Thursday, October 29th, 2009

Got a question? Now’s the time to ask it!

I’m taking your questions and answering them today. You can feel free to ask any question you’d like, beauty-related or unrelated. Feel free to answer other readers’ questions, too :) The more the merrier!

Go ahead, ask!

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371 thoughts on “Ask Temptalia Session #018

  1. Melissa

    Hi Christine,

    Thanks for taking your time for another question session on Temptalia! We all greatly appreciate your time and help!
    1- What is your favorite perfume scent?
    2- Which Guerlain KissKiss lipglosses do you recommend?
    3- What is the purpose of a bronzer? Where do you apply the bronzer on your face? Does it matter for a bronzer to be matte or shimmery?
    4- What goodies did you purchase from this year’s Sephora’s F&F?
    5- Have you tried Kate Somerville’s Gentle Exfoliator? I’ve tried the intense exfoliator. My skin was so smooth but on my 3rd and 4th time use, I had red spots near my lips, cheeks, and underneath the eyes. The red spots lasted for a week.
    6- What makeup look do you recommend for an interview? Specially, a medical school interview.
    7- How do you balance your school time and blogging on Temptalia?
    8- What moisturizers do you recomend for combination skin?

    • Hi Melissa,

      1.) Dior Addict for the evenings, and for the day, I like either Burberry The Beat or Vera Wang Look.
      2.) Fraise a Croquer #821, Rosa Florida #860, and Rose Sunset #864
      3.) It’s to give you that sunkissed glow – either to warm up skin or add more dimension. You can use matte or shimmery, but you’ll want to go for lightly shimmered vs. super shimmery. I personally prefer matte, since I find it looks more natural. I apply bronzer in a “3” motion – and I use a fan brush (184). This is kind of doing the shape of a 3 around your temples, on your cheek bones, and along your jawline.
      4.) Kate Somerville Oil-Free Moisturizer, EradiKate (mostly to compare against Mario Badescu), ExfoliKate (2 oz. size), and Philosophy’s Pumpkin Spice Muffin Shower Gel. I might go back this weekend… haha.
      5.) I haven’t tried the gentle one. I actually just got the regular one! How often were you using it?
      6.) To be honest, I’d recommend looking like you weren’t wearing ANY makeup. I’d go for foundation, a very subtle semi-matte blush in natural shade, my-lips-but-better lipstick/gloss (and probably opt for a less shiny gloss), brown-black mascara. That’s about it. Less is more at an interview — you can’t go wrong using less, but if you use too much (unfortunately) it may have a harm.
      7.) I have a lot of to-do lists written down, post-its everywhere, and I try to keep everything organized (particularly stuff for blogging). I plan and schedule so I have certain chunks of time for blogging and other chunks of time for school, too.
      8.) Kate Somerville’s Oil-Free Moisturizer is my favorite!

      • Melissa

        I got a sample of the ExfoliKate from Sephora. I usually exfoliate maybe about 2-3 times a week. I only used the ExfoliKate weekly. I didn’t have a problem with the exfoliator on my first two weeks. I was already set to purchase the exfoliator right then. Then, I used the exfoliator two more times on my 3rd and 4th week. I had the red spots near my lips, cheeks, and underneath the eyes. It took a week to heal. I didn’t leave the house lol. I really loved how my skin felt with the exfoliator. Despite the red spots, it worked so much better than Philosophy’s Microdelivery peel. I feel tempted to purchase it with the F&F discount but maybe that’s not a good idea.

  2. Melissa


  3. Kristel

    Hi Christine

    First of all, thank you so much for doing this AGAIN. I check temptalia every day, I just love your site.

    Anyway I have 3 questions:
    1. When I apply eye shadow, a few hours later (usually on a work day mostly) my eye colours seem to all blend into one. I currently use UDPP and now applying beinge-ing shadestick on top to make my colours pop. I used to use soft ochre ontop of my UDPP but didn’t find my neutral eye colours popping (neutrals is what I wear 90% of the time). I’ve also tried soft ochre on its own, and also on top of TFSI. Do you think it is my technique (I use 239, 217, 224) or should I keep looking for other eye primers?

    2. I’m looking to get some new NARS blushes – I was thinking torrid or deep throat maybe?? I only have one blush – Orgasm which I love and use quite often. I believe I am NC40. I tend to use peaches/corals/light pinks

    3.Do you have any suggestions for the philosophy line? I’ve heard such good things about it and would like to give it a try if you recommend it for oily/combo skin.

