Monday, March 1st, 2010

Got a question? Now’s the time to ask it!

I’m taking your questions and answering them today. You can feel free to ask any question you’d like, beauty-related or unrelated. Feel free to answer other readers’ questions, too :) The more the merrier!

Go ahead, ask!

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564 thoughts on “Ask Temptalia Session #022

  1. jdog

    do you think a kabuki brush is a good investment?

  2. Kiersten

    Hey Christine, thanks so much for doing this! I recently bought three mac lipsticks jubilee, hue, and freckletone and was wondering what a good lipliner[s] would go with them?

  3. Nicole

    Hi Christine,
    I really really love my L’oreal voluminous mascara( I have the water proof version) but whenever I wear it I always have dark looking circles under my eyes or maybe the look of smudges liner? I know this isn’t the liner because I’ve tried wearing just the mascara with nothing else on my eyes. Is there any way to stop this from happening?
    I was also wondering what’s your favourite drugstore lip gloss and high end lip gloss( exluding the infamous chanel:)) I want to try out a couple different colours on my lips and thought I should ask you what your favourite brands are! And lastly what are some of your favourite drugstore eyeliners that don’t budge or smear. I really wanted to try the L’oreal ones but I don’t have them in any of the drugstores near me:(
    Thanx so much for answering all of our questions:)

    • You could try a primer, perhaps, but sometimes I find primers just make it worse!

      How long until it gives you the look of smudged liner?

      NYX for drugstore lipgloss… Guerlain KissKiss Gloss or Le Metier de Beaute for high-end!

      I like L’Oreal Chrome Eyeliners and Milani’s Liquif’Eyes!

      • Nicole

        thanx, it takes a couple hours before it “smudges” and I live in Canada so we don’t Milani or the chrome liners from L’oreal:( But thanx for the gloss recomendation:)

  4. Cherie

    Yeah!!!! Thanks for doing this Christine!!! :)

  5. Claudia

    First of all I love your website your reviews and tips are so helpful thank you!
    I’ve recently started my mac brush collection and I don’t like that the mac logo comes off, any suggestions of what could I use and how do I apply it? I tried a clear nail polish on one of them and looks kind of tacky :( Also, I want fill in my first mac palette can you plz give me your advice on 15 must-have mac eyeshadows for starters. Thank you ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Nail polish can cause that part to chip off, actually! :(

      I’d say maybe hair spray or tape, but otherwise I don’t know!

      Are you more about neutrals or colors?

      • Claudia

        Yes, neutrals are what I usually go for. Oh by the way im NC30 if that would help…thanx

        • Dark Neutrals: Bronze, Espresso, Brun, Satin Taupe (4)
          Medium Neutrals: Romp, Patina, Soft Brown, Brownscript, Tete-a-tint, Goldmine (6)
          Light Neutrals: Shroom, Ricepaper, Vanilla, Bisque, Nylon (5)

  6. Cherie

    Yeah!!!! Thanks for doing this Christine!!! :)

    My questions:
    1. I’m making a MAC Pro store visit soon. Any must haves???
    2. I want to do a soft purple lip. Original plan was Violetta (is this discontinued??)or Up the Amp with a gloss TBD. Recommendations? Or is this a fad to pass on?
    3. What blush and nude-to-medium lips do you wear with a grey eye (satin taupe or smoke and diamons eyeshadow). I’m NW15 with light brown eyes + hair :)
    4. I’m hitting pan on my accentuate and sculpt due… Well just the highlight colour… Would you say get a full pan or look at some other product?
    5. I’m on a classic novel kick these days. Austin, Brontes, Tolskey, etc. What are your favourites or any recommendations??

    • Cherie

      haha.. please excuse my BlackBerry/transit rider typo’s.. :)

    • Hey Cherie!

      1.) Show Orchid, Violetta! The matte PRO shades for eyeshadows… too many to list, just ask them to point them out. PIGMENTS! (if you like pigments!)
      2.) No, no, get Violetta!! For gloss, try Luminary! Though neither Violetta nor Up the Amp will really give you that soft purple lip, lol – both are pretty bold.
      3.) For you, I’d recommend something like Well-Dressed or Breath O’ Plum for a blush, then Sweetie, Angel, or Creme d’Nude for lips!
      4.) Get it! LOVE the Sculpt/Shape line (I have them all in full-size, so nice!) – particularly since you’re going to PRO, get it!
      5.) I’m terrible, but I don’t have any recs. Most of the stuff I read is just trashy romance novels, LOL.

    • Rosanna

      Try Blooming Lovely Lipstick from the Liberty of London Collection (March 11). It looks like a soft purple to me!

      Scroll down for swatches of the lipstick (and other parts of the collection):

  7. Bea

    Hi! I log on everyday hoping to see a look done with Sugarpill Cosmetics, are you planning on doing one soon?

  8. Jen

    Hey Christine,

    This is a great idea!

    1) Do you wear sunscreen on your face? If so, do you wear it before or after you have applied your makeup?
    2) What is your HG drugstore mascara?
    3) What is your favorite tinted moisturizer? I’m thinking about getting one, but I want it to have light coverage as opposed to sheer.
    4) Concealer or foundation first?

    Thank you so much! =)

    • Hi Jen,

      1.) Yes, I do! I wear sunscreen before makeup.
      2.) Maybelline Full ‘n Soft
      3.) Kiehl’s or Korres Tinted Moisturizer
      4.) Foundation!

  9. Temptalia:

    How do you obtain the information to everything so quickly; how do you receive information about upcoming MAC lines and such way before everyone else on the internet does?

  10. Mina

    Hi Christine!!

    I’m considering about buying a MAC Bronzer in either the colour Golden Bronze or Refined Golden Bronzer. I’m not sure which one to get I’m between a NC 25-30.

    I’ll be mostly using the bronzer as a contour and also can you tell me what brush do you recommend or like using? Thanks alot! :)

  11. Christina

    Hi Christine!

    I want to build my blush collection. Can you recommend a variety of shades? I’m a NC35.


  12. HebrideanSprite

    Will you be reviewing and swatching MUFE’s new microfinish liquid blushes? None of the blogs out there have yet and I’ve been dying to here a makeup junkies opinion on them! And to see real swatch samples (instead of the stupid computerized ones one the Sephora and MUFE sites)! Keep up the good work!

  13. Shah'ada

    You are awesome and I’m super excited to get to ask you some questions ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. What is the best way to apply bronzer? I ask because I have rosy cheeks as soon as I get a little warm and think bronzer would be a better alternative to blush. I put blush on in the mornings when I do my makeup, but by 10 am, I feel my whole cheek is rosy :( If not bronzer, is there a good blush alternative that will not make my cheeks red/etc?

