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Barbie Loves Stila All Doll'd Up Eyeshadow Palette

Barbie Loves Stila All Doll’d Up Eyeshadow Palette

Barbie Loves Stila All Doll’d Up Palette ($28.00 for 0.36 oz.) is a refillable compact featuring four eyeshadow trios. Each eyeshadow has three stripes of color. It is part of Barbie Loves Stila for Fall.


I’m a seasoned beauty addict–I’ve seen and tested and loved a plethora of products. It takes a lot to *truly* knock my socks off these days. There are a lot of great products–even amazing products–but there are fewer absolutely, positively excellent products. Stila’s All Doll’d Up Palette is one of those rare gems beauty addicts live to uncover. Not only is it a stunning combination of shades and colors chocked full of quality shadows, but it holds tremendous value. You get ten fold what you pay for.

Shade rundown…

  • Trio #1: Soft champagne with shimmer; coppery brown with a softer sheen/shimmer; a cool-toned pink with an iciness to it
  • Trio #2: A bold lightly shimmered teal; deep grayish-brown with shimmer; iridescent violet with fuchsia undertones
  • Trio #3: Periwinkle blue with soft shimmer sheen; a dark black-brown with silver sparkle; dirty champagne taupe with gray
  • Trio #4: Pop of peach with gold shimmer; brown with a greenish cast; springy green with pale green-gold shimmer

Every shade is silky smooth with excellent color pay off. There is not a single fussy shade; no shade that does not earn its keep and position in this packed palette. The colors are diverse and the different looks one could create are immense. I love that each trio is almost a look in itself, but you can also mix and match the shades as you please. It is just so rare to find a palette that is consistent from shade to shade and there’s no shade that feels like it was just thrown in.

I absolutely recommend this palette to everyone, even the color-shy. It’s available at an incredible price, so even if you only want to experiment with color, this is a chance to get twelve high-quality shades without paying an arm and a leg. Truthfully, I would have purchased this quad for $40, easily. I wouldn’t have batted an eye! For those who aren’t sure just how great of a deal this really is, compare…

  • Stila All Doll’d Up Eyeshadow Palette: $77.78/oz.
  • MAC Eyeshadow Quad: $144.00/oz.
  • Benefit Velvet Eyeshadow (Single): $163.64/oz.
  • Almay Eyeshadow Trio: $57.31/oz.

  • Product: 10/10
  • Value: 10/10
  • Ease of Use: 10/10
  • Packaging: 9/10

Recommendation: Buy one for yourself and a friend! I’m seriously considering giving one of these to my friends/family for the holidays! Amazing pigmentation, great price, and cute packaging to boot!

Availability: Stila Cosmetics

Update:Β  I e-mailed Stila about international distribution, and they informed me that it is U.S. only.Β  I did relay your interest as international customers to them as well!

See swatches

Barbie Loves Stila All Doll'd Up Eyeshadow Palette

Barbie Loves Stila All Doll'd Up Eyeshadow Palette

Barbie Loves Stila All Doll'd Up Eyeshadow Palette

Barbie Loves Stila All Doll'd Up Eyeshadow Palette

Barbie Loves Stila All Doll'd Up Eyeshadow Palette

Barbie Loves Stila All Doll'd Up Eyeshadow Palette

Barbie Loves Stila All Doll'd Up Eyeshadow Palette

Barbie Loves Stila All Doll'd Up Eyeshadow Palette

Barbie Loves Stila All Doll'd Up Eyeshadow Palette

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164 thoughts on “Barbie Loves Stila All Doll’d Up Eyeshadow Palette Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. egon

    unfortunately there is no Stila in my country :( Trio #2 looks gorgeous

  2. GucciGirl1229

    I placed my order last week and I can’t wait to get it!!! I ordered the palette, the purple and blue smudgepots and the liquid liner. Im just waiting for the lip enamel trio and like you I am thinking of buying an extra palette for a gift.

  3. Dee

    It’s beautiful, but it looks an awfully lot like things i already own

  4. me want these, thanks for the swatches Christine! I will call my Sephora shortly to see if they have them

  5. Jenn

    I was happily surpised to see it at sephora yesterday. I wasn’t going to order it but I had to have it after testing it out =)

  6. Cathy

    I was going to wait to buy this palette and the smudge pots until the lip enamels came out but I couldn’t wait anymore, I will be receiving them tomorrow. Also, I found the Barbie lip enamel trio on, with all of the smitten with kitten collection.

