Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Got a question? Now’s the time to ask it!

I’m taking your questions and answering them today. You can feel free to ask any question you’d like, both beauty-related or unrelated!  Some tips on asking me questions so that you can get the best answer AND quickly…

  • For color/makeup recommendations, please let me know your skin tone, if you have a brand preference, colors you love (whatever is applicable).  I don’t want to recommend something that doesn’t work for your skin coloring or recommend a brand that’s more than you want to spend!
  • If you’ve tried a lot of products and are still looking for the one that works, if you could tell me products or techniques you have tried, that helps me suss out what might work!  Again, I’d hate to just recommend you a product/technique you’ve tried!

It is always a pleasure to answer your questions, and I always hate answering your question with a follow-up question about your coloring or what brand you’d like the dupe in or what-have-you, so hopefully this will allow me to give you better answers and more efficiently, to boot! :)

Feel free to answer other readers’ questions, too! The more the merrier!  Plus, your feedback really helps to round out any answer I give.  It’s like a more complete worldview!

Don’t be shy — ask one or twenty or none! :)

Discussion and debate are highly encouraged, and we expect community members to participate respectfully. When asking a question, please check the FAQ section (above) for information about purchasing, price, dupes, and the like. If you have general feedback or need technical support, please contact us.

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856 thoughts on “Ask Temptalia Session #024

  1. Simone

    What’s your favourite brush to apply foundation with for a flawless finish? I’ve tried the 190, 187 and the 109, with no such luck :( always end up covered in hairs or streaky!
    Also, what do you think is the best primer that will fill in my pores? they always look massive ruin my make up!
    btw, I used NARS Sheer Glow foundation in Siberia and I have dry skin!
    thanks xxx

    • I love the 109!!

      Do you use water? I find that spritzing the brush & face with water makes it AMAZING!

      I like MAC Prep + Prime Refined Zone.

  2. Jenna

    I recently got the mac refined zone because I have huge pores on my cheeks. It doesn’t seem to be working to reduce the look of my pores even though it does an ok job at oil control. Could you give me some tips in application and how much to use? Have you had luck with this product?

    • I’ve had good luck with it, but my pores aren’t huge so that might be why it works okay for me! I use my fingers to apply, and I apply it after my moisturizer has fully absorbed!

    • Mai

      I’ve heard that you should dab it on and wait 5 minutes to fully dry and you’ll get better results with it!

  3. Sheena F

    Hey Christine,

    I am an NC40 (NC42 during the summer) and I’ve been looking for a nice oil-free tinted moisturizer.

    1. Right now I’m using MAC’s Studio Moisture Tint in Medium Dark but sometimes I feel like it makes me look darker and doesn’t go with my yellow undertones. What would you suggest? I’ve been looking into the UD tinted moisturizers that you recently reviewed since they do have the UVA/UVB protection. My skin has just been so out of whack lately with some sort of hormonal imbalance and I have breakouts everywhere so I stopped using my foundation. Should I even use a tinted moisturizer? I’m going to see a dermatologist this week but I feel like all they will say is “stop using makeup”..which I feel like I cannot do!!! Do they have one tinted moisturizers that are non-comedogenic?

    2. Also, what would you suggest for a good acne-fighting concealer? I just feel so “naked” having my ginormous breakouts exposed. But when I cover them up, the more my concealer aggravates it (I switch between MAC Studio Finish and Select Moisturecover). Any suggestions?

    3. I’m looking for a nice peachy-orange or bronze type blush that would work for me when I use my green, blue and black shadows…I got the nude lip down but I can’t seem to find the right pairing for my cheeks. If I use bronzer, I’m good in the morning but then I feel like at the end of the day, my cheeks look toasted! I don’t think I have a heavy hand when I apply blush/bronzer. What would you suggest?

    Sorry I have hella questions lol…I wanted to grab the opportunity! And thanks so much for your tips on your other posts. I’m so glad temptalia.com is not blocked from our server hahahah! I would not be able to survive work!

    • Hi Sheena,

      1.) LOL! I saw a dermatologist once and she was so caught up on the idea that makeup was why I was breaking out… even though I had GREAT SKIN for three months then had terrible breakouts… and I stopped using the majority of makeup (only foundation when I absolutely had to!) for over a month. Hated that! She literally told me to stop using makeup. For. Ever. If your breakouts are related to hormones, I don’t think using a little tinted moisturizer will be the worst thing for you. Perhaps Korres (good ’cause there are no silicones!) or Kiehls would work better for you.

      2.) I think Murad makes one, but I’ve never tried it. Oh, I know Renee Rouleau has this little gel for blemishes that helps to “coat” them kind of… and yeah, then you can apply makeup on top of it!

      3.) Try Peachykeen or Sunbasque!

      Thank you! :)

  4. Can you recommend a really translucent loose powder for settling makeup and oil controlling?? Since I live in Asia, so i wouldn’t have access to local US drugstore brands, but anything mid range to high end would be nice!!!
    I want a really translucent loose powder that does not give a white ghosty cast on my face after application :)

    my shade is NC25, for reference.

    thanks :)

  5. Melissa

    Hello Christine!
    I have dark brown hair and bronzy-brown eyes. Light/Medium complection-I haven’t worn MAC foundation in years, but I believe I am NC25. I currently wear MUFE HD in 125 or EL DW in Ivory Beige. I usually use MAC Blot loose in medium dark or MUFE HD setting powder. Oily-combo acne-prone skin, t-zone makeup tends to melt off despite primer (tried Smashbox light, Boscia, MUFE HD). I’m 36, so despite acne breakouts (per the derm, hormonal) and some post-acne discoloration I also have large pores and some fine lines. Sigh, even with all of my skin issues, makeup is my greatest love! (Hubby will never see this). I’d like your recommendations-any brand-for:

    1. Any other oil absorbing primers/foundations/powders combinations. Items that offer good coverage but look light-will help “float” over my imperfections.

    2. Blush colors-I own a drawerful of pinks and corals-how about a soft, “define my cheeks and make them glow but not show an obvious blush placement” color? Shimmer or matte,any color, powder or cream. I generally sweep a shimmery highlight over my face anyway (Too Faced Candlelight right now)I recently tried NARS Madly and Chanel Tempting Beige and Fandango JC, all pulled orangey on me. Today I tried NARS Guele De Nuit w/MAC Northern Lights on top. It’s not bad…I think I want to go more beige-y.

    • Hi Melissa,

      1.) Mattifying primer – Cosmedicine Medi-Matte. Foundation – MUFE HD is fine, IMO! :) Powder – MUFE’s HD powder works (if you already have it!) or I prefer Laura Mercier’s Loose Translucent Setting Powder.

      2.) You might like something like Peaches or Tenderling. Kind of soft, not a lot of color, but noticeable enough to define.

      Thank you!

  6. Hi Christine,

    I have what my doctor refers to as “very asian skin”, ie. very sensitive, at times painfully dry, and i have eczema. sometimes my products make my skin turn out in little bumps, but the thing is they’re not breakouts, just like almost a temporary allergic reaction that itches. i’m not really sure what product it is and it only sometimes happens in different places, what do you think is something that may help?