    2. What do you think of wearing a full face of makeup everyday? I know you don’t b/c of your school program, but I work at a lax job that encourages expression lol. I LOVE doing a full face of makeup, and do every morning, but sometimes I feel socially silly not knowing if that is okay or not. If that question even makes sense.

    3. What is a good mac color I can contour with? I have harmony currently and feel like it is too red . . .

    4. And while I want to ask a million more questions, I’ll just end with this one lol. I have large pores on my cheeks and in the mornings when I first apply primer/makeup in the morning, it looks great. By midmorning (same time blush starts going wonky), my pores are looking very large again. I do not have super oily skin, but by 4 pm (makeup goes on at 6.30ish am), I do have a dewy look going on. What can I do about my cheek pores?

    You rock – thank you SO much for answering all our questions!!!

    PS. One more, what school has the program you’re in? What a NEAT opportunity to be able to combine degrees like that!! My sis just got accepted into UCLA’s combined education masters and teaching credentials program. Really cool how CA schools do that :)

    • Hi Shah’ada,

      1.) The “3” method. You go in the shape of a 3 — start above your brow, loop around and come into your cheek and then loop back around your jaw! I know that some use correcting primers (green) to counteract redness.

      2.) No problem with it! I used to do it all the time :) Don’t worry about it!

      3.) Strada or Emote blushes are better. I’d recommend MSFN from the permanent line – go a shade or two darker than your skin tone! I love Sculpt from the Sculpting line (PRO).

      4.) You might like Too Faced’s Primer – they have one that helps minimize the appearance of pores!

      Santa Clara University :) A lot of schools have it, but you just have to look for it!

  14. shay

    Hi Christine….

    Hope you are doing wonderful cali-Gal…ohh,I was looking forward to this with you answering questions
    1. i am nc44 with normal skin. could you temme the equivalent foundation colors for dior,mufe and nars… they are not on your foundation excel sheet.

    2. could you name the perfect for work barely there blush. I put on something and all seem to be too loud for my conservative work place

    3. if you could name one pink/nude lipstick each from nars, dior,chanel, ysl and estee lauder. . what would they be..

    4. will you tell me the names of all of your gold eyeshadows… looks like i have fallen for the gold thingie…

    Too many questions, I know… but please please temme… would love to know…

    Lots of love and luck,


    • Hi Shay,

      1.) Dior – 50; Make Up For Ever – 153; NARS – Tahoe/Cadiz
      2.) Dolce & Gabbana Nude or MAC Peaches, but I think they’d be harder to show up on your skin tone, so I’d recommend something more like Tenderling.
      3.) NARS Cruising; Dior Nude Silhouette; Chanel Exquise; YSL Nude Beige; Estee Lauder Tiger Eye
      4.) Oh, wow, I have a ton. My favorites by MAC are Goldmine, Patina, and Romp!

  15. jdog

    do you have any opinions on clinique brushes? i have a bunch and I am wondering if i gradually start switching them out for mac brushes…

    thanks sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for doing this!

    • They’re okay – I like my MAC ones more, but they’re not terrible or anything! I probably wouldn’t switch them out unless you feel like they’re not working.

  16. Ashley

    Hi Christine,
    I found your site several months ago and have been hooked ever since! Love it!

    On to some questions:
    1) what are some good warm toned highlighter shades? I have similar skin tone to you, and I tend to find ones that are too light or that don’t show up at all. I’ve tried a couple that you mentioned in your tutorials but they tend to barely show up. Perhaps I need to go lighter?

    2) This might be a dumb question, but how do you apply cream blush? I’ve only tried once and I ended up putting way too much on and having to wash my face :/ But I like the lasting power and the look of it (when done correctly).

    3) I have brown eyes (medium skin, dark hair) and really love green shadows. What Mac shadows do you recommend?

    4) I’m thinking of investing in a Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick, is Mademoiselle relatively universal?

    Thanks so much, you are amazing!

    • Hey Ashley,


      1.) Have you tried something super shimmery like MAC Soft & Gentle? Maybe that’s more your style!
      2.) I like to use a small stippling brush (like MAC 188) and then tap onto the apples of my cheeks, lightly sweep, then set with a powder blush.
      3.) Juxt, Sumptuous Olive, Humid
      4.) Yes, Mademoiselle is very universal!

  17. this was probably asked many times.. but how do you groom your eye brows? tweeze/thread/wax? self or professionally?

    also, is there such a thing as over exfoliating your lips? would doing it too much cause wrinkles? because i have to rub my lips daily..sometimes twice a day to get rid of the flakies even though my lips aren’t dry/cracked

    • Hey Jackie,

      I tweeze 95% of the time. I get them threaded maybe once a year!

      I think it could dry out your lips, not necessarily cause wrinkles in the long term. By rubbing, what do you do?

  18. Sixx

    Can you B2M your empty Viva Glam items? I know the packaging has “Back 2 Mac” stamped on it but because you can’t choose Viva Glam items as your free item, I just wanted a clarification. Thanks!

    • If the bottom says B2M on it, then you shouldn’t have any problem!

      I’m pretty sure you shouldn’t have problems with it, since you DID pay for it – it’s not like you got them for free. But since the whole price of VG goes towards MAF, that’s probably why you can’t B2M (it’s not just the actual product cost vs. product price).

  19. mariepouliche

    Could you suggest me a band of non sticky lipgloss that stays put :) ?

  20. Hey Christine! thanks so much for doing this session, i always look forward to these :)

    i have super dry skin, since i’ve been moisturizing it, my skin has become a lot less dry. however, i still have a problem with my foundations. my skin will absorb the foundation because it’s so dry if i don’t set it with a powder and when i do set it with a powder it can emphasize my flakes even with the lightest application. i’ve used MUFE hd invisible powder, the mac invisible powder, bare escuentals foundations + mineral veils, and even mac msf natural. can you recommend a long wearing nice set powder (or maybe even a few for me to try out) for my foundations/tinted moisturizers?

    also, i’ve been having problems with eyeshadow primer. my eyeshadows still crease even when i use urban decay primer potion, too faced shadow insurance, the bare escuentals prime time, and mac paint pots. do you have any eyeshadow primer suggestions? my eyeshadow only seems to crease in the inner corners of my eyes, not in my actual crease. but it creases very bad in the inner corners as well as fades.

    thanks again!

    • Have you tried using a primer underneath? I like Eve Pearl’s Moisturizing Primer when I’m really dry – because it gives me moisturizer while priming the surface.

      I like Laura Mercier for a setting powder!

      Have you tried layering UDPP over Paint Pots?

