit Monstre lipstick on a whim, and fell in love with the formula. That led to me checking out their blushes, which are (of course) amazing, and from there I was hooked!

  3. C_Justine

    My very first product of Nars was the blush ‘Amour’. A very nice pink blush. I originally was looking for another blush but the saleslady (?) said I should try one, so I did. And I love it! It’s still my favorite blush I own, it’s just sooo pretty! Now I’m in love with Nars blushes! :)

  4. Jennifer

    The first NARS products I bought were Sheer glow foundation, Deep Throat blush and Roman Holiday lipstick and I absolutely loved them! After that, I turned to be a NARS girl and now I have lots lots of NARS products!

  5. My first Nars product is the oh-so predictable orgasm blush… I was sold from that moment on. I loved it (and still do love it) with a passion. Since then I picked up about 5 more blushes & have a Sephora order I’m about to pull a trigger on for 2 more blushes, plus Lasha e/s. Lasha will be my first Nars E/S. I have Cha Cha Cha np, and drying time takes FOREVER! pretty colour tho.

  6. I’ve been trying to get hold of NARS products but they aren’t available in India and I seem to be unable to find them when I go out of the country! I’m sure my first product will be a blush or lipstick but now the primer is added to the list as well!

  7. GAGbeauty

    the Orgasm blush! so pretty 😀

  8. divinem (Melissa)

    Orgasm. Yuk. I didn’t like it on me at all. I’ve tried Sin and Oasis. They’re okay. I do like the lip shine pencils. Their shade range for powders is abhorrent. If the customer is on either end of the complexion spectrum, they’re out.

    Overall, I just don’t particularly like the brand.

  9. saraa

    the first product I’ve ever tried from NARS was the blush in orgasm ! i loved it so i bought about 5 more blushes . my favorite blush that i use every day is luster <3 i also love their multiples because i only use cream products for bronzer and highlighters ; )

  10. Liz

    My first ever Nars product was the multiple in Orgasm. Boy, was I disappointed… Only glitter, no colour, a very dry texture that could not be used on lips or eyes… I still have it, I won’t toss it, just because of the price. My second was a creme blush in Penny Lane, the colour disappears after 10 minutes on me, no matter how much I put on. Plus, I hate the texture. Again, I won’t toss it because of the price, but I truly hate it.
    (just for the record, I’m something like NC-10 or 12…)

  11. rachel

    I first bought a shadow pencil in the color Celebrate. I couldn’t even get it on my eye, yet it glided so nicely on my hand in store. Will never be fooled again. A sephora associate also used some of albatross on me, which just looked like uneven, blotchy skin tone to me… I will probably never try anything by Nars again. The shadows don’t seem too nice or pigmented; I have rosy cheeks and never really wear blush. The lip glosses are just so-so, nothing I can’t get color-wise by another brand.

  12. April

    My first NARS product ever was their blush in Orgasm. It is a very versatile, wonderful shade with subtle shimmer and great color – for all skin tones.

  13. Daria

    My first experience with NARS was with their blushes and eyeshadow! I had a ton of Shoppers Optimum points to spend, so I bought 3 NARS blushes -Dolce Vita, Desire and Deep Throat. I love them all, expect for Deep Throat I don’t reach for very often, as it’s pretty shimmery for my liking.

    On that day, I also bought an eyeshadow single from them -Galapogos. Super pigmented and a gorgeous colour, though I don’t reach for it very often.

    A lot of their products do pique my interest, but I find them pretty pricy, so they’re a splurge for me!

  14. Brittany

    My first time experience with NARS was at SAKS in Boston on vacation I had always wanted try one of their blushes & so many people recommended Taj Mahal to me. Sephora doesn’t carry Taj Mahal & that’s the only NARS retailer near me & I really never looked into ordering it. When I came across it in Saks it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT & I’ve been in love with it ever since! Since then I’ve picked up a few other but it’s still my favorite even though Amour is creeping up for its spot.

  15. Esther

    last fall, when I was looking for reviews of eye primers other than UDPP (I’m not fond of it for a reason that I can’t quite put my finger on), I came across Temptalia for the first time and saw your rec for NARS’s eye primer. that’s the only thing I’ve ever bought from NARS, but I don’t go a day without it!

  16. Estel

    My first Nars product, as for many other people I suppose, was their world-famous blush in Orgasm. I purchased it in 2009 when I was studying in England, as by that date it wasn’t available in my country.
    I didn’t stop using it for months, until I decided to bring some other friends home: Gina, Exhibit A, Laguna…
    I must add that their Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Primer, the Sheer Glow foundation and the sheer lipsticks are my favourite products!
    I always look forward to the next season for their latest collections!