    • Do you think it might be an ingredient you’re using? I would look at the labels of some of the products you’re using and seeing if there is a common ingredient. Some have issues with ingredients like bismuth and talc, which are common in cosmetics.

      • even if it’s just something like itching at the lashline? that happens a lot and i try not to touch it because i’ll ruin my liner…but it’s hard…

        • Yeah, if it’s itching there, I would not keep it on :( It could be an ingredient in it that’s causing that reaction – if it’s more like a little tickle maybe not, but if it’s really itchy, I wouldn’t use it. What are you using that does it?

  7. Eyeris

    Hi Cristine…
    Have you ever tried the the SHeer over products?
    Which do you think is better setting powder the Laura Marcie, MAC. or MUFE?
    Best primer?
    I really have a hard time making my foundation last all day…..
    I am an NC30 skin….please recommend the best
    lipgloss, lipstick, blush and highlighter for my skin…also what colors should i avoid?
    Thanks you are the best…

  8. Julia

    How’s your puppy doing? My puppy (who is actually 8, but he still acts like one) is going to the vet today… luckily he doesn’t realize it yet.

  9. Virginia

    Hi Christine! I am loving the coral trend for lips, but I’m not sure what color would look best on me (if any). I use Benefit Hello Flawless in Honey Bunny, and have been told that I have yellow and pink undertones (I’d say more pink than yellow). I think I’m pretty medium in skin tone. I also have very rosy lips. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    PS Do you plan to review the Sephora by OPI Havana nights collection?

  10. MsKia

    Hi Christine! Love your blog. I go on here everyday! Jus a few questions I wanted to ask. I am a Mac NC20, asian.
    1. I’ve been scooping around for a good concealer. I don’t have any acne scars but I do have brown pigmentations on my cheeks as well as dark circles under my eyes. Any suggestions?
    2. Also a tinted moisturizer. I know you were suggesting the Khiels or Korres but I have dry skin and just wondering which one would work best on me.
    3. An eye cream. not really sure what it does but one that would help with my dark circles and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. (I’m 24 and I don’t think I have any fine lines or wrinkles yet) Maybe a drugstore brand for this one.
    4. My lips are really chap and I have this really bad habit of peeling off the dead skins. (I know gross right?!) Anyways, I really need a good chapstick or I heard of an exfoliator, to stop this but I dont know what to get. What do you recommend?
    5. So before when I apply on my blush (mac or nars), i always notice patchiness on my cheeks. I talked to a mua from mac and she said that probably my skin is too soft and the blush needs something to grab onto so she suggested a msf. I bought the By Candlelight msf and put that underneath the blush and it’s been working fine but i don’t want to use that if i’m going to use a matte blush for my cheeks because of the light shimmer that the msf have. I’ve been really wanting to use Tenderling but I can’t. just want to know your recommendation, should i use one of those cream color base or blush creme underneath matte blushes in order for it to stay?
    (sorry so much stuff…hope you can help!)

    • Hi Ms. Kia,

      1.) I like Eve Pearl’s Salmon Concealer, theBalm’s Time Balm, and MAC Moisturecover! Time Balm is the most opaque, but Moisturecover is the most hydrating. Eve Pearl is a nice combo of both.
      2.) For drier skin, Kiehl’s!
      3.) I haven’t found any great eye creams. I don’t know, they don’t seem to do anything for me that I can see…
      4.) I love Philosophy’s Kiss Me Intense Lip Therapy for a great balm. For a scrub, I love Sara Happ’s The Lip Scrub.
      5.) Too soft? What? Sorry, I have never heard that before, lol! I don’t know about that. You might need a little more coverage over your cheeks, so I’d either layer concealer or a little extra foundation on top to minimize the patchiness :) You can use a blush creme to help a powder blush stay on better for sure!


  11. one more question 😛

    can you recommend a primer which offers an SPF protection more than 25?
    It can be either tinted or not tinted! Again, I don’t have access to US/UK drugstore brands.

    thanks in advance!

  12. TiaPatrice

    Hey!! I missed out on MAC’s Lush and Lilac Cremestick liner, any suggestions for something similar or close to it?

    Thanks for doing this open forum!! :)

  13. Christelle

    Hi Christine,
    I’m looking for a peachy or nude lipstick (any brand will do).
    NC15, brunnette and dark blue eyes.

    Thank you for offering your advices!

  14. Melanie

    Hi Christine

    Love your site. I am interested in some items from the new MAC collection Pret a Papier that is now available on the MAC site. Do you know when you will be doing a review and posting swatches??

    Thanks for all the wonderful work you do on this site.


  15. Always forget to ask when you do AskTemptalia, how do you do swatches without getting your lips & skin red from wiping off lipstick?

  16. ak

    What is the best looking matte, non-shimmery straight up ORANGE blush out there?

    • I like MUFE’s #12 a lot right now, but that is a cream blush… Exhibit A by NARS otherwise, but I want to say that has some shimmer in it.

  17. Jae

    Hey Christine,

    May I ask what happens when you use mineralized blushes or products? I recently got porcelain pink and I’m worried about getting a bad reaction…

    Also, may i ask how I should use haunting eyeshadow? I’ve got Asian eyes and just cannot get eyeshadow blending right… I don’t have a crease… Help help help…

  18. jdog

    Yay! Thanks for doing this… yet again!

    I have a few questions:

    What kind of foundation and blush do you recommend for girls who sweat VERY easily (i.e. just standing in the sun!). I usually use just a tinted moisturizers so I prefer light coverage.

    Do you have any other makeup tips for people who sweat easily?

    I have been LOVING kate bosworths makeup lately… she is always wearing some kind of very coral/peach blush. But I have really dark hair and dark eyes and somewhat light skin (NC25). Can I pull off blush like that? Do you have any recommendations, maybe from Mac and the new MUF HD blush?


  19. Kiana

    Do face primers make your makeup stay on longer?? Which ones are the best?? Thanks

  20. Kristin

    What is the purpose of the chromographic pencils that are part of the latest MAC launch?


  21. michelle

    How do you keep your lips smooth and without flakies?

  22. ak

    Will you ever review the Revlon Matte lipsticks or Revlon Colorburst lipsticks Christine?

  23. Radhika

    I wear NC40 studio fix foundation but it breaks me out. I’m looking for a foundation that has similar coverage, what do you recommend? (ps, I’ve tried Revlon Color Stay and didn’t like it)

  24. msee

    The perfect light coral lipstick in your opinon?

  25. Hayley

    Heya Christine, I am pretty pale, I can’t remember what mac shade but I am alabaster in Clinique and also have quite dry skin so foundations tend to flake or cake around my nose and chin which are dry. Are there any decent foundations for dry skin that give more than light medium coverage as I can’t find any! Thank you! x

  26. I normally come up with my own makeup combos but I’m lacking inspiration on this one… I got a sundress that is a sheer-ish black with purple, gold, silver, a bit of teal and bronzey mosaic like patterns on it. I’ve been trying to come up with a complimenting makeup look but the few I’ve tried overpowered the dress. I’m wearing it to the airport when I (finally) can get my fiance (he’s from the UK, need I say more?) so I want a more nude/light pink lip so I don’t get it all over him!