      • i’ve been using the mac primer, not the spf one. i was thinking of trying the laura mercier primer because i’m currently using her tinted moisturizer. i’ll definitely try her setting powder.

        i’ve tried the layering. i guess my the inner corners of my eyes are just more creased so the powder has a tendency to settle! have you heard anything about the smashbox primer?

        • I haven’t tried or heard much about the Smashbox Primer unfortunately :(

          You could try dusting translucent powder on your lid to see if that helps minimize any creasing, too.

  21. Sixx

    Sorry, another B2M question. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    If you depot your lipsticks, eyeshadows, etc. and take off the labels—would MAC accept the empty [no-labels] containers for B2M? Thanks!

    • You shouldn’t have a problem with this, but unfortunately, it might vary from store to store. My store never checks, but some stores have more problems. Worst case scenario? Mail them to MAC!

  22. Heidi

    Hi Christine,
    Thanks so much for doing this!
    My question is about face powder. I’m looking to convert to MAC, I currently use Clinique Stay Matte Face Powder in Stay Beige #3. What MAC powders give the best coverage/ shine control without causing breakout for oilier skin types? (I don’t use any liquid foundation either, and I use my #129 brush to apply)
    I’m looking to get color matched soon, so I’m not sure of my MAC shade yet :)

    Thanks again, J’adore Temptalia! <3

    • Hi Heidi,

      I really don’t love any of MAC’s pressed powders. Depending on how acne prone you are, you might like Studio Fix Powder — some love it and have no problems, but others love it and break out from them :( MAC’s Blot Powder is good for helping with oiliness, though!

      Thank you!!

      • Heidi

        Thanks Christine, I think I’ll have to test it when I’m at MAC tomorrow!

        Oh, I should have asked you earlier, but what do you think of Lip Erase, and the two shades?
        How does the formula compare to Urban Decay’s Lip Primer or something like Lip Spackle and will it help hold Lustre finish lipsticks on better?
        Thanks again!

        • I don’t love it. I’d just use concealer or foundation instead. It’s thick and pretty much just like concealer. Prep + Prime Lip is more like UD’s Lip Primer.

          I think it’ll help draw out more color pay off from a Lustre lipstick!

  23. Hello Christine!

    I’ve always wanted to ask you whats the ONE thing you’d bring with you to a deserted island! (specific brand & product please!)

    Thanks so much <3

  24. val

    hii !!

    I have only 2 questions today.
    What’s your favorite lip balm ever?
    What’s the best way to treat teenage acne?


    • Hi Val,

      1.) Philosophy Kiss Me Intensive Lip Therapy Lip Balm.
      2.) See a dermatologist. No, seriously. They might not cure it, but they can give you some insight on WHAT kind of acne you have, what might work, etc.

  25. Susan

    Hi Christine! Hope your day is going well! I have 2 questions for you.

    1. What eye makeup remover do you recommend. I’ve noticed my eyes have become sensitive and I need something else besides my wipes to remove mascara and eyeliner.

    2. Have you tried the Korres Ginger & vitamin foundation? I was thinkig of that one
    or the Korres tinted moisturizer since spring is around te corner. Living here in CA you know we need to get sun protection out early! :)

  26. Crystal

    I always love these sessions! Thank you for doing these.
    I’m just wondering what would you say is the easiest lipstick to wear? Brand and color wise. Just something that’s not fussy but good for those just starting to venture into lipstick territory! Like a MLBB.
    Also, what do you think of Kat Von D palettes?
    Thank you!

  27. DonnaN

    Hey Christine, just two questions today….

    1. What products would you recommend to achieve the perfect cat-eye look?

    2. Any idea when you will get the swatches for MAC’s Art Supplies Collection? Since I’ll be on bedrest when the collection comes out, I’m hoping for swatches so that I can place my order online. Darn surgery!….it’s ruining my MAC collection shopping….LOL!

  28. Danielle

    Can you recommend a smudgeproof mascara? I love how DiorShow Iconic make my lashes look, but have been battling smudges the whole time I’ve been using it :(

  29. Lena

    Thanks so much for doing this! I have a lot of respect for your website, it is really very impressive what you do.
    My question is, I recently have been trying to find a good color for a nude lip, but I’m having a hard time. My lips are pretty pigmented, which is strange since my skin is very fair. I just bought MAC’s lipstick in Hue but it seems to emphasize any cracks or dry spots on my lips (even with balm underneath, and my lips aren’t dry at all!) It is just too pale for me, and looks awkward over my natural lip color, being a glaze and all. What kind of color would you recommend? Any product recommendations/MAC color recommendations would be awesome too, if you have any!

  30. Andrea

    Hey Christine!! Have you tried any Korres blushes?? If so, what do you think of them?

  31. Mandy

    Hey Christine! I got asked today what my favourite website was, and my thoughts immediately went to temptalia! You’re doing an amazing job :)

    My question is, what products would you recommend for an everyday, school-friendly face, for a NC41? I don’t like wearing too much, but wearing none just feels alien.

    Also, what products (including brushes) would you recommend for contouring/highlighting?

    • Hey Mandy!

      Aww, thank you!

      I would say just something light like tinted moisturizer, maybe a peachy-pink blush like Springsheen or Peachykeen to perk the cheeks up… For eyes, you could play around with a light/neutral color on the lid and a pop of color in the crease or on the lower lash line (like colored liner).

      I like MAC’s Sculpting line, which they put out once or twice a year as duos but have available year round at PRO – Sculpt is my favorite. Otherwise, MSFN in a shade darker than you (so maybe Dark or Deep Dark) already are. As far as brushes go, I like the 168! For highlighting, I like Dior Skin Shimmers (but those are pricey) or MSFs are always a favorite (they break me out, though, unfortunately!), and the 165 is my favorite for highlighting.

  32. Mia

    Hi Christine! Can you B2M (back to mac) eyeliners? Like powerpoints? Also wat face brush do u think works best for MSF naturals? And also wat color eyeshadow goes well with brown eyes? Thank you! :)

    • Hmm, I don’t think you can do eyeliners. I think it’s eyeshadow, lipstick, and lipgloss for PRO/freestanding stores…

      I like the 189 for MSFN!

      Greens and golds for brown eyes – I know they say purple, but I think greens always rock!

    • Michelle

      One time I was in the mac store and she said you can back to mac the eyeliners that have the plastic packaging (like the cremestick liners). Obviously, not the pencil liners :)

      • yep…they way I was told is anything plastic. so the tecknakohls, the cremestick liners, the volcanish ash exfoliator, the wipes lol….turn all those in. I just recently took 5 empty containers from my mom :)

  33. liz

    Hi Christine!

    Iโ€™m very fair skinned, have light green eyes and medium brown hair. What color lipsticks (in any/all color families) would you recommend for me? I usually do neutral/gold eyeshadow.

