Monday, November 9th, 2009

Got a question? Now’s the time to ask it!

I’m taking your questions and answering them today. You can feel free to ask any question you’d like, beauty-related or unrelated. Feel free to answer other readers’ questions, too :) The more the merrier!

Go ahead, ask!

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394 thoughts on “Ask Temptalia Session #019

  1. AndreaMarie

    Hi Christine!
    Thanks for hosting another session for us. What eye makeup do you recommend for evening wear for someone with NW20 skin and dark brown eyes?

    • Hm, evening always makes me think of something smoky…

      Brown smoky eye: Vanilla, Wedge, Espresso, Smut

      Gray/silver smoky eye: Vanilla, Vex, Silver Ring, Carbon

  2. Noelle

    Hey Christine. I love your blog! I read it every morning before school and every night as well to catch up on new posts!
    My question is: What is a great all around concealer? I am looking for one that mainly covers eye circles though. I have heard boiing by benefit is good. I was also thinking of the Prescriptives pan concealer or thebalm’s pot concealer. I have combo skin, in case that helps.

    • Hey Noelle,

      I’ve yet to find my favorite concealer! I know Make Up For Ever’s Full Cover Concealer (something like that) has gotten a lot of raves, as has Dior’s Flash Concealer (again, I’m not sure about the name *exactly*, but it’s something like that!).

      I’d avoid Px, if only since they’ll be ceasing production in January, so you wouldn’t want to LOVE it and have taken away from you :(

  3. teddyoshi

    hi Christine! :)
    I am new with makeup, I just would like to ask what products could I use to have that certain glow? I am thinking of getting LM Secret Finish i am not sure if it would suit my skin tone (NC42, I am Filipina btw :))


    • MAC Margin Blush!! That gives cheeks such a pretty glow :) You may also like NARS Deep Throat for a cheeky glow.

      For an all-over glow, I like some of MAC’s beauty powders, but I also like their Strobe Cream underneath my foundation.

    • I think MAC Margin and NARS Deep throat looks really good (I am a NC 42 as well).. If you want a highlighter try NARS Albatross (my fav) or MAC trace gold blush! Hope that helps :)

  4. Cherie

    So… I’ve been dying to know… what are beauty powder blushes and should I be super excited that MAC has some new ones coming out???

    • They’re softer, more finely milled powder blushes and tend to have much higher pigmentation than the average MAC blush – they also don’t have much shimmer. They’re nice, but I’m not jumping over the moon about them, LOL. I’m quite happy with their normal blushes, so these are nice, but I don’t find myself reaching for them any more than my other MAC blushes.

  5. Stephenie

    Hi Christine,
    I have two questions… #1 someone asked you about Cool/Warm skintone… this always confuses me LOL. You said to look at my veins on the underside of my forearm and they are blue and I wear between NW25/30 so does this mean I have “Cool” skin but wear Warm foundation?

    #2- If I wear between NW25 and NW30 in MAC (and Medium Plus in MSFN) what would I be in MUFE foundation? Just an estimate?

    Thanks, I love your blog and you’re amazing!

    • Hey Stephenie,

      So the easiest way to remember NC vs. NW is NC = not cool, NW = not warm. So if you’re NW25/30, you’re not warm, therefore you’re cool :)

      For MUFE, I would say you’re probably 130.

  6. Stephenie

    One more thing… when you said you sanitize your makeup every 6 months w/ alcohol, how do you do it? Like dip the lipstick in or take a tissue and rub it on the lippie? LOL details please!

  7. Karen

    Thanks for doing this again! Which one do you think would be a better blush, Chanel Tweed blush or the Dior skin shimmer? Can I use the Dior skin shimmer by itself as a blush or is it just a highlighter?

    • Chanel Tweed Blush is better as a blush, because the skin shimmers don’t add THAT much color. I mean, on a light day, I might wear it alone, but it doesn’t add too much color.

  8. Preeti

    Hi Christine,
    Just wanted to say that you are simply amazing.Checking out your blog is a routine for me now.I have learned so much from you on makeup.
    Thank you so much.

  9. Nicole

    Hi Christine,
    I’m sorry if my question already got answered but I haven’t seen then so I hope you don’t mind me asking.
    1)Throughout a couple of hours my eyeshadow creases and sometimes, my lids are very oily so I think that might also be the issue. I have tried the primer potion, mac’s paints and their eye prep and prime one of chanel’s bases, creaslees cream from benefit….nothing really works.
    2)I would like to start trying liquid liner, could you recomend any certain brand or type, I love a more natural look.
    3)I really want to try out NARS eyeshadows, could you please tell me which duos would look best with my green/blue eyes fair skin and blonde hair.
    Thank you very much:)

  10. Mariana


    What kind of jojoba oil do you use and what all do you use it for?