  7. They all look beautiful, but my favorite is the trio with soft champagne with shimmer, coppery brown with a softer sheen/shimmer and the cool-toned pink with an iciness to it

  8. Nicole15

    Wow! I can’t say I ever recall you giving a product review a 10/10. That speaks volumes in Temptalia world. I mean that in a good way as I do take your word rather seriously because you have come in contact with so many different products across the entire beauty spectrum. I will have to get this palette.
    Thanks Christine!!!

    • It’s gotta be the first in a long time, perhaps ever. I used to rate out of 5, and I want to say I’ve given one or two products 5/5. I guess this IS the first 10 out of 10 then πŸ˜‰

  9. Cathy

    i bought this palette at Ulta the other day and love it!! the only drawback to it is being that the eyeshadows are so so so soft, you have to be careful with it because the eyeshadows could break easily. other than that i LOVE this!!!

  10. Luda

    it looks nice

  11. Tekoa

    Now, can I stand something with Barbie? Questionable. I still loath that empty headed doll.

  12. Anitacska

    Oh wow, fabulous colours, especially the blues and purples, I’ll have to see about finding this in the UK. (Any ideas where it’s sold here?)

    • No idea myself :( I know some readers were talking about a service called SHIPTO? I think. Something like it’s shipped to a U.S. location & shipped to you.

  13. Ribbons

    Oh wow these colours have really surprised me, they look great! Don’t know if I’ll have the chance to get them in England though.

  14. amy

    I think the last two trios are the prettiest and I can see many combinations between 12 colours. I also wish that Stila is more internationally available. Ever since their bankruptcy and new ownership, it is almost impossible to find in my city.

  15. Alexis

    WOW – 10’s and a 9 across the board? Christine you really sell me on your reviews. I’ll definitely check this baby out – thanks for helping me trying not to buy makeup till Style Black collection comes out…I guess hahahahaha!

  16. Alexis

    The top trio reminds me of a Neopolitan ice-cream bar – even if you didn’t review this – that sells it for me alone hahahahaha!

  17. daphne

    I guess my question about this one is what’s different about it. It definitely has quality and value, and I am in LOVE with that teal color, but other than that one…the colors don’t seem terribly unique to me. Is it mostly just the fact that it’s good and solid that makes you rave about it – that most palettes aren’t?

    My main question is about the 3-in-1 aspect. Don’t the colors run together and get messy too much? That’s why I’ve avoided these sorts of shadows, but maybe that’s unfounded.

    I keep wanting to buy a nice pre-set palette or two lately. I have the UD deluxe shadow box, but it’s mostly so bright it is hard to create a variety of looks out of it. Nothing yet though has quite pulled me. If this had a matte color in there among the frosts I’d jump on it. But maybe, still, I will give it a try…

    • Hi Daphne,

      I actually like all of the colors and think they work well together and aren’t so done. Not every color is necessarily something brand new, but I’m more concerned about how well it performs and whether it’s something I’ll use again and again–and it is something that has all of the quality I expect in my eyeshadows and enough versatility that I won’t just let it gather dust. A shadow’s uniqueness is also a reflection of how much makeup you have — the more you have, the harder it is to find “unique” shades, so a lot of it s a matter of perspective for that, too :)

      I didn’t find that they ran together and were able to stay very distinct from each other. I find as long as they’re the same texture, there’s no real issues. When you bury mattes between shimmers, that’s when you get problems, because mattes are difficult to keep matte.

      • daphne

        Ha! It’s true about uniqueness, and that’s making me feel like a bit of an addict now (which I’ve sworn I’m not – I mean, I only really started buying high-end makeup in January!).

        Good point about matte vs. shimmer – you mentioned that with the new Smashbox palettes.

        At this price, it does seem it’s worth picking up just to play around, and maybe for travel…I can’t believe it’s that much less than a MAC quad!

        • The quality is just so above bar. I just find more often than not, palettes and the like aren’t as good as singles or only a few are as good as and then there are others much worse (e.g. MAC eyeshadow quads can be very hit or miss).

          Though there’s nothing wrong with being an addict πŸ˜€

  18. Sabella

    I was loving this palette from the very moment I saw the preview pics on your site…. and now that I have seen the swatches, and you giving a 10/10 I’m definetely in LOVE with it…. love all the colours…. SAdly here in Spain we cannot get it, only choice so far is eBay (haven’t found it anywhere else) but the prize is sky high…. it’s such a shame!!!!! I wish Stila would sell online internationally….

  19. Catherine


    Hahaha, I’m so easy.

  20. ann

    Does anyone know if the Sephoras in NYC carry this product?

