Thursday, May 20th, 2010

Got a question? Now’s the time to ask it!

I’m taking your questions and answering them today. You can feel free to ask any question you’d like, both beauty-related or unrelated! Some tips on asking me questions so that you can get the best answer AND quickly…

  • For color/makeup recommendations, please let me know your skin tone, if you have a brand preference, colors you love (whatever is applicable). I don’t want to recommend something that doesn’t work for your skin coloring or recommend a brand that’s more than you want to spend!
  • If you’ve tried a lot of products and are still looking for the one that works, if you could tell me products or techniques you have tried, that helps me suss out what might work! Again, I’d hate to just recommend you a product/technique you’ve tried!

It is always a pleasure to answer your questions, and I always hate answering your question with a follow-up question about your coloring or what brand you’d like the dupe in or what-have-you, so hopefully this will allow me to give you better answers and more efficiently, to boot! :)

Feel free to answer other readers’ questions, too! The more the merrier! Plus, your feedback really helps to round out any answer I give. It’s like a more complete worldview!

Don’t be shy — ask one or twenty or none! :)

Edit @ 10:00PM PST: Session is now over!Β  Thank you for participating!

Discussion and debate are highly encouraged, and we expect community members to participate respectfully. When asking a question, please check the FAQ section (above) for information about purchasing, price, dupes, and the like. If you have general feedback or need technical support, please contact us.

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779 thoughts on “Ask Temptalia Session #025

  1. Ludwig

    Hey Christine! I was reading your MAC To the Beach Roundup and Review and you said that if you own a majority of UD’s 24/7 liners, then you should be able to find something similar to the Float on By eye kohl. I was wondering which one that would be? Thanks a million! : )

  2. Divorceanator

    I’m about the same skintone color as you are and I want to know what is your favorite eyeshadow wash? I don’t have time in the morning for more than one color!

    Love your site!!!!!

  3. Sarah

    It would be really helpful if you did a dupes blog, all the dupes you’ve found over the years for everything so far. Haha wow thats a lot to ask.

    And also Kim kardashians lip combonation.. What is it?? Any cheaper dupes for it? Thanks :)

    • Yeahhh, that’s kind of a daunting task! I don’t really keep track of them in any organized fashion, so I’m not really sure if I’ll ever find the time to complete such a project! I have thought about it, though :)

      MAC Angel Lipstick + NARS Turkish Delight

      Can’t think of any cheaper dupes… I think you could get away with MAC Nymphette lipglass instead of Turkish Delight.

      • Sarah

        Thanks for answering :)
        Do you know a good cheap dupe for Mac Angel lipstick? I found Neutrogena MoistureShine in Groove as a dupe for Nars Turkish Delight but I can’t afford Angel either. Thanks so much :)

  4. Ellie

    What is a theme for a collection you wish MAC would come out with?

    • Temptalia? Does that count? That’s like my secret, secret, secret dream. The one you’re afraid to write down!

      I would love maybe a space age one… For me, it’s less about the theme than the colors, LOL!

  5. first i just want to thank you so much for the hard work and effort you put forth this site!..This is the first website i go to every mornin BEFORE my work emails! ..Thanks for evey swatch an review, every video..i have made so many smart purchases based on your posts, all because of your hard work an dedication to the site.. GOOD luck with school and with everything you do..thanks a bunch!

  6. Sandra

    What lipstick would you recommend for a nude lip look that doesn’t completely wash you out? I’m pretty pale, I use fairly light foundation from bare minerals so I’m worried a nude lip will make me look sick. Also, do you use any products or primers to keep your lips smooth and lipstick lasting longer? I feel like I can never get my lipstick on smooth.. ever. Its really frustrating.

    • Hey Sandra,

      For some nudes: check out MAC Angel, Hue, Hug Me, and Honeylove.

      I don’t use primers, but I exfoliate my lips 2-3x a week or so. I use Sara Happ’s Lip Scrub (love it!), but you could also just use sugar and jojoba oil.

  7. Rita

    Hello! Can you recommend coral pink nail polishes?

  8. NeenaJ

    I’ve seen several websites that sell “sample” sizes of various mac (an other) products – especially pigments and paint pots. This seems like a good way to try colors out without committing too much. If I like a color a lot, I can buy the full size from Mac. Have you ever done this and, if so are there any drawbacks that you have found? Are there some sites you would recommend? Thanks!

    • I’ve never seen it myself… I’ve only seen pigment samples, but that was only when I bought through the MAC Cosmetics Livejournal community. I wouldn’t do it again, except through some trusted sellers in the community. You can always ask MAC for samples when you’re there :)

  9. kristina

    Hi Chris!

    Just a few things.

    1) I love your new re vamp. It keeps things interesting.

    2) I am loving your nail polish swatches, they are some of the best and this isn’t an exclusive polish blog. I really look forward to them.

    3) I love all the great work you and your partner do!

    4) My question: How do your girlfriends feel about “Temptalia”? Are they supportive? Help with reviews? Play with the Gratis? lol

    I would love to have you as a best friend!

    • Hey Kristina!

      1.) Thank you! I’m glad you liked it – we always sit here on pins and needles hoping that at least the majority doesn’t hate any changes we make!

      2.) Again, thank you – it means a lot! I like nail polish, and I am definitely not an expert on all things nail polish, but they’re fun and I’m happy you enjoy the reviews.

      3.) Thank you, thank you!

      4.) None of them wear makeup, so it is pretty boring, LOL! All my friends and family are very supportive of Temptalia, and certainly, they can’t say they have any beauty needs I haven’t met for them, haha! The boyfriend actually JUST wrote a review that I’ll be posting tomorrow. It’s hilarious. I hope it’s well-received!

      You are really kind — thank you again and again! We already best friends :)

  10. Sharon

    Hi Christine!

    I need recommendations for a good powder blush. My skin color is NC 42. I want a blush that gives my skin a nice, dewy look.. preferably from MAC. Any help is much appreciated.

    Thank you!!

  11. Claudia

    When you sanitize lipsticks with alcohol, does any percentage do? Like rubbing alcohol? And how man seconds do you keep it dipped? Thanks!

    • Hey Claudia,

      I use whatever I have on hand, which I think is 97% but I think 70% or higher should be fine. I just dip them in for about 3-4 seconds, and then I let stand to dry.

  12. Ariel

    Do you know of any lipsticks that could be a dupe for Chanel’s Rouge Allure in SUper?

    • Smashbox Flirty is a shade darker but close; Elizabeth Arden Perfect Flamingo is a shade brighter and creamier!

      • Ariel

        Of the three, which do you recommend for Siberia in Nars Sheer Glow?
        (Nevermind that Super is LE, I found one I can get if I want to!)

        • I actually kind of dig Smashbox’s dupe. It has that glossy look and the color is really pretty. That being said, if you were asking for a dupe of Super, I think you may with Super if it caught your eye (plus, it is LE!) :)

          • Ariel

            Thanks so much for the advice!
            I’ll just have to get both then! ;]

            • Kaylynrenee

              I’ve been dying for Flirty ever since your review but I cannot find that mother anywhere!! I know you said ( carried it so when you mentioned their 20% off deal yesterday I got super-pumped, but it wasn’t there anymore :0(. Where the heck can I get me some Flirty?! Why isn’t it in stores? Is it too new? Too old? I’ve googled it but have never heard of any of the sites carrying it so I’m not comfy placing an order. Will it eventually make it’s way into stores? Where did you get yours Christine? I’m ready to stop admiring it on YOUR lips and start admiring it on MINE! Lol!

            • Kaylynrenee

              Okay… I just found it on Smashbox’s website. Guess my inner “Captain Obvious” has been on hiatus. Ugh. :0)

            • I am glad you found it, lol! :)

  13. Ashley

    What an awesome thing to do Christine! You are so sweet to answer people’s questions!

    I’m pretty pale, I don’t use MAC foundation but I’m somewhere in between the lightest and the second lightest foundations from BE. I have super dark brown hair and hazel eyes, although I don’t think that has much to do with this particular question!

    I am looking for a neutral toned light-medium toned lipstick that would look good as an everyday kind of color for me. I’d like it to be a MAC lipstick, or at least something in that kind of price range. I keep liking the looks of Benefit’s “Lady’s Choice” and Urban Decay’s “Naked” and “Rush,” but they are sadly a bit too pricey for me. Any recommendations would be awesome!

    And what is the best way to decide if I’m warm or cool toned? I honestly just can’t figure it out! I think I have some pink undertones to my skin, although it’s hard to tell, so does that make me cool toned?

    Thanks so much Christine!