    Thanks so much!

    • Penny

      I’m not Christine, obviously, but I have the same colouring and tend to stick with neutral eyeshadow. I think mauvey-pinks (I like MAC VGVI SE) and light neutral pinks (I love MAC Patisserie, but it’s LE) suit me best and strange as it sounds, red lipstick really brings out the colour of my eyes (MAC Cyndi is fantastic and it’s a lustre so it’s not too harsh on fair skin!!).

  34. Evie

    I’m considering purchasing (during the friends and family sale, of course)the Urban decay super stash 24/7 set . My question is how fast do eyeliners go bad, I dont want to buy them and they go bad before I get to enjoy them.

  35. Sasha

    Hi Christine!

    I wanted to ask about contour colours/products. I would like to being contouring my face everyday, so I wanted a product that would give me a subtle contouring effect. Would Harmony blush by MAC work for my NC45 skin colour?

    • If you can get your hands on Strada, I think that would be better. Sculpt or Definitive would be even better, though those are both PRO products!

      Harmony isn’t bad (I used to use it), but it’s a little more bronze than I like in a contour shade!

  36. tehreemnazar


    forgot all my questions! but i remember one..i just recently bought my first ever mac PRODUCT! YAYYYYYYYYY STUDIO FIX FLUID> Im liking it. Just wondered what do you think is the best method to apply it. Still waiting on buying the pump aRGGGGG very mad it didnt come with it! but yeaaaaaaaalove this site!

  37. Hi Christine! Can you recommend a curling (and even better, volumizing) mascara that is non-waterproof? When I use volumizing formulas like L’Oreal voluminous, my skimpy Asian lashes always go stick straight on me. :(

    Also do you know a good medium coverage foundation that has a satin finish? Something that isn’t super dewy but matte is definitely out of the question. Thanks for doing this! :)

    • Funny enough, a lot of people with stick straight lashes stuck up for Maybelline Great Lash (which is totally garbage on me!). My recommendation would be Maybelline Full ‘n Soft!

      Have you tried Make Up For Ever HD?

      • Hmmm I don’t like Great Lash either! I know they have a new “full” version though that’s supposed to be more volumizing than the original. I’ll definitely check out Full ‘n Soft. Thanks for the rec. :)

        I haven’t tried MUFE HD; I may go check it out in Sephora this week. My skin is on the combination/oily side though. Do you think it might work?

    • Jenni

      I have the same problem with my lashes. I use Imju Fiberwig (from Sephora) and then curl using Sephora’s heated curler. Works like a charm! Then for volume, I add a coat of Maybelline Colossal mascara!

  38. yvette

    christine, i’m OBSESSING over coco rouge lipsticks! haven’t had time to get into a dept store to see them yet. what are the best shades, in your opinion?

  39. bubbles

    Hi Christine,
    Thanks for doing this session again :)
    I have huge pore on and at the side of my nose, black/white heads always gather there. I have tried exfoliating and purifying masks (either of them works). Do you have any suggestion to cure it ?

    • Hi Bubbles,

      How often are you exfoliating or using a mask? If you overexfoliate, that can cause problems, too! Drinking more water an also help with purifying the skin from the inside out, too!

  40. Joanna

    Hi Christine:

    I have never used an eyeshadow base before, but Iโ€™m thinking of trying a paint pot. I was wondering if you could tell me a bit more about it.

    1) Would it help prevent creasing from mineralize eyeshadows and pigments?

    2) What kind of brush do you use to apply?

    3) Iโ€™m an NC15/20. Would you recommend Bare Study?

    Thanks in advance for your answer!

    • Hi Joanna,

      Paint pots should help prevent creasing and increase the vibrancy of your eyeshadows. It should also help prevent fading or budging during the day. I would use a flat, stiff brush like MAC’s 249. I’d recommend Soft Ochre if you want a matte base, Bare Study if you want something with a little shimmer.

  41. Penny

    Hi Christine,

    I would love if you could give me a suggestion as to how to wear Star Violet in a fairly neutral/school appropriate look! Love the colour but I can’t figure out what to do with it! I have very fair skin, light green eyes, and medium brown hair. Thanks so much! Also as a fellow law student I must say that I am SUPER impressed with (and also jealous of) your obvious time management skills!

    • Penny

      Oh and my skin tone is neutral-cool, I can’t pull off very warm-toned eyeshadows (like woodwinked). Thanks again!!

    • Hi Penny,

      Have you tried wearing it with something like Soba? I think that kind of brown might work better with it! :)

      Thank you!! Hope law school is treating you well!

  42. Carol

    Here’s one for you: I find no matter what foundation or concealer I’m applying, I find the middle of my forehead and between my brows always looks really dry and flakey. I’ve tried exfoliating every day, under exfoliating, really gentle exfoliants, and not exfoliating–it doesn’t make a difference! What is this and how should I correct it? Thanks for any help you can give!

    • Have you tried using a heavier, richer cream as a spot treatment? I have dry patches above my lips and sometimes on my chin area, and I find I have to use a really super heavy duty moisturizer as a spot treatment to smooth it out!

  43. Gina

    Hey Christine! I am having a hard time determining my skintone. The veins on my arm show up green, but my face appears pink or flushed. I find that warm lipsticks don’t work well on me and my face is darker than my body (if that is relevant). I am half Vietnamese and half Korean, so I have a weird mix of skin that can tan and skin that is pale and can burn. Thanks!

    • Hi Gina,

      It sounds like you’re probably warm, but maybe neutral-warm – which means you’re not overly warm, but just slightly so!

  44. j e n

    Hi Christine!
    My forehead is really dry from having acne for the past 5 years, which I still suffer from. Whenever I apply foundation over that area it looks dry, flaky, cakey, peely it looks horrible and it makes me feel very self conscious. I tried applying the foundation with a wet sponge with different brushes and still nothing. I have been using a moisturizer from Aveeno (ultra calming) and Clinique’s (dramatically different moisturizing)I use the Clinique for my forehead since its is soo dry but my foundation still looks the same, it hasn’t been working. Oh by the way for foundation I use Cliniques Even Better.
    I was wondering if you knew or anyone reading this knew of a product out there in the market that could help me with this dilemma.
    Thank you in advance for your response!
    j e n

    • Hi Jen,

      You might want to try a more intensive moisturizer for your forehead (kind of like a spot moisturizer) — like SUPER hydrating. Maybe something like Clinique Maximum Hydrator or Osmotics Barrier Extreme. It won’t work overnight, but it might help your skin repair itself and not be quite so terribly dry over time.

      You may also find that a cream foundation is easier to wear on drier parts!