  21. rashmi

    hello christine,
    this is first time m writing u …u wont believe what i do first in the morning when i log on to internet … its ur website i just love reading here, but never had courage to write to u my english is not very good … i bought this today only as u recommended this, its first time i spent sooo much on eyeshadow , i dont usually spend hahah tight on budget… m indian lady with medium to light color i hope i will be able to use this… love ur site and told sooo many of my friends some are in india but still love to browse ur site…

  22. Christy

    Oh I want this so bad, but I don’t think anyone in Canada is going to have this. :(

  23. Nance

    Trio 1 reminds me of the TooFaced snow bunny bronzer :)

  24. Bridgette

    After seeing your review im definitely picking up 2 of these. One for me and one for my friend whos bday is tomorrow. I just need to come up with the money somehow.

  25. cindiaz

    I want this palette badly, but no money.

  26. MichelleB.

    I didn’t get anything from the Barbie loves MAC line, so I am going to have get something from the Barbie Stila line!

  27. Melody

    Wow Christine! This is the first time that you gave a product 10/10!! I just called the Sephora in Walnut Creek, CA and they told me that they are putting them out today!! I am going to get 4 of them today :)One for me, and the others for my cousins

    Thanks for the review and your awsome website :)

  28. electrik love

    i brought mine last week…i like it so much i think i may bet another one. its great for ur makeup bag…u have all the colors you could need..and its just so cute…and i love the lip enamel’s..except for the red color..the two pinks are just lovely…and i mix them together to get this really really hot pink hot pink….and the cobalt smudge pot is to die for.

  29. Natasha

    These eyeshadows are not available in Canada???

  30. Vero

    We absolutely need Stila in Spain!
    I love the 12 eyeshadows shades.

  31. Mariana

    Thanks for reviewing this, I might have to get one! I was in Ulta recently looking for a sold-out Stila item and the sales lady told me they weren’t getting it back in b/c “Stila is going out of business”. Does anyone know anything about this? I just don’t believe it. If it isn’t true, then Ulta needs to get their story straight!

    • My pleasure, Mariana! It’s been a minute since I’ve been so excited over new makeup :)

      Stila isn’t going out of business, so rest easy! They were, earlier this year, preparing for bankruptcy I believe, but they found new investors who saved the day!

  32. KittyHu

    It looks so pretty! I probably will get one! But, I don’t know how much in Australia.

    Are all colours silky? I mean the colour is easy to show up or not. Actually, when I saw the photo of the product, I didn’t I am interested in it. But when I saw the swatches, I am in love with it!

  33. Lulee

    wow i went through such a roller coaster with this palette. i picked it up at sephora a couple days ago and put it back down cuz i decided i didnt NEED it perse. then i read this review and was like aaaaaaarggggggg why didnt i buy it. so i went back to my sephora store and they were all out. so now i ordered it online πŸ˜€

    • LOL! Aww! I really hope you love it now, ha! I think you will, but let me know your thoughts once you get yours :) I am still waiting on my LBD smudge pot, which I bought over the weekend… high hopes!

  34. emyers100

    I just ordered mine, thanks for the review!

  35. Macaddict

    Not a big Stila fan: never fell head-over-heels with their products. Always pass by their counter. I don’t know; maybe it’s the packaging that’s not calling out to me but I have never had the urge…until I read this review!!!…
    Whoa! I am also a true beauty addict and, over the years, I can honestly say “I have seen it all”. It takes a lot for me too to be impressed.
    I usually don’t buy quads and palettes cuz I find the quality and pigmentation drastically diminishes, therefore, making these not a good value (although cheaper for sure than individual colors).
    I am intrigued now. I do vaslue your reviews and opinions so I’ll have to check the palette at my Sephora.

    • Hey!

      You know, Stila didn’t appeal to me for a long time. I think a lot of their stuff just seemed a bit muted, too neutral, to soft to me, but they’ve been stepping up their game quite a bit in the past year. I am happy to have discovered their smudge pots (awesome gel liners), and they’ve put out some great palettes (still love the Pearl palette from… spring, I think).

      I totally agree with you on palettes! I’d rather buy them in singles and have high quality than inferior quality at a lower price or buy a palette for just one nice color (that’s the worst!).

      I hope you are as impressed with it as I have been!

  36. I was so excited to see the promo pics on the website and was even MORE excited when I saw the products out the next day!! Love my Barbie palette. It has become a part of my every day routine. ^^

  37. i saw the collection in ulta about 2/3 weeks ago. everything was so pretty! they had 2 e/s palettes left but the tester was no where to be found so i skipped it.