    Thank you so much for any help you can provide.

    • Hi Kristel,

      Thanks for visiting! :)

      1.) How’s the lighting between your house and the office? I only ask because I wonder if maybe you think it’s all good when you leave, but maybe it’s not – easier problem to fix than why all those stellar primers are failing! My only suggestions for the primer issue, though, is to make sure you’re not using too much or too little. It should be a sheer layer. I don’t usually layer UDPP and a paint pot or a shadestick on top, though I’ve heard others do it with success. I think you need to wait for the UDPP to dry first, though, before adding another layer (not sure if you’re already doing this). Is it creasing or just looking muddy? Primers that fail usually crease and fade, but I’m not so sure about just muddying.

      2.) I think Torrid would be lovely on you!

      3.) Purity Made Simple (foaming or original is good) and their Never Let Them See You Shine line is nice for oilier skin.

      • Kristel

        Hi thanks for replying, Christine. My eyeshadows I guess end up looking muddy like you can’t see the difference in colours. I also don’t notice it creasing. I said my light here in the bathroom where I do my makeup is a tad more yellow and darker than at work.

        Thanks for your help. Have a great weekend

        • Must have the missed the lighting part, sorry about that!

          This is such a weird problem, and I’m racking my brain for possible explanations. Have you tried just UDPP or TFSI alone rather than topped with either a shadestick or paint pot? I might give that a shot, since you already have all of the products. And just to put the lighting question to rest, do you always have this problem whether you go to work or not? Just want to make sure it’s not that potential problem!

          I’d also say maybe try to press your eyeshadow onto your lid and tap it into place and see if that helps any.

          Good luck! Wish I could have been of more help!

          • Kristel

            Hey omg I’m sorry…I just reread my reply after your first reply to me. I didn’t mean to say “I said my light here in the bathroom etc etc” I was using my iphone to type that and I guess I didn’t reread my reply YIKES came off terrible there, I’m so sorry! I must have not been thinking as well as I was typing that.

  4. KrisBliss

    Hi Christine,

    I have 2.5 questions:
    1. In your DIY mixing medium I have heard that it can go bad really fast (2 weeks) and I was wondering how often you made yours/changed it and have you tried or hurd about Burts Bees Rosewater & Glycerin Toner as a MM?

    2. Have you tried Spell Cosmetics? I have bought from them twice now and am on the shelf as to how I feel. I like the shadows and the price, but wanted to know what you thought in your professional opinion.


    • Hi Kris!

      1.) I make mine every few weeks, and it’s in a dropper bottle, so my brush doesn’t touch the mixture itself. I only make a very tiny amount, though (I eye ball it), so it’s usually empty. I don’t know whether it goes bad fast or not, but I’ve never felt like it did!

      2.) I haven’t heard of Spell Cosmetics, so I haven’ tried them!

  5. abby

    Hi Christine!!Just wanted to ask you about the mascara you use from MAC plush lash is it? when you remove it, do you get clumps of mascara? i use the voluminous mascara from loreal and everytime i take it off i get them and its so annoying because they go into my eye so then i have to rinse my eyes really well. Perhaps it’s time for me to switch mascara?thank you Christine :)

  6. Niharika

    Hi Christine,

    First of all, thanks for taking time out to answer our questions.
    I am in India and have just started using makeup, so struggling a lot with
    application techniques and colour mixing ideas.
    I have a few questions, 1. I tried MAC concealer in moisturecover and the MUA suggested i
    should take shade darker than my normal shade. He told me to take NC42, whereas i believe my
    foundation shade would ne NC30/35. Is that ok, I am asking because when he applied it at the
    counter, it did look right, but i cant get the same coverage when I try it. I am applying it with
    my fingers after marking dots on the eye area.
    2. Could you recommend some eyeshadows and blush for beginners. I use makeup usually on some occassion.
    I have access to MAC, YSL, maybelline, loreal and maxfactor..(pretty limited choice!)
    Also, could you tell whether cream or powder blush is better on (like mine) super dry skin.

    wow…thats a lot i believe…thanks once again!!!

    • Hi Niharika!

      1.) Hmm, I don’t usually hear about going darker for concealer. I think normally I’ve heard the same (which is what I like) or lighter (which tends to look ashy).
      2.) I like these eyeshadows for beginners: Bronze, Antiqued, Goldmine, Ricepaper, Shroom, Gleam, Naked Lunch. For blushes, I like Margin, Plum Foolery, and Peachykeen.
      3.) You can wear either cream or powder – I think both would work with your skin!