  17. Rosa Napoleon

    My first experience with NARS was my favorite blush Dolce Vita. I love this blush. I didn’t have a NARS counter or a Sephora near me so I decide to buy after I saw a Youtube video someone favorite NARS blushes. This started my addiction to NARS. I think it just blends so nicely into my brown skin. I wear just about everyday and it seems to complement almost every look.

  18. I purchase my first NARS item like 2 months ago, and it was the stick concealer in Custard. It didn’t blow my mind, but it is a decent product. And then along came the spring collection, from which I got Paramaribo and Mexican Rose. I love Mexican Rose (but it’s SO hard to remove), but Paramaribo is hands down the winner! I’m sure my positive experience with NARS eyeshadows will keep me going back for more!

    • Tim

      Sunny, try the Nars Makeup Cleansing Oil. It will break down the pigment (and any shimmer) and get it off, then you just have to wash your face with a cleanser to get whatever is left.

  19. I’m pretty sure it was Dolce Vita blush, and I swapped for it. I remember cradling it in my hand when it arrived in the mail, like golden treasure. 😀

  20. Veronica

    I currently own only a few NARS products, but my first was the blush Angelika. It’s one of my favorites, and I was impressed enough with the wear that I plan on picking up a couple more shades from them. I was also really impressed with Valparaiso, which is one of the few matte lipsticks I’ve tried that didn’t commit mass hydration murder on my lips, so I’m likely to pick up a few more lip color shades from them. While I don’t think it’ll ever be my go-to brand, I can see it filling my collection a bit more. (I’m also a sucker for the packaging. So sleekly minimalist!)

  21. my first NARS product was Taj Mahal, i was so intrigued by it i purchased two, one for home and one for when i’m on the go…lol since them i’ve got a little collection going

  22. The first NARS product I used was their Blush in Orgasm..Loved it and now Im a big fan. Can’t go with out my Sheer Glow & Blushes:)

  23. Jamie

    I tried the coveted orgasm blush and was so disappointed! I ended up giving it to a friend. It had no color on me and was all glitter. Then I tried their lip stick in pencil form and that is ok with a gloss. The color is gorgeous but it dries my lips out. I haven’t had the best luck with the brand, but the one place they shine is their super soft eye shadows! I have one duo and absolutely love it. So soft and so blendable.

  24. Janeen

    The orgasm blush!! I’m a make up freak and I’m always reading reviews and ratings so when I saw that blush continually being a top rated blush, I had to have. I’ve actually hit pan on it :) I really want to get their eyeshadow primer because for some reason UDPP has stopped working on my eyelids :(

  25. t_zwiggy

    My first NARS product was Orgasm blush. All the hype about that blush is what got me interested in the brand. I did like it, and still do, but I don’t think it’s worth the hype. I also bought All About Eve eyeshadow duo after reading some great reviews on MUA. I used it as my go-to neutral look for a while, and although I like the quality of the shadows, those particular shades are not that great for my skin tone.

    My most used NARS products these days are Smudgeproof (used every day), Abyssinia shadow (go-to highlighter), Edie shadow (great to set MAC Painterly PP for no-makeup makeup looks!) and Luster blush.

  26. daylami

    Orgasm for sure, and I really like it but it gets this gnarly hard layer on top that makes it hard to pick up color, so it doesn’t get a lot of use. (I’m kind of a blush weenie, so I wind up just using MAC Alpha Girl most of the time.) It’s gotta be at least six years old now anyway, so maybe it’s go-time.

  27. My very first was NARS Orgasm blush, I bought it because of all the hype. Thank God it suits me and is one of my HG blush. But now, I am lemming their Lipstick, nothing tops my list but a good NARS lippie :).

  28. My first NARS product was Gypsy lipstick, which I still love. Second was Cruella velvet matte lip pencil, which is my absolutely favorite red – and I love, love, love the formula (I recently bought Damned, which I like – but it’s really the color and the formula together that made me fall in love with Cruella).

  29. Marie

    The first NARS product I ever purchased was Cleo Eyeshadow Duo, and I’ve loved their eyeshadows ever since. :)

  30. Lee

    My first NARS were Orgasm blush and an eyeshadow duo that had a light matte pink and a frosty orange/apricot. I can’t remember what the duo was called (bliss, maybe?) but it was very pretty and perfect for someone just getting into eyeshadows. And I still wear Orgasm, it’s a very nice shade for someone very pale like me. I can see how it might not work for more olive or deeper skin tones.