  45. alex

    hey! I love your website and your honest opinions about everything!!

    I was wondering though, do you buy any more makeup, because it seems that you get tons of stuff sent to you to review, do you feel the need to buy anything anymore? And if not, what do you spend your money that used to go towards makeup?

    • Hi Alex,

      I still buy plenty of products, actually! I spend more on makeup than I spent last year… last year was more than the year before… LOL.

  46. Tori

    Whats a good MAC nude lipstick for nw25 skintone? :)

  47. abril

    Hi Christine!

    So, I was super excited about MAC’s launch, the Shape & Sculpt Duos (D Squared Collection) And I ended up getting Bone Beige/Emphasize… Why I don’t know! (Obviusly I did not read your review bedore) I’m NC35… I actually use Bone Beige and it shows but it looks like… pinky! I don’t know… a weird colour… Now I’m obssesed about getting Sculpt! It is not sold in my country but I’m trying to put my hands on it! Do you think Sculpt would work good on my skintone? Which shape powder do you recomend for darker skintones? (Not for myself but for other even darker, NC40 and up)

    Thanks a lot! I don’t usually buy a product without reading your review/photos/opinion before! LOL

  48. annie

    What us your favorite loose powder? And concealer? and favorite crease color?

    • I like Laura Mercier’s Setting Powder. For concealer, I like Eve Pearl’s Salmon Concealer quite a bit. I don’t have a favorite crease color, haha! It just depends on the look… there’s none I gravitate towards.

  49. Hi Christine,

    I hope I’m not too late! I just woke up and it’s March 2 already here haha.

    My questions are:

    1) Are you ever going to go back to swapping/selling?
    2) Do you get your eyebrows waxed regularly or just pluck them? I get mine regularly waxed but there are still fine hairs around and it bothers me, but I can’t seem to take them out with tweezers.
    3) I’m planning to buy more HE products this summer and thinking of Chanel and MAC. Which brands should I concentrate more on? I’m thinking of buying e/s, lipsticks and more color products to add to my collection, not skin/foundation products.

    Thanks so much! You are the best. I can almost make your site my homepage, I automatically click Facebook, Plurk and Temptalia when I open Firefox!

    • LOL, only 6PM on Marhc 1st over yonder ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1.) No. Since I do receive some products for free, I could (and would not) not sell/swap these – it would be unethical. But more importantly, I can’t risk someone swapping or buying from me and then later saying they got an infection or it was bad or whatever. The liability is too great! (I think that’s what law school does to you, though!)

      2.) I generally get them threaded once or twice a year (mostly to re-shape them), then I maintain with tweezing!

      3.) For eyeshadow, I like MAC more than Chanel. Chanel does excellent lip products — so I would check some of their lip colors out. Dior has excellent cheek products!

      Thank you, Diega! :)

  50. Christina

    Hey Christine!
    I love your site, and constantly find myself checking for new updates throughout the day, I really appreciate all the work you put into it!

    I’m an NC25, for reference, I was wondering, what would you pair with MAC’s Tilt eyeshadow for a wearable day look. I’m a college student and I’ve had it for quite some time, and I never find myself reaching for it. I’ve used it to line my lower lash line, which works great by the way! But what would you recommend?
    Also, I love my Studio Fix Fluid, but lately I’ve been getting into tinted moisturizers. What are your feelings towards MAC’s Studio Moisture Tint, as well as Bobbi Brown’s Tinted Moisturizer. Have you tried either one? I’ve heard great things about the latter.
    Oh and someone asked about Lush products, and I wanted to mention their “Big Shampoo.” I’ve been using it for a few months now, and when I went to my hair stylist recently she commented on how healthy my hair looked. So if you have yet to try it Christine, I highly recommend it!
    One last thing! You’ve tried so many different moisturizers, so what would be your top favorite(s) and/or recommendations? My skin is semi-sensitive, by the way.

    Thanks so much, I really appreciate it!

    • Hi Christina!

      Thank you so much!

      1.) I’d pair it with a light green like Juxt, but if that’s too much, you could go with a shade like All That Glitters for a more rustic look or even Nylon for a fun shimmery shade.
      2.) I like Bobbi Brown’s Tinted Moisturizer — though I’ve only tried the BALM, which is super moisturizing style. I haven’t tried Studio Moisture Tint, I don’t think…
      3.) Haven’t tried Big yet, but I will put it on the list!
      4.) I like Kate Somerville Oil-Free! That’s probably my favorite daytime moisturizer. Origins Ultra-rejuvenating cream is my favorite for night.

      • Christina

        I’ll definitely be trying those combinations very soon! And the second I have a chance I’ll check out the Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturizer, thanks for the input!
        If anything, meaning if you’re not too sure about the product itself, just ask for a sample of the Big shampoo, you actually get a few good washes from the small container they give you (you only need a tiny bit per wash). And thanks for the recommendations, I’ve been itching try a new moisturizer!

        Thank youfor everything, have a great night!

  51. Kimberly

    Hi Christine! Thanks for doing another one of these sessions!

    1. Could you please recommend some neutral mattes for a NC42.. (I only have tete-a-tint and the brown from spiced choc quad)
    2. I have refined golden bronzer.. is it too sparkly to use as a natural contour? I use harmony now but would emote be better?
    3. This is my pigment shopping list: copper, old gold, platinum, rose gold, silver,sun pepper, sweet sienna and violet (I have golden olive, melon, cocomotion and teal). Which super awesome pigments for my colouring am i missing/ shd delete from my list?

    Thanks! :)

    • Hi Kimberly,

      1.) Brown Down, Swiss Chocolate, Espresso, Brun, Copperplate!
      2.) Emote would be better!
      3.) I love, love Chartreuse or True Chartreuse as well as Pink Pearl!

  52. Do you think bloggers would cover as many expensive lines if they didn’t get PR samples? And do you think it would be a good or bad thing?

    • No, I don’t. I can’t afford 20 $45 lipsticks, but I have many, many readers requesting this shade or that shade, and it’s not just a swatch – people want to see it in action, whether just a lip swatch is enough for someone I’m not sure, but photos of the color in the tube, swatched, what it looks like on, how one might use it. I think it’s important that people read people they think are genuine at the end of the day.

      Just like in anything, there are always a few bad apples in the bunch, but a lot of bloggers take their integrity/honesty/credibility very, very seriously, so it’s less about “Oh, free!” as “Yes, I can show X to my readers who wanted to see it!” I never would have forked over $45 for a lipstick, seriously, but after trying them, there are definitely a few shades I’d plunk it down for. (Like I bought a backup of Gems Rouge G, ’cause I LURVE!)