    • Hey Ashley,

      If you like those shades… I’d recommend MAC Angel, Sweetie, and Creme Cup! :)

      Look at the underside of your forearm – if your veins are green, you’re warm; if they’re blue, you’re cool! If you can’t tell, you could be neutral.

      • Ashley

        Thank you so much Christine! Sweetie is on my list to buy now! And I’m actually going to be buying Lazy Day once To the Beach comes out, and you mentioned that was close to Angel. :) And I own Creme Cup and wore it today!

  14. Rebecca

    1. Do you prefer matte/cream based nail polish or polish with a shimmer/sparkle to it?

    2. Make-up application/doing my hair/getting pretty for the day has become one of my favorite things to do, especially since Ive become a fan of your blog! What is your favorite thing to do in your prepping when you get ready for the day and why?

    3. Im getting my make-up done in June for my birthday. It happens to be on a Saturday so I have to spend $50 at MAC. What do you recommend I get? Any amazing eyeshadows that you cant live without? Foundation? lipgloss or other amazing product?

    • Hey Rebecca,

      1.) Definitely like me some shimmery shades!
      2.) My favorite part of the day is when I get to exfoliate, LOL. I love to exfoliate!
      3.) Oh, man… so many things! Depends what you love. Like Nymphette, Prr, and Luminary are great glosses. Sweetie, Crosswires, and Viva Glam I are fantastic lipsticks. I love eyeshadow shades like Patina, Romp, Bronze, Goldmine, Humid, Juxt, Sumptuous Olive…

  15. Susy

    Hi! I love your blog, it’s really helpful!
    What are some basic brushes to start out with? I just started using makeup so I don’t have any! And is there any difference in applying cream and powder eyeshadow? Or can I use the same brush for both? Thanks! :)

    • Hi Susy!

      Eye or face brushes?

      Eye brushes: 239 (applying), 217 (blending), 224 (crease)
      Face brushes: 109 (liquid foundation, if you use it), 116 (blush), 134 (powder)

      Usually a flatter, firmer brush is better for cream, and a fluffier brush is better for eyeshadow. You can use the same one for both if you need to!

      Thank you!

  16. Shahada

    Hi Christine!

    I find Soft Ochre paint pot formula is more dry than other paint pots…like painterly for example. Do you find the Soft Ochre paint pot has a drier formula than others?

    • Nope, I find it’s the same as the matte bases like Painterly. I left mine out once, and I microwaved it a bit – that seemed to restore the creaminess, too. If you do that, remove the lid!

  17. milly

    I use mac msf natural in medium, can you recommend some blush colours and eyeshadow (the brand being mac) and i really want to know what your opinion is on the perfect brush to contour with?

    It is so generous of you to take your personal time out to answer our questions, talking for myself, i really do appreciate the help and admire you. X

    • Hi Milly,

      Blushes: Ambering Rose, Margin, Plum Foolery, Springsheen, Sunbasque (warmer skin tones); Cubic, Desert Rose, Dollymix, Peaches (cooler skin tones)
      Eyeshadows: Amber Lights, Bronze, Coppering, Expensive Pink, Gorgeous Gold, Juxt, Patina, Ricepaper, Romp, Shimmermoss, Soft Brown (for warmer skin tones); Carbon, Digit, Espresso, Satin Taupe, Seedy Pearl, Shroom, Smut, Tilt, Typographic (cooler skin tones)

      I love the 168 to contour with.

      Thank you!! :)

  18. Ebony

    Oh wow! Q & A time. :-)

    So I have two questions. First, could you recommend a good makeup removing wipe for eye makeup (specifically waterproof/smudge proof eye makeup)? Everything I’ve tried has either given me raccoon eyes or taken off nothing whatsoever…

    My second question is regarding foundation. I’m trying to find a good foundation for my skin tone (caramel-toned with golden highlights I guess – somewhat like a Halle Berry but w/o the good looks lol).

    Any brand suggestions? I’m open to trying just about anything, but if they carry it at Sephora, it’s even better. πŸ˜‰

    Great job on your site! I love reading your tutorials and reviews.

    • Hey Ebony,

      1.) I love shu uemura’s cleansing oil for a great all-over cleanser, and then I use Lancome’s Bi-Facil on a q-tip/cotton pad for eyes if I’ve done a lot with them.
      2.) So, one is I know that Bobbi Brown does some really excellent shades for deeper skin tones. I would also recommend Iman foundations (I think this is a drugstore brand), as the brand caters to women of color and does a better job of hitting the right undertones (which some mass market brands miss).

      Thank you!

      • Ebony

        Thanks for the suggestions!

        I’m going to check out the Bobbi Brown line tomorrow (been meaning to for ages) and the Lancome makeup remover as well. This VIB coupon needs to be used on something! :)

  19. Tiffany

    How much time do you spend on this blog daily?

    • It varies from day to day – as many as fourteen hours or as little as four.

      • OMG! How do you find 14 hours in a day to spend on your blog, lol?! :) Does “the boy” not mind it? Or is he also on his computer while your blogging? πŸ˜‰

        • He pretty much works on Temptalia the majority of his day, too. He does some other web-based stuff (he works at home as his own boss), but he spends more and more time on Temptalia these days. Our desks are right next to each other, so we are “together” all day long, haha.

  20. Elizabeth

    Hi Christine,

    I broke my beloved Barbie loves Mac Pear Blossom Beauty powder and have yet to find anything that even comes close to it,any ideas on possible dupes?

    • Oh no! Maybe something like Shell Beauty Powder (which is LE but you might be able to find)? The texture of the Barbie powders were really excellent… not sure if there are any real dupes :(

      • Elizabeth

        I have Shell Beauty Powder and it doesn’t come close at all :( Oh how I wish this color would be repromoted! I LOVED my Pearl Blossom Beauty Powder so much. I thought Philosophy’s Amazing Grace would be close but its not being that it has too much shimmer.

  21. Grace Pham

    i have dry, acne prone and lots of red patches and scar on my face and i was thinking of either getting the Nars sheer glow or the MUFE HD foundation, which one do you think is better?

  22. Shelby

    What is a good nude lipstick that I can wear that won’t wash me out? Whenever I put beige nude lipsticks on they always wash my fair skin out. Every nude lipstick I’ve tried just looks very out of place on me, I think because I have pink undertones in my skin. I would prefer a MAC lipstick but any will do.

    • Hey Shelby,

      Which nudes you have tried? For fairer skin, I’d recommend shades like High Tea, Sweetie, Angel, and Hue. You could also try Shy Girl and Freckletone.

  23. Kat

    Hi Christine,

    1.) What are your recommendations for lip stains? (Brand, specific product) I’ve read reviews here and there, but it all seems so scattered. I definitely want something that won’t accentuate dry patches on the lips, or any product that leaves blotches of color. I’m looking for pinks, or berry tones (raspberry, rather than wine). Don’t really care for reds. Also, the price range should be somewhere below $15…or maybe even $20, I’ll spurge for the perfect, lasting product! I just hate wearing lipsticks/glosses in the summer.

    2.) Can you recommend me a blush? I have dry skin, warm skin tone, light to medium shade (summer time). I can’t seem to find the right color for me. There was once this peach blush by Sonia Kashuk that I LOVED, but I dropped it and it cracked and the color was discontinued so…It was a yellow/brownish peach, not the least bit orange-ish. I tried to search for a similar color, but couldn’t find anything. I love light pink blushes but I know that that warm tones seem to complement my skin more–there’s definite smoothness to my skin’s appearance when I wear a warm blush as opposed to pinks, but I want a natural flush, something feminine and pretty for the summer.


    • Hey Kat,

      1.) I really haven’t met many lip stains that do anything for me, to be honest. The best stains seem to be the lipsticks that are so dark/pigmented they end up staining your lips. Have you thought about maybe a lip pencil? Those cling pretty well! Otherwise, Benefit’s Benetint is decent but kind of one-note… Laura Mercier’s have been the best (and come in at the top of your budget at $20). I don’t know – I just haven’t met a fantastic lip stain that stains without drying or emphasizing lip lines!

      2.) Maybe MAC Tenderling or Peaches (which is pretty peach, which isn’t really orange…)! I really do like Benefit Sugarbomb, though – it’s such a pretty flush of glow on cheeks!

  24. phoenixor

    Hi Christine,

    Great job on the website! I also love reading your posts on my RSS feeds and your website. I am Asian with NC30 coloring and golden/yellow undertones. What kind of blush would you recommend? Any brands are welcome! I have had really dry skin lately and no blushes would stay, cream or powder. I have tried NARS Torrid, Luster and Madly and all disappear within an hour or so. I also have MAC’s X-rocks, and same thing happens.