  31. Tracy

    My first NARS product was a skincare too ! It was the mud mask, because of the packaging. Turns out that it is really a great mask ! Then I got a grey eye pencil called London, which smudged quite a bit, so that was a letdown. After that, I got the Orgasm nail polish and blush, Laguna bronzer and Deep throat blush. Love them all !!!

  32. AmyD

    my first nars was grand palais eyeshadow duo and pago pago lipstick. i am loving the nars sheer lipstick formula!

  33. I haven’t been impressed with NARS overall honestly, their blushed I’ve tried have been just ok in my books. I don’t get the hype over Orgasm as I have a blush that out preforms it for $3 in the same shade from La Femme.

    The eyeshadows I just haven’t tried as I feel the shades are not that unique to be worth the Canadian price tag.

    BUT I want to get Albatross as it a lovely white highlighter with a hint of warmth and a nice change from the gold of TheBalms Mary Lou Manizer.

  34. Laurel

    My very first NARS product was the eyeshadow Voyage which is a beautiful tan with golden shimmer. I bought it probably in middle school and it had been very loved. The next products were two cream eyeshadow in mykonos and corfu which did not get much love since I despise the formula. I am obsessed with their lipsticks now and I’m currently loving the tinted moisturizer too!

  35. amy

    It all began with a quest to find a red eyeshadow, and I picked up Grenadines, along with Abyssinia, Night Breed, Night Star, Fathom, & Cyprus. Then Daphne came about, along with Eurydice (LOVE), Melusine, Brousse, & Tzarine. I took a break for a while, but then came Arabian Nights, Night Clubbing, Night Flight, Night Fever, & Night Porter, all of which really “pop” when used over UDPP Sin. Ondine (HG), Lhasa, All About Eve & Madrague came next. I haven’t tried blushes or lipstick, as those are products I just rarely use, but I did pick up Albatross as an all over highlighter. I plan to pick up Nico as well, along with Lulu, Edie, Pandora, Coconut Grove, & Mekong this week, but no more makeup of any kind until the October Warhol collection. I will eventually try Zen, though. Needless to say, I love NARS.

  36. I think the first product I tried was Nars Sheer glow liquid foundation in Siberia. It’s a perfect match for my skin and I fell in love with it. So I bought the pressed version, and then I tried some eye shadows, and then I tried blushes, and then lip crayons. That one purchase was a total gateway. Now I’m a fan of the brand. I feel like they’re very nice quality products.

  37. The first thing I bought from Nars was Orgasm blush. A lot of Youtube gurus were mentioning that, so I decided to get it. I just recently bought another one. Since my first purchase, I got lots of eyeshadow, and duos, and nail polishes. However, I don’t have any of their foundations or powders.

  38. Ines

    Deep Throat blush (2 pans later, still LOVE, although I’m cheating on Monsieur Nars and using MAC Mocha right now) & Chihuahua lip gloss – 5 years ago, when I was a poor broke college student, these seemed like such luxuries (hadn’t even heard of $60 Guerlain lipsticks or $100 Chanel powders, nor could I afford it at the time)!

  39. NARS TROPICAL eyeshadow… really love it

  40. Ana

    The first product I’ve tried from NARS was the orgasm/ laguna blush and bronzer duo! I still have it and love it :) NARS is one of my favorite blush brands.

  41. maritza

    very first was the nars day and night eyeshadow palette from a blogsale and received a night breed single as a freebie along with it. I didn’t LOVE it, because at the time I wanted the kat von d metal orchestra palette MORE so I swapped that away for it.

  42. Jennifer

    My very first NARS product was Dolce Vita lipstick, when I was still in high school (so probably like 2005 or so). I remember that it had been hyped in several magazines as the ultimate “my lips but better” shade, and this was before beauty blogs were a thing. I loved it – still love it, in fact, even 6 years later. I’ve added a few other lipsticks to my collection – Señorita, Flamenco, and my new favorite, Bilbao – as well as the AMAZING Hot Sauce palette, which remains one of my favorite lip palettes of all time. I’ve also gone for a couple of glosses – Bloodwork and Orgasm – and tried the stains – Victoire – but have never really been tried their other products, though I always think I ought to, because their stuff is so great.

  43. Georgia

    The Orgasm/Laguna duo. Still have it although it’s almost gone. Still use it. It
    Led to my love affair w/ NARS. Now mOst of my MU is NARS.