    You do such pretty combos so I was wondering your suggestion! I’m in 15/20 shades in Mac, I can wear either NW or NC depending on how my skin is that day, I have brown hair with violet ends (weird, I know…) and brown eyes that lean green.

    Thank you so much :)

    • Hi Wendy,

      Hmm, what about a grayish silvery lid (like Filament or Silver Ring) that fades into a bluish-teal on the outer lid (like Shimmermoss) and then into a bluish-purple (like Contrast) in the lid?

  27. Is Temptalia your job?

  28. Can you recommend a brow filler color match for MACs mechanical pencil in Lingering? I bought this, love the color, got used to the technique, and it was GONE in like… 5 weeks…. INSANELY fast. I haven’t gotten my technique with powder fillers back, and my brows look AWFUL! Been using a maybelline brow pencil but there’s WAY too much red in the color to look remotely natural with my completely natural brownish-red hair!

  29. Mai

    I hope you don’t mind me asking this question/I hope it hasn’t been asked too many times, but how do you manage to go to grad school and work on Temptalia at the same time? I’d like to know your secrets to time extending :)

    • Hi Mai,

      I just stay really, really organized. I also have been doing both for three years now, so I’ve been able to figure out what works for me or I’ve learned to take better photographs faster – like I don’t spend hours photographing one thing any more, because I’ve learned how to work with the light I have at home or how to photograph this product or that product. It’s really about staying on top of everything and prioritizing what you need to do (or what you don’t have to do that day) — lots of post-its, to-do lists, and routine, routine, routine!

  30. Becky

    Hi :)

    What’s the best matte near full coverage liquid foundation you’ve ever tried? 😀 x

  31. Cara

    Do you think you could review some bb Creams?

  32. Kathleen

    I use sunscreen almost everyday. However, if I wear liquid foundation on top of the sunscreen, would the foundation “delute” the sunscreen and make it ineffective?

    Also, if I wear SPF 40 (my everyday Clarins sunscreen) in the morning, go to a windowless office for the day, and then go home (1 hour bus ride), do I need to apply before I leave the office for the day?

    • Nope, it shouldn’t! :)

      No, you probably don’t need to reapply it — Renee Rouleau (skincare expert!) talked about it on her a blog a little awhile ago, and sunscreen breaks down from exposure to the sun, so if you’re inside for the most part, you should be fine.

  33. Sarah

    Can you do a look featuring shu uemura lipstick pink 369?

    You have so many beauty products–which ones are the ones you go through and purchase again?

    Can you do a subtle smokey eye look, something not too intense but still smokey for like a summer evening.

    Can you do a look featuring Mac pigment in Brash and Bold. I haven’t used it yet because I don’t know what to do with it! It’s so intense, it seems wrong on the eyes.

    What’s the perfect pink summer lipstick that’s not a bold color?

  34. Hi Christine! Hope your day’s treating you well. Just a question or two.

    1. What do you think of the color pay off of Lancome’s eyeshadow quads, if you’ve tried/swatched any?
    2. Is MAC your go-to brand for blushes? Even if it is, are there any other brands you favor as well?
    3. What’s your favorite nude MAC lipstick/lipglass combo?
    4. What do you like to do to relax? :)

    • Hi Ceriene,

      I’m good, hope you are, too!

      1.) I think they’re, in general, good! I really liked Spring’s quad.
      2.) I like MAC for blushes, but my favorites are Guerlain and Dior. NARS and Smashbox also have good blushes.
      3.) I like Honeylove with Nymphette.
      4.) Play with Mellan & hang out with the boy!

  35. Sarah

    Hi Christine!! I am MAC NW 20 with very pink undertones. I have blond hair and green eyes. I know that purples make green eyes stand out but I haven’t had much luck finding purples that don’t make me look like I have a black eye (MAC shale always does this to me) or are so bright they make my pale skin look ridiculous. Do you have any recommendations for purple eye shadows (preferably MAC) that I should try? Thanks so much!

    • Hi Sarah,

      Have you tried MAC Digit, Beautiful Iris, or Parfait Amour?

    • If you have green eyes, the complimentary colour is red. So maybe try warm purples (red-based) like Hepcat or Plum Dressing. Burgundy colours would look nice too!

      These colours might be a tad dark or dramatic (because you have blond hair) for your liking but check them out.

      • Oh, another red-based purple to try out is Stars N’Rockets! It has a pink duochrome so I don’t think it’ll give you a black eye look.

        Maybe the reason why the purples are giving you a bruised look because it’s blue-based or has a greyish tint to it?

  36. Leliforever

    -what’s the best brush to use with studio sculpt foundation?
    do you think that the eyeshadows in the holiday mac palettes are as -good as regular eyeshadows from mac?
    -doo you know when the new design for palettes (with the creal lead) from mac are coming out?

    thank you!!!

    • I like the 190 with Studio Sculpt, just because I find it a little thick to use with fluffier brushes.

      Yes, I do think they’re as good :)

      Nope, I haven’t heard anything concrete about the 15 pan palettes.

      • I told the person I buy from at MAC Pro that the MINUTE she hears about new palettes coming out she is to take a good handful of the old ones and set them aside for me! I’ll be damned if I’m going to re-buy all my palettes! (Do you have any idea what it would do to my brain if my palettes didn’t match? Oh, I don’t even want to think about it! LOL)

        • OMG DITTO. Like cool, clear palettes, but I don’t know. I like my black ones, so whatev! Plus, THAT’S WHAT I HAVE ALREADY. My OCD!

          But I cry and tell myself that one day I do need to rearrange and separate LE from permanent… and the permanent can just go into the clear lids or vice versa.

          • i’ve thought about dividing them up but i think i like mine how they are (mixing le with perm). i also don’t have a TON of eyeshadows – enough to fill 5 or 6 palettes. i have dreams of owning all of macs perm shadows but i don’t know what i’d do with them if i did! lol i have most of the ones i want :)

            (and i actually like the palettes as they are – i like the way they feel.) :)

            • I like them all black, because they camouflage the mess that is inside! It’s just never perfectly clean, so I feel like you’d end up with eyeshadow dust and the like on the clear lid! We shall see how it goes…

              I think I am somewhere around 10 or 11 palettes, plus 50 or so eyeshadows I should depot!

            • LOL! That many eyeshadows totally calls for cocktails! I helped a friend depot about 30 eyeshadows last summer – By the time we were done I was pretty much out of my mind. It was fun but if I did it again there would be margarita’s involved. Hmmm… Sounds like fun. Need any help? Haha 😉

    • Jenni

      lol in my case, i have yet to purchase any 15 palettes, so i’m waiting until the new ones come out so i can start my depotting!

  37. Melly

    Hi Christine!

    *Combination oily skin

    I’m looking for a tinted moisturizer because it’s tennis season and i’m always outside in the sun! I’ve tried Stila’s illuminating tinted moisturizer, but it’s just TOO “illuminating”.

    What would you recommend? sorry if this sounds high-maintenance, but it needs SPF, since I’m outside a lot during the day.

    Thanks so much for everything, you are my go-to beauty blogger!