    I love this part of the site!!

  11. viv

    i was wondering if you have an opinion on urban decay’s eyeshadow transforming potion (you can tell i’m trying to decide what to get with the F&F sale). thanks! 😀

  12. BeckBeck

    I need a moisturizer that will combat the dryness/flaking from some heavy-duty prescription acne creams without feeling like I have a slime layer on my face. (I have combo/dry skin to begin with but my derm just put me on a cyst-busting regimen that is FRYING my skin.) Any ideas for something that’s really hydrating but doesn’t leave that tacky layer on your face? I don’t wear foundation so it doesn’t have to play nice with makeup, but I don’t want something that will leave me looking like I’m coated in plastic, heehee.

    • Hey BeckBeck,

      First, one thing to do is to invest in a heavier/thicker moisture and use it at night! I know, I know, “slime layer,” but you won’t have to worry about looking bad or whatever, you know? I always use a heavier cream at night and something lighter during the day.

      I love MAC Moisturelush, which I found very, very hydrating. For SERIOUS dryness, Osmotics Cream Extreme Barrier Repair is my love. It’s pricey, so I personally use it more to treat any dry patches vs. all over my face.

      • BeckBeck

        Thanks Christine! I suppose it should have occurred to me that I could keep using my regular non-slimy products for day :). I will look into Moisturelush – I haven’t disliked anything from MAC makeup-wise yet, so I have no problem giving their skin stuff a shot.

  13. Eli

    Perfect timing!I actually had a question that i’ve wanted to ask!
    I am looking to purchase the purfect palette for a day time smokey eye.I am a natural brunette with naturally tanned skin and i am looking for matte (preferably) nude/brown colors. What do you recommend?I know that MAC has a “create your own palette” offer and i wanted to do it…Also, i did find Benefits’ “big beautifuleyes” kind of interesting but not matte and not MAC! Any suggestions are welcome!Thanks sooooooo much!You are totally awesome!

  14. Amalee

    Hii Christine!

    I just wanted to say that you’re absolutely amazing. I go on your site like everyday just to see what’s coming up :)

    From any of the spring 2010 collections, what products have caught your eye already?

    • Thanks, Amalee!! :) Appreciate you visiting on the daily!

      Guerlain, of course. Something about Guerlain makes me fall in love every time. Although, I know the overlay is just a pattern, and I have steeled myself not to care that I fully intend on ruining it!

      What about you?

  15. Hi Christine… I always loves your blog… very informative and supported with high quality of pictures and reviews… :)

    I would like to ask, I recently interesting with lips products (lipstick, lipgloss, whatever..).. I usually take it safe by using nudish lipstick/lipgloss …. now I want to collect some new colors and I’d like to ask you what kind of red, deep red, berry, and wine shades will suit me well?

    I’m NC20-25, depends on the season, and warm Asian skin tone….

    And what is the most long wear lipstick you have found in the market so far… ?

    • Hey!

      Try Dubonnet, Viva Glam I, and New York Apple :) Oh, and maybe O!

      Did you want something that’s really long-wearing or more like a regular lipstick (so without some of the side effects of long-wear lip color) that just happens to last awhile? If it’s the latter, Chanel’s Rouge Allure Laques last really well on me (as do their Rouge Allure Lipsticks). I like MAC’s Prolongwears for really long-lasting color, but they can be harder to work with!

      • The long lasting one, I’m quite annoyed with a lipstick color that transfers to my cup/glass while sipping my drink ….. :( especially the bold color ones….. For Chanel’s Rouge Allure Laques and Rouge Allure Lipsticks…. would you advice me again for the red/deep red/and berry colors

        I appreciate your advice so much … Thanks for helping me =)

        • Hey!

          So, most lipsticks are going to transfer somewhat. I find both Chanel products don’t transfer as much as others, but there is some transfer. I like Dragon, Mandarin, and Dynastie for longer wearing Laques. For the Rouge Allures, Lover, Provocative, Passion.

  16. minek

    Hi Christine!!!

    I’ve always felt bad throwing away cosmetics containers, especially those glass jars and hard plastic cases. Is there any way to recycle them? I’ve done about as much reusing as I can!