      I think at the end of the day… it’s adding to the conversation – it’s giving you more information, photos, and knowledge for your purchasing decisions. Nobody should feel forced to purchase an item they can’t afford or buy it just because it’s $50 or whatever. But I think making informed decisions is always better, whether it’s for a $5 lipstick or a $55 lipstick!

  53. Sheryl

    I read all the comments and your article about dry lips. But can you tell us which lip gloss and lip stick brands you find the most moisturizing? Somebody mentioned MAC lip glass has jojoba oil in it but it’s soooooo sticky, I can’t believe it’s good for my lips!

    • Cle de Peau are probably the most moisturizing that I’ve tried (and the most expensive I’ve tried). Korres Guava Lipsticks are also nice, as are Chanel Rouge Allures and Guerlain Rouge Gs. Urban Decay’s lipsticks have a nice moisturizing feel, too. For gloss, Korres Lipgloss, MAC Lipgelee, Dior Ultra Reflect Gloss come to mind!

  54. Natalie

    Hi Christine,
    How are doin? LOL.. That was my question. You have been really helpful with all my questions – thank you so much for that!! Hope your exams are finished by now!! :))

  55. Rosie

    what would the best bronzer be that you recommend for an nc 30 (winter) and nc 35 summer? i have oily skin do you think something like the new nars ograsm illuminator would be a mistake? Other than the Eve Pearl salmon concealer is there anything else that would work well as an undereye concealer that i may be able to pick up at a mall?

    Thanks, Christine. As always, you amaze me :). Thanks for the Mellan pictures on twitter :).

    • You could actually just used Refined Golden by MAC year-round, IMO! I don’t think you should have to switch up your bronzer if you’re only going up one step!

      I’ve heard really good things about Amazing Cosmetics’ concealer (I believe Leesha, xsparkage, uses that one!).

      My pleasure! :)

  56. ShyBoo

    Hey Christine! Last summer I got MAC’s Natural Flare
    Mineralized eyeshadow quad and I dropped it like 3 days later.
    Lol Soooo I only have very little left but I looooooove it. I wanted to know what is a good dupe for the dark brown color? Thanx! Love your site!

  57. Mia

    Do u get sent free MAC products to review? Why does some people have their names highlighted in pink and not black?

    And my most important one…
    How do you prevent your eyelashes from falling out when removing makeup?

    • Hi Mia,

      Sometimes, sometimes I buy. It varies from collection to collection quite a bit!

      If it is in pink, that means that there is a website, so their name is actually a link.

      I’ve never had any problems with eyelashes falling out. Are you using waterproof mascara? Oil-based makeup removers are particularly good on eyes, just because it breaks down makeup quickly.

  58. Casey

    Have you tried any of the “Bliss” products? Particularly the “Youth As We Know It” Eye Cream or The Anti-Aging Moisture Cream? I’ve heard excellent reviews about the Eye Cream so I was just wondering. Thanks!

  59. Brenda

    I have an odd question about mascara and some may think I’m crazy, but…I actually like my lashes to have that kinda hard stiff feeling. My lashes are stick straight, somewhat downturned and after I’ve curled them I like my mascara to dry and keep the curl!! If it’s too lightweight, my lashes wind up uncurling after a few hours. I tried Zoomlash, but it’s too watery and smudges and makes my lashes spikey looking. What is the best mascara you’ve tried that would fit my wish??

    • LOL! Have you tried Maybelline Great Lash? Lots seem to enjoy that one for stick straight lashes and stiffer lashes, haha. I only laugh because I hate it so, but yet a lot of readers shared that those were all reasons they liked it!

      • Brenda

        I used to use it in high school!!! I may give it a try again, the only issue I had with it was it smudged like crazy below my brows because my eyelashes touch my orbital bone. I didn’t use a base then so I may give it another chance.

        Thanks for answering SO many questions!!!! I don’t usually have a lot of Q’s because I read everyone else’s Q’s first and usually I get my answers from there :)

  60. Mina

    Hi Christine! I know I asked u a qestion earlier on bronzers, but I wanted to know what are you fav must have MAC blushes! I’m NC 25-30


  61. Claudia

    What can I use to prevent the mac logo to fade from my mac brushes?

    Which 15 mac eyeshadows would you recommend and think are must haves for a newly mac addict with NC30 skintone?

    Thank you Christine!

    • I don’t know of anything, to be honest. Maybe tape or hair spray, but I know nail polish can cause chipping.

      What do you wear – neutrals or colors? Colors you don’t wear?

  62. Heather

    Why is when I use mineral products from MAC my face has a reddish hue to it

  63. Kara

    Hi Christine!

    1) I just got a fabulous yellow blouse to wear with a black suit for an interview, and I’m dying to do a fierce red lip to play on the yellow and my blue eyes. I usually wear Russian Red during the day because I’m not afraid of bright/bold lips, but it’s a little bright for an interview. Any suggestions? I tried Ladybug lipstick and it was still a little bright; same thing with the Russian Red lip glass. I was thinking something like the Guerlain Rouge Broderie that you reviewed, but I’m still on the fence (totally a MAC lipstick addict and haven’t tried too many other brands). Any suggestions? (I’m like a NW 20-25ish with blonde hair and blue eyes, for reference)

    2) Also, what would you suggest as a good powder brush? I have a dense one from Sephora right now, but it’s not particularly soft and I feel like I’m wasting a lot of product when I use it.

    3) Would you definitely go with MAC’s Liquidlast liner for a liquid liner? How about the Penultimate liner? I’m hunting for a good, dark liquid liner and don’t know what to choose!

    4) How do you feel about MAC’s Studio Sculpt foundation? I’m using MUFE’s HD right now and I love it, but it’s so expensive, and I don’t feel like I get the same result from it without their primer (which is also super expensive). What are your thoughts?

    5) LOVE the blog, LOVE what you do, and don’t know how you do it all… I hope you get some downtime to just veg out with the puppy and the boy and do nothing from time to time!

    • Hi Kara,

      1.) Have you tried Venetial Lustreglass? It’s kind of a red gloss, but it is sheer so it might be more what you’re looking for.
      2.) I use the 150 for powder — it gets the job done!
      3.) I like Penultimate liner quite a bit – easier for me to use and not as severe as straight black liquid liner.
      4.) I don’t like it. It has a weird smell to it, totally stinky to me (very chemical-y), and so thick. I like MAC Face & Body more.
      5.) Thank you so much! :) I do, sometimes, haha!

  64. ilona

    hi christine,
    any idea if there will be a f&f sale at mac this yr?

  65. Rosanna

    Do you prefer Lipstick or Lipgloss?