    • Hi Melly,

      I’d say go for a high SPF primer or moisturizer before you put on your tinted moisturizer — particularly since you’re out in the sun playing tennis vs. just walking to and from buildings. I recommend Kiehl’s or Korres!

  38. shakz

    hi christine, i was wondering if you could swatch the pro cream colour bases as i can not find any one else who has swatched them online. would be sooooo greatful as i do not have a pro store anywhere near me in england as there is only one that i know of here.

  39. HebrideanSprite

    I have hazel eyes that appear mostly brown except when I’ve been crying or their bloodshot, then they’re a beautiful moss green mix with brown accents. I’ve tried pinks and purples, and reds and reds work ok, but I’m looking for something to really make the green pop. Can you reccomend anything (preferably avaliable at Sephora or MAC or even Canadian DS- but not super high end like dior or givenchy) e/s or e/l or something to achieve this? Thanks a bunch! (P.S. I love your blog I check obsessively everyday for new posts!)

  40. Dana

    I like the look (in theory) of bronzer on cheekbones and blush on the apples of the cheeks, but when I try to wear both it end up just looking like way too much cheek color. I am fair toned NC20 with dark brown eyes and light brown/blondish hair. I usually use Cargo medium bronzer and Benefit Coralista. I try to use a light hand, but then i feel the colors don’t show up.

    Also, any tips on how to get blush to last all day? Mine disappears after a few hours (with primer) I’ve never been a fan of cream blush.


  41. Samantha

    Hola from NYC,

    Can you recommend any Pore minimizer’s ? I have large pores around my cheek area and I’m looking for a good one.
    P.S. – I hate primers because I’m not a matte faced kinda gal. Gracias !!

  42. Amalee

    If you had to choose just one face brush and one eye brush (doesn’t have to MAC, it could be any brand) to use for the rest of your makeup wearing days, which ones would you choose and why?

    Thank you! :)

    • 239 for eye, 116 for face. I could just use tinted moisturizer and use my hands (’cause I love the 109 for foundation) 😉

      I used to only own 1 239 brush and I did all my looks with it, so I know I could survive. The 116 is fluffy enough to use for blush, bronzer, or loose powder.

  43. Rachael Walker

    Hiya Christine

    Really sorry if this comment duplicates but i got a big old error when I tried to submit my last one!

    I really like MAC eyeshadows :) I recently got into Retrospeck which looks totally boring in the pan but has a lovely soft sparkle when applied, are there anymore MAC eyeshadows like that, that you know of? That look all boring but have a lovely sheen/shimmer/sparkle/finish when applied? I like all colours the brighter the better :) no worries if not!

    Also pigmented lipglosses i know ive asked you this before and you recommended Make Up Forever but unfortunatley im in the UK and therefore no Sephore (how i love that shop when i visit Florida/NY), should i go with Illamasqua?

    Thanks a million

    • Hi Rachael,

      If you liked Retrospeck, you may also like Gleam, All That Glitters, and Honesty. :)

      Yes, definitely Illamasqua – their Intense glosses are super, super pigmented!

  44. Caroline

    I just have a couple of questions,
    For reference I am very pale, NC15 in MAC which can sometimes be too dark. I have combination skin, so I get quite an oily t-zone and slightly dry cheeks.
    I was wondering if you have a favourite exfoliator? I am looking for a new one that isn’t too harsh.
    Also, I’m not sure if this is something you will be able to help with, but I might as well ask!
    I have KP (Keratosis Polaris) on my cheeks, I’m really quite self concious about it, and I wanted to know if you (or anyone else) might have any suggestions as to how to conceal it or make it less obvious. Right now I use Studio Sculpt foundation, but I still feel like the redness and the little bumps are very obvious.
    Thank you Christine. I love your blog!

    • Hey Caroline,

      I like Kate Somerville’s ExfoliKate, but I think it may be too harsh for your skin. You might like Philosophy’s Microdelivery which has very fine granules.

      As far as your cheeks — you can counter redness with a green concealer or primer — for larger areas, I like to go with MUFE’s green Primer. That might help tone down some of the redness.

      Thank you, Caroline!

      • Caroline

        Thank you!
        I’ll make sure I check out those scrubs.

        Gosh, I hadn’t even thought about a green primer. Duh! That was stupid of me, especially since I use green concealer on a little acne scarring I have. Woops. I’ll definitley look into the MUFE primer. I think concealer wouldn’t work as it is quite a large area, so it may look a little cakey.

        Thank you for your recommendations, they’ve been really helpful.

  45. Christina

    Hi Christine, here’s my question:
    Despite being into makeup for a couple years, I have yet to buy ANY MAC eyeshadows (I know!!!). Pretty soon I plan on making my first purchase (I’m thinking the x4 palette), and I was wondering what four eyeshadows you’d suggest as a good intro to the line.
    (My favorite eyeshadow brands are Urban Decay (sans glitter) and MUFE, I’m not afraid of any color, and I’m definitely NW (probably 15 or 20, I’m very pale).

    • Hey Christina,

      Since you’re into color and already have a good bunch of UD/MUFE, these aren’t necessarily to coordinate with each other but with else you own…

      MAC Freshwater (blue)
      MAC Sumptuous Olive (olive green)
      MAC Bronze (bronze)
      MAC Stars ‘n Rockets (duochrome purple)

  46. What lip conditioner do you use ? xxxx

  47. Farida

    Hi Christine,

    Have you tried the Buxom lash liner from Bare Escentuals? I want to know if this product is safe to use on your waterline. The one that I am talking about is the lash line enhancing and conditioning treatment.

  48. margot

    Hey Christine,

    I was just wondering, I’m looking for a good exfoliator and also a good eye cream. I have combination skin and it’s also quite sensitive.

    Thanks :)

    • I like Kiehl’s Rare Earth Cleanser and Kate Somerville ExfoliKate (but I think this would be too harsh on your skin). I don’t have any recs for a good eye cream, though.

  49. Michelle

    Hi, Christine, I have light combination skin, black hair and dark eyes (parents from Taiwan). My perfect colour match is Clinique Superbalanced Makeup in Ivory, and a makeup artist told me I would be NC30 at MAC, but I haven’t tested this one yet. I want to buy the Korres Watermelon Lightweight Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30 – I loved most of the 23 Korres makeup, body and skincare products I’ve tried so far, so I gladly read all your Korres reviews (and your NARS reviews, since this is my favourite makeup brand). I see that you use Honey Beige (#2) and I think I should use Light Sand (#1). Do you Light Sand would work for me? Many thanks in advance for your reply and all the best from Rio de Janeiro :)

  50. Lizbeth

    I was wonderin if you have get products form a web site called Brush111.com….the reviews tell that the Mac brushes are fake but I was interested in getting some eyeshadow sets and I wonder if the are also fake. Do ytou know?

  51. Red Lippy

    This is brilliant Christine…loads a questions.
    Am NW20 with blue eyes and mid brown hair – blond highlights.
    1. Love to wear MAC Dubbonet, Russian Red lipsticks but never know what e/s to pair them with.
    2. Would love to experiment more with colour e/s but usually stick to browns or greys – Can you recommend any green or purples that would suit? Love MAC e/s! & really loving your website xx
    3. Lastly love doing smokey eyes but usually stick to black – sometimes with Teal pigment over top – any other recommendations?! :)

    • Hi!