    Thanks very much :]

    • Hey Minek!

      So there are a few things you can do…

      1.) Reuse them yourself, but it sounds like you’ve done this!
      2.) Recycle them as you would any other material (like cans and whatever from cooking/the kitchen)!

  17. Niharika

    Hi Christine,
    I am a new reader of your blog an dabsolutely love it.
    I have started using makeup recently and as you say, need to practice practice practice.
    I went to MAC counter here, and the MUA suggested MAC Select cover up in NC42 for my dark circles (they
    are Extremely dark) though my skintone NC30/35. Is that the right choice, ’cause i don’t see good results
    when i use it myself (I use my ring finger to apply it).
    Also I have bought MSF in porcelain pink and am not sure how exactly to use it. Could you also
    recomment some MAC/Maybelline blush for my skin tone foe a natural and glowy look.
    Thanks for your time and effort.

    • Hey Niharika,

      NC42 seems very dark. I wouldn’t use it (I’d return it). I’d get a concealer around NC30, but you may find Make Up For Ever’s Full Cover Concealer is a better match for your dark circles!

      You can use Porcelain Pink as a light blush/highlighter on cheeks – I’d use the 187 or 116 with it (or any blush brush you have).

      As far as a blush for a natural/glowy look goes, I recommend MAC Margin!

  18. Alice

    1) How did you begin to learn the technical know-hows of blogging? When your blog first started how did you market yourself or get your blog known?

    2) I’m a #120 Soft Sand in MUFE and I want to be matched for the MAC SSF. The MA gave me NC20, but I feel like it’s a bit bright. Of NC25 or NC30 which would you recommend for me?

    3) I’ve been reading everybody else’s questions and I’m finding a lot of repeats which you so patiently answer! Are there any questions you get asked over and over again in these Ask Temptalia sessions that you want to answer so you won’t have to repeat yourself once and for all? :)

    4) Are you planning to do some kind of annual award/survey/stats post again? I read your 2007 one and found it very enlightening!

    5) I bought Maybelline’s ultra liner waterproof because I heard that it was a good liquid eyeliner but I find that it flakes off on me very quickly. Am I doing something wrong during application or do you think I should return it? any recs for a good drugstore liquid liner?

    6) Is there anything we, as readers, can do to help you out at all?

    • Hi Alice,

      1.) It’s really learning by doing. I didn’t do anything to market myself or make my blog known — I think three years ago, the beauty blogosphere was completely different in that aspect. Nobody really knew you could do a whole lot with a beauty blog; it just wasn’t something you started as a business venture so much as for the passion of it. My passion is what got my noticed, I think. MAC was the first brand who EVER reached out to me. Why? Because I LOVED MAC and they could tell.

      2.) I’d say NC25.

      3.) I don’t mind. :) I think it’s silly to invite people to ask questions and then get grumpy answering repeats. Particularly because who wants to spend an hour reading through all the questions? I totally recognize that not everyone wants to OR has the time to do so. For me, I hold these sessions because I love to help – whether I can only do a little or a lot – and share whatever knowledge or expertise I may have! It’s equally satisfying for me to answer even repeated questions :) I’m also not afraid to just link someone to a previous article or whatever if I feel it answers the question (e.g. “what are your must-have MAC neutral eyeshadows?”).

      4.) Yep, we’re doing annual awards this year as well! In the middle of December (around there), I’ll take product/brand nominations for the first two weeks. After I’ve collected all those nominations, I select the products with the most nominations — then in January 2010, everyone can cast their votes. In February or so will be when the winners are announced. I do two sets – readers’ choice awards and editor’s choice awards!

      Did you see 2008s?

      5.) It just might flake on you. Some mascaras work awesome on others, flake on me! I’d probably say return it and try something else. I know Prestige gets a lot of raves, but I haven’t personally tried many drugstore liquid liners (liquid liners tend to burn on me, so I don’t try too many).

      6.) Just continue to support and enjoy Temptalia! Your comments, feedback, and questions all help to support the site. You all keep me motivated by participating and letting me know you’re reading or by asking questions and making me feel like I can help you out in some way! You show brands and businesses what a success the blog is by the things you say and the way readers have spread the word about Temptalia to their friends. :)

  19. liz

    hi christine! i just got a Smashbox Eye Wish Palette. Have you tried this product? How was it?

  20. Valerie

    What 26 colours would you recommend for somebody that has hazel eyes?