  7. Carolyn

    HI Christine! I just bought the Kate Somerville oil-free moisturizer and was wondering what you’d recommend in terms of product order application — should it be primer, then the Kate Somerville, and finally SPF? So many layers :(. Thanks so much!

    • Moisturize first – let it sink in for 10-15 minutes, then apply primer. I usually go on and do my makeup at this point! Now, when it comes to moisturizer and SPF, you can either shoot for Kate Somerville first, then SPF, then primer, and then your regular makeup. For me, since most SPFs are moisturizers, too, I just mix it in with my moisturizer and go for one step of moisturizer, them primer, and so on.

  8. Anitacska

    Hi again,

    Not sure if you’re still answering questins, but wanted to ask if you will be reviewing the new Dior holiday collection. I’ve just seen the new quints and single eyeshadows and they’re so lovely, also the lipsticks, would love to hear your opinion on them.

    Also, have you seen pictures of the Guerlain spring collection yet? OMG, it’s to die for, lol. :)


    • Hi Anita,

      I’m not sure yet. I’ll probably try and nab some swatches, but we’ll see! They weren’t in last I checked at my Nordstrom, though. :(

      Guerlain spring looks lovely, but I want to see more information (pictures are nice, but I like words, too!)!

  9. Kerry

    Hey Christine. :) i know im a bit late on this.. sorry :( im new to the whole blogging youtube-ing makeup world but absolutely love it. Lol.. especially temptalia 😀 at the minute i only have a few things from mac but i would like to get more as i love what i have so far. :) i have quite dry skin and mild acne. i was thinking about getting face and body foundation as ive heard it has a dewy, natural looking finish which is what im looking for but i dont know if it would have enough coverage.. what do you think? also i love nude lips and i love the look of myth but i have heard it can be drying.. is there any alternatives? thankyou so much :) xxx

    • Face & Body is light to medium, and I find it enough for me on most days. I think it’d be worth getting a sample of, though, and seeing for yourself :) Face & Body is somewhat buildable, so you could layer it on for more coverage.

      I haven’t heard about Myth being drying! I’ve always found it to wear quite well. You might try Hug Me or Hue instead!

  10. Sass

    Besides blot powder or a paper towel, what else can I oil off with? Can you list any MAC or high-end products for me to try out? Please! Thanks Christine!

    • Loose powder, blotting sheets. Personally, I’d be more apt to try to use skincare to help reduce it – like making sure to use a lightweight moisturizer and mattifying cream/gel.

      • Sass

        I use oil-free, matte everything…I have a great dermatologist…I am just an oily beauty by nature. *shrugs*

  11. Heather

    Hi Christine,

    I love your website I check it out everyday. Thanks for all your helpful information. My question is how did you come up with the name Temptalia? Does it have significant meaning?

  12. Anja

    Hi Christine,
    I’m a little late getting in on this Q&A. First I want to say that I love your site. Your knowledge is so impressive! Your intelligence and kindness shows through in all of your posts. My question is about CCOs. I’ve never been to one but I’ve heard them mentioned in many beauty blogs. Do you feel that the quality of the products offered there is any less than what you would find at the regular makeup counter?

    • Hey Anja,

      Thanks so much! Happy to hear you’re enjuoying the site!

      CCOs are owned by Estee Lauder. They’re an official part of Estee Lauder (as far as I know), so it’s, quite literally, the same products you’re buying in-store. Often it’s limited edition products that didn’t sell out but aren’t relevant to keep on-counter OR discontinued products. You may find some products are a little old or in old-style packaging, but shelf-life tends to start ticking once you’ve opened/used a product anyway.

  13. sooji

    hey christine! your website has always been my go-to place for beauty news and reviews!! thanks a lot for doing this!

    my question, or i guess i’d like to hear your opinion on this “issue” that i am having… all MAC MA’s have always matched me to a NC25-NC30, but the foundations always end up looking a bit pink/peach on my face. i’m asian and every other part of my body has a yellow undertone, but my face itself is actually pink. i’m not sure if this is a result of a product i am using or what, but i don’t believe my face is yellow at all. does that mean i should look into getting a foundation that has VERY yellow undertones or that i should get a foundation with pink undertones? i really dislike that “masked” look but i can never seem to find a foundation that evens out my neck and face – what should i do?

    thanks in advance!

    • Thanks, Sooji!