    Also, what is your opinion of mineral makeup and mineral oil in make up in general? A friend of mine is selling Nu Skin products and was saying that mineral oil is bad for the skin and is in most makeup products because it is a cheap filler. Is it that bad? Are there any brands that you would recommend that don’t use mineral oil?

    What are your favorite bronzers and highlighters? I loved your review of the Guerlain Meteorites and wanted them so much. Are they really worth it, or can you recommend something that is not so pricey?

    thanks in advance for your answers!

    • Hey Phoenixor,

      Thank you so much! :)

      From MAC… OMG, Margin. LOVE Margin! Have you tried layering a powder on top of a cream and then setting with translucent powder or using a primer underneath?

      I’m not a big fan of mineral makeup – I just find it really messy, and it bothers me. I also am not a fan of the majority of the packaging from mineral makeup brands – it feels so lab-sample-y. I just want a more finished product, I suppose. Mineral oil is known to clog pores, I believe, which is why it should be avoided. I am not so sure about it being in the majority of makeup products, though – I’m pretty sure that there’s been a significant backlash to mineral oil that it’s been phased out of a lot of products (just like parabens are being phased out by many brands now).

      My favorite bronzers are definitely Chanel and Dior – just so subtle, soft, and feel amazing. Never orange or heavy! Meteorites are lovely, but I also really love Dior’s SkinShimmers, which aren’t cheap either, but I believe they’re a little cheaper than Meteorites.

      Thank you so much!

  25. Wendy M.

    Hi Christine!
    So next May is my brother’s wedding and I’m Maid of Honor; I’m going to be wearing an ivory/off white dress.
    I was thinking of wearing a silvery gold eye.
    I love silver, but that color alone doesn’t look too good on me so I thought about mixing some gold (Cosmic, to be precise) in it to warm it up.
    What eyeshadows do you think I should use?
    I’m an NC35, by the way.
    Also was planning on using MAC products. :)
    I hope you’re having a great day. ^^

    • Hey Wendy,

      If you go with more of a taupe-silver (like Smoke & Diamonds), I think it could pair really well with a shade like Cosmic. You could do something like Nylon, Cosmic, and Smoke & Diamonds! For blush, I’d go Margin or Springsheen. For lips, probably Honeylove or Honeyflower and maybe Nymphette lipglass!

      • Wendy M.

        Alright, thanks Christine! :)

        Another question and then I’ll bugger off.
        What do you think would be a good bronzer for me?
        I really like the look of Get-Away Bronze… but what would you recommend for me?
        Thanks so much!
        You’re very helpful. :)

        • No worries — ask as much as you want :)

          Refined Golden or Bronze maybe! But yes, I’d totally recommend it!! It will be so beautiful on your NC35 skin!

  26. Sass

    1. What do you think about Tokidoki? Do you think it’s a serious makeup brand or just out to sell it’s art? I don’t see the quality in it all :(

    I just bought one of their makeup bags (love) and met the creator last weekend in Times Square Sephora – cool dude!

    2. I bought the MAC 109 brush about two weeks ago and tried to use Studio Fix Fluid with it, using my own method and then using yours with Fix+ and I found that the brush soaks up the foundation and while I’m used to using one pump I had to use two. The good thing about this brush is that I had minimal shedding thank god.

    Anyway, do you have any other tips as to how I can work with this brush. It’s just sitting in my holder looking sad.

    3. Also, if possible, can you also include cheek swatches of blushes when you do reviews on them? It makes all the difference when trying to shop online for stuff.

    That’s all for now. :)

    • Hey Sass,

      1.) I actually think that it’s decent. I think the packaging has enough weight and detailing to it that it’s not cheaply presented, which is something that can be an immediate turn-off when a non-beauty brand goes into beauty. I like some products – like their pen liner is fab though the shades are muted (but that’s a personal preference). I haven’t had great luck with their eyeshadows, but I’ve only tried two (and I think anything with “glitter” is a big fat no… potentially from ANY brand, LOL). It’s nice — not fantastic — and it’s definitely hit or miss with their products.

      2.) How did you get the foundation onto the face/brush? I pump onto a concealer brush or my finger, then I dab it on each cheek, forehead, and chin – then I wet the brush and went to town. I’m glad that you aren’t experiencing major shedding — phew!

      3.) I try to do looks with newer cheek products to show how to use them in a look, but the stress on the skin from removing foundation, reapplying, applying cheek product, then setting with powder, and then doing it all over again is just a bit much so I can’t swatch a bunch of blushes back-to-back. I’m trying to do what I can, but my skin already freaks out enough and I don’t want to rub it raw (doesn’t quite take the damage as well as my lips have learned to from lip swatching!).

      • Sass

        Thank you for your replies!

        1. I have the white pen liner and it stays nicely, but I’ll keep working with it. It was only thing that appealed to me. Oh well! *shrugs*

        I put the foundation on the back of my and dab out of that. Dab for my cheeks, forehead, nose and chin, but I’ll do it your way “your way” and dab on my face first and see how that works. I only apply my foundation with the 188. I know everybody raves about the 109, but that’s how I feel about my 188 but it’s not always clean so I wanted to try something knew. I’ll give it another try!

        3. And I understand about the blushes. If you can do it for at least one blush in a review that would be nice. Thanks!

        • No worries — everybody loved the 187 and I was like, “This is nice,” then I tried the 109 and was like, “THIS IS AMAZING.” Whatever works πŸ˜‰

          I’ve been trying to work in the blush when I do a lip swatch for a launch – e.g. wearing the blush that came out with the lipsticks or whatever!

  27. Kat

    Oh, another question!

    What about liquid concealers? I need something for medium to full coverage that’s not too cakey, and is not dry. I heard Prescriptions was good…what do you think?

  28. Sofia

    first of all id like to say i love your passion for make up and cosmetics..i kind of feel as i am in a candy shop with all those colours and sparkles….:-)
    as for my question….its actually that id love your recommedation if possible…i have two all-tme-favorite products that i cant find anymore and i am unable to find an acceptable replacement for them.
    a.its a Givenchy Lip lip Lip lipstick ,called Orange kiss (a lightly orange lipstick with tine gold sparkle )
    b.Clinique’s colour rub in 02 sheer radiance (a lipuid “champaignish” highlighter) living in Europe so some of brands i cant find over here…so if possible anything like dior,ysl,mac,givenchy,chanel ,lancome would be fine…money is not really matter when ill find the “perfect” one :-)

    • Hi Sofia,

      Hmm… Okay, I’ve never seen either product, so going off of your descriptions, here are some possibilities…

      For the lipstick: Guerlain Orange Sequin, Givenchy #14 Fruity Orange, Givenchy #10 Sun Shine
      For the Colour Rub: maybe Chanel’s Illuminating Base.

      Thank you!

  29. Stephanie

    Hey Christine, what’s a good, inexpensive liquid liner that won’t budge? I have oily lids, and even with UDPP, liner smudges after awhile. I’m looking for a really long-lasting drugstore brand of liner.

  30. Eyeris

    Hi Cristine,
    I am dying to buy the MUFE HD foundation…buti am not sure if i should use my old mac base and setting powder with it. What do you think? Also what is the best brush to apply that with? Also please reccomend some MUFE must haves like blushes, lipsticks, etc….

    can you please recommned the best tinted foundation…light for the summer….

    Lastly do you think i have to change foundations if i change my hair color?

    • Hi Eyeris,

      I think you can use your normal MAC base and setting powder with it. You can definitely mix and match! MUFE does matte eyeshadow really well – to me that is their must-have. Their eyeliners are also nice.

      I like Kiehl’s, Korres, and Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizers :)

      No, I don’t think so!

  31. Hi Cristine,
    Can you recommend a very good dupe of YSL Volupte lipstick on the lower end version? Thank you!

    • Maybe Milani’s lipsticks! Elizabeth Arden’s were the only ones that really came close to being similar to YSL’s texture, which is so unique amongst lipstick lines. Milani isn’t quite there, but it’s the only one I can think of that’s even a bit similar.

  32. Katherine

    Hi Christine! First, let me start by saying that Temptalia ROCKS! :) ok, now on to the real deal: I’m searching for the perfect nude lipstick/gloss combo for my skin tone -I’m MAC NC50. I love pinks & peachy-beige(y) looks but don’t want to go too light or too dark. That said, I’m willing to climb the highest mountain (Chanel, NARS etc.) or the lowest valley (NYX, Drugstore) and anywhere in between (MAC). Whatcha got for me? LOL!

  33. Patrizia

    Hi Christine,

    is there any dupe for coral crepe paint pot? which paint pots would you recommend buying (I only own painterly)?

    thank you for the nice job you do with the site

  34. caleigh

    Can you do a Blake Lively look? and a makeup starter kit

  35. I am going to be completely honest. I have never used a foundation brush and always used a cosmetic sponge to apply liquid foundation. What are great reasons to finally go out and buy a brush? Should I even switch? Thank you.