      1.) Pair them with light neutrals (e.g. Ricepaper, Shroom), maybe winged black liner for a retro look. I always find neutrals pair so well with red lips!
      2.) For greens, try Juxt and Humid! For purples, try Beautiful Iris and Parfait Amour.
      3.) Ooh, try a smoky eye with PURPLE! :) Like Vex over black is gorgeous!

      Thank you!

  52. Jessica

    Hello! This is my 1st comment. I’m from Brazil and I’m in love with your blog! Everything is soooo organized!!!
    My question is… help me to buy good brushes! I need an eyesahow brush, a blush brush and a powder brush. The ones I have are not that good… Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Jessica,

      You could try Sonia Kashuk or Eco-Tools for more affordable alternatives, otherwise… from MAC, I’d suggest the 239 (for eyeshadow), 116 (for blush), and 134 (for powder).

      Thank you so much! Happy first comment!

  53. Katie

    Hello Christine! I love these sessions. They’re fun to read, so thanks for putting the time! :)

    Could you please do some looks with MAC’s Up the Amp or maybe feature it in the Summer Season?
    What do you use for your everyday makeup look?

  54. HebrideanSprite

    One more quick question I love love love Nars Strada everytime I see it and swatch it on my finger in store but when I calculated the price per 0.01oz in comparison to other MU brands e/s the price per product is rediculous for the singles so I haven’t been able to push myself to spend the money without feeling guility. So my question is is there a cheaper dupe for strada out there? Will it look nice on my hazel eyes with NC15 skin? How would you recommend wearing it? Is it good quality? THanks for your time!

    • I can’t think of anything quite like it, to be honest, but I do think it would work with your skin tone. My concern over it would really just be fall out, to be honest. NARS + glitter = bad news. Strada is one of their better glittery shades, though… a very unique color, IMO.

  55. Katie

    Hello Christine! I love these sessions. They’re fun to read, so thanks for putting the time! :)

    Could you please do some looks with MAC’s Up the Amp or feature it in the Summer Season?
    What do you use for your everyday makeup look?

  56. HC

    I have sensitive eyes. I wear contacts as well. I love lining my waterline but everytime I do, the product ends up on my contacts. I can only line my waterline half way and I have to stop. Do you have a product you recommend that is for sensitive eyes and waterline/contact safe? Come to think about it, sensitive eyes and waterline/contact safe might not even exist together…haha :(

    • Hey HC,

      Aww! When I asked my eye doctor about it, he didn’t seemed concerned about eyeliner on the waterline with contacts (though I don’t have them myself, still wear glasses, I did ask!). What liner do you use?

      I’d say maybe a waterproof liner like Almay’s pencil or a MAC fluidline might work.

    • Ceriene

      Hi HC,

      Sorry to butt in! I wear contacts on a daily basis, (Mine are the one-day use kind, so they may be thinner/softer than ones that last longer), and I’ve had no trouble with using Make Up For Ever’s AquaEyes on my waterline. When it sets, it literally doesn’t budge, and in turn, it doesn’t wind up on your lens when you blink, etc.

      If gunk is getting on your lens while you’re applying, maybe your eyeliner is too soft? (I don’t have this issue with AquaEyes) Or try looking up/away from your waterline (tilting your head down and looking up at a mirror), so that your lens is far enough from the waterline to avoid brushing against the tip of the eyeliner.

      I hope this was helpful and that you find a solution that works for you. If waterlining still irritates your eyes while wearing contacts, it might be best for you to not do it altogether. :( Safety first, since the wrong habits combined with contacts can seriously damage your eyesight/cornea.

  57. Julia

    Hi Christine, I can’t think of anyone else in the world who would be better for this question than you!
    My skin: Dry/ Normal combination.
    I’m on a mission to find the perfect foundation. In this month alone, I probably bought 5 different foundation in diff textures including mineral foundation.
    But I just keep remembering back to MAC’S HYPER REAL FOUNDATION that came in a bottle which I just can’t seem to find anymore.
    Do you know if I can still get this? Or can you recommend a few different types of foundation that would be comparable?

    Thanks! xoxo

  58. Kristina

    Hi Christine,

    I have a few questions for you but I totally understand if you don’t have time to answer all of them. Background on me is I have very pale oily skin with extremely pale blue gray eyes (pale enough to where people have asked if I have some kind of condition or if I’m wearing contacts) & naturally golden red hair though I haven’t seen that color since I was 14 and am currently working toward platinum blonde.

    1st question is I’m having trouble finding a foundation. MAC is too dark for me, I’m currently using NARS sheer glow in Siberia and that is just a touch too dark but it will do for now as long and I apply it sheer and blend well. I was wondering if you would have any recommendations of something lighter but not pink under toned those all then to look like I’ve blended calamine lotion on my face? Have tried and are too dark: Revlon color stay & photo ready in two lightest, all almost all the Mac foundations in NC15, MUFE HD # 117 (the other colors were too pink)& Illamasqua # 105 & 120 (105 looked good blended except it was way too pink).

    2nd is I’m also looking for a nude lipstick that’s pale enough to give and almost erased lip look on my super pale skin but I don’t just want to erase them with concealer because would like then to still have a sheen.

    3rd is how do you decide which blush and lip color to pair with your eye looks? I just can’t figure this one out for the life of me and I feel like I sometimes pick things that don’t go especially because I really love to wear intense blush looks despite my paleness. For example I love MAC’s dirty plum blush but I don’t know what to pair with it. Any ideas?

    Sorry this was so long & thank you so much!

    • Hi Kristina,

      1.) Wow, you are very, very light! You might want to try CoverFX – I think E0 might work for you.
      2.) MAC Fleshpot (PRO) or MAC Myth might work.
      3.) For me, it’s mostly experience. I’ve just found I like certain pairings better than others — I love coral blushes/lips with blue, green, and teal eyes; pink/plu blushes/lips with pink and purple eyes; anything with neutral eyes. For Dirty Plum, I’d go with maybe a light pink on the eye but still pretty neutral and a berry lip.

      Thank you!

      • Kristina

        Thank you so much Christine! I never even thought of CoverFX, I always walk right past them every time I’m in Sephora. I’m going to buy myth on Thursday when I go in to get Pret-A-Papier

        PS I am going to be taping your advice to the wall in my bathroom so I will remember what to do when I’m half awake and trying to get ready in the mornings.

  59. Hi Christine! I love looove your blog! It’s so helpful! Can’t wait for the new mac collection swatches!

    My question isn’t particularly beauty related. You mentioned a few times in answers here that you’re very organized and that helps you balance temptalia and school. Could you give any organization tips that you find useful? Thank you!

    • Hi Yuliyah,

      I make to-do lists a lot. I find they help me sort out what I need to get done and when :) I also try to keep things where they belong so I don’t waste time looking for them!

  60. olivia

    why do you hardly have new mac collection updates anymore you use to have them all the time.