  44. army wife in alaska

    My first NARS product was this glittery chunky gold eyeshadow called Night Sun which was on sale at Sephora that time for like $8. The packaging was beautiful but the shadow was glittery and the texture wasn’t as good as say MAC Woodwinked. I’m still looking forward to trying some of their other products but for eyeshadow I guess I’ll just stick to MAC and UD.

  45. My first NARS product was their Amour powder blush. I had read that it was one of Jennifer Aniston’s favorite blushes. I still have it–although I have hit pan quite a while back. I won’t replace it because I have moved on to cream blushes.

  46. Orlane

    Oooooooh! I’ve been waiting for a beautiful beginnings with Nars since you’ve started making these type of subject :). I have kind of a love affair with them :).

    The first Nars product I bought was their famous Orgasm blush, it was 3 years ago. But I actually bought it for my sister : she wanted a pretty peachy pink blush, and I’m really into makeup myself. I had heard the rave reviews about that blush and about Nars products in general, so I decided to give it a shot :).
    She loooooved it and… me too :). I couldn’t stop taking it from her lol!
    Just after I bought The midsummer dream set ( and received Rose Gitane, Supervixen and Female trouble mini lipglosses as a GWP), Melusine eyeshadow, Stella lipgloss, Orgasm lipgloss, Ophelia lipgloss ( gift from my sister), forever yours set, Mayflower lipstick ( gift from a friend) and Copacabana multiple.

    As my obsession with them was growing, I went to a Nars event in April 2010 and loved it so much! The make-up artist was so lovely and I had a blast chatting with her about our favourite products, color combos and stuffs. It was amazing, she was so pleased meeting a “fan” and I really enjoyed her attitude! I got a makeover, I looked so gorgeous! she had used various products but especially Baroque velvet gloss lip pencil, the rang had just launched at the time. I absolutely loved the color and bought it.
    Then I saw the Portrait of Paradise palette and thought it was so pretty! I really wanted to try Albatross and Laguna, and wanted my own Orgams lol :).

    Then I decided to stop for a moment because I realized I had too much makeup ( not only Nars but in general). I really wanted to use up some products, see what I really liked… and actually I realized that most of the products I was reaching for often were Nars :). The texture of their powder blushes and eyeshadows blended so well on my skin. I had a bad time with lipglosses in general but rediscovered them with the minis as my GWP so I bought others. They are so creamy and pigmented! I really don’t like watery sheer lipglosses personally, so.. :).

    Nevertheless, as I was testing out porducts, I discovered some products that were really poor quality : They hungry Heart blush/highlighter duo is so chalky and powdery! no pigment, just chunks of glitter! I barely use the pink side; it’s really cakey.
    Also, as you mentionned Christine : their Soft Touch Shadow pencils are so impossible to work with! beautiful colors ( I have Aigle Noir) but they crease like CRAZY! I only use it as a base, it works ok-ish.
    Also, I’ve had bad luck with their Orgasm nail polish (patchy on me, but that actually must be because of the poor quality of my nails. ) and Orgasm lipgloss ( so sticky! strange because it did not happen with the others, maybe I got a bad one!)and Orgasm illuminator (allergic reaction).

    I try to be active on their Facebook page, because I love them and want to share ma passion :). I often discuss with the girl on their Twitter account, she’s sooo nice!. When they were doing a sample giveaway for the new Pure Radiant tinted moisturizer, I was quite sad because it was US only and I live in France. But their Twitter administrator contacted me and said she wanted to send me a tinted moisturizer as a “thank you” for my “mastery” ( aw, that really moved me!) on their fanpage. I was very plesed to see that! and even more pleased when I saw that not only did she send me a full tinted moisturizer but only tons of other stuff sent for consideration. I was so amazed, I thanked them a million LOL :’).
    I made sure to spread the Nars love around me as I could not keep eerything, my sister and my best friend now are Nars converts! :).
    I still discuss with the girl on their Twitter because she’s so sweet, and still post on their page often!

    Overall, Nars is my favourite brand! some of my favourite products include Pure Radiant tinted moisturizer, Copacabana and Orgasm multiple, Orgasm and Deep Throat blushes, Laguna bronzer, Stella and Deep Throat lipglosses, Baroque elvet Gloss lip pencil, Mayflower and Bilbao lipsticks, Lhasa eyeshadow and Adelita nail polish!.
    François Nars is one of my greatest inspirations in life, I thank him for making me feel so pretty and confident with its playful names, innovative formulas and colors! I would love to meet him some day!