    • Hey Samantha,

      If you’re happy with your method, I don’t think you need to switch. I do prefer brushes myself as I find it more hygienic (washing a sponge has always been more work for me than a brush for whatever reason) and less wasteful – since I don’t have to throw out the brush or replace it at all, and I feel like not as much product is soaked up/eaten by the sponge.

  36. neli

    Hi christine do mac have any luminizers

  37. rhondavancouver

    Hi Christine,
    I’m looking for one last colour to fill up my MAC blush palette. The colours I already have are pink swoon, frankly scarlet, peaches, tenderling and harmony (as a contour, of course!). I really like matte blushes, so I can add highlight and shimmer to my own discretion (I have combination skin and hate looking oily). But if the shimmer is subtle, I’m open to it!
    What would be a good colour that is not too much like any of the ones I already have that you think would suit me (NW20, blond hair, grey/blue eyes)?
    Thank you so much!

    PS: I love your website! I think your reviews are really helpful!

    • Fever, if you want something dark :) (hey, I see you have Frankly Scarlet… so!) or else maybe Desert Rose – a plummy pink.

      Thank you!

      • rhondavancouver

        I’ll go check them out next time I’m at the store! yes, I don’t mind dark ones; it’s all in the application!
        Thanks so much,

  38. Mary

    Hi Christine,

    I don’t have any matte eyeshadows and looking for some nice neutrals for work. Any recommendations? I’m NC43 with black hair and brn eyes.


  39. Samantha

    I like to ask semi-personal questions because I think it’s fascinating and neat to learn small things about the blogger.

    Will you ever put a picture of your family or you and your boyfriend up on your blog?
    How did you and your boyfriend meet? and when did he take on the role of website-design extraordinaire?
    Do you run into readers a lot? Did/Does anyone at school come up to you acknowledge that you’re Temptalia?
    How many hours on average do you sleep every night? I always see you make a new tweet really late into the night then another one VERY early in the morning.. it seems like you never sleep yet you do the blog, go to school.. you never look tired!!

    • Hey Samantha,

      1.) Probably never the family, since they’re definitely part of a personal space. Maybe my sister, since I don’t think she’s quite as camera-shy as my parents! My boyfriend is pretty camera-shy, too… If you look hard enough (cough, facebook), you may find him… LOL. Wait, am I encouraging cyber stalking?

      2.) We played the same online game (a random word game) like nine years ago, and then we met in person when I was 19, been together pretty much ever since :) I think it’s 5 years this October! He was always the web designer behind Temptalia :)

      3.) Nope, I’ve only run into two or three my entire time. I’ve met more than that – meeting some at MAC unveilings and the like, but I let people know that I’ll be there, so it’s less of a “run in” situation, lol! Nobody at school has, though I recently found out a reader is in the same MBA program I am – she takes classes T/Th and I always do M/W, which explains why we’ve never crossed paths!

      4.) Maybe five or six. It’s good makeup, LOL! I never used to have undereye circles/bags, but I definitely have shadows now. Kind of makes me sad, and every night I want to go to bed by 10, and somehow I don’t log off Temptalia until past 11! I always wake up around 6:30am (I am an early bird by nature).

  40. J

    Hi Christine~

    This problem drives me crazy but I never hear anyone really talk about it. I wonder if I’m the only one??

    When I’m finished with doing my eye makeup and go to curl my lashes, it always messes my eyeliner up. Even if the liquid or cream liner has already dried, and definitely for pencil liners. Like the liner will stick on to the eyelash curler and leave a gap of skin on my eyelid. Grrrr. I did consider that maybe I’m curling too close to the base of my lashes, but curling farther away from the base makes my lashes look much shorter. I’ve also tried curling my lashes before doing the eye makeup, but then my lashes get in the way of lining my eyes and makes it very difficult to make a nice smooth line, especially with liquid liner. Do you ever have this problem? And do you have any tips for me? :)
    (Btw this happens with every brand of lash curler I’ve used)

    • Hey J!

      I don’t wear upper lash liner very often (it irritates my eyes), though I haven’t noticed this issue myself. How often do you clean your curler? I wonder if maybe there is residual mascara or liner that causes the liner on your lid to stick to it more so than just the metal/rubber grip?

      The only thing I can think of is to curl your lashes before hand, and then use a brush handle to kind of hold the lashes down so they’re not in your way when you go to line!

    • Samantha

      You’re not the only one! I have this problem every time I curl my lashes! I haven’t found a way to fix it yet.. but I was thinking.. maybe a LIGHT dusting of powder (residual on your brush maybe) “set” the eyeliner?

  41. hi christine, i have a few questions :( sorry! lol

    1. so i know you’ve had the 131 and the 165.. so my question is: for highlighting with mineralized skinfinishes, which do you prefer?

    2. well, i plan to get marine life.. and already have instant chic and ripe peach and the ripe peach dupe from estee lauder.. i’m thinking about hipness but i’m mainly worried that it won’t even look right on me or it’ll look the same as one of the other blushes, do you think its different enough from the others that i should get it? (i’m nw20, btw)

    3. do you think flurry of fun would be very similar to transparent teal glitter mixed with new spirit? i have both so i’m trying to figure out ways to save money, lol

    • Hey Jackie,

      1.) I wayyyy prefer the 165 for highlighting!!
      2.) I think it would look on you as a NW20! I mean, if you love your coral-pinks, I’d grab it. I think you’ll see a little difference, though subtle, between all of them.
      3.) Yes, I do – what makes Flurry of Fun standout is the teal reflects in it, so really, mixing Transparent Teal glitter + sheer peach or tangerine gloss will get you there. Flurry of Fun really doesn’t do much in terms of color!

  42. Aisha

    Hey christine,
    I know some people use it all the time ( including me) and some avoid it: do you think Mac fluideline is safe to use on waterline?

  43. Stacey

    Hi, Christine! I’m looking at expanding my lipstick collection. I’ve got mostly nudes (Blankety, Warm Me Up, etc) and reds (Russian Red, Viva Glam I). They’re kinda boring and plain old lipgloss isn’t cutting it anymore. I’ve been looking at corals and oranges for the summer, but I’m not sure of shades to try. I have pale, pinkish skin (not sure of my MAC skin shade equivalent). Any suggestions for corals and oranges for the summer?

    • Hi Stacey,

      You could try Crosswires or See Sheer for corals! For oranges, perhaps M’Orange and Vegas Volt – though those two are quite bright/bold! You may like Freckletone, which is kind of a lighter peachy-nude. Ravishing is also a played down peach-orange.

  44. Zoe

    Hi I adore your all of your looks and I was wondering what you might suggest for me as either something fun or something just everyday. I’m 17 with medium brown hair, blue eyes, and very pale freckled skin that has pink undertones and some natural pink in my cheeks. Right now i’m using a clinique creme blush in rosy to keep from getting washed out which is the only shade i’ve found in blush that works, but really need some sort of powder or something to create cheekbones on my face and really don’t know what to do. I like mac, but it is so far away, any sephora suggestions for cheeks or well anything else for that matter, i’m sort of a makeup newbie. Thank you so much.

  45. Hope you don’t mind me asking this, but I’ve been wondering about this since I’ve been writing a blog myself. Do you ever feel like this blog is more of a curse than a blessing? What I mean by it is that you said you don’t wear any old LE make up because of the blog, so you can show it off n looks or test the new stuff. Also it must take up so much time to keep on top of it. Also do you EVER go on holiday? I’ve been reading this blog for a while, but honestly can’t remember you not posting every single day! :) I know you love doing it, but do you ever feel like not wanting to carry on with it?

    • Nope, not at all. It’s really a blessing – never a curse. I’ve never even felt for one second that it’s ever been more of a curse than a blessing — quite the opposite! There are surely things about blogging (in general) that can be tedious or way less fun than the best parts (replying to comments, interacting with readers, talking shop!), but they are necessary evils to get to the good stuff :)

      I don’t mind not wearing LEs or anything, and if I really want to, I could – I just like the idea of being more helpful than not! It makes me happier to be more helpful, I suppose.

      And no, no holidays. Don’t believe in them! I have gone on vacation, but you should never know I’m away until I say, “Hey, just got back from vacation!” I went on a family vacation for a week last year to Lake Tahoe, actually. When I was 13-17, I did a daily “magazine” online via email, and I think I managed about 2.5 or 3 years without missing an issue. It’s just in me to stay on top of the things I love — you could call me a workaholic, but I don’t consider this work!