  66. Vickie

    hey christine i was just wondering what MAC foundation you would recommend for normal/dry skin that has a dewy affect and what brush you would use for it.
    and also what 3 MAC eyeshadow would you recommend for a everyday neutral look and what lippies u would go with for it. i dont know my mac shade just yet but in neutrogena skin clearing foundation im soft beige (if that helps at all)

    • Vickie

      oh and a blush for everyday wear : ) thanks!!

    • Face & Body, MAC 109 brush. If you’re warmer, I’d say MAC Margin is a good everyday blush. If you’re cooler, Breath O’ Plum or Well Dressed. For three eyeshadows, I’d go with something like Shroom/Ricepaper on the lid, Soft Brown on the outer lid, and Espresso or Brun in the crease (lightly). For a lipstick, something like Sweetie or Shy Girl.

  67. Marissa B

    Hi Christine!
    I’m absolutely addicted to your blog, by the way, I’ve bought so many things from your recommendations that I LOVE, so thanks!
    Anyways I had a few questions…
    What do you think of the Bobby Brown Creamy concealer for under eyes? I like the Mac select moisture cover and I got the studio sculpt a while back, but I find that it’s not very smooth, just wondering if there are any other ones you’d recommend for under eye circles.
    Also…I’ve been using Clinique’s Superdefense face lotion for years now but I’ve been thinking about trying a new moisturizer. Any suggestions? I have to have spf in it, for sure! Was going to check out Korres wild rose or the Kiehl’s ultra facial moisturizer….have you tried either of those?

    • Hi Marissa B,


      1.) It’s okay. I don’t have MAJOR dark undereye circles, so I feel like I don’t make any concealer work hard enough for a real, solid test, LOL. I tried it and it seems to cover, but again, I don’t have severe undereye circles. I don’t like Studio Sculpt–too thick and hard to move around!

      I like Kiehl’s! I use their tinted moisturizer, which is just Ultra Facial + foundation basically. I also have Ultra Facial and I like it! I’ve tried a few Korres moisturizers and I like but didn’t love any–nothing wrong with them really, but I wasn’t sold.

      • Marissa B

        I totally agree about the Studio Sculpt, it’s way too hard. I hear a lot of people say they like the original Studio Finish the best but that’s actually the only one I haven’t tried yet!
        I just found a sample I got from Sephora for the Kiehl’s ultra facial and I like it! I think it’s definately worth buying full size. Is there a particular moisturizer that you tend to use most? Or have actually repurchased?

        • No, I haven’t repurchased any (since I am regularly trying out new products, there’s no real need to repurchase, since I’m just going to be trying something new!) that I can think of!

  68. Rachel

    Hi Christine!

    What is the whole NW/NC deal with Mac foundations? I feel like I like I used to know but I forgot! Also, I have studio fix powder foundation and my shade in that is C3… What does it all mean?

    Thanks in advance & thanks for being you!

    • Think about it as NW = not warm, NC = not cool. MAC has reasons for why it’s the opposite, but that’s the easiest way to remember!

  69. Annie

    Hi Christine,
    Could you suggest a foundation or concealer that is good for acne-prone/easily clogged skin?


    • Eve Pearl Salmon Concealer is good for acne-prone or easily clogged skin! She struggled with a lot of acne, so that was one of the concerns she worked on with her makeup line (and I was totally breaking out when I first saw her, due to the weather changes between California and NYC!).

      For foundation, I’ve had good luck with Make Up For Ever and Korres.

  70. Vale

    I’ve seen in some blogs around make up examples. Sometimes I am stunned by the way they blend colours. It’s almost incredible, so I would like to improve my way of blending. Which is your secret? A specific brush? The way to use it? Can you describe it in few sentences? Thank you

  71. Vermaak

    Hey! I realise it’s getting quite late, and completely understand if you’re about out of time. I really appreciate what you do for all of the fans of your site, and its definitely a favorite of mine!

    I’ve just really started to get into actually using colours as I learn how to apply them tastefully, but I also love neutrals as school and clinical practice demands them. I’m looking to fill a 15 pan pallette, to which I already have sketch, woodwinked (not too fond of this, i feel like it brings out redness in my eyes), vanilla, hey, pink venus, and howzat, I am NC15, with chocolate brown eyes. I really like jewel tones, not so much brights, and I am hoping to fill it with a variety of finishes, some neutrals and some colours. I don’t much like browns or golds with any redness to them, as I feel like it makes my eyes look red. Any suggestions would be much appreaciated!!

    • Hi Vermaak,

      So, you have six shades and need 9 more…

      I recommend: Romp, Patina, Soft Brown, Smut for neutrals/browns (4); Parfait Amour, Shimmermoss, Contrast, Plumage, Beautiful Iris (5) for colors

  72. Dee

    Hey Christine, hope this isn’t too late!
    First of all, I love your blog so much, and I appreciate all the time and effort you put into it. I think it’s fair to say that Temptalia is one of the best beauty blogs out there.
    Right now, I only have one question- what are the differences between Benefit and MAC blushes, and which one would you recommend? How do they compare in terms of quality, longevity, pigmentation, value, etc.? I was thinking of getting either Benefit Sugarbomb or Coralista or MAC Springsheen. For reference, I’m about a NW 35-ish.

    • Aww, thanks a lot, Dee!

      They’re different. Benefit’s powders can be used as multi-taskers, sometimes just all-over powders, or as a bronzer. MAC has a much wider range in colors and textures. I think both brands are high quality. Benefit, though the upfront cost is more, gives you a ton of product, so it has more value. The pigmentation on Benefit’s powders varies from powder to powder (not all are designed to be richly pigmented). I’d go with CORALista over Springsheen or Sugarbomb.

  73. JB

    Hi again!

    So my next question is about blogging. Since about 2008 I have been trying to be a beauty blooger myself. Unfortunately the only thing I’ve done is create and delete blogs, some in the same week. If I had to guess I’d say around 30 blogs I’ve deleted. Any advice for future bloggers? I barely have makeup, so what would be some good topics to start out with until my collection grows? Also I’ve always wanted to know how and where do you find the info about new products and collections?

    Thank you so much in advance! :)

    • Hey JB,

      I’d actually tell you to try and figure out WHY you keep deleting the blog. Not that you can’t change your deletin’ ways, but it really takes a lot of dedication and self-motivation to keep plugging away even if readers don’t come right away or if you feel like you don’t have anything to say. Blog on a topic you love, whether it’s beauty or something else. If it’s beauty, review products you already own. Make lists of products you love or hate. Talk about technique, application, or give beauty tips!

