Thursday, January 14th, 2010

Barielle Wildflower Collection for Spring 2010

Barielle’s Spring collection is called Wildflower and consists of six spring-y shades.  All but Snap Dragon apply pretty well, with Blossom being a little goopy but manageable.  Daring Dahlia and A Bouquet for Ava had the best application–very smooth, pigmented, and perfect consistency.  My favorites were Daring Dahlia (the way the fuchsia shimmer sparkles is gorgeous!) and June Bug (so different!), but I also really liked Myrza’s Meadow, too.  Snap Dragon was my least favorite from the runny consistency to the way brush strokes are really apparent.

Each bottle retails for $8 a pop and is available through (though I swear, I only saw Daring Dahlia there at present). By the way, 100% of the proceeds from A Bouquet for Ava, June Bug and Myrza’s Meadow purchased at will be donated to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund!

  • Daring Dahlia is a bright hot pink with fuchsia micro-shimmer. This one had a phenomenal texture and feel–it applied nearly opaque in just one coat and was a dream to apply.
  • Blossom is a creamy, bright orange-peach. It’s not neon, but it’s not tame either. This one I had a little trouble with the application; definitely need to use thinner coats initially. It went opaque in two coats, though.
  • Myrza’s Meadow is definitely one of the standouts of the collection. It’s almost like a soft, pastel pickle green with particle glitter spread throughout a creamy base. Application was good on this, though I should have used thinner coats (went a lil’ thick!). Two coats was good, but a third coat was perfect.
  • Snap Dragon is a metallic grassy green. I just don’t dig metallic/chrome kind of finishes, because dealing with the visible brush strokes is a pain in the butt. I wasn’t loving how this applied (a little runny), so this was my least favorite shade of the six.
  • A Bouquet for Ava is a beautiful shade of slightly darkened sky blue. It’s a creamy shade and goes opaque in one coat, though I did two for good measure. Application was perfect with this one.
  • June Bug is a periwinkle blue with an iridescent teal-blue shimmer-sheen with small red glitter. I loved this one, because it’s completely unlike anything I have already. It has the same finish and look/feel as Myrza’s Meadow, but it’s more exciting, because the contrast is greater. Application was good on this one as well.

Which are you favorites? Are you going to grab any of ’em?

See more photos & swatches…

Barielle Daring Dahlia Nail Polish

Daring Dahlia

Daring Dahlia

Barielle Blossom Nail Polish



Barielle Myrza’s Meadow Nail Polish

Myrza’s Meadow

Myrza’s Meadow

Barielle Snap Dragon Nail Polish

Snap Dragon

Snap Dragon

Barielle A Bouquet for Ava Nail Polish

A Bouquet for Ava

A Bouquet for Ava

Barielle June Bug Nail Polish

June Bug

June Bug

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61 thoughts on “Barielle Wildflower Collection for Spring 2010 Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Roxanne

    Wow! I like them all except Snap Dragon. Especially A Bouquet for Ava, June Bug and Myrza’s Meadow! Okay, now all I have to do is force this brand I’ve never even heard of to distribute these in my country and I’m good to go, LOL!

  2. evangelia

    WANT! what stores carry this brand?

  3. Elysia

    ooo! I love how these are so pretty, and only $8. I’m defiantly getting Daring Dehlia ans Myzra’s meadow

  4. Ashley

    I adore Daring Dahlia, Myrza’s Meadow and A Bouquet for Ava, although I don’t know if I’d ever wear the last one (I’m starting to move more toward less vibrant polishes). Would def. pick some up if they are available in Canada!

    What is the brush like? I really hate wide brushes like the OPI pro-wide as it always leads to streaky applications for me :/

    • They’re definitely not wide brushes like the OPI wide ones are. They seemed pretty average/normal – like it wasn’t the best brush of all time, but it didn’t have any failings. The only time I had application troubles seemed to be with the formula, not the brush so much!

      • Christine, I noticed you don’t apply nail polish all over your nails, just the middle part… why is that? It catches my eye… are your nails very wide or do you have problems reaching the edges? Thanks!

        • A few readers actually said you shouldn’t go all the way to the edges on the side, but I do it because these are swatches, not manicures. It’s much easier to swatch and remove polish this way, and it’s not as much wear and tear on my cuticles during the removal process.