      I’d look into perhaps a foundation with SLIGHT pink undertones OR a neutral foundation. I wouldn’t go too pin, because I think you may end up getting a mask look with that, too. You may even have to end up mixing NC and NW together!

      Nonetheless, I’d definitely ask a MA for a sample of NW25 or NW30. Just go in and ask, don’t even worry about them matching you :)

    • sooji

      but i thought the NC foundations were supposed to be neutrals? then i should go for a foundation with a more peach undertone? sorry this is all kind of confusing to me because i thought yellow undertones were supposed to help with covering the pink/redness a bit – i guess more so than a foundation that exactly matches my face i’d like a foundation that makes my face color similar to my neck’s so it doesn’t look so off :T

      • The best way to understand MAC foundation is: Not Cool and Not Warm. I think they’re actually “Neutral Cool” and “Neutral Warm,” which doesn’t make much sense to me.

        I know that those with pink undertones tend to find NW matches them better, while those with yellow/warmer tones go for NC!

  14. Heather

    Hi Christine,

    I wear a lot of nude colored lipsticks. Such as Creme Cup, Viva Glam II, Blankety, Creme D’Nude etc. What would be a good lipgloss from Mac to give my nude lips a little something extra?

  15. Mary007

    Hey Christine,

    This was a lot of fun when are you doing it again?? I had a few more questions but my boyfriend was hogging up the laptop…anyways hope you do this soon again!

    • Hey Mary!

      I try to do it at least once a month, but I always am happy to answer questions whenever you may have them, so feel free if you have any! :)

  16. Rachael

    I really love this look but I don’t have malt or performance. I have NW15 skin, what two permanent colors should I use in place of malt and performance? Thanks!

  17. Cherie

    You are so good to do this. Love the site!

    My Q’s this for session #018:
    1) Blush. From MAC I have Dame, Buff, Warm Soul and from NARS I have Orgasim. I am afraid to try other colours. I’m NW15 with brown eyes and light brown freckles that sometimes fade with makeup on (not on purpose though). What would you recommend? MAC or NARS welcome.

    2) Top 5 shades for NW15/brown eyes in the brown/earth tones category and neutrals/nudes/highlighters category. And 1 random colour I should try.

    3) How is your doggie doing?

    4) I’m going to Santa Monica, Cali in March to visit my bff. Is there a MAC Pro store near by?

    5) What brush do you use to apply pigments? They scare me as I feel outta control with too much colour. lol

    THANK YOU a million times over :)

    • Hey Cherie! :)

      1.) Have you thought of trying Plum Foolery by MAC? Or perhaps Breath of Plum? Not quite as dark as Plum Foolery! :)
      2.) 1 random color: Sumptuous Olive. 5 brown/earth tones: Woodwinked, Cork, Tempting, Arena, and Soft Brown. 5 neutrals/highlighters: Shroom, Phloof, Naked Lunch, Jest, Gleam
      3.) He is good! He’s going to be Superman (dog?) tomorrow for Halloween! :)
      4.) The nearest PRO store is in Los Angeles on Robertson! HTH!
      5.) 239!

      My pleasure, Cherie! Have a great weekend!

      • Cherie

        Thank you so much lady!!!! You are so super nice to do this for your blog community :) I can’t wait to try the products you suggested!!!

        Thanks again and have a fab all hallows eve! BTW, I hope you post pics of Superdoggie…. OMG, you should be Louis Lane and your bf Lex Luthor (sp?)!!!!!! heheh

  18. anna

    I have a few questions for you. Which do you think is best:

    1. as a base : prep + prime eye or painterly paint pot?
    2. for blush : 109, 116 or 182 brush?
    3. prep + prime powder or mac pro invisible set powder?
    Also have you tried prep + prime skin or studio sculpt concealer?

    Thank you.

    • Hey Anna,

      1.) Painterly. I don’t love the P+P Eye – it just feels like concealer to me.
      2.) 116!! hands down! I prefer the 182 for buffing rather than application.
      3.) I actually like the Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing powder better.

      I’ve tried both. P+P Skin was fine, but it didn’t feel like it did anything TOO special to me. I don’t like the Studio Sculpt concealer – it’s very thick and heavy, and it creased quite a bit on me.

  19. Goofball

    1. What is a really good combo for an easy neutral eye suitable for school and work?
    2. What is your favorite pink, red, coral, and golden mac lipgloss (can be dazzleglasses or lipglasses or whatever)
    3. What are some good blushes for really fair skin? (a pink and a coral maybe?)
    4. What is a good Mac lipstick color for someone with really pale skin but pigmented lips that will be natural looking and not too bright?