      I’ve had a couple of rough days, just when some comments or things people have said have brought me down, but thankfully I have enormously supportive friends and family to remind me that for every one person that loathes me, there are many more who enjoy what I do!

  46. Kate

    Hi I have brown hair, blue eyes, and pale/fair skin with pinkish undertones. Hi, we don’t have a MAC errrr, but we do have a sephora where I live. Right now I’m using a powder, but do I need a liquid foundation. My skin is combination and pretty oily on my t-zone, with summer coming up I don’t want a look that will melt or look fake. Any foundation (whether it be powder or liquid which I don’t know how to use) suggestions? Also what sort of primer if any do you recommend? Thank you so much!

  47. Isheeta

    Hi Christine,
    My warm wishes for you. When I saw your collection of MAC Limited Edition eyeshadow, a question popped in my mind. How long can you use an eyeshadow? What is the recommended shelf life? Do you follow the recommendation?

    • Technically, the shelf life is 2-3 years, but I don’t follow that. It’s very hard for powder products to harbor bacteria, since it is dry – bacteria thrive in warm, moist places!

      • Isheeta

        Thanks for the info, Christine :)

      • Isheeta

        A follow-up question then.. How long you continue wearing a powder eyeshadow? I mean how long they are of no harm? How do you know it cannot be continued more?

  48. brittany

    Hi Christine! My problem thats always been around (problem with my sister too) is that I have large pores. I have tried neutregenas pore redefining cleanser or something and it did absolutely nothing. I cannot afford Microderm abrasion so i am wondering if there is anything I can do to help reduce them? I have a lot of little bumps on my face as well and I dont know what to do to get rid of them! its probably from dirt getting in my large pores! any advice?? Thanks!

    • Hey Brittany,

      Regular exfoliation (about two to three times a week) can help reduce the appearance of pores. You can also use more matte/satin finish products on your cheeks to de-emphasize them.

      The best pore minimizing product I’ve come across seems to be Clinique’s Pore Minimizer Instant Perfector.

      The bumps might be milia, but I’m not a derm, so you might want to get an appointment and find out about those :)

  49. Zoe

    Ah sorry another question! Since I am so pale with no tanning capabilities whatsoever tinted moisturizer = a do or a don’t? Any recommendations?

    • Sure, why not? Tinted moisturizer doesn’t really tan you or anything – it’s like a sheerer foundation, so if you get one in your tone, it’s all good. It may even be better for paler complexions since it’s so sheer, even if it’s not 100% the right shade, it can be sheered out so it is. Kiehl’s, Korres, or Laura Mercier!

  50. just wanted to tell you thanks for doing a great job, i love this site :)

  51. hey again!

    i lied :( i have one more question..

    i’m nw20 or hd 115, very pink undertones, brown hair, with very pigmented lips… trying to find a nude lipstick. so far all i have is young thing lipglass and wearing that turns my lips into a mauve pink/browness so i don’t look dead but it’s still not quite the nude i’m looking for.. what mac lipstick would u suggest i try? i only have permanents and bouy o bouy available for me to buy ><

  52. Dee Dee

    So After you have finished college and started your professional career, how will you keep temptalia going?

    Will you get other writers to help, or are you going to scale back?

    • It’s really hard to say, since there is over a year until I graduate, and then months of studying for the Bar exam (and perhaps more, if I don’t pass the first time out… which is likely!). I just keep working hard every day and cross my fingers that maybe Temptalia can be my future :)

  53. erika

    Hi Christine!
    I love blushes, I use it all the time, I have pink, brown, beige… but I wanna do a right match with my eyeshadows, like for ex. beige blush and warm eyeshadow, so can you tell me how can I match them?

    • Hi Erika,

      I learned mostly through experience – just playing around and hoping for the best.

      I wear coral blushes with greens, golds, browns, blues, and teals.
      I wear pink blushes with browns, neutrals, golds, pinks, purples, and blues.
      I wear bronze blushes with greens, golds, and teals.
      I wear plum blushes with browns, pinks, and purples.

  54. BEA

    Im NC35 and i just bought the korres tinted moisturizer in shade 02 Honey. At times, it looks a little light on me, and other times, it looks okay. Do you think i bought the right shade for my skin color (NC 35) or the color after shade 02 Honey would be the better choice for me?

    • You may be the next shade up, or you may be more like a mix, so you could probably wear either. It sucks that they have such a short range, though. I wear Honey as well as a NC25.

  55. hey hun, question for you – got any idea of the best concealer or foundation that will cover scars on my arms? i cant one that lasts long enough :( thx xxxxx

  56. Hey Christine!

    I got a couple questions to ask you. I would like to know what highlighting eyeshadow color would suit best on NC44 skin tone? Im going to be doing my sisters prom make up and she is a NC44. Also what highlighting shade will suit my NC40 skin tone. I was thinking about trying Stila’s Kitten but I am not too sure if that will suit me.

    My brand preferences can be from NYX, Stila, MAC, MUFE, and Urban Decay

  57. Miki

    What are your thoughts on the Marine Life High Light Powder on oily skin type? I’m debating whether I should get it or not.

    Can you please suggest some neutral lipstick colors in MAC for NC20/NC25? Thanks!

    • I think it would be fine on oilier skin types!

      Neutral lipstick shades – Sweetie, Creme Cup, Honeyflower, Kinda Sexy, Velvet Teddy

  58. Dee Dee

    Just one more i forgot to ask!…
    I am a nc 15 and I still find that it is to dark on me, do you know of any mid- to high end foundations that are lighter?

  59. Valerie

    I was wanting to know if there is a dupe for MAC Bright Fuschia Pigment, also I have oily skin and have a hard time finding a product that will actually control the oil for more than 3-4 hours, any suggestions?

  60. Amanda

    At what time (central) do you think Mac will put the To the Beach Collection up for sale on their website on the 25th?

  61. Erena

    Hi Christine!

    Just a few questions:
    1. Do you use Mac’s Fix+ and if so, what do you use it for?
    2. Can you recommend an inexpensive lip concealer? My lips are bright red and I can’t get the nude look.
    3. What are your favorite Mac ‘matte’ eyeshadows?
    4. Also, can you recommend a blue liquid eyeliner?

    Thank so much!

    • Hey Erena,

      1.) I have it, but I don’t really use it. It’s like expensive water to me – so I use water. You can use it to help make your makeup look less powdery or to refresh yourself.
      2.) You could try any concealer or your foundation – it doesn’t have to be targeted to lips, actually! :)
      3.) Love Soft Brown, Espresso, Electric Eel (hm, think that’s a satin, actually), Atlantic Blue!
      4.) MAC Blue Herizon Liquidlast Liner!

  62. Christina

    Hi! I hope your week is going well :] Thanks for this session and for the site. the new design is gorgeous (thanks Tech Guy!)!

    A few questions:
    How do you tell what skintype you have? Do I skip moisturizing after I cleanse and then watch my skin? That’s always confused me.

    When you rate lipsticks for “wear” does that mean how long it takes for them to start fading, or until it’s completely gone?

    Also, I’ve noticed you’ve been using Benefit’s Stay Don’t Stray. What are your initial impressions? Or should I wait for the review?

    • Hey Christina,

      Thanks a lot!

      1.) You can tell by the end of the day, actually – are you oily? are you normal? If you’re pretty oily, you’re probably oily. If you can’t tell, you’re probably normal πŸ˜›

      2.) Typically it’s how long until it’s about half gone or until it needs a reapplication (unless I say “it took 4 hours until it started fading”!).

      3.) It works well – no creasing, smudging, fading, etc. I just hate the pump dispenser. Loathe.

  63. air

    hi!! i love this blog, i’ve been reading it everyday since i first started… which was like a LONG time ago (through the mac community on Lj!)

    can you recommend a dupe for “utterly frivolous” lipstick by MAC? it came out with the fafi collection and my mom is obsessed with it, but it’s so hard to get a hold of! (you know how it is with those limited editions..)

    and possibly a good eye cream for someone in their 20s?? something that’s more preventative and not so expensive! thanks πŸ˜€

    • Aww!! Thank you for staying with me for so long πŸ˜€

      MAC: Maybeee See Sheer used REALLY lightly but nothing else sticks out. Maybe one of the Pret-a-Papier lipsticks – Dressmaker, Dressmaker or Made to Order could come close.
      Non-MAC: Smashbox Splendid, Shiseido PK 327, Shiseido PK 224

      What about Clinique’s All About the Eyes?

  64. Katie

    Can you think of a lip color similar to Guerlain’s Giulette, but without the shimmer? I love that color, but sometimes shimmer bothers me and I just want more of a creamy, glossy finish. I know you said it was hard to dupe, but a best approximation would be appreciated.