    Sorry for the “novel” lol, but I really wanted to communicate my enthusiasm! :)

  47. My very first product from NARS was the orgasm blush. I had heard so much hype about it, I was almost disappointed. It’s a good blush, don’t get me wrong, but I think it’s overhyped and my expectations were set too high.. I have since found blushes that work better on me.
    Having said that, it didn’t put me off the brand at all, and I purchased a few other of their blushes, because I think the quality is definitely there. I haven’t really tried many products though, but that is because I live somewhere where you can’t get NARS easily, otherwise I’d probably own more :)

  48. Of course it was their blush! I LOVE NARS!!

  49. My first foray into NARS was the Sheer Glow foundation! I tried it multiple times in multiple shades, since I couldn’t seem to get a good color match, not to mention the foundation never sat well on my face.

    It gives beautiful medium-buildable coverage that glides on effortlessly. It initially sets to a satin-matte finish that looks fantastic. However, after about TWO hours, it starts to separate and accentuate everything on my face because I’m so oily. Didn’t matter what powder, primer, etc. I used, it just wouldn’t cooperate with me.

    Since then, I’ve stayed away from NARS just because their other foundation, Sheer Matte, is just awful. I can’t see it working for anyone. And I’ve never been a huge fan of stick concealers… Though, I’m sure if I wore color makeup, that I’d love their blushes and eyeshadows!

  50. ms

    bought the holiday blush palette for 65 that came out this past winter. only nars product i own. brand just seems overpriced to me. i bought the blush palette cos it was a great deal. not a blush person, and iwasn’t that impressed by that stuff. i will buy that lipstick though, heat wave eventually.

  51. Sharona

    My first product was the Orgasm blush and I still have and love it and use it!

  52. Laura

    The first product I ever used was the Sheer Glow Foundation in Barcelona, and it really did make me glow! I soon fell in love with the brand. Unfortunately, I recently learned that the Environmental Working Group found many harmful substances in NARS’s products. I am slowly trying to switch over to another product line, but it’s been impossible to find anything that gives me the same glow that Sheer glow did :(

    • Kayti

      **Thank you for posting that info…I’ve been undecided about taking the Torrid blush back I bought a few days ago and now I will.**

      My first products from Nars were their lipglosses. I bought 3 and 2 were ok but the one that had shimmer/glitter dried out very quickly so that was a dissappointed.

      I needed a new foundation and tried the sheer glow and like someone else mentioned, the foundation looked good for 2 hours then I was a carrot, oily, mess in the face. The foundation also went bad after like 2 months and I had half a bottle still left.

      So that made me not like the brand but all the beauty experts rave about their blushes so I bought Torrid which I do like but I’m going to take it back because I know I can find something better.

      Not a NARS fan

  53. Dominique

    Funny face lipstick I think. I love NARS, many many products followed Funny Face, I never thought I would become so addicted to the brand !

  54. Carmel

    The Torrid/Albatross duo, only a few months ago. And I love Albatross with all my heart now, though I think I actually prefer Orgasm Illuminator for my illuminating needs. Anyway, LOVE Nars.

  55. Kimberly

    It was when I bought my first blush at Sephora (color: Angelika) – I went back the same day and bought 7 more! LOL.

  56. Chris

    My first NARS purchase was actually part of my first foray into higher-end makeup — the lipstick in Afghan Red. Unfortunately the color didn’t work out for me because it was too dark, but I liked the formula. Since then, I’ve found many more products in the brand to enjoy and now I have quite a large NARS collection!

  57. Rachel

    First ever NARS Products were Ashes to Ashes Eyeshadow, Biarritz Eyeshadow, Catfight Lipstick and Sweet Charity Lip Lacquer. Ashes to Ashes is my favorite eyeshadow of all time and Biarritz is the only eyeshadow I’ve ever completely used up. It’s the perfect matte base color for my eyelids. The lipstick was destroyed (I left it in my car and it melted) and I haven’t used the Sweet Charity Lip Lacquer in ages. NARS is still one of my all time favorite makeup brands though!

  58. Sabrina

    LAGUNA Bronzer !

    I was looking for a replacement for Guerlain Brunette Terracotta witch is ok but…. not fantastic.

    Loved Laguna, still do. I go fro Casino when I’m tanned and I love it it’s fantastic.

    Then I tried Nars sheer glow, but my only regret is that it makes me breakout.