  38. Diabla

    It looks very beautiful, I wouldn’t mind having it even if there’s a little too much bright blue for my taste! This is bizarre… I just checked Stila at (stila is only available here in France) and they have some Barbie stuff but no smudge pot or palette like this. Maybe on physical stores? Anyway, we have little box kits instead (Malibu Doll, Jewel Doll, Ponytail Doll, Foxy Doll) containing a lip stuff, a mascara and a palette with 3 separate eyeshadows. Do you have this in the US?

  39. Sass

    Wow! This baby got an A+.

  40. Product: 10/10
    Value: 10/10
    Ease of Use: 10/10
    Packaging: 9/10

    Wow I’ve never seen your rating so high like this :) I’ll definitely check it out!

  41. Kristin

    Wow. What a great review. I’ve tried a few Stila products, but the only ones I’ve really loved are Smudge Pots. I’ve never tried their shadows. I have been thinking of investing in an eye shadow palette to keep in my purse, so I might give this a try. Thanks for posting it, because I never would have looked at it otherwise!

  42. its beautiful…but knowing stila, i hope it sells at sephora for $20…may be few months later…
    i picked the precious peral palette payin 40 bucks n now it hurts whn i see it for like $20 at sephora!!

  43. Jackie

    I wouldn’t have given this a second look if it wasn’t for your video and me being in a happy mood. I’m really glad I did. All those colors are so pretty!!! I’ve been wanting to buy a highly pigmented shadow set that has this much variety without paying like 30+ dollars (i’m a big cheapo with shadows and usually just buy drugstore brands, heh). That purple reminds me of this swatch i saw for urban decay’s ransom eyeliner ( ) that I totally fell in love with (but that much money for 1 eye liner? eek!) …

    Gosh it’s so gorgeous that I already ordered mine 5 minutes ago. Yay for Stila’s free shipping code, too.

  44. Joanne

    Will you be posting any e/s combinations you come up with? :)

  45. i wish i could find stila in the uk, this palette looks fab! :)

  46. Euge

    Hi Christine, I LOVE this palette, i so wish we have some Stila products here in Mexico, can you recomend a site where we can buy some stila stuff and ships to Mexico?


  47. Mariko

    Hey Christine! Can you please post a tutorial or some pics using this palette?

  48. Jessica

    I just bought this palette and love it!! I love that it has a mix of day and night looks–natural colors, highlight colors, some bright colors and darker smokier colors. The e/s is smooth, creamy and has lots of pigmentation. They are long wearing (with UDPP of course) and wear really well. This is my first Stila shadow purchase and I’m impressed. What an incredible value! 12 shadows for under 30 bucks~! hell yes! Not to mention the cute as pie packaging! I love that it is refillable! It really stands out amongst my black MAC packaging. I feel this is a palette I can take to travel, to a friends house and do almost any eye look I want. My fav trio is the teal and purple because the purple color rocks! Its this beautiful bright purple with a slight pink shimmer to it–it reminds me of a toned done version of the purple pumps smudge pot.

    Its funny because when I first saw this I thought “eh its ok.” I was more interested in the eye liners. (I bought little black dress) Then I played around, swatched and fell in love!

    I was a huge Barbie girl when I was little and this palette deeply satisfies the grown up girlie side of me!

  49. Kirsten

    I am ALL over this like bees on honey, but my Ulta was out of it :( Taking a trip to Sephora later *crosses fingers*

  50. Susie

    its the teal blue and the purple that got me. i swatched it at Sephora went back home and couldnt stop thinking about how amazing those two are every other color is just a bonus to the package =)

  51. Makeup_Freak

    I am a Mac Freak forever, but Stila loves Barbie packaging got me. I went on Stila website and ordered everything from that line, without even testing it first. Stila has coupons and rewards that are very good if you buy off the website. So the current coupon did not work, and I called them. The rep was so nice, she gave me a coupon for 20 % off the entire purchase and free shipping. I ended up saving over 40 dollars, it is awesome.

    Because I did not have a chance to actually play with items before I purchased them, I stopped by Sephora and dude, the makeup is amazing.
    Smudge pots: The best one, the most intense one is Little Black dress (it is black with intense purple sparkle), Cobalt blue and the purple one are pretty good too.
    All doll’d up palette is off the hook. It is so beautiful, and there is enough to last a while. Unlike Mac’s colors, Stila’s are much bigger.
    The lip set was the best investment ever. I am talking about the one for 32 $, not the 22 $ one. The colors are not see through, they are gorgeous and I have never ever seen colors this beautiful, not even from Mac.

    I am so excited, it was worth it.

  52. I love this palette, I got it when it first came out. My only gripe is that there is some fallout under my eye…but that’s fixable and not a huge deal because of the great color payoff.