    • Hazel eyes can pretty much wear any shade they want, actually! I believe that to be true of any eye color, but traditionally, hazel/brown eyes are very, very versatile. I recommend golds, browns, and greens to bring them out, though.

  21. MC

    I noticed the bolded, underlined “today”… understandable… but incase I can sneak in under the 24 hr mark…

    How far in advance to you plan your Temptalia posts? Just curious!

    • Well, I only guarantee that I’ll do my best to answer your Qs in a timely fashion (aka the same day), because sometimes I suck at replying and let comments grow and grow, so my reply time ends up being days or weeks, LOL.

      But anyway, I still take questions no matter when they’re sent :)

      Sometimes I have grand ideas for stuff months later, but most of the time I don’t have a very good advance planning skills. Or rather, I don’t have the time to ever get too far ahead, LOL. Like today for instance… nothing scheduled!

  22. Aura

    Hi Christine,

    Great that I’m not missing this Q&A session !!!

    I want to get MAC brushes 165 and 138, they look the same but in different sizes, therefore I’d like to know if I’m to pick up just one, which one would you recommend?

    I’d like to use it for liquid foundation, powder…

    Or would 182 beat them both? 😉

    Many thanks in advance !

    Take care,


    • For liquid foundation, I recommend the 109. After the 109, I’d say the 182 and then the 187. For powder, I prefer the 150. I like the 165 over the 138 for highlighting :) 182 is good for buffing!

  23. claudia

    Christine, thanks for answering our questions !!
    I hear people raving about Mac Eye kohl Feline, is it really a must have ??

    PS : Wow, you live in Bay Area .. I went to SF in 1998, it’s Heaven on Earth ! :)

  24. Diane

    I LOVE your site. So helpful and just full of eyecandy. My question is I love Lipstick Queen sheers and my 20 year old daughter wants to buy me a lipstick for Christmas from Sephora. What brands make a formulation that is close to that Lipstick Queen in the sheer look and feel? Also, any recs for a match to Chantecaille Bellini pot lip gloss?

    Thanks for being here for us makeup junkies.

    • Hey Diane,

      I really haven’t tried much from the Lipstick Queen line (in fact, I only just tried a shade the other day), so I’m not sure yet. I find Urban Decay lipsticks to feel particularly lightweight on my lips with good color pay off, though!

      I haven’t seen Chantecaille in person (not carried at my local department stores), so I have no clue what to recommend in its place :(

      I wish I could have *helped* you!

  25. Tiffany

    Hi Christine! I was just wondering do you follow the rules of throwing out makeup after 1-2 years? Cause I know you have a lot.. I’ve been having an addiction and buying makeup and I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to use it all up within its expiration time. I feel like it’s such a waste to throw it away! :(

    • No, I don’t. I follow the “does it smell/look bad? has it changed color? has it changed texture?” philosophy. I also started using recyclable disposable lipgloss wands in my glosses about a year or two ago, so I no longer contaminate my lipgloss (one of the things that can go bad super quick). I sanitize my lipsticks by dipping them in alcohol and I spritz and wipe down my eyeshadows about once a year.

  26. Breane

    What are your favorite YSL Golden Glosses?

  27. Diane

    I tried posting this eariler, but it didn’t work… I’m looking for a sheer lipstick like Lipstick Queen. I need to be able to buy it at Sephora, since my daughter wants to get it for me for Christmas. Any suggestions?

    Love your site – you are so helpful

    • Hey Diane,

      I replied with the following to your first comment – let me know if you don’t get it!

      I really haven’t tried much from the Lipstick Queen line (in fact, I only just tried a shade the other day), so I’m not sure yet. I find Urban Decay lipsticks to feel particularly lightweight on my lips with good color pay off, though!

      I haven’t seen Chantecaille in person (not carried at my local department stores), so I have no clue what to recommend in its place :(

      I wish I could have *helped* you!

  28. Brandi

    Well thanks to you and other makeup bloggers I think I’ve gotten the hang of makeup. But now my problem is my brows. How do I go about filling them in without them looking like one of those big, fluffy black caterpillars?

  29. Jen

    I was wondering if you’ve seen any swatches for the Love and Lace and Warm and Cozy collections… I can’t wait to see by candlelight

  30. Cherie

    Just remembered another Q I wanted to ask you (I should really write these down)….

    Good concealer for NW15? Any brand welcome :) and THANK YOU!!!

  31. Tori

    Hey Christine! I was wondering If shy girl lipstick would look good on NW15-20 skin? Also whats a good tinted moisturizer u would recommend for oily skin?