  59. Em

    I haven’t dabbled too much into Nars products. I love looking at their makeup when I’m in Sephora, but I’ve only purchased two things from them. The first thing I bought was their stick concealer and I thought it was awful. I found it very drying and rather than covered spots, it clung them and made them more obvious. That was probably more than a year ago I tried that product. In November, my husband and I were in AZ and we stopped by to shop at a mall and I went into the Sephora there which was HUGE compared to the one by me. Nars duo eyeshadow in Violetta caught my eye right away. I love, love this duo. I wear it all the time even though it’s purple. People probably wonder why I’m always wearing purple eyeshadow…The one side is a matte mauve and the other side is a metallic lavandar/violet. I’ve heard some of their eyeshadows are hits or misses, but this one is definitly a hit.

  60. Monica

    My first item by Nars was the Dolce Vita blush, next I got another blush in Crazed, which I almost never use cuz it’s crazy pigmented but lovely!
    My favorite items by Nars are most definitely the blushes, my next purchase will be Torrid as soon its available
    I just hope they release more shades of the Lip lacquers, I looove those!

  61. Dany

    I remembered clearly what my first purchase was-Albatross highlighter! It was several years ago when I just started to wear makeup and I was in my local Sephora store looking for a powder highlighter. It’s $25, so I ended up returning it because I thought that was too expensive (considering now they are $28 a piece…sigh) Anyway, after a while I finally realized how much I love it and how hard to find a cheaper dupe, so I bought it back and it’s my staple ever since! It definitely sucked me into the whole NARS brand and I now love all the blushes (own over a dozen now), some of the duo eyeshadows (the good ones!) and of course, the eye primer is amazing! I will continue to collect more and more NARS stuff for sure!

  62. Marian Humin

    The first NARS product I bought was the iconic Orgasm blush. I loved it and have bought many NARS products since. I have never found a blush formula that I like better than NARS blushes and I’ve tried them all.

  63. Miss J

    My first product was Deep Throat Blush. I kept hearing about NARS, especially their blushes, all over the net and in magazines. Orgasm, of course, was the one I most frequently heard about, but it just never appealed that much to me. In searching for blush reviews and swatches on YT, I started to hear great things about Deep Throat; this blush is often referred to as a better version of Orgasm, which I totally agree! I bought it a few years ago for my birthday, and have been in love with it ever since that time. I still own this blush…as well as, about 13 other blushes, a highlighter, a bronzer, a multiple, an eye liner, some foundation, and I could go on. NARS is one of my absolute favorite brands.

  64. Mel

    when my hometown Sephora first opened about 5 years ago, I bought Nars Seniorita lipstick, it’s my HG “my lips but better shade.”

  65. Charlene

    My first NARS product, like many others, was Orgasm blush. I wasn’t impressed and ended up swapping it away. Since then, I’ve tried their eye shadows, other blush shades, highlighters and foundations. NARS Sheer Glow is actually my HG foundation to the point where I wouldn’t buy another foundation again. And my HG blush is NARS Deep Throat. Point being: The most popular product won’t work for everyone but there certainly is something for everyone within the brand.

  66. Jessica

    The first thing I ever tried from NARS was Dolce Vita lipstick, because I heard it was a great “your lips but better” shade. It was everything I wanted, nude but pretty, and creamy. I’m gonna keep buying this as long as they make it.

  67. shelly

    My first NARS purchase was Orgasm blush, given all the hype surrounding it. That was years ago (about 2005/06, I think). I kind of ignored NARS for a while, but I’m wanting to revisit it again.

  68. Karen

    I originally bought Nars Orgasm for a bachelorette party gift. My very own first purchase was Nars Etrusque shadow after reading the awesome review here! Then I tried their matte lipstick in Montego Bay, also after falling in love with it here!

  69. I actually very recently only ventured into the world of NARS and picked up the cult favourite Orgasm Blush. I guess you could say “I drank the Kool-Aid”


  70. Ana Naz

    My first Nars ever was actually the eyeshadow duo Kuala Lumpur! When I first saw that at the Nars counter I just couldnt resist myself. Coz I’m from Kuala Lumpur myself, living in Australia. The colours are just right & special :)
    Next was a blush Desire, by my best friend. Orgasm was a late purchase after a few of other Nars colours I bought.
    Then I started to venture in buying more Nars, Nars, Nars.. love the pigmentation & high quality product.

  71. Adilah

    My first ever Nars product was their Napoli lipstick. The color is amazing! it’s peachy pink nude-ish color that is perfect for everyday wear. it is my favorite!

  72. Barbara

    My first (and maybe last) Nars purchase was Bali Eyeshadow. It creases like crazy and doesn’t last. Cost me $24. I think I’ll stick with MAC and UD!