      Most of the information comes from an international website, which is always linked at the bottom as the “source”! I don’t usually find leaked information in my inbox ๐Ÿ˜‰

  74. Heather H

    Good Morning Christine!
    I was wondering if you do anything to prevent your Mac brush numbers from fading away? I have bought quite a few brushes and I notice they do fade away quite quickly depending on how you hold the brush. I’ve seen videos on Youtube and some girls were using a clear nail polish/top coat and brushing that over the numbers. Some have said it worked and others said it ruined the whole lettering. Do you have or have you seen the nail polish from China Glaze called Strawberry Fields? It’s such a gorgeous shade the gold in it reminded me of the gold in Nymphette lipglass. You’ll have to check it out:)

    • Hi Heather,

      I don’t! Clear nail polish can actually chip, so it *can* ruin your brushes! I’ve heard maybe hair spray, but I haven’t found anything. I would say probably a sealer of some sort, maybe try asking around at a craft store. I gotta ask Koren (EnKoreMakeup) about it as well, ’cause he is my go-to for that sort of thing!

      I do!! I reviewed it here :)

      It’s a lovely shade, thank you for thinking of me!

  75. Alexis

    What brush do you recommend for defining the outer-v when doing eyes? I’ve tried many but I don’t know if I just need to go back and build up color after I’ve blended or if I am just using the wrong brush.

  76. Kasia

    Hey Christine! Iโ€™m sorry this question is late! Hopefully youโ€™ll get a chance to answer it :)
    Have you heard ANYthing about โ€˜Ripe Peachโ€™ being shipped to stores again? Iโ€™ve called every single store in my city (12) asking if they had any or were expecting more, and nobody could give me an answer. Have you heard anything? I feel silly calling all of these stores asking if theyโ€™ve gotten a shipment (which was a rumour).
    Itโ€™s funny because since I saw the product photos that you posted months ago, it was the only thing I wanted from the collection. Then I was at a MAC store the day they came out, and passed on it and got VG Cyndi instead :( I then went away for a week, and when I got back it was sold out everywhere.
    If not, do you know of a dupe for it? It looks like the exactly like the kind of blush I wanted for summer. I was thinking maybe Peaches or Pinch O’ Peach?
    Anyways, I love your site, and have been visiting it since it launched. I doubt you remember, but I helped with the Polish translations from the N Collection? Itโ€™s still my favourite MAC collection to date :)

  77. S Wolf

    Where do you get all your product from? Do you buy it, or companies send it to you for review? If companies send it to you, then don’t you feel obligated to say nice things about the products?

    • All posts have a statement at the end if the product has been supplied by PR/brand. No, I don’t – I don’t see why I would risk my integrity to lie about something for the sake of a $14 lipgloss! My policy is very clear whenever I work with a brand or company that products are for consideration only – I have complete discretion whether I want to write about it, what I want to say about it, etc. I would be doing everyone, including myself, a disservice to be anything less than honest.

  78. Andrea

    Hi Christine

    What lipsticks, any brand are the most similar to YSL volupte #7 lingerie pink & viva glam gaga?

    What lipglosses, again any brand are most similar to mac cremesheenglass fashion scoop?


    • I don’t know of a dupe for Fashion Scoop, but it just looks clear on me really…

      Lingerie Pink is similar to MAC Snob, as is Viva Glam Gaga.

  79. )Megan

    Boo, I think I’m too late to ask a question but its worth a shot.
    I was just wanting to know what the difference was between Mac’s Chatterbox and Impassioned.

  80. Samantha

    Hey Christine! I have an issue with my skin. I get breakouts but the biggest problem are the red blemishes/scars that are left behind on my cheeks. I remember watching the video with Eve Pearl and saw that you at one point struggled with the same thing and I was just so surprised because your skin is COMPLETELY flawless right now. I want to be able to wear just tinted moisturizer one day again like you do but with my scars I can’t really take that step yet. I was wondering, how did you get your blemishes to disappear? Did you use any specific product to help reduce scaring and redness? I’m slowly trying to wean off a full face of make-up and really start my mission to get better skin!

    • Hi Samantha,

      A lot of times “scars” are hyperpigmentation marks which will fade over time (may take up to 2 years) – so for me, it was mostly just hyperpigmentation.

  81. I know it’s not Monday anymore but if you have a second, I’ve got a question for you: What sharpener do you use for your eye/lip pencils? I’ve NEVER found one that I like and ever time I sharpen something I feel like I’m ruining it! ARRRGH!!!

    • Hmmm, I pretty much just use the Urban Decay one! I have MAC’s, too, I think, but I just always reach for UD. Probably because UD pencils are the only ones I use enough to *need* to sharpen…

  82. Tiffany

    Hi Christine,
    Can you back to mac Viva Glam products? because I’ve heard you’re not supposed to but I’ve seen the back to mac symbol on the lady gaga box so I’m unsure. & can you back to mac LE packaging? Thanks!

    • I believe you can B2M the lipsticks, you just can’t B2M *for* a VG lipstick… so you can’t turn in your empties and get a free VG lipstick, but you can use the empty VG lipsticks towards another lipstick.

      • Tiffany

        oh ok thank you! yay more items to back to mac.. lol. i’ve also been debating on whether to purchase margin or sunbasque. they’re both so pretty but they look kind of similar! what’s your opinions on the two blushes? are both a must?

  83. Christina

    I guess I was just wondering if you could try out Revlon Photoready and possibly compare it with MUFE HD foundation?

  84. Kate

    Hi Christine!!

    I know this is super late…I was away this past week and had no computer with me. I adore your site and loved being able to go through a whole week’s worth of posts :-) Anyway, I was wondering if you were going to start doing more of your build-your-own MAC quads? I absolutely loved those posts! Thanks!

  85. Hey Christine, can you do another post on the best cosmetic products for different skintones? My skin is fair with warm undertones and it’s hard to find specific shades that work for me. I really liked the post in that series for fair skin, but I also want to see recs from other brands. Thanks!

  86. Mia

    I’ve noticed that on MAC shadows some say 1.3 grams and some say 1.5 grams. Why is that?

  87. Geebug

    I’ve been using Diorskin Airflash Spray as my foundation and I totally love it, however, it is sooooooooo expensive and i’m trying to find something like it by another brand that is similar, yet less expensive. Any suggestions? Christine, i’m also interested in knowing what you think of Airflash. Thanks!

  88. Christine,

    How come you don’t post reviews on the Eve Pearl line?

  89. Yambok

    Hi Christine! Hey, did u know that I’m also Christine in real life? Heheh..

    My question is what make-up is suitable for me to wear for my graduation ceremony (college) most esp. since my graduation is in the morning? Any hairstyle tips as well?

    Thank you and have a blessed day. ^^

  90. Adriana

    What eyeshadow shades do you consider ”undupable?”

    Meaning others may be able to approximate the colour, but it never gets the exact shade or the finish of it quite right.