    Thank you so much! :)

  32. Rowan

    Hey Chrstine! What MAC products (eyes, lips, face) would you recommend for a girl with dirty blonde hair, grey/blue eyes, and slightly fair skin (I’m just plain old ‘beige’ in face products)?
    I’m always told the generic things.
    e.g. – brown and gold bring out blue eyes, look fresh with pinks
    Stuff like that, but it would be nice to havesome specifics mye?
    Tanks a bunch!

  33. Val

    Hi Christine. It’s val again. I couldn’t find my old post so I couldn’t reply but now I can’t decide between bare and voile. You told me thwt you preferred funshine from bare so when I went and got it they were out so I’m trying to decide again.

  34. Geena1999

    Hi Christine,
    Really love your site. I have a problem that is DRIVING me crazy. I have very dark circles and fine lines under my eyes. I have been using concealer to try to cover them, but within a couple of hours, my concealer creases into the fine lines. I have tried everything, using moisturizer and setting with a powder with different techniques that I have read up on. Any suggestions about how to stop the creasing???

    • Have you tried using a line filler (not botox or anything – just another primer type) or line plumper? That might help :) Also, try using a fluffy brush to apply it and use less.

  35. Goofball

    What do you think is the best drugstore mascara? And what is a lipstick dupe for clinique’s angelic?
    And I want to say that I love your site. I read it everyday and it always makes me feel better after a
    bad day!

  36. Stacy

    Hey! I was wondering if there is anyone who knows where I can get lavender whip lipstick??? Do any stores carry it or do you possibly have a backup that you need to get rid of? PLEASE let me know!!!!

  37. Shannon

    Hey, whats the deal with back2mac?? I’m thinking about depotting my eyeshadows and was told the rest of the container can be used as back2mac (which I’ve never done before) but then I heard that you now need to include the original pan with it as well? Whats the low down? Have you done back2mac? Anything I should know? Do you/how do you depot your shadows and blush?
    Love the site!

    • Last I heard, you could bring back the pot without the metal pan. Your experience may vary from the store – you may want to do a LiveChat and ask, then print out the conversation, and bring it with you to the store.

      EnKoreMakeup on YouTube has some great depotting tutorials :)

  38. Tiffany

    Christine! Thank you for helping us all with our beauty questions! (: Sometimes it’s hard to find an answer. I was wondering, could we use Mac fluidline as a base also?

  39. abby

    Hi again Christine! I was wondering what highlighter would you recommend as a substitute of sugarshot dazzlelight or shroom? it would be to use with the sugarsweet collection colours. I am an NC30. Thank you in advanced!:)

  40. Rachel

    Hi, Christine!

    I love your Chanel collection most but your ten drawers full of cosmetics must be worth a fortune, literally! Do you purchase all your cosmetics at full price? Or do brands give you discounts and/or freebies? How did you acquire such sponsorships, if you have them?

    I think your blog is wonderful and supremely helpful. I’m a Dior, YSL, and Chanel junkie so it helps me bunches to research the products before I purchase them [to ensure complete satisfaction, of course]. Thank you for the wonderful reviews!

    • Brands don’t extend any special discounts to me because I’m a blogger, but many do send samples for reviews! I do purchase some, but I definitely don’t purchase all (and certainly less today than a year ago).

      THanks! :)

  41. Roya


    Are any of the MAC foundations Fragrance free??

  42. Christine, Have you tried any of the Victoria Secret makeup? I’ve heard good things about it but am waiting to see what your thoughts are. Thanks!

  43. Tiffany

    I love your site & it is so helpful! I want to say thank you for everything, and especially always answering your viewers questions! Sometimes we don’t get responses from gurus like you, and you are just so helpful and sweet! (:

    btw, i know that you’re supposed to clean and wash your brushes.. and i was wondering what about our pencil sharpeners? if so.. how? lol sorry for the random question.

    • Aw, thank you, Tiffany! It’s my pleasure :)

      You should definitely wipe down any pencil sharpener with a little soap and water or rubbing alcohol periodically!

  44. Katya

    Hi Christine!!!
    Got a quick q-n… which or if any of the MAC eyeliners are similar to the Stila Kajal (onyx) eyeliner, because price is different, but does it really worth it???

  45. abby

    Hi Christine!!! When wearing trimming talk lipstick, do you think it would be ok to wear on the eyes nothing but waveline fluidline upper and lower lash line? Thank you so much and Merry xmas in advanced 😀