  73. Jenny

    My first every NARS products were the Babydoll potted gloss and Shanghai Express lipstick. Not sure why I ordered Shanghai Express as I never wear red, and I never did wear that lipstick, but I guess I was just wanting to experiment. I wasn’t enamored with the brand then and though I’ve tried other products over the years, I’ve never got the love. Their color palette doesn’t really call out to me. They have one item I would repurchase, Dolce Vita lipstick, and Sephora used to carry a nice lipgloss duo with a shade called Hustler, that I just loved, but they don’t make anymore. I do want the LE Llhasa, but I probably won’t be able to get it before it’s gone. Otherwise I’m good with never owning anything else by NARS.

  74. My first product was Orgasm blush. I like it and I still own it but it’s definitely not my favorite NARS product. But NARS is one of my favorite brands. I love Laguna bronzer, deep throat blush, and ashes to ashes eye shadow!

  75. Laurence

    I purchased my first Nars item a month ago ! It was Luster blush, I love love love the color and formula but I think I’m a little bit too pale right now, I can’t wait to summer to see what it’s going to look like ! I’ve since bought Gilda blush and love it as well :) My next purchases are going to be Nars sheer glow and Madly blush :)

  76. karen

    When I was about 17 and didn’t have a lot of money I researched Gilda the blush for 2 days! Of course with it being the F&F sale at Sephora I caved. I rediscovered peaches blush from mac and they’re both almost the same. And then a couple years later I purchased Laguna and Exhibit A, and they’re still both favorites as face products(Laguna is the only bronzer I continuously run out of).

  77. Clara

    The first product I ever used was the Nars Lip Palette, which has 4 lip glosses, 4 lipstick and 2 Multiples. Left a very good impression, now I have the Nars Matte foundation : )

  78. The first thing I tried from Nars is the Orgasm blush. I loved it at first because of the hype, but I don’t wear it often now. I just don’t find it is a super great blush that I must have. I prefer MAC Melba much more.

  79. I’m happy to say that my first product was the blush palette. I was dying for the Orgasm!! So when Sephora and Nars launched the palette for the holidays, I bought it! It was my birthday present!!

  80. tuss

    My mum worked for a company that owned many brands, I’m not sure about everything since I was only about 10 when she quit. Anyway, at the time we had NARS in Sweden, we don’t anymore. My mum would get loads of free makeup (testers, discontinued things and sometimes brand new things). Now I’m older and we still have some of it left, and I’m not really into the date when it comes to make up, I’d still use it if it’s fine. I have only tried their eyeshadows, one brush and their loose powder and I still reach for the powder without even thinking. Its a really good brand. I hope to try more of their things

  81. stella

    My friend bought Kilimanjaro Eye Shadow Duo and I loved how the e/s colours were so spectacular. Must be at least 10 years ago. I love almost all of their products. Can’t remember my first product anymore. Not available in my country, so it makes me want more NARS.

  82. Christina

    Hello, Prom 1997….I went to the Nars counter at Saks Fifth Avenue clutching a tear of a smokey-eyed model and my lids were dusted and lined with Black Forest shadow, then smudged with The Multiple Copacabana, and my face was finished with a light dusting of Nars Loose Powder in Desert and I gulped, loudly, when I paid almost $100 in makeup! Still a fortune now, let alone when I was 16! I still adore Nars and reach for my Dolce Vita and my Laguna bronzer daily.

  83. Tomeka

    My first experience with NARS was fairly recent. I always heard about the quality of the products but really couldnt get with the price point of some of them. I mean, I always consider MAC a splurge for my budget!

    I recently visited Sephora after finding a product rave of the Tinted Moisturizer and got a sample…I LOVED IT! Im not particularly a foundation kind of girl but I wanted a more even canvas so the TM was just what I needed. Now I know why people have no problems buying the somewhat pricey items, the TM is worthy every penny of the $42. My next purchase will be the blush I’ve been dying to get my hands on….Taj Mahl. Im almost positive I wont be disappointed.

    I wont say that Im hooked because the lipsticks dont strike me as must-have items but I will be trying more blushes and restocking on the TM when it runs out….wait, I guess I am hooked! :-)

  84. Nicola

    Palette with All About Eve and Orgasm in it, which definitely started a love affair!

