Sunday, December 16th, 2012

bareMinerals Eyeliner
bareMinerals The Night Vision Eyeliner Set

These Visions Last the Night

bareMinerals The Night Vision Round the Clock Eyeliner Set ($29.00 for 0.12 oz.) includes five shades: 11PM (dark charcoal), Midnight (blackout), 4AM (blue teal), 5AM (metallic champagne), and 6AM (royal purple). The formula is supposed to be smooth, bold, long-wearing, and waterproof.

  • 11PM is a darkened gray. It builds well, but in one pass, it had rather weak pigmentation.
  • Midnight is a rich black with brown undertones. It is incredibly pigmented in a single go.
  • 4AM is a light-medium sky blue with a touch of silver micro-shimmer. It had so-so pigmentation in a single glide but was buildable.
  • 5AM is a silver-gold-champagne-pewter. It changes depending on the angle–at one, it looks pewter, then the next, it looks almost golden. This is the one shade I have nothing that even comes close to.
  • 6AM is a red-toned purple with subtle shimmer and a metallic finish. It was the least pigmented of the five, and it wasn’t as creamy as the other shades.

Midnight is full-sized at 0.04 oz., while the other four shades are half-sized at 0.02 oz. each. All of the shades, except 5AM, are definitely dupable. 5AM is nothing like anything else I have in my stash, and it’s intriguing and versatile, because of how much of a chameleon it is. I hope that bareMinerals makes it part of their permanent range at some point.

The texture of bareMinerals’ Round the Clock Eyeliners is very, very creamy and incredibly soft. They almost feel as if they’re melting into the skin, because they have a texture that’s a bit like softened butter. I expected that the creaminess paired with the softness would result in poor wear, but these actually stayed on and on and on, through showers and over a twelve-hour time period. They even managed eight hours or longer on my water line.  Frankly, it was a bit like magic, because these are so creamy and buttery–definitely one of the softest eyeliners I’ve used so go easy on the pressure, because you don’t need much to deposit even color that just glides right no. I will note that sharpening these is best performed slowly or after leaving them in the freeze for a few minutes!

The Glossover


bareMinerals The Night Vision Eyeliner Set Review, Photos, Swatches

The consistency is incredibly creamy and soft, which can make sharpening more of a challenge than other pencils, but it does make getting more color in a single pass easier.











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bareMinerals Eyeliner
bareMinerals The Night Vision Eyeliner Set

bareMinerals Eyeliner
bareMinerals The Night Vision Eyeliner Set – Midnight, 6AM, 11PM, 5AM, 4AM

bareMinerals Eyeliner
bareMinerals 11PM Eyeliner

bareMinerals Eyeliner
bareMinerals Midnight Eyeliner

bareMinerals Eyeliner
bareMinerals 4AM Eyeliner

bareMinerals Eyeliner
bareMinerals 5AM Eyeliner

bareMinerals Eyeliner
bareMinerals 5AM Eyeliner

bareMinerals Eyeliner
bareMinerals 6AM Eyeliner

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Nordstrom, $29.

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45 thoughts on “bareMinerals The Night Vision Eyeliner Set Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Carrie

    I was wondering where you’d picked up 5AM the other day when you swatched it. It really is a stunning shade! I’d love to get my hands on it…but definitely don’t need the others. I hope they make it permanent too so I can grab it on its own!

  2. Gina

    Is it bad that I want this for 5am alone? I wish it was full size!

  3. Cat G

    5am eyeliner is amazing. I just want that one!

  4. Nicole

    Pretty, but I hope they start selling 5am on its own soon, definately the only one I’m interested in buying!

  5. Cat G

    I wish 5am was sold on its own!

  6. 5AM looks absolutely gorgeous!! I wonder if it can be used as an eyeshadow or eyeshadow base?

  7. 5AM is the one shade I’m hoping to find for the holidays and also hoping to get as a stocking stuffer. Unfortunately, can’t find it anywhere! It’s not sold individually and it’s probably the most beautiful and complex color of the bunch. Hope they come up with a solo stick soon… Great post!

  8. Hannah

    How do these compare to UD?

  9. Victoria

    Oh god that golden shade is SO beautiful! Can I buy it individually?

  10. Tamara

    I cannot tell you how bad I want that 5am eyeliner! Plus the fact that you rated them A. Its amazing! Would you compare the formula in these to the Urban Decay 24/7 glide one pencils? I just bought the Ocho Loco set and I love them, however I have to sharpen them every time I use them. Which sucks because I have low-end products that I don’t have to sharpen as much, and they last WAY longer than my Perversion liner.

    • They’re more pigmented (in one pass) and creamier than UD :)

    • I would definitely say as far as sharpening goes…you will have to sharpen this as often as you do the UD Perversion liner (which I think is probably the softest/creamiest of the UD pencils). But like Christine mentioned in the review you can temporarily harden them by placing in the freezer for a few minutes prior to sharpening or just take your time and sharpen slowly. I prefer the grindhouse sharpener for these versus the one that came with the set…it seems to handle the softness a bit better.

  11. Like most of the people commenting here, I’m most excited about 5AM. It looks beautiful on the skin but I’m curious to see how well it shows up on the waterline.

  12. xamyx

    I want this set for 5AM, but like with *all* LE products I buy, I would limit how much I use it, lest I run out… However, because it’s an eye pencil, it would likely go bad way before I had a chance to really make use of it, therefore being a complete waste. This is why I don’t buy LE, anymore…

  13. Jessica

    5am is fantastic!!! I hope they bring it out solo soon…

  14. I only wanted 5 am but of course, it’s not sold solo. I went ahead and bought it using a 20% off coupon at Ulta. I hope they make 5 am in a full sized liner solo because it’s really beautiful. This mini is such a tease considering how creamy it is and how quickly I think someone can go through it if they use it on a regular basis.

  15. Ananda

    I have this set. Im sorry but the swatch of the blue liner does not do it justice! Its amazing and pigmented!

  16. These are gorgeous–and the price is very reasonable too! I wonder how these compare in texture to Giorgio Armani’s waterproof liners. It’s the softest one I’ve EVER tried–almost too soft! But it’s the longest lasting pencil liner I’ve ever come across and that’s saying a lot for someone with small, oily lids. I really want to try these bareMinerals ones now. That’d be great to find something comparable for a lot cheaper!

  17. I’m definitely getting this set now!!

  18. Traci

    Can they pleaaaaase just sell 5AM by itself!!

  19. I might have said that I love how 5AM looks on you but also how I own too many eyeliners blah blah blah. You know what? I take that back. I’ll buy the whole set JUST for this shade!!! Frickking amazing!

  20. Me encanta el 5AM, es un tono precioso :)

  21. Jaz

    I just want 5 am and 6 am. I think I still want the UD set- unless there is another affordable eyeliner set available.

  22. Mariella

    So tempted, just to get 5 a.m. I’d never use the blue shade and I’ve got dupes of all the others. I so wish they’d release 5 a.m. as a single purchase! Christine, do you have any “sway” with Bare Minerals (like giving them feedback about how many women here are crowing for a full-sized single of this shade and how they’d have a huge hit on their hands with it?)

    • I don’t think we have sway, but I’m happy to be sure to send them a comment next time I send them an email :)

      • Mariella

        Thanks, Christine. Who knows…you might put a flea in their ear and they’ll think this through and realize they could have a really successful product on their hands. Is this exclusive to Nordstrom’s or will it be available at Sephora in the near future (it’s not on the Canadian website…yet…)

        • and Nordstrom are the only two (online) that I see have it. Ulta had it, but it appears they ran out of stock! Muse mentioned in her review that they [were] available at Sephora, so maybe in-store.

          • They are in store at all of the Ulta stores I visited in the last few days (was on the hunt for something else). They are also available in Dillard’s stores (at least the 2 in my area still had them in stock).

  23. Anne

    5AM looks incredible. Do you think it wears better than MUFE Aqua Eyes pencils? I had heard such good things about them, but alas, it wears like crap on me. There’s not much that lasts on me (but I haven’t tried a lot of formulas; I don’t want to buy blindly. I do use one Chanel Le Stylo which is rather good, but I’m not exactly keen on paying that much for an eyeliner). Do you think I might have a better luck with these?

  24. Kristin

    Just bought this offf of the Nordstrom website. I couldn’t buy it during either BE or Ulta’s 20% off sales since it was already sold out.

  25. Lisa

    I think I’m just gonna wait and hope that they release a full size of 5am. It looks so unique.

  26. Phoebe

    Do you prefer these to the Armani Eyes to Kill liners? I guess these are a better deal for the amount of product per $, but what do you think?

  27. 5am is great, but the rest is pretty common. Too bad.

  28. Calayna

    Man i really just want 5AM and 6AM. Here’s hoping bareMinerals reads this and decides to sell them individually!

  29. Sabrina

    I need 5AM, hopefully BE gets that it needs to be sold separately! It’d be a hit!