  61. Araceli

    Hi Christine I use MAC Mineralize foundation and was wonder what tinted moisturiser you would recommend for everyday use. I use shades NC35 or NW30 I think the NW shade looks better then the NC but that was the shade given to me at the counter. Also what colors would you recommend to use with MAC mythology just bought and really love the color thanks so much

  62. Teresa

    Hi Christine! I never remember to write down my questions but here goes one at the to of my head! I use Eve Pearl’s salmon concealer, just wondering the best way to apply it so it looks smooth? Only recently it has had a powdery look yet I feel I’ve been putting on less :)

    Also, have you tried Eve Pearl’s salmon concealer in the pot? It is only a bit more in cost but almost double the net weight. Is there any difference between the two aside from that? Any benefits to one over the other?

    Thanks a lot for doing this and for your time!! :) Have a great day!

    • Teresa

      just to verify for my first question, I use a small concealer brush to apply it and then a sponge to buff/blend it out. I then use a powder to set it. Thanks :)

    • Hey Teresa,

      Hm, that is weird. I use a sponge or the 217 brush (by MAC)! I haven’t tried the one in a pot, just the one in the compact! I don’t think there are any differences, though.

      Thank you!

  63. Hi Christine! :) Im building up my MAC neutrals palette and I want to know what colors would you recommend?
    Im a NC37/C4 just for reference :)Thanks!

  64. I am having a serious foundation HG search. I seemed to have tried so many, and none quite hit the bar for me. I’ve tried (plus my issues with them):

    MUFE HD: never seems to sink in, just sits there looking heavy and cakey
    Neutrogena healthy glow: is beautiful, but likes to sink into my pores too much, leaving my nose looking like a dalmation
    Lancome photogenic lumescense( or whatever it is called): is my favorite of all, but it doesn’t have the best staying power…only a few hours
    Revlon colorstay: never looks good on my skin, maybe because my skin is too dry, but it just doesn’t sink in, always very uneven and accentuates my dry spots
    MUFE face and body: another of my favorites, but again, the staying power kind of sucks

    I think that is it. I know that was a lot of info, and I”m sorry, just wanted to make sure you had all the ‘facts’ before recommending one for me. My skin is very very dry, and what I want to cover is redness (I have rosacea) and some acne scaring on my chin (which is normal, not dry)

    Ok, done.

    Thanks again, for everything that you do!

    • No, no, it was really helpful to know what you’ve tried and more importantly, why it didn’t work well for you!

      Did you use a primer under any of them? A primer and/or setting powder may help prolong the wear of the ones you do like. You may also like Lancome’s Enduring Divine & Comfortable Makeup – supposed to last for 14-hours!

      Thank you, Jillian!

      • Thank you so much for getting back to me! I often feel so frustrated, because I have tried so many people’s HG foundations which everyone seems to rave over.

        Have you tried the lancome one you suggested? Lancome is really good about samples, so hopefully I can get a few to try out.

        Thanks again for all your help!!! You’re my favorite! :)

  65. Val

    For long lasting eyeliner, do you prefer MUFE or UD?

  66. Kate

    1)is mac date night dazzleglass a good dupe for mac little vi lustreglass?
    if not, could you recommend a good one? preferably mac, but other brands too.

    2)what color mac blush would be suit NC15-NC20 skin? soft & subtle – nothing too bold.

    thank you!

  67. Ruth


    I am 23 from uk and have a fair complexion with slight red undertones to my skin. I am looking for a blusher that is long lasting but also make me glow and suit my colouring. I like the idea of nars orgasm but I am not quite sure. What would you recommend?

  68. Lindsey

    Ok so just 2 questions,
    first: What do you recommend as a decently priced eye cream, Im noticed small wrinkles and dark circles under my eyes but not too excited to spend $50 on an eye cream.
    And second: Do you have any tricks for symmetry? For example.. I have being doing cat eyes for many many years (kind of my trademark) but I still havent got gotten them to be symmetrical. Close, but not perfect. Any advice?


    • Hi Lindsey,

      1.) I don’t have any recs, unfortunately! I haven’t found anything that has shown me a noticeable change :(
      2.) You know, if you’ve been doing it for years, I don’t think there’s anything that will help you other than perhaps steadying your elbow on the side you feel less confident on or really scrutinizing the shape of your eyes to see if they’re asymmetrical to begin with so perhaps you can adjust accordingly!


  69. bea

    im nc35. what lipgloss (mac and drugstore) would be paired best wit the lady gaga lipstick? thnanks

  70. nisha

    Hi Christine! I love your site and all the reviews you share.

    I use NW43 foundation and am on the hunt for a nice everyday lip color. I am also looking for a brighter more shimmery color for the evening wear. Any recommendations? I prefer MAC lipsticks but find their glosses a bit sticky (if there’s any wind my hair gets all stuck in the gloss).

    Thanks in advance and all the best on your exams! :)

  71. Lin

    Hi Christine,

    Eyeliner! What should I use? I’ve tried rimming my eyes in all-black before but felt it looked too harsh. I’m Asian with teh monolids, and with (I think) NC20 skin. Should I try a different colour (I recently bought Maybelline Eyestoppers in Pewter), or different technique – i.e. don’t line the lower lash line, or just partway, or use different colours on the upper lash and lower lash lines? I’m open to anything. Any recs for a mechnical eyeliner would be great too (don’t want to bother with sharpening!). I’m a MAC fan, but open to other brands.

    Also: should I use liquid eyeliner? I’ve swatched some brands while at Sephora and felt it would look too dramatic. Is that the only time to use liquid eyeliner?


    • Hey Lin,

      Have you tried just lining the outer upper and lower lash lines or just the top line? Sometimes doing both (particularly in the same color) can close up the eye. I think that might help!

      Nah, you can definitely use liquid liner during the day — it’s really how you wear it, what you wear it with. If you just do a thin line on the upper lash line and nowhere else, it won’t be too much.

    • I’m a monolid too! Definitely do NOT rim your entire eye unless you want them to look smaller.

      I prefer to just do my upper lash line with a little wing or I do a cat eye that goes from upper lash line to half way of my lower lash line (makes eyes look bigger).

      For colour, brown is more suitable for everyday but you could try brown-black maybe?

  72. Marta

    What are your opnion about Mac’s prep + prime lip?
    Thank you.

  73. Diane


    Skin tone: NC30
    Skin type: Oily
    Hair and eyes: Brown

    1. I’m looking for an eyeshadow combination that will be good for school/work with my skin tone.
    2. I’m also looking for a lipstick recommendation that is good for school/work.
    3. I don’t tan that easily so I stay quite fair in the summer. I’m looking for a bronzer that will go well for me.
    4. I would also like a recommendation of tinted moisturizers.

    Thank you so much!

    • Hi Diane,

      1.) Try a light, slightly shimmery shade all over the lid (like Ricepaper, Shroom, Vanilla) with a darker, medium brown in the crease/outer lid (like Soft Brown, Espresso, Cork, Wedge, etc.) — put a highlighter on the brow bone and done! You can always mix it up by adding more darkness to the crease or using a light, softer shimmery shade that’s colored (like Goldmine) to brighten, too.
      2.) Sweetie and Brave are nice!
      3.) I’d say try MAC’s Refined Golden!
      4.) Korres Honey would be a good match for you, and it has a more matte finish, which will work well with your oily skin!