    Also, would you recommend using an eyeshadow primer with Soft Ochre paint pot, or is the Soft Ochre all I need in terms of making the eyeshadow last?

    Thanks, Christine!

    • Laura Mercier’s Hydrangea seems close actually, it has just a smidgen of shimmer but much less than Giulette!

      You shouldn’t need a primer under it, but some people have found they need to (but then it’s more a case that no base alone works well, they need two).

  65. Cherie

    Thanks for doing this Christine! :)

    1. What is the best eyeshadow primer? I’ve been using MAC paintpots and they are fine but sometimes creasy. I tried Smashbox’s eyelid primer and liked it but am wondering if there are better ones? I have creasy lids but not oily.
    2. What about face/foundation primer? I’ve only used MAC’s face one but noticed a tiny amount of shimmer. I wonder if that will reflect poorly in photos (have some weddings coming up). My face/skin is normal to sensitive.
    3. Would you ever consider doing a best of nail polish post? Similar to your MAC eyeshadows ones? Office friendly, wild, vampy?
    4. Not sure if this is too personal or if you’ve already answered before…. What type of law do you want to practice? Does it make you laugh that its called practice??? I just thought of that and how funny it sounds! You’ve been studying too long to be practising :).

    Sorry if there are typos! I’m writing this on a BlackBerry on a train going home πŸ˜€

    • Hey Cherie!

      1.) Hmm, do you think maybe you’re using too thick of a layer? Or have you tried layering the Smashbox + Paint Pot?
      2.) I like Korres silicone-free, and MUFE’s Primer did me OK but never stuck with it for very long.
      3.) Probably not for awhile… I am a nail polish dummy! I know my MAC eyeshadows pretty well, but I still feel lost in a sea of polish!
      4.) No, not too personal at all! If I go into law, it will be business/corporate related :)

      Thank you!

      • Cherie

        Thanks lady :)

        1) Hmm, maybe I am layering too think. Yes, I did like the look of Smashbox primer + paint pot. It was fab. Is Smashbox the best primer to use or do you like others? Sorry for the additional q’s
        2) I will try those!
        3) Hahaha, that’s cool :)
        4) Awesome!


        • All primers seem to work about equal on me, except the original UDPP which sometimes creases.

          I like UDPP Eden quite a bit, actually.

  66. Andie

    I am a NC 20/25 and I wanted to buy the shape and sculpt powders from MAC pro (will have to do over phone since there is no store close by), which shades do you suggest. I wear MSF in Light Medium now, and will be Medium in the summer if that gives anymore clues.

    I am just getting back into lipstick (I am more of a dramatic eye person), and I was wondering, what are some staple MAC lipsticks for someone with pigmented lips and warm skin? I have Cherish, Dressmaker, Dressmaker, Viva Glam Cyndi, Made to Order and Viva Glam V. Shades like Myth and Creme de Nude look awful on me, as do most ultra pale or light blue pink colors.

    Thanks so much!

  67. Dawn

    Would you be able to recommend a good moisturiser for the eye area, including the lid area and just above, for a slightly more mature skin (mid-40s)? Mine is starting to look a little wrinkly, and it’s not through wearing makeup as I don’t wear eye products that often, even though I have quite a collection now lol. I never sunbathe either

  68. Kerry

    hey christine :) sorry i have a few questions lol
    i got matched back in january to nw20 in studio sculpt and love it but for the summer i want something lighter and more sheer.. possibly a tinted moisturiser? anyways.. i go wayyy darker in the summer.. more like a goldeny orange brown, not at all pink.
    so basically..
    1. is it possible to go from cool to warm undertones or is it just the darkness that changes?
    2. do you think ive been matched wrong even though it doesnt look too pink on my skin?
    3. any recommendations for a foundation/tinted moisturiser?
    for reference i have dry skin with mild acne which always seems to go away in the summer for some reason, medium brown hair and brown eyes.
    this seems like an impossible question to answer but theres no harm in asking, right? thankyou so much :)

    • Hey Kerry,

      1.) First, you might be more neutral or even neutral-warm – but undertones don’t usually change, just darkness I’d say.
      2.) You could definitely have been matched wrong, or you could be neutral and be able to go either way without it looking odd!
      3.) I like Kiehl’s & Korres for tinted moisturizer :)


  69. Kathryn

    I started to develop acne during my pregnancy and it has never gone away. It has been close to 2 years. I have tried acne products from Peter Thomas Roth, Murad, and Bare Escentuals. The acne is better now, but I have problems concealing it. I have used MAC, Smashbox, Mally, Bare Escentuals, shu uemura, and Clinique concealers. I was hoping you could give me tips on how to get acne under control and how to cover up the scars and any blemishes. Thanks!

    • Hey Kathryn,

      I think if you’ve spent two years working on it, you may want to see a dermatologist — sometimes just finding out what *type* of acne you’re suffering from can at least lead you to make better buying decisions or maybe a prescription is better.

      As far as covering up blemishes/scarring, look for a medium coverage concealer – Make Up For Ever’s concealer is pretty good!

  70. aquarianrabbit

    Hi Christine! I love your blog and thanks for doing another Q and A entry!

    My question is: Do you think MUFE’s eyeshadows are worth the extra money over MAC eyeshadows? Specifically, I’m liking the way MUFE #171 looks layered over turquoise and don’t know if I should shell out or find a dupe. I’m more of a lippie girl so my eyeshadow experience is very limited. Thanks!

    • If you’re looking for specific shades, yes. I think both brands have great eyeshadows (overall, obviously not every single one is amazing!). MUFE does excellent mattes, for example – they are all consistent across the board!

  71. penelope

    hi christine, thanks for doing the session. i love reading your responses.

    1. best overall foundation for normal to oily skin nc 40?

    2. dior eyeshadow quads vs. chanel eyeshadow quads as your favorite and recomendation on a few of your fav quads from the 2 brands?

    3. best tinted moisturizer foundation for normal to oily skin. is it better than powder foundation?

    THANKS Christine. I have a lot of questions and I have been wanting to you asked you for the longest time :) Please keep up with your blog, I read it 5-9 times a day, I love all your infos and reviews.

    • Hey Penelope,

      1.) I think you’d like MAC Studio Fix Fluid or MUFE HD.
      2.) I’ve found more Chanel quads I’ve liked, probably, than Dior. They’re both hit or miss for me! Chanel Murano and Spices are both classics. Dior’s Electric Lights (still on Sephora) is pretty and nice on NC40 skin tone.
      3.) Korres is great, if the third tone (#3) suits you! I don’t like powder foundation, but I can be on the drier side, so it often just makes me look powdery.

      Thank you so much!! :)

  72. Hannah D.

    Hi Christine,

    I was wondering if you have ever tried some of the Hakuhodo brushes.
    I’ve heard such great things about them and I want to know what you think about them..
    SInce most of them are super expensive, I’d love an expert opinion before ordering :)

    Thank you so much for all your great work, I check Temptalia every single day and would be lost without it!

  73. kate

    i have really dry skin and have trouble with foundations because sometimes they make my skin look worse because the foundation almost rolls up. i’d like something that makes me look dewy since my skin also looks so dull. i’m nc15 with dark green eyes blonde hair and i’d love suggestions for different colors ( i do hate purple and brown eyeshadows, also mattes)…..thanks!

    • Hey Kate,

      I think something like NARS Sheer Glow might work for you – it’s dewy and sheer so it shouldn’t be heavy or roll up on your skin. You can also spritz your face with water prior to application to help everything apply smoothly.

      You could try peachy shadows!

  74. Leticia

    Hello Christine!

    First of all, thank you so much for your super useful, complete and detailed reviews!

    Now the questions! Could you please recommend me some MAC eyeshadows I could wear with Creme de Violet? My skin tone is fair – I wear CliniqueΒ΄s Superfit Makeup in Neutral and I usually wear three eyeshadow colors.

    Also, when wearing purple eyeshadows I usually wear a pinkish gloss and blush, but sometimes I feel I look too pink…would it be better to wear neutrals or bronzy colors on cheeks and lips?

    And finally, a fragrance question – I love Burberry Brit Sheer but have been unable to find it again in stores. Do you know any fragrance that could be similar? Something fruity and fresh? It is difficult to shop for a fragance when I have no idea of what brands to try and without being overwhelmed by insistent sales persons and a cloud of different smells!

    Thank you very much for your help and keep up the good work! Your website is so organized, pretty and full of great tips. I love to visit it every day!