    • Goofball

      If you could keep most of the products to mac that would be great. But a few other brands thrown in is totally fine.

    • Hey!

      1.) Ricepaper/Shroom (any highlighter really) all over the lid, a medium brown like Soft Brown on the outer corner, and a darker matte brown like Espresso or Brun in the crease, and then use Ricepaper/Shroom on the brow.

      2.) Pink – Pinkarat lustreglass; red – Russian Red lipglass; coral – Lychee Luxe lipglass; gold – Instant Gold lustreglass

      3.) Try Well Dressed and Peachykeen OR Peaches!

      4.) Sweetie 😀 I think it may tone some of your natural pigment. You could also try Hug Me or Hue for something much paler!

  20. abby

    Hi Christine! I just bought the she zam dazzleglass and i am in love with it. I had no idea dazzleglasses were that gorgeous. So i was looking at via veneto and funtabulous…which one would you recommend? I am an NC30. I wear mostly purples. Thank you so much!!

  21. Samantha

    Hi Christine! :) I only recently have been introduced to your website, and very soon after to the wonderful worlds of makeup! (In my local area that means Sephora, MAC, and Ulta stores.) I’m a model and two of my best friends are professional makeup artists, or at the least very creative and good at what they do…. blame them for my recent conversion. 😉

    Anyways, I have a couple of questions..
    Being fairly new to makeup, I noticed that when I try to apply liner to the waterline of my eyes, they start watering uncontrollably, and it makes it a real pain to NOT mess my makeup up. I don’t know if they are just sensitive or what- pulling my hair too sharply into a ponytail and plucking my eyebrows makes my eyes water too! (I also have a problem I call “the phantom onion” but that’s another story entirely.) Is there any way of applying the liners to the waterline in a gentler way, or any way in particular to avoid a waterfall?

    Also, when I went to prom it was back in 2007. I still have all my makeup from then as well- I believe the brand is Clinique? The lipsticks, eyeshadow, pencils and nail polish seem to work fine, I haven’t tested the mascara, but what I’m REALLY concerned about is the foundation and concealer… all liquid, and some of them had “separated”. I’ve been told they will have an odor if they have gone rancid but it still has that almost-sweet scent of new foundation. I haven’t touched them since that night in summer of ’07, and they’ve been tightly capped and (for the most part) kept in a really cool spot out of the sun, and hopefully the Louisiana humidity as well. I’ve heard mixed things about using makeup this old; from “it’s fine if you capped it and kept it out of the heat”, and “you might break out”, to “Don’t do it ever ever EVER.” What do you suggest? Is it work the risk of a breakout to give it a shot?

    Lastly, the aforementioned makeup artist friends have introduced me to mixing eyeshadows and blushes to create the shades I want. (I got a really good one on accident when my sparkly white and satin black mixed at the bottom of a bag… I now have a new shade of gunmetal!) I was wondering how this might apply to, say, lipsticks and glosses? Can I use pigments (such as the MAC Christmas pigments coming out) to change the colors?

    Thank you so much in advance! :)

    • Hey Samantha!

      Welcome to Temptalia & the beauty world! 😀

      You may have a sensitivity to product there, period, or it could be the liner you use. You might just try lining on your lower lash line instead of the waterline, so it might not cause your eyes to tear up!

      Foundation lasts about 1-2 years, but it’s just over the two year mark now, and I’d probably recommend tossing it and purchasing something new in case the formula has changed as its separated.

      You can definitely add pigments to glosses or on top of lipsticks to alter the colors – I do it all the time!

  22. abby

    Hello Christine!!!! I just noticed Aquavert is going to be discontinued. So i am not sure whether to purchase or not. Would you say it is similar to juxt? I had juxt and i got so bored of it:( do you think its worth getting it? Thanx so much in advanced!!!

  23. Tori

    Hey Christine!! :) sorry if im a little late with this but i’ve been looking everywhere for a dupe for the mac hello kitty lipglass in sweet strawberry but haven’t found one so far.. do you know of any or anything really similar?

    thanks so much!

  24. Rachel

    Hi, am I blind and didn’t see it/seeing things, or did the US MAC website just barely put up palettes?

  25. abby

    Hi Christine!! you were right about aquavert, i did get and i cannot believe i hadnt gotten it before. It looks so pretty with stars n rockets. You are always right. You were also right about getting well dressed over pink swoon, again, i cannot believe i was missing out on such a beautiful blush ! Thank you so much Christine!