  74. Tiffany

    Most foundation makes me look cakey and that is because i have dry cheeks. Also when i use a foundation that doesn’t make me look cakey, it becomes cakey when i apply powder/blush. I know i have dry patches but i don’t know how to get rid of them. I use the clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion and i use exfoliater such Loreal pefect clean foaming gentle scrub, ocean salt from lush and St.Ives Apricot Scrub. The products that i used doesn’t seems to work nomore.

    I know i should avoid powder products, but even when i don’t apply any makeup i still have those dry rough patches which feels horrible.

    So my question is how do i get rid of dry patches on my cheeks(under my eyes)?
    My skin is combination, i have a oily nose, dry cheeks and the rest is normal.

    • Hi Tiffany,

      I would try looking for a really, really thick, moisturizing cream and use it as a spot treatment on your cheeks and see if it helps give them the moisture they need. You could also be over exfoliating — how often are you exfoliating?

      • Tiffany

        i exfoliate whenever i feel like it, maximum twice a week or sometimes i don’t even do it. however i do use the scrublet (that came with a loreal product) to cleanse my face with my cleanser.

        Thank you for the advise. next time when i go shopping i definitely look for a very thick cream. ^.^

  75. Michelle

    Hey Christine… I have brown hair, brown eyes, and light skin tone. However, I have freckles and my face has no problem getting tan in the summer. I’m looking for an everyday lip color. Could you suggest a higher-end brand and a drugstore brand?

    Also.. I’m getting married in June. What do you suggest for the perfect wedding day makeup that looks natural but yet won’t leave me looking washed out in pics?

    Thanks for your help!

    • Hi Michelle,

      You might like MAC Sweetie lipstick / Maybelline Warm Me Up.

      I like a satiny/lightly shimmered champagne shade on the lid with a medium matte brown in the outer lid/crease, with perhaps just a smidgen of darker brown to add depth to the crease. Natural lashes and a hint of eyeliner (waterproof of course!). For cheeks, something soft like a peach, coral, or pink. I’d make lips a nice coral or deeper pink.

  76. Tiffany

    Oh sorry i forget to write that i live in the UK. And i don’t know the time difference so it might not be 20th april.

  77. kitty

    hi christine!

    can you tell me which eyeshadows from MAC’s permanent and/or PRO lines are duochromes? from what i have seen, the only e/s with “duochrome” in the description is crystal. are there others? and which ones are they? i adore this finish and am dying to collect~

    thank you so much ^^

  78. Hinahon

    First, good evening :)

    I’m searching for a new mascara. Usually I use drugstore ones, but, if any of them are good I wanted to try a MAC one. If none is really good, I just want your advice on any mascara I should try.
    As for skin, even if there I don’t think it matters, i’m really light.
    As I’m a bit goth, I like dramatic make up and dark ones, so I like mascaras that make long thick dark lashes. So would you have any recommendation for me?

    Oh and I love my MAC “London life” lipstick and i’m searching for the perfect lip liner for it, what color should I take?

    Thank you for your blog and everything you do for us !

    • Hi Hinahon,

      1.) I like MAC Plushlash :) It’s one of my favorite mascaras, period!
      2.) For London Life, maybe Red Enriched, though I don’t think anything by MAC works, and nothing by MUFE seemed to look right either :(

      Thank you!

  79. mary

    hi Christine. First of all, just wanted to say i love your site! Im NC25, oily, brown hair, hazel eyes. Im actually looking for a really good blush and foundation brush.

    I already have the 187 and 188. I love the 187 but i find its too big to get into the little nooks and crannies on my face. The 188 i find too flimsy and takes a while to apply foundation.

    I was thinkign of the following: either
    109, 130, or sonia kashuk flat top synethetic

    i want something that gives an airbrushed look but doesnt take forever for foundation. same with blush. thanks!

  80. Kathie

    o.k. I have a question, Can you do a review of the Make up forever 12 color flash case? I’m thinking of investing in it but would like various opinions first. Please anyone answer me!!! How do you use it? how’s the consistancy? is it really worth the hype and the money?

    Thanks to you all ladies!

  81. abby

    Hi Christine! What is your opinion on the viva glam I and II lipsticks? Is Viva Glam I similar to lady bug or russian red?
    Thank you!

    • Lurve VG I! VG II is nice, too. All the VGs are very wearable and universal. VG I is not like either of those — it’s a really retro red!

  82. Tiffany

    Whats a good mac blush for NC25 skin, brown eyes, black hair.

    Also what are some good eyeshadows,lipglass, lipstick

  83. Anna Phylactyc

    I love this blog Christine!

    I’m an NW20 in MAC Studio Tech, 115 in MUFE HD, but N3 in MAC Studio Fix Powder (go figure).

    I’ve always been a pink/plum/berry blush kinda girl, but suddenly I want to branch out to apricots/corals/peaches, and have no idea where to start! Can you recommend non-shimmery coral, peach and/or apricot powder blushes that won’t look like bronzer, or too orange on me? For instance, I’m loving the way Instant Chic looks on the model in the promo pic for Pret a Papier, but I doubt that Instant Chic would actually look like that on me. I love MAC and MUFE, but NARS and Smashbox would be good too.

    Thanks so much for answering our questions!

    • Hi Anna,

      Try Illamasqua Expose (peach), Lover (apricot), … MUFE #69 (apricot), #24 (apricot)! MAC Peaches should be a peachy matte blush as well.

      Thank you!

  84. Marta

    Can you make a swatches (on lips) MAC´s speak louder?

  85. angie

    Hi Christine,

    I just posted this question yesterday in your Lancome Matte lipstick Part 1″ post, but since there is this Ask Temptalia post now, I figured it’d be easier for you to see.

    I am wondering how Lancome’s Pink Preview and Love it! lipsticks compare shade-wise? Is one more blue based than the other? Which one is more wearable?

    I am a NC25 with dark hair (I’m asian), and I sometimes have trouble wearing colours that are too cool. Which one do you think would be better?

    Thanks very much.

    • Hey Angie!

      Just answered it, LOL! I work from oldest to newest but saw this come in, so here’s the answer just copied and pasted…

      Hey Angie,

      I would say Pink Preview is a smidgen cooler, and it’s also a bit lighter. It obviously has a different texture, and it is more opaque. Love It is more wearable, I’d say!

      I think Love It would be better for your skin tone!

  86. angie

    Hi Christine,

    Another question for you: I have quite pigmented lips, and lipsticks turn out darker for me than on your lip swatches. Because of that, I have trouble wearing pale lip colours. I’m wondering what would be a good way to get the true lipstick colour to show? So far I’ve been putting foundation under my lipstick, but is there a better way? Maybe a nude lipliner first? Or what do you suggest?

    Thanks again!

    • Hey Angie,

      Yes, a nude or lighter-than-your-lip liner could work — they all basically work the same as a foundation would. Liner might be a little more comfortable! MAC’s new Chromagraphic pencils might be nice for that purpose.

  87. Terry

    Hi Christine!