    • Hey Leticia,

      1.) Try Beautiful Iris (or Digit) on the lid, Creme de Violet on the outer lid/crease, and Plum Dressing or Sketch in the crease. I actually tend to gravitate towards purples/plums on lips and blush, but I don’t think it’s too pink. You could go with a more neutral lip!

      2.) I haven’t smelled that one, so I’m not sure. One way I find helps is to go to the store and ask for samples – that way you can take them home. You may actually find that talking with the salesperson at Burberry helpful in finding something similar :)

      Thank you so much!

  75. sarah

    why do mac artists at all different stores give me colors that are too dark for me?! is it the lighting in there that makes them think i’m tanner? o.O

  76. Nik

    Hello! My mother in law is going to London soon and will be going on a shopping journey! She is scoping out Lancome Erika F. for me (!!) but do you know of any make up lines, UK only releases or UK only brands to check out?
    Thank you Christine :]

    • Good luck! Hope you can find Erika F. πŸ˜€

      I’m not SUPER familiar with UK only brands myself – I know Illamasqua started there, lol.

    • Dawn

      If you like pigments, you should definitely try Barry M’s Dazzle Dusts – they are very reasonably priced and have some absolutely gorgeous colours. Their nail polishes are also highly recommended and only Β£2.95 each, sometimes 2 for Β£5.

  77. ooh ooh ummm… I have a real problem with my thin upper lip with no heart shape in the middle, any suggestions on shaping and finding the right shapes that go with my square face.

  78. claudia

    1) i have oily lids and when i use a cream eye liner i get it all over the eye, what should i do for this not to happen?
    2) im NC35 on mac, and i bought this mufe matt velvet in 30 and doesnt match my skin how can i do to match my skin cause i want to finish it so i can buy the color that i am

    • Hey Claudia,

      1.) You can set with a powder or you can use a sealer like Benefit She-Laq.
      2.) You can’t return it or exchange it? If it’s light for you, you can always try using bronzer to darken it.

  79. Kitty

    Hi Christine. I am a NC20, asian complexion. I have been eyeing the Nars Sheer Glow foundation. I have pretty dry skin but at the end of the day my t-zone is a bit oily. I heard that the sheer glow is for normal to dry skin and i’ve also seen reviews on it on youtube. do you think it’s worth it for me to purchase?

    • Kitty

      Another question. I want to purchase one or two more Nars blushes. I already have Orgasm and Deep Throat. What other Nars blushes would you recommend for my skin color (NC20)? I don’t like the darker blushes. I was looking at Mata Hari and Luster but are there other ones you think are better for my skin tone. =)

    • I think it would be fine for your skin type, since it has a dewy finish, it’s better for dry to normal skin (it’ll make oily people look oilier), so I think just having your t-zone get oily at the end of the day shouldn’t deter you from it!

  80. I don’t have bad acne, only a few problem spots a month. I always want to get rid of them when they come up, but I don’t want to overdry my skin with my cleansers/moisturizers etc etc. What do you suggest? I’m currently using Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Acne Cleanser with Clean & Clear Oil Free Moisturizer, and have used Clinique’s Three-Step System in the past.

    Also, I’m an approximate NC15 – what is a good contour shade?

    • I use Mario Badescu’s Drying Lotion & Drying Cream – both spot treatments.

      Sculpt, actually. But if you can’t get that, I’d try MSF Natural in Light Medium.

  81. erin

    i use MAC’s studio sculpt spf 15 foundation, NC15. i always moisturise beforehand because i have really, really dry skin. i’ve tried makeup sponges, as well as MAC’s 190, 187, and 168 brushes, and i always run into the same problem: the foundation finds its way into the lines under my eyes as well as in my crease. i should probably also note that i have really dark, discoloured eyelids that mean i have to use foundation on them daily. i’ve also tried MAC’s prep + prime face protect SPF15 between moisturiser and foundation, to no avail.

    sorry for the novel, but any tips?

    • erin

      should also note that i used to use mineralize skinfinish powder over my foundation, but stopped about a week or two ago in hopes it might help. and i don’t ever wear eyeshadow, just liquid liner.

    • Are you setting the foundation at all? Just a light dusting of translucent powder or blot powder can definitely help it from creasing.

      • erin

        i replied to my own post above but i was using the mineralize skinfinish powder before, up until a couple weeks ago. it was a bit too powdery for me. i think i’m going to get some of MAC’s set powder next and see if that works better for me…

  82. Ashley

    Hi Christine!

    1)Could you please recommend bright and neutral eyeshadows from Mac. I’m NW20, have green/hazel eyes, and have darkish blond hair.
    2)What does Imo stand for? I could never figure it out!
    3)Would Gold Deposit MSF be too harsh for my skin tone?
    4)What’s a really good dupe for Float on By eye kohl from To The Beach?
    5)I have oily skin in the T-Zone, what’s a really good setting powder?
    6)Do you know when Mac will have a Friend&Family sale again?
    7)Do you think Mutiny pigment is going to come back in a collection because I really want it!
    8)What are some really good coral products for my skin tone?
    9)Do you shop at your CCO a lot?
    Thanks so much! :)

    • Hi Ashley,

      1.) Brights: Tilt, Woodwinked, Electric Eel, Winkle, Stars ‘n Rockets; Neutrals: Cork, Dazzlelight, Smut, Espresso
      2.) In My Opinion :)
      3.) It’s gonna be a bit dark, but if you use it with a light hand, you should be OK. I don’t think it’s going to be OMG amazing on your skin tone, so if you’re paying $$$ for it, I don’t think it’d be worth it.
      4.) Deviant + Flipside by UD
      5.) I love Laura Mercier’s Loose Setting Powder.
      6.) Nope, I have no idea.
      7.) It’s always a possibility, but who knows!
      8.) Nope – it’s an hour or so away, so I just don’t end up there very often!


  83. Kelly

    Hi Christine,
    When applying lipstick do you use a brush or apply directly from the tube?
    I think it is amazing that you go to law school and have time to do this blog. How do you do it, and how many hours do you devote to the website each day?

    • Hi Kelly,

      From the tube! I am usually too lazy to use a brush!

      I prioritize and schedule everything out, so I know when I’m doing something, what I’m doing, etc. I even plan “free time,” LOL! I also try to stay really organized. It depends – usually the least is three or four hours, and then the max would be around fourteen hours.

  84. Laura

    Hi Christine,
    Could you please recommend a good starter kit (facial cleanser, mositurizer, wrinkle prevention, etc…) I am 26 and realized I need to start taking precautions and preventionsfor my skin!! I know I should have started a long time ago. I have combo sking (major t-zone). Also, I dont have noticable cheeks until I smile the apples of my cheeks pop-out. What can I use to create or use to make it look like they are noticable.

    BTW I love your site!! I spread the word about your site!!

  85. Sharon

    Hi Christine… I have really oily lower lids, and would love to find a pencil liner that doesn’t migrate everywhere during the day. Using Benefit’s now, but it doesn’t look so great after a few hours, and have one from MUFE in plum (but need to pick up one in a dark gray before they leave my city (sob)). If you or anyone reading this have any suggestions as to pencil liners that stay put, I would really love to hear them. Brands available where I live — other than drugstore stuff like Revlon, etc. — are Lancome, Lise Watier, Smashbox, Pur Minerals, Clarins, Elizabeth Arden, and MAC… I’m sure I’m forgetting some. I’m willing to pay a little more for something that I’ll use every day. Thank you!

    • Aww, try to gab some more MUFE shades – those are the best I’ve come across, to be honest. Smashbox worked well on me (their Wish liners, haven’t tried the newest ones), as well as UD’s 24/7 liners (though I don’t know if you have those). Revlon ColorStay pencils might work!

  86. Michelle

    Hi Christine,

    I am looking for my perfect nude lipstick. I already have Mac Cherish and UD Naked (both I found out thru your blog, thanks). However, Cherish is more on the beige-peachy side while UD Naked is more on the really nude-pinkish side. I’m looking for a combination of both, kindof the pale side of Cherish but pinkish instead. What would you recommend?

    PS. I went to mac store yesterday, they suggested honeylove, but my lips are too dry for it.

  87. Erika

    I am extremely fair skinned – cool toned and I actually have to use a lot of concealler to remove the red from my skin, but I’m wondering if I should use blush – would it just make me more red? And I’d love to wear bronzer but the ones I’ve tried make me look dirty and I don’t even know how to apply them! Thank you.

    oh-please let me know if a good eyeliner that will stay put in my waterline!

    • Hi Erika,

      You could also try looking into MUFE’s Green Primer – it might streamline your routine since it’s an all-over solution for redness. Anyway, try peachier blushes (like MAC Peaches). As far as bronzers go, you might like MAC Golden – it’s subtle, soft, and it shouldn’t look dirty on you.