  85. Audrey

    With all the hype of Orgasm I wanted to give it a shot. I put in an order for the Orgasm Illuminator, Galaxy Girl Lipstick, and South Pacific eyeshadow duo. Orgasm looks horrible on me. My cheeks are naturally flushed so adding the peachy warm of Orgasm just makes my face look RED. While I wasn’t impressed with Orgasm I LOVED the galaxy girl lipstick and eyeshadow. To this day Nars eyeshadows are the best in terms of their feel and color and their lipsticks are perfect for my lips. They don’t slide but they don’t get dry or fade like others do. I was SOLD on NARS from those two products. They are also the only company to have a foundation that perfectly matches my skin, I was so bummed that both sheer glow & matte broke me out so I can’t wear them!

  86. Collier Phillips

    nars is one of my favorite makeup brands, and the first product i tried was rated r, a shimmery eyeshadow duo with bright blue and green and oh my god i loved it so much it was all i wore for a long time. i have probably over 30 different nars products now and i love most of them but i don’t hate any of them and i’ve used all of them multiple times.

  87. Liz

    My first Nars product was Orgasm. I returned it because it was too light for me. I ended up buying an eyeshadow duo next. I really like Nars eyeshadows, they last really long. The eyeshadow did start a love affair. Now I would say Nars is probably my second favorite brand (after Make Up For Ever).

  88. Nars lipstick with the help of a friend who bought it from Barneys NYC in 1995 timeframe. I think only Barneys had Nars then. Later bought many Nars lipstick, a blush, some eyeshadows, some more lipsticks and then I stopped cold….realized the lipstick would turn bad if I dont use it and found other products better than Nars…plus I dont like the fact that Nars is made in Canada….nothing against Canada….but felt the quality was not the same since.

  89. Laura

    I only own 3 Nars products – Orgasm blush was my first and I think it’s fine but not worth the hype. The others I own are Lhasa eyeshadow and Paramaribo (?) eyeshadow duo from the recent spring collection. I LOVE both of them and definitely want to get more into the brand, but it is expensive. It’s interesting to read the comments here and get some ideas about what to try!

  90. Shelley

    I just bought Nars bronzer in Casino. The bronzer I was using wasn’t dark enough. I fell in love with this bronzer. It’s just the right color and goes on smooth. Doesn’t cake or isn’t blotchy. Perfect! I am now wondering what else Nars has that I will love.

  91. JasmineSmith

    Do you guys think that NARS Casino is too light for a NW46 skin tone? That’s medium dark for an African American. 

  92. Nikki

    I only own two Nars products, both of which are lip products.  My first was a lip gloss in All Night Long, and the second was a Lip Stain/Lip Gloss duo in Indian Red/Moon Fleet.  I decided to try my first NARS product when I was browsing Sephora’s website and noticed that the lip gloss All Night Long was selling for only $10.  Couldn’t beat that price, and I love lip products so I had to give it a go.  All Night Long is a beautiful reddish plum in my opinion.  It is a sheer wash of color when first applied to the lips; yet it is still pigmented enough to be noticed without being too overwhelming when worn.  I liked the color very much, and the texture of the gloss was excellent.  It applied smoothly, was moisturizing, and shiny just as I like my glosses.  There is a plastic-y smell to this gloss which is signature to all NARS glosses, but I am not sensitive to scents and this one faded fairly quickly so I overlooked it.  The only flaw I found in this gloss is that, for the retail price of $20+, it does not seem to last very long on the lips.  It leaves behind a trace of color and plenty of moisture, but I was just expecting my pigmented gloss to still be there when I looked in the mirror a hour or two after applying it. 
    As for the duo, the Indian Red lip stain was useless.  The stain never actually set on my lips and just smeared when I applied the Moon Fleet gloss on top.  However, I did get a great gloss out of Moon Fleet because I love the golden shimmer in it.  I wears nicely over other lip colors, so I’m glad that duo wasn’t a total waste. 
    Overall, my experience with NARS hasn’t been a bad one, but it hasn’t made me eager to try their other products as well.  I used to have a huge craving to try their blushes that are so raved about, but since discovering my new favorite brand (La Femme Blush on Rouge), I don’t reach for my other high end or limited edition blushes at all because I’m too busy playing in my La Femme palette so no need to waste money on other blushes that won’t get used.  I also at one point wanted to try other NARS glosses, but for the price, the longevity of the gloss once applied just doesn’t cut it for me and I know I wouldn’t use them.  I’ve sampled the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation as well, and although I loved it at first application, as I wore it through a day, I realized it wasn’t as great for me as I’d hoped it would be.  I may give it another chance one day, but for now, my dealings with NARS are probably complete.