    I have pretty oily skin (30 min after just moisturizer I start to see shine). I was wondering what you suggest is a good primer for oily skin?

    I’ve tried so many different primers: Smashbox Photo Finish Light, Bare Escentuals Prime Time, MakeUp ForEver, Kate Spade, MAC Prep +Prime, Cover FX Skin Prep (kind of controlled oil, but chin still got really oilY), Perfekt Skin, Philosophy Never Let Them See You Shine Velvet Touch Primer(Sephora MUA told me this works like a dream…but it didn’t work as well as I thought).
    I purchased the Urban Decay De-Slick in a Tube yesterday…not sure if that one will work.

    Some of the primers were okay…but I don’t know why my chin gets oily the most/fastest. Maybe it’s just my skin..? Or my face wash? Or moisturizer? I use Clinique’s Different Moisturizing Gel (used it ever since HS)~ maybe I need a change?

    Thanks for helping!

    • Whew, you have tried quite a bit! I would suggest Cosmedicine’s Medi-Matte… I think De-Slick should work, though… Let me know how it goes!

      If your chin feels really oily, it could be that your skin is being stripped in the cleansing process somehow. (From what I’ve read, if your oily skin gets too dry it will compensate by producing more oil!)

  88. Nadine

    Only one question, can you recommend a true burgundy eyeshadow? I have MAC’s Cranberry, but its too red to be burgundy. I really want burnt burgundy pigment but I have to go to the mainland to get to the pro store!

    Thanks! When you describe the weather I always get jealous (like on twitter). I live on the west coast, but in canada, and we have like 10 C and thats not cold! Have a great day! 😀

    • Hey Nadine,

      Do you have Sketch? I’d say either Sketch or Beautymarked. I don’t have Burnt Burgundy pigment (I could swear it wasn’t eye safe — I don’t usually buy pigments that aren’t, lol!).

      OMG, 10C!!

      • Nadine

        I have beauty marked, but find its kinda black more, but I’ll try sketch. I’m not sure about Burnt Burgundy and eye-safe-ness.

        Can I also say how AWESOME it is that you are so accessible! Like, you’ve responded to HUNDREDS of comments. You answer every question even though it may be a repeat (and many are!) with happiness. You are an incredible person! 😀

  89. Tiffany

    What is a good product to use for highlighting? I am medium skin toned

  90. Christina

    are you working on an iphone app? i would love to have temptalia with me all the time!

  91. Marie

    Love your blog! Just wondering how you pair your lips with a look… I never know how to match a dark, nude, red, coral or whatever lipstick with what eyes. I figured a neutral eye makes more sense to be paired with a bolder lip, but once i throw on some color i’m a bit lost.

    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Marie,

      For me, it really was a lot of experimentation and learning over the years. I’ve just found certain combos/pairings that work for me and go from there. I tend to match lips to either the cheeks or eyes in terms of warm/cool. Since I’m warmer, I can do all warm, or I can do a combination of cool/warm areas but not all cool (it’ll make me look dead!). I like blues, greens, and teals with corals, peaches, and nudes. I like pinks and purples with pinks, lilac, purple, and hot pink. I like neutrals with everything, but I especially find it works well with darker and brighter shades.

      Thanks! :)

  92. Melissa M

    Hi Christine, thanks for such a great site and for offering these Q&A sessions!!

    I’m a MAC NW25 and I’m looking for:
    1) a pinky-peach/coral lipstick and or lipglass to give me a polished summer look
    2) a coraly blush to give me a hint of color…i read that you might suggest Peaches in earlier comments, I checked the website and it’s listed as “SOLD OUT.” Is it a permanent color that will be back in stock??
    3) a good non-orange bronzer. I’ve really only tried a Rimmel one and UD Backed and I didn’t “love” either

    I like MAC mostly, but I’m open to other brands that Sephora carries. Also, I’m willing to wait for the Beach collection that comes out in May. There looks like some pretty colors in there.


    • Hi Melissa,

      1.) Try Crosswires lipstick / Lychee Luxe lipglass — to lighten Crosswires, layer Nymphette on top instead!
      2.) Try Peachykeen or Springsheen for a more coral-y blush. Peaches is permanent!
      3.) Try Smashbox’s Bronze Lights!

      Thank you! :)

  93. Ashley

    Hi Christine,

    Love your site!

    Ok, I really like MUFE HD foundation, however, I found that it makes my naturally oily skin (oily in the t-zone) look WAY more oily after awhile. I have found that by using a primer it seems to combat the problem, but I don’t always like having that much on my face. Have you tried MUFE matte foundation? Any recommendation for liquid foundations that control oil? I am MUFE 140 btw.


    • I’ve tried their Mat+ Velvet foundation, and I did like it — it’s very smooth and offers great coverage. It’s a bit heavier than HD, but it’s very, very matte (great for oily skin!).

  94. Hi Christine!!

    My first question is about brown eyeliner. Okay so I am very very fair ( around NC10) and I have ligh light blonde hair, and light blue eyes. I always wear black liner on my upper lashline, and sometimes on my waterline but, I find that since I wear a lot of black it makes me look like I am gothic or something!! I want a liner that i can wear on my top lashline that is darker but doesn’t make me look dead or like I want to hurt someone, and one for my waterline that is soft and will replace the black. Thanks so much!!

    • Hey Meagan,

      Have you thought about trying something that’s black-brown or even using a pencil liner on your upper lash line? (I’m not sure if you are or if you’re using a gel/cream/liquid.)

  95. shakz

    what time is it where you are???

  96. queenmarie

    Hi! Do you think that one really ever gets too “old” to wear shimmery shadows? I am 45 and LOVE to wear shimmery eyeshadows, and my mom is 73 and she still likes them too. We wear them tastefully, never over the top. I always hear people say that after a certain age, you should wear matte shadows, but I still love me some shimmer ! Thanks……….

    • Whatever makes YOU happy, do it! If you love shimmer, do it! I know that from what I’ve seen/read, it’s more about that shimmer can accentuate fine lines, wrinkling, etc. so that’s why they recommend matte or satin shades.

  97. Sasha

    Hi Christine,

    I was just wondering if making your own tinted moisturizer would be as great as an actual tinted moisturizer, such as the Laura Mercier one. Is there really any difference? If no, could you recommend a method to make your own tinted moisturizer please?

    Thanks so much!

    • Hey Sasha,

      The difference is that it is a little bit lighter, but if you use a loose or mineral foundation into your moisturizer, it’s much like however your moisturizer feels. Personally, I prefer purchasing it, because I don’t have to worry about how much foundation and moisturizer (what proportions) I need – so much faster just to have it already made.

      I would recommend using loose or mineral foundation and MEASURING! so perhaps you can make one big ol’ match or just know you need one teaspoon of foundation for a dab of moisturizer. You can mix it in your hands for one-time use or use a sample jar or empty jar for a cleaner approach.

  98. Amy

    Just wondering what colours you’d reccomend for a redhead with very pale skin? Open to any brands :) …. Thankyouuu

  99. kathyb

    Can you please review Amazing concealer? Everyone raves about it and your reviews are the best!

  100. Ali

    Woah! I didn’t know MAC made a 189! What does it look like??