      I like MUFE Aqua Eyes for the water line.

  88. Angie

    Hey Christine,
    I just started collecting makeup since the beginning of this year. I have been wanting to get the MAC 187 or 188. However, the 130 and 131 are coming out in the new collection. I am torn now. I am planning to get two of them first. What do you recommend?

    I apply liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer pretty often. I do cream blush too but I tend to use my fingers. You think the 131 is good for this purpose?

    BTW, just wanna let you know that this site is VERY helpful =). Thank you very much!

    • Angie

      Oh yeahhh forgot to mention that, I have been using the sigma 187 for my liquid foundation and I am loving it.

    • Hi Angie,

      I would get the LE brushes if you like them, because they’re LE and will sell out, as brushes often do. The 131 is better for mineralize products, like blush and the like. The 130, on the other hand, works well for foundation and cream blush. You may like the 131 for applying moisturizer, though!

      Thank you! :)

  89. Vanelle

    Hey Christine,

    Thanks so much for doing this. I wanted to get a Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick, I don’t own any and I was wondering any recommendations for a good color I can get a lot of use out of? Preferably a nude ish pink. I was thinking of the Genial as a coral color, do you think it’d be to much? I am an NW50-DARK! And if do you know any other coral lipstick I can use if genial doesn’t work, any brand. Thanks so much.

    • I think you’d like Darling, Exquise, or maybe Mythic (a little less nude-pink). Genial is super pretty, and I think it would POP against your skin tone (like in a good way!!).

  90. alisson

    what a wonderful post!
    do you have an idea for a total mac look that you would love for an nc25 with brown hair and brown eyes? i love purples, pinks, greens, teal! so pretty much everything haha
    what treats do you give mellan?
    do you prefer an eye primer like udpp or a paint pot instead? running out of udpp myself and undecided if i should buy soft ochre instead!
    i have big eyes, hooded lids sort of, suggestion for most needed mac brush besides a 239? that’s the only one i have, other brushes are by sonia kashuk and i am hoping to replace them soon.

    • Hey Alisson… look at my looks, lol! I am NC25 with brown eyes and hazel eyes πŸ˜›

      I think NC25s look really good in golds and greens, though. :) The golds warm up the eyes, greens set off the skin tone.

      Mellan only gets Charlie Bears as treats, but only if we’re doing training!

      Hmm, I think they’re on equal footing – if UDPP works for you, I don’t think Soft Ochre is going to be revolutionary or anything!

      Maybe the 224 for the crease? Or the 217 for blending.

      • alisson

        somehow i think the mac people matched me too dark, cause you seem a bit more tan than i am. and i love your color, haha! i might lean more towards nc20 but your’re still right about the golds and greens :)

  91. nicci

    What final was your hardest this school year?

    Any fun summer plans?

    Would you recommend putting an SPF first and then primer or vice-versa? or does it even matter?

    • Evidence for sure!

      Not doing anything – and I’m serious, I am really looking forward to NO school for a little while.

      SPF first :)

  92. Haley

    Hi christine! A couple of questions… What drugstore mascara do you recommend for volume, and length? Also, do you sell any of your makeup that you don’t use anymore? I would love to purchase a light lavender lipstick.. Like fashions mews, Lavender whip, or Blooming Lovely. If you do, or if you know any dupes being sold/online retailers, please please let me know. Thanks!

    • Hi Haley,

      I like Maybelline Full ‘n Soft!

      I don’t – I do get a fair amount (at least, recently, not always) sent over by brands/companies for consideration, so since I’m not paying for them, it’d be unethical to sell them. I also don’t feel comfortable selling used makeup anymore.

      Tarina Tarantino Candy Jar lipstick is kind of like Fashion Mews — a little pinker. Oh, and Viva Glam Gaga is kind of lilac!

  93. Haley

    One more question.. I’m looking for a blush that would go well with Nars’ Roman Holiday Lipstick.. And turkish delight.. Any suggestions? (I love NARS and MAC) Thanks!

  94. Meg

    I would like to start by saying this site is amazing! I am graduating law school in 11 weeks, and I admire you for all the time you put into this site. I don’t know how you do it!!! I have two questions (sorry if you have already answered these)

    1. What camera do you use to take your pictures?
    2. What is your current skincare routine?

    Thank you for your response πŸ˜‰

    • Hi Meg!

      Thank you! I’m so jealous — wish I was graduating that soon!! Congrats!

      1.) Nikon D90
      2.) Chanel Lifting Day Cream (I think that’s the one!) for AM, Origins Ginger-something-rather for PM (just started a week ago), Renee Rouleau Cleansing Gel (AM/PM general cleansing), shu cleansing oil for makeup removing, and Kate Somerville ExfoliKate 2x per week!

      • Meg

        Thank you! If you dont mind, I have one more question. What product would you recc. for correcting uneven skin? This is a huge problem, as I have darker patches on my face, and I can NEVER ever get the right foundation match. Thank you! BTW, law school goes by super fast, you will done before you know it!

  95. Miss Nicole

    Hey, I recently had a ton of my makeup stolen and my brushes were top of the line and expensive! What brushes could I use to replace them without breaking the bank? Because the others I had accumulated over time and such and I just can’t afford replacements. Are there any good sets to invest in? Recommendations for brands? Thank you!!!

  96. Abril

    Hi Christine! I recently discover Chanel Nail laquers (L-O-V-E!) I saw your swatches and run (2 weeks ago) and bought Particuliere before it was sold out, so, I went to the Chanel counter wich is in another city (I’m from Mexico) and ask the lady at the counter for Particuliere, the new colection was already out (Les Pop-Up or whatever) so I was mentally prepared to hear that it was sold out, but the lady found one in the draw and my eyes shined! So, I bought it and when I arrived home and open the bag, I see a box of Chanel Riviera but inside was Particuliere… the tester!!!! I almost had a heart atack! I’m going again to the Chanel counter to get the new colection, but I really really want Particuliere (not the tester!) and I’m afraid to tell the lady that she gave me the tester and then she tells me she has no Particuliere and I end up without Particuliere (new) and Particuliere (tester)! Haha! I hope I explain myself! I really really want it but I mean the tester is like half used but that’s better than no Particuliere! By the way I haven’t used it, I’m afraid to get a nail infection or something! Hahaha! :p

    • Oh noooo! Definitely go back… I mean, who could use up half a bottle of nail polish? Does it say tester on it? Anyway, definitely go back!! I might even call :)

      • Abril

        Yes it says tester! LOL! Great idea! I’m gonna call tomorrow! Hahaha! The things I do for make up (adiction)! Thanks for the answer Christine! :)

  97. RAYCHIL18

    Hi Christine, What MAC blushes do you recommend for NC35-NC37 skin? Thanks!

  98. Mia

    wat is ur favorite drugstore foundation?
    wat is ur favorite drugstore foundation for oily skin?

  99. Heather H

    Hi Christine,
    I bought a dazzleglass creme and I didn’t like the consistency or the smell. How do the cremesheen glasses compare?

    Have you used the Mac 130 brush for foundation? If so how does it compare to the 109?

    I have oily skin, which setting powder would you recommend from Mac?

    • Cremesheen glasses smell like vanilla to me, and they’re non-sticky and smooth.

      I have – it’s more like the 187 to me. I find it a little streaky, personally!

      Blot Powder or Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder!

  100. Sum

    yay yay yay..ask temptalia are my fav type of posts!!! :)
    so my question is :

    my MUA at MAC talked me into getting the 130 brush for my cream blushes…its good but im wondering if theres anything better…i always have to use another brush

    Also i got the mac pearlglide liner in blackline seeing the pretty swatch but whenever i apply it on my upper lash line the glitter gets stuck between my lashes and falls under my eyes…am i working it the wrong way please help me since sooo many people rave about it but for me its a big glittery mess…thanks so much!

    last question is im an NC30 and i got soft ochre paintpot to use instead of UDPP…but when i apply it the outer parts of my eyelids flake…i have really oily lids so whats with the flakyness or is it the product which is too dry since i dont get tht with UDPP..but i love using Soft ochre as a base as my eyeshadows pop more.

    SOrry for the long questions thanks and lots of love to mellan :)

    • Hi Sum,

      I think the 130 is quite good for cream blushes :) It’s between the 188 and 130 for me, and the 130 is great!

      Oh no! The only quick fix I can think of is to set with sealer like Benefit She-Laq. Other options might be to use a similar eyeshadow to press it in…

      The flaking thing is weird – do you think it’s the product flaking or your skin? If you think it’s a little dry, you can take the lid off and microwave for a seconds – it helped me get creamy again (I forgot to close the lid, so it sat open for a whole day and dried out a bit!).