  53. Diana

    I bought this, I loved it. Then I dropped it yesterday and all the eyeshadow broke :[ becareful don’t drop it.

  54. Cherie

    After reading your review I went into my local Sephora in Canada and saw the smudge pots, lip things and *sad face* an empty spot where the palette was supposed to be!!!! I guess I was too late!

  55. Kathy

    Man!! US only?? That sucks :(

  56. Jessica

    Omg! Trio #1 Looks So Prettyβ™₯β™₯

  57. Alexis

    fmL iLovee them but im brokee

  58. Cecilia

    I live in Argentina, but I’m going to USA next January. This collection may be gone by then, but I’d love to find a few items at the CCO I’m gonna visit! (Yeah, I’ve already planned that!)

  59. Luisafer

    Thanx for the review, helped me to clear my mind…

    never bought any product from Stila before… but because of this review gonna try out some of this eye shadows; not only loved the colors (pretty and fu) but size wise are also great to take on the go :-)

  60. Alexis

    I just wanted to leave a palette update – please be careful with handling. I accidentally dropped mine on my bathroom floor and pretty much all four shadow palettes popped out. I unfortunately lost the blue trio before even getting to try it! Luckily I saved the remaining 3 especially happy to have saved the teal/charcoal/purple one which is my favorite! I just wanted you guys to be careful – I thought these shadows pans were glued in since it’s a special palette instead of just being held by magnets.

    I am taking it as a sign of the makeup gods that I have WAAAAAY too much makeup hahahaha – I’m still sad though =(

  61. Carrie

    I ordered this today along with the lip enamel trio. Like someone said a few posts up, Im an easy sell when it comes to pretty make-up. Especially when its 12 shades to try for that price!

  62. yna

    i love love this pallete after seeing it at the stila website and after seeing your reviews I had to have it. I bought it the first chance i got and I have been testing it out tyring to count how many looks I can do with this pallete (i’ve done 8 looks so far). I even took this pallete with me to travel with depending on it for looks for the whole entire trip and I have to say I totaaly love love it! I just bought your e-book too & I love how you did it! good luck on your future endevours!!

  63. Meghann

    I went to Sephora in ATL this weekend and got this. I am sooooo glad I did. You gave the right rating for this, A+ all the way. When I wore it, I got several compliments. This is definitely a must have and the price is perfect.

  64. This palette IS available internationally as I just got mine last week! I’m in Korea and we’ve got the palette and the three smudge pots but under different names and without the Barbie branding. I guess they can’t use the Barbie trademark outside the USA or something but otherwise the products are the same. I’ve just posted pictures of my palette and smudge pots on my blog so maybe this will give hope to some of the international people who have Stila in their country but have been told they’re not getting the Barbie collection.

  65. maddie

    absolutely worth the price!!! love the colors. grab one if u can! BTW the shadows are all a bit shimmery.. i like matte but these are really nice and not to glitterey

  66. I love this pallete oh so much! I swear I buy things online base on your swatches Christine!!! I love what you do for the make up world…I also bought the 3 lip glaze by stilla for barbie because I fell in love with the hot pink (once again YOU swatched) thanks you so much!!!

  67. Yesi

    My Trio With The Blue Shadow Broke Completely..=[
    I Only Have Little Bit Of Each Shadow In the Trio=[
    But The Regular Stila Shadows Fit In It Place Right?!

  68. TJ

    Beautiful palette. Would you say the colors are similar to UD’s book of shadow palettes at all or in a different league entirely? Alot of application needed to get the color to stick?

  69. Bec

    I will get mine this Friday! I can’t wait! I am super excited! :)

  70. cookie

    Walked around Planet Beauty in Newport Beach for a while scoping out Xmas gifts and this is the gift I bought for my sixteen year old niece. I’m thinking of going back for another for myself. I’m looking at the review and realizing what a bargain I got. But my instincts must be on point because of all the products in the store this 12-color shadow set stood out like it was painted in neon.

  71. i got this palette! it was released here in the Philippines for $26 (Php1250 @ 48 a dollar exchange rate), it was cheaper here? haha.

    love this palette especially the first trio!

  72. kpbt

    I have this and I really love it. I’ve practically used up the first palette, the pink, kitten and brown shade. it’s so travel handy because you have 12 colors in one. the problem is it’s so easy to finish the eyeshadow. still love it though. i bought single kitten eyeshadow because it was so beautiful when i tried it.

  73. these look amazing πŸ˜€

  74. Kathy

    I just recently got into makeup, and I was looking through the makeup you rated an A+, and when I saw this, I ebayed AND amazon-ed for this, I can’t find it anywhere. I’m so sad! :( Any other ideas where I could find this still?