    • Di

      I live in Canada and I found June Bug at Winners. Of course its always hit and miss with Winners, but check it out :)

  5. Blossom and A Bouquet for Ava!!

  6. Julie

    I have never seen Barielle nail polish in Canada! I need to get June bug – so unique! What store might these be available in?

  7. Laura

    I’m liking A Bouquet for Ava and Daring Dahlia a lot! I’m not sure if we even have this brand in the UK though…

  8. Jen

    Oh man, I HAVE to have June Bug!! Do you know if these are launching in February?

    • My info didn’t list a date, but I’d expect February-ish. I know the has the three up now, and I saw Daring Dahlia on this morning!

  9. Myrza´s Meadow looks like a fun colour, but it would have been so much cooler without the glitter I think.

  10. Tami

    I’m loving June Bug! I don’t think I have ever seen a color like that, must own it:)

  11. AnGeLwInGz

    Myrza’s Meadow, Daring Dahlia and June Bug are a definite. The other 3 I already own similar colors.

  12. Erin

    Gotta love any company that supports OCRF! Please support – my mom died of Ovarian Cancer when I was 20. May this never happen to any other young girl/woman!

  13. Amber

    Very pretty! Thank you for the swatches Christine! Do you think Blossom is anything like MAC’s Seasonal Peach?

  14. Stephanie

    A Bouquet for Ava is a standout,IMO. Nice post :)

  15. I love the blossom!

  16. Tiffany

    These remind me of China Glaze

  17. Andrea

    Mmmh, A Bouquet for Ava is calling my name.

  18. Gloria

    Very spring-y, reminds me of a robins egg.

  19. Alexis

    I am loving A Bouquet for Ava – I love those kind of blue polishes! Where can I find Barielle here in SF?

  20. Jennifer

    A Bouquet for Ava is beautiful! :) It’s also nice to hear that the application was really easy, and the money goes to charity? Sounds amazing to me!

  21. Snap Dragon and June Bug are totally my favorites!

    I can’t believe some people like Snap Dragon the least. Blasphemy!

  22. Melissa

    I’m really digging a bouquet for ava and june bug–june bug reminds me of a robin’s egg!

  23. Yes, I love Myrza’s Meadow and June Bug. They are so unique. Thanks for the update:)

  24. idakz

    i love A Bouquet for Ava but this is a brand i’ve never heard of too! any where i can get other than it’s website?

  25. Melissa (divinem)

    Thank you so much, Christine, for all the effort you put in to share these releases. I truly appreciate it! LOVE that it’s tolulene/formaldehyde-free. That means I can wear it. Tolulene/formaldehyde literally burns my nail beds, causing the nail to lift all the way to the cuticle. Awful, awful allergy!!

  26. karen

    I really like Blossom bc I’m loving peachy polishes lately. But I also like June Bug bc it’s so different and I like Daring Dahlia too.

  27. Cole

    Love love meadow and june bug, so spring and unlike anything I have

  28. Daring Dahlia is by far my favorite from this collection :) I love vibrant colors and if it’s fuchsia it’s even better. My next choice would be Blossom…in rest I will pass :)

  29. Jess

    “blossom” and “june bug” are my favs!! i might *need* to get those lol

  30. Nathalie

    I’m totally loving Blossom, Darling Dahlia, and June Bug! Is it bad that I’ve never even heard of this brand??? I’m so ashamed!

  31. MissTiss

    I have to have June Bug! It’s beautiful. Plus it’s my grandma’s nickname.

  32. Snap Dragon definately is the odd one out and considering the finishes and hues of the other lacquers I’m having a hard time understanding why this is part of the collection in the first place. Don’t like it at all!

    I would definately pick up Myrza’s Shadow, June Bug and Blossom, lovely!

  33. Cara

    I need Blossom like … NOW!

    I saw a picture of Kat Deluna (don’t really care for her) with a similar color and have saved it on my phone because I’ve been seeeearching for something like it! Hers isn’t as bright but I LOVE LOVE LOVE blossom!!!!

  34. Cherie

    June Bug is so hot!

  35. alice

    I love the looks of June Bug & Meadow–colorful yet they don’t scream look at my nails. But I really dislike the quality/formula of Barielle polishes. I buy the line when there’s a nice color, but In general, I haven’t found Barielle nail products, nor its nail polishes to be of high quality. Love the foot cream though.

  36. i love these colors are they coming with a new collection from barielle

  37. this collection is sort of weirdly non-cohesive. all the different finishes and textures is a little weird.