Friday, February 20th, 2009

Koren & I after he fluffed up my hair

Here are a bunch of photos from my makeover by Eve Pearl at her studio in NYC!


Waiting for Koren to fix up my hair

Koren & I

Koren & I again!


Koren with the famous fan brush

Pursebuzz post-makeover

Pursebuzz pre-makeover

Koren and Pursebuzz

Koren sportin’ a false lash mustache

Pursebuzz & I

Eve Pearl working on Pursebuzz

The famous and ultra talented Eve Pearl

Eve Pearl’s Studio

Eve Pearl’s Makeover Station

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71 thoughts on ““Backstage” at Eve Pearl’s Studio

  1. Wow!! Pursebuzz’ makeover really shows Eve Pearl’s talents, she has made her skin look so even toned and fresh.

  2. Lina

    I’ve just watched the video! Best episode ever! I’ve always thought your own looks are great, however, I also do love this look that Eve created for you. It’s so sophisticated, so natural, so luminous! And what she said is so right!! It’s very hard to tell what you have on and this all adds up to the mystery. Maybe this is what makes it so natural and special. In the end, it’s fun to experiment with colours and looks, but the greatest thing about makeup is to enhance your own natural beauty without anyone really understanding where the focus was. One does not see a perfect foundation, or cannot tell what colour eyeshadow you’re wearing, but they can clearly see a beautiful face on its whole. And everyone notices the difference.

    *sigh* I wish it was easy to create this on my own.

    PS. The third pic is amazing!

  3. cloudburst

    What I like about Eve is how she always mixes colours to come up with perfect custom shades for every one of her makeovers. She’s right – you can’t tell exactly what you have on & this makes it all the more better! Her blending techniques are fantastic & she has such stunning eye colour.

  4. Emily

    You both look beautiful!

  5. carriespooner

    That looks like it was so fun. Koren is funny.

  6. Ashley

    Pursebuzz’s skin looks flawless. The pictures and the makeovers came out very nice.

  7. The pictures are lovely. the make up perfect!!! the camera amazing!!!

  8. You all look gorgeous!

  9. victoria

    you look gorgeous, with or without makeup, with or without breakouts. but this was joy to watch. koren and pursebuzz look like the wonder twins, such pals. i love your makeover, your hair and all the pictures all of you took around and all the interviews. you guys had such a great time, i wish i get the chance to go to ny in the future. can you tell me of all of eve pearls products, which ones were your favorites?

    • Thank you, Victoria! You are too sweet :)

      I loved the foundation first and foremost, and I love, love the priming moisturizer. I also liked her lip glosses!

  10. My god, Christine you are stunningly beautiful.

  11. Great Make over Christine, your skin looks flawless!

  12. erica

    you girls are adorable, looks like fun! and koren is so hilarious!

  13. Susie

    The three beauty Musketeers! :)

  14. You guys look great and like you had a wonderful time! Koren is so silly!!

  15. [email protected]

    How much fun did you guys have??? Love it! Thanks so much for sharing!

  16. You two are some lucky ladies! Beautiful!

  17. You all show on your faces how much fun you had! LOL, Koren loves the camera =D Eve has gorgeous eyes, wow. Your skin and Pursebuzz’s look flawless, great makeup.

    Thanks for sharing.

  18. You guys both look so gorgeous pre and post makeover :) How did you like the make up? It’s always interesting to have someone else do your face and see how they work with your features.

  19. nancy s

    very cool!

  20. Liz

    the lighting in her studio is fantastic! I’m sure a great camera helped too :)

  21. awesome pictures!! you all look soo great especially you Christine i love your make up!

  22. LippyNBlush

    Love Love Love these pics! Eve Pearl is fantastic. I love how she uses 2 foundation shades to blend & make the skin even & flawless. Christine, what do u think of her MU? Can U do a review? Thanks!

  23. Angie

    i loved the makeover! it was really a joy to watch and eve pearl was amazing :) what do you apply on your hair usually? cos it seemed flat to me, perhaps it would be better to give your hair more layers and blowing so it will look fluffier? side parting bangs will look pretty on you :)

    • Me too! It was a really fun experience and I learned so much!

      Koren flattened the top and fluffed up the back for this look! :)

      I have bangs, but my biggest issue is they grow out in a week or less so they’re such a pain to keep up with!

  24. kensie

    how tall are you, christine?

  25. Socaltrojan

    I just watched the video and it was awesome! Eve did wondrous work! Your eyes look amazing! You and pursebuzz look fantastic! I can’t wait to see pursebuzz’s video too!

  26. Lisa

    Wow Christine you look ridiculously gorgeous!!! I’m a huge fan of Eve Pearl as well, and I love how she only enhanced your natural beauty! You look great, and I’m glad you had an awesome time in NYC!!!

  27. You guys look wonderful! What a fun and great get together.

  28. Anitacska

    Fantastic! You and Pursebuzz are both very pretty anyway, but you both look absolutely fabolous after the makeover. Koren seems like such a lovely guy too (pretty cute as well ;)). Great fun. Thanks for sharing.

  29. viv

    Christine! I was so excited for your episode of Beyoutified! you two look absolutely amazing 😀 i feel shock waves of excitement for you two!! from Eve Pearl to Heidi Klum, you two are really on a roll there with the famous people! thanks for posting up the pics 😀 Koren is hilarious!

  30. Nora

    I agree with Eve – you have great eyes and “cat eyes” suit you fantastically!

  31. Minnie

    Wow! You guys look amazing! Christine you are so beautiful and I Love, LOVE your haircut!!!

  32. Ju

    You rock Guys !

  33. Sarah

    GIRL! You are stunning! Wish I looked that good sans makeup!!

    Thanks for sharing these, I enjoyed watching the makeover too.

  34. Wow! I would love a make over! She really made you and pursebuzz look radiant but not too over-done! Which is always stunning to look at <3

  35. Lindsay

    I LOVE what Eve did to your brows! They look so well groomed and face your face perfectly and you just look phenominally gorgeous!!