Friday, January 9th, 2009

Looks like Barbie (Mattel) and Stila will be partnering this spring. Stila will also sponsor Mattel’s Barbie runway during NYFW during February 2009. 50 designers have agreed to show Barbie-inspired fashion during the runway show. Charlotte Tilbury, makeup atist, is the show’s lead makeup artist. The limited edition line is slated to launch exclusively at Sephora in February, only at Sephora’s Fifth Avenue store in NY, international Sephora locations, and Expect a larger offering of Barbie-Stila branded products later, during fall 2009.

The collection includes 4 “Decades of Beauty” cans ($40 each) with a booklet inside describing the beauty and fashion wardrobes for each doll. The first, #1 Ponytail Doll, celebrates the first Barbie, launched in 1959. It includes a red lipstick called Ponytail, a liquid eyeliner and a three-pan paper-wrapped compact with two eye shadows and a cheek color. Malibu Barbie, which highlights the doll of the same name that launched in 1971, has a pale pink Lip Glaze called Malibu, a black mascara and a compact with two eye shadows and a bronzer. Foxy Doll, which depicts the African-American Barbie launched in 1980, includes a Lip Glaze called Foxy, mascara and a compact with two eye shadows and a cheek color. The final offering, Jewel Doll, is based on the 2000 Barbie of the same name and includes a bright pink Lip Glaze called Jewel, a Multi-Effect Mascara and a compact with two eye shadows and a cheek color.

“Stila is a brand which at the core is about fun and innovation,” said Richard Dickson, Mattel’s general manager and senior vice president for the Barbie brand, during a phone interview earlier this week from Shanghai, where he is readying the brand’s new House of Barbie flagship. “The combination of Barbie and Stila felt right.”

Source: WWD

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28 thoughts on “Barbie Loves Stila – Barbie and Stila Partner for 2009

  1. Joi

    I can’t wait to purchase this. I’m loving the image of the black barbie and her natural hair. I might buy 2!

  2. WOW! Black Barbie looks great! I’d buy just for her!

  3. I want! You are the shiz keeping us updated with the latest news!

  4. the colors in palatte look good…n pigmented…:)

  5. Reesa

    This looks so pretty. I’ve never tried anything from Stila except lip glaze (and I like them). I am looking forward to these barbie sets.

    Thanks for keeping us in the know, Christine!

  6. This is awesome! I want’em all!!!

  7. Tekoa

    No. Just…no. I melted all my barbie dolls as a child.

  8. emma

    awesome! i luved my barbies when i wuz little, im definitely gonna get some stuff

  9. Oh my, I’m so excited about this! I can’t wait to see more pictures- I love the look of the #1 Ponytail Barbie, and it sounds like all the makeup in that kit is stuff I’d use.

  10. Brianne

    THAT is such an awesome idea! I will eagerly be anticipating this release now 😀

  11. michelle

    Barbie = ♥


    Thanks Christine.

  12. Seems like Barbie is a makeup whore! 😀 First MAC, now Stila…next year…Too Faced? 😀

    • According to Mattel, Barbie pairs with lots of brands because that’s their philosophy. They’ve paired with tons and tons of designers for special edition Barbies, so I can see why they’d partner with other makeup brands, too!

  13. Barbie is a slut, Christine. She needs to keep it in her pants with the makeup business.

    What next? Hello Kitty for Smashbox? *Gag*

  14. IZzySA

    *ick* *yuck* *barf* — these companies are DESPERATE to get their hands into our wallets. How pathetic to use Barbie AGAIN on another cosmetic product.. I have way outgrown Barbie and her ilk.. I am a full grown woman who is watching her wallet now. Cheers to all who adore Barbie.

  15. IZzySA

    LOL @ Barbie is a Slut! Amen Cheri!

  16. KathyD

    Excellent Stila. I have never an item for them but they have pulled me in with this collection I am feeling Barbie loves MAC again

  17. carriespooner

    My Barbies are not such whores.

  18. Carrie

    I like the idea of all these sets. I think I’ll stick to just one, though. It’s so hard to choose…I love the Jewel idea because bright lip colours are my thing, but then we have Ponytail. I guess I’ll have to wait until I see the swatches! $40 isn’t bad for all that you’re getting, really. Usually I feel that companies overcharge, but this is great. Also, I’d be alllll over Barbie loves Too Faced :)

  19. DaniMae

    I’m not into Stila, like AT ALL, but I’m digging that Foxy Doll, so I may check out that one. It’s so pretty!

  20. NJ

    It’s got me intrigued enough to check it out, but I’m another one who only uses stila for their lipglosses. I want to see what their contouring kit is like though (we don’t have that in the UK :( )

    Loving the Foxy Barbie!

  21. TheresaM

    They should have an Asian barbie 😛 I’ll probably pick up Malibu Barbie though! The gloss that comes with it sounds pretty

  22. I think this is a great idea!! I am lovin’ the Foxy Barbie. How cool is it that she has natural hair like me!! YES!!!

  23. Cj

    this barbie is such a babe…

  24. lisa

    I love the fact that the barbie comes with natural looking hair rather than it being stick straight.

  25. shangrila

    awww, foxy barbie! i want!!!! that’s adorable!

  26. Jan

    Barbie with Stila (this year)
    Hello Kitty and MAC
    Smurfs and Too Faced

    My wallet is not in good shape! Much as this is nice, I prefer the Barbie/MAC collection better. I did a case study for school once, Barbie/Mattel is just trying to leverage the Barbie brand, hence for these partnerships. Also, the cosmetic companies gain lots of attention, so its a gain